#consider: immortal mirabel
Mirabel: I think I might be having a mid-life crisis.
Isabela: You're 15.
Mirabel: I MIGHT DIE AT 30
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thestarfilledsea · 4 days ago
Plum Blossom AU
Tumblr media
“The sands of time pass by,
Watch the way it falls.
Even immortals will feel deaths embrace,
Once this spell has its cost.”
My first Lmk AU! I’m so excited to share it and I’m kind of invested in it at this point lol.
The plum blossom AU has a few main things that differ from canon. For one, immortals aren’t exactly immortal. They just have very extended life spans. In this AU, in the current day both Macaque and Wukong have about the average mortal’s life left.
Also Macaque has a therapist. she’s a forest.
Like an actual forest.
I’m not kidding.
Explanation below :D
Macaque upon seeing Wukong on the journey to the west, leashed like a dog, he waits until after dark to approach Wukong.
After an attempted conversation turns into an argument, the six eared Macaque shadow warps(?) away. Unable to think clearly of a location to end up at, he settles with “anywhere but here.”
Opening his eyes, thick woods cloud his view of the sky. Sitting up he digs his fingers into the ground. Anger beginning to course through him. He would make Wukong pay, he would make the monk and all his friends pa——— what the hell just moved?
Whirling behind him, Macaque saw the tree he had been leaning on had grown a fanged face.
So yeah, Macaque ends up in the same forest Mk does in the “impossible delivery” episode after seeing Wukong with Tripitaka on the journey.
The only difference with the forest itself is that its packed full of magic, and unlike when MK focused his way out of the illusion, deeper parts of the forest actually look like what Mk saw. Dark, foggy, etc. If you’ve ever watched ATLA or LOK you’ll remember episodes about a swamp that shows you visions in order for you to work through your hurt.
It’s like that.
It’s considered holy to a nearby village that would send its monks in for a single night after years of training as a final test, to truly purify themselves from hatred.
Macaque obviously doesn’t know that when he stumbles upon this random forest. So after a really weird night and after Macaque unwillingly processing his emotions in a healthy way for the first time in his goddamn life, he leaves.
…but he keeps getting called back. It almost feels like a kind of magic he can’t identify.
So after awhile he just starts really getting to know the forest. (Think Casita and Mirabel’s interactions from Encanto)
Until one day when walking through the forest, he stumbles upon a cottage.
What was concerning was the fact that it hadn’t been there yesterday.
(It’s ancient magic don’t question it.)
Basically the forests had gifted him with something he hadn’t had since Wukong had gotten stuck under a mountain; a home.
So Macaque accepts it.
I’ll talk more about how it unfolds in the current day later but for right now, here’s how Mk and Mac met.
Just because you’re an emo hermit doesn’t mean you don’t crave noodles sometimes and fuck yes they deliver.
Unfortunately for the noodle delivery boy, Mei had told him scary stories about a cryptid that lived in the woods where he was supposed to deliver noodles to. They called him... “The moonman”
Mk had burst out laughing at the time, It was an extremely dumb name after all. But the details surrounding the “moonman” made his smile fade.
Legends say that if you get lost a cloaked figure holding a purple lantern (moonman) will guide you to the exit....or if he smells the faintest bit of blood, he’ll drag you to the “plum blossom house”
you’ll know it if you see a plum tree with leaves, flowers, and fruits even in the dead of winter. He’ll take you inside and in exchange for your soul, he’ll heal you and then teach you how to use magic. The only catch? Your soul is bound to the house when you die, giving him another solider in his army of lost souls. Or at least, that’s how the stories go.
You can imagine Mk’s horror when he finally walks up to the destination (having had to abandon the cart in order to walk the rest of the way) when he looks up and sees a plum tree exactly how the stories described...with a house nearby.
With shaking hands he eventually knocked on the cottages door.
When Macaque opens the door he immediately senses Wukong’s Magic just…..different.
The mortal delivery boy has the same kind and amount of magic as Wukong. This has to be his successor.
There was a pause, the feel of golden magic for the first time in centuries cuts anything Macaque tried to say short. That, and the fact that the kid was just staring at him with his jaw dropped. Does he know who Macaque was? Did Wukong tell stories of him running away after the fight? or stories of the laughter they shared in their youth? Or maybe—
“Are you the Moonman?” The kid asks, interrupting his thought.
“…am I the what?”
And thus the story begins
(I’ll write more about how it differs from canon soon, I just don’t want to overwhelm y’all with a long ass post as your first impression haha)
Also! You made it to the end! Have some bonus drawings I did!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lucanto-fandoms · 9 days ago
Hey guys, I'm back with my new Encanto OC!
As you can probably tell, I saw Encanto and I LOVED it! And since I'm part of the fandom now, I have an OC that you (the fandom) might like! Especially if you love animals!
But before I continue: I mainly loved Encanto because it takes place in Colombia, a Spanish-speaking country, and after three years of taking a Spanish class... I squealed to say the least.
Without further ado... My OC is right here!
Tumblr media
This is Oscar [Madrigal]. He MAY look like a serval, but trust me, I know about South American wildlife, and I know they have ocelots. Oscar is a slender Bengal cat with green eyes and a plumed tail.
His gift: Super Speed! I was gonna go with "Enhanced sense of smell" or "X-Ray Vision," but I figured Super Speed was more plausible. I also considered "tail elasticity, "immortality," and "Supersonic Meow."
His gift ceremony was... Different. Like Mirabel, he didn't get a door. Plus he was the only animal in La Familia Madrigal/Encanto in general who has a gift. For this reason, he doesn't feel like a Madrigal.
And now for a bit of angst:
"Puede que no sea un Madrigal... O al menos no me siento como uno... Pero al menos tengo un gran cabello." Use a translator for the angst, unless you know what it says already.
Oscar is a lightweight cat, weighing less than seven pounds. But for what he lacks in weight, he makes up for in mach speed. Visualize this: he sees a rat (that isn't one of Bruno's rats), he'll have it hunted down and killed in under ten seconds. That's how swift he is.
He gets scared easily (you can imagine him being a nervous wreck at that dinner scene). And when he does get scared, he'll curl up against the nearest person, flatten his ears, and tremble.
But when he's not having a nervous breakdown, his service to the Encanto is "pest control". Like, say there was an outbreak of mice. He'd be on the job in a jiffy.
When Oscar's not on the job, he's spending time with, in his feline eyes, the best family in the world. Don't get me wrong; he loves everybody, but he has the strongest bond with the grandchildren. Allow me to explain...
How Oscar is treated/how Oscar acts around each Madrigal.
Abuela Alma: Oscar is aware of the generational trauma she's gone through. He understands how she didn't want to lose any more loved ones. He's on his best behavior in Alma's presence, and saves his energy for later when he's playing. He didn't appreciate the pressure she gave him, though...
Pepa: Unlike most other cats, Oscar LOVES rain, and water in general. Not that he enjoys seeing her in a bad mood. Usually when Pepa's in a bad mood and Oscar shows up, her spirits are lifted almost instantly. They relish each other's company.
Félix: Oscar usually gets Félix's attention by either meowing loudly or rubbing himself against his legs, purring up a storm. Oscar is a lover-bug and enjoys playing/cuddling with Félix.
Agustín: When he goes somewhere when there might be bees, Oscar comes with him in hopes of scaring them away. Yet again, he is easily spooked, so if they DO get attacked by bees, Oscar will either run away or hiss at them, but never swats. He's gotten stung before as well, but not as frequently as Agustín. Like the rest of the family, they get along very well.
Julieta: Let's not assume that Oscar doesn't have a mischievous side, especially when there's food involved. His all-time favorite food that Julieta makes are her arepas. Whenever she makes a batch of them, Oscar has plotted to steal them on more than one occasion. Despite that, Julieta and Oscar love each other dearly. He's even helped her cook on occasion.
Bruno: was slightly afraid of Oscar when they first met, because he's known for hunting small rodents (i.e rats). But Oscar willed himself not to. And after hearing everything that Bruno went through the past ten years, he almost immediately befriended/trusted him.
Isabela: Oscar had somewhat complicated views on Isabela. He didn't like how she treated him as opposed to how she treated her youngest sister (Mirabel). But he does love the flower crowns she's willing to make for him. After "What Else Can I Do?", he almost literally cried for her, knowing that she deserved to be happy.
Dolores: He's typically quiet when he's near Dolores, respecting her enhanced hearing. The only problem he has with being quiet is that he gets paranoid that someone's planning on sneaking up on him. In return, Dolores is very gentle and sweet with Oscar.
Luisa: is also very gentle with Oscar. He just wishes she didn't get anxious whenever he wants her to pet him. When she isn't too nervous to pet him, they're soft, easy strokes from head to tail, and gentle hugs should he ask for one.
Camilo: Oscar and Camilo are basically bread and butter. In other words, BESTIES! Oscar wants to roughhouse? Camilo's willing to get a few scratches and bite marks in exchange for playing with his favorite (and only) cat. Wants to be picked up/carried? Camilo will pick up/carry him. Would you believe me if I told you that he loves Camilo so much, he WEARS A LIGHT BLUE RUANA WITH LITTLE PAWPRINTS AND LIGHTNING STRIKES TO SYMBOLIZE HIS SUPER SPEED? Believe me, because he does. Would you believe me if I told you that Mirabel made it?
Mirabel: Oscar loves Mirabel to DEATH, and vice versa. He sympathizes with her the most, seeing how she didn't get a door like the rest of her family. He also felt bad that neither of them got a door, yet Oscar got an actual gift. So she doesn't feel terribly jealous, he tries not to use his gift too much around her.
Antonio: Especially after he was given the gift to talk to animals (even though Oscar can already speak fluent English), he adored little Antonio. Heck, believe me when I tell you that Oscar was trusted to babysit a couple times.
Mariano: The second he heard "he wants five babies," he disliked Mariano. When he and Dolores get together, though... He develops a "you hurt her in any way and I'll come for your kneecaps" kind of attitude. By that time, they're on good terms. He'll let Mariano pet/carry him.
(I know this is a long post. I'm sorry. Read on if you'd like.)
So yeah, Oscar loves his family very much. Easily scared, but he's a giant baby.
Other facts about Oscar you might like to know:
Where he sleeps heavily varies. He'll sleep anywhere comfortable; the courtyard, the balcony, the railings, the room of his choice... Like I said, ANYWHERE he can get comfortable.
Like a vast majority of cats, when he's happy, he purrs and/or kneads his paws. He usually kneads his paws when he finds someone laying on their stomach with their back exposed. So in addition to pest control, Oscar specializes in back massages! Just make sure you keep your shirt on, he sometimes forgets about his nails...
Oscar sometimes forgets that Casita is alive, and he's been accidentally and intentionally scared by it on more than one occasion. Countless claw marks on the ceiling...
Oscar doesn't quite enjoy Día De Los Muertos very much, since nobody particularly special to him has passed away. Honestly, he just loves being around his family. That's what it's all about, though, right?
As much as he loves being in Isabela's room, because she basically treats him like royalty, all the flowers in her room... He periodically has a sneezing fit. He has a slight pollen allergy.
He sleeps in Mirabel's room the most.
Oscar has random conversations with the donkeys (he named one of them Eduardo). As well as Antonio's animals. Neither talk much. The toucans are too noisy for him, but he LOVES the capybaras and the jaguar. He'll always love talking to Antonio the most, though.
Being the one with super speed regardless, Oscar does get tired. But not easily. Before the Casita came crashing down, he beats himself up for needing a breather when he runs for too long. For this reason, he also kins Luisa.
Depending on his mood, if he's upset about something, he goes to one of the grandkids. The possible outcomes:
A brand new flower crown from Isabela
A warm, bone-crushing hug from Luisa (or any of the grandkids in general, really)
A nice, quite conversation from Dolores or Mirabel
A good laugh from Camilo's shapeshifting.
Or a brief cuddle with one of Antonio's animals
In the past, Oscar, too, has been pressured (by Abuela) for "not being fast enough" to help the town. Whether it be because he overslept, or he wanted cuddle time before doing his chores, etc. This is why he beats himself up when he gets tired.
Oscar is so passive, he rarely gets mad, and he almost never hisses nor scratches. But when he does get angry, he becomes a livid puffball.
You know Oscar trusts you when he lays himself down around your neck, on your shoulders, like a scarf. This is seen often.
He speaks the most Spanish.
He can sing! He sings "Colombia, Mi Encanto" at the beginning and end of the movie/fanfic.
He's voiced by Wyclef Jean (after listening to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" on repeat for twenty minutes). I also considered: Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Sebastián Yatra, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and even Pitbull!
That's about it for now... The reason why I'm doing all of this infodumping, besides the irresistible urge to share my new OC with the fandom, is because, well...
So you can look back at this long-as-hell post as a reference! I'm being smart by doing all this exposition now so I don't have to when writing!
It will start off on Wattpad (under the username Icemoor47), then A03 (under the username GalileoTheWaterDog), THEN Fanfiction.net (under the username ThunderClanWarrior502)!
My only problem right now... Is thinking of a good name for it...
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tri3tri · 11 months ago
A Moment
Just a small and totally late gift for the birthday boy.
“Today’s your birthday, so feel free to get anything you want!”
Mirabelle smiled, sitting in front of him as if she were his girlfriend. She looked prettier than usual; maybe because today was his birthday, or maybe because he decided to inspect her closer and deeper. She wore a red off-shoulder top, white skirt with red roses patterns, and a pair of crimson shoes. He remembered her saying that red was her favorite color, just like how rose was her favorite flower, and how happy she was when she got sorted into Heartslabyul. Her happiness was dampened slightly when Riddle came and replaced the once easygoing dorm leader, enforcing the strict rules that made Heartslabyul even more famous than simply a dorm for the playful yet hardworking students. And Mirabelle, fearing his infamous decapitation, followed his orders quite obediently. Though, it wasn’t to say that she’d never complained about his seeming tyranny.
Perhaps, she really looked prettier than usual. Just for today. Because today was his special day. She even wore a slightly thicker and brighter makeup. Wasn’t that something?
Cater didn’t want to delude himself, but he was indeed flattered. It almost made this whole thing feel even more… romantic.
But she didn’t like him that way, did she?
As far as he was concerned, she’d fallen head over heels for the vice dorm leader of Diasomnia, namely Lilia Vanrouge. Cater couldn’t say that he didn’t understand her fondness for the petite guy. Lilia was old, ancient even, smart, playful, cute, and most of all, understanding. His numerous experiences enabled him to comprehend even the most perplexing feelings, because how else would he know about Cater’s insecurities? How would he know that, all this time, Cater had been struggling with unworthiness? So, it wasn’t surprising at all to find that Mirabelle was crushing on him.
Though, Cater suspected that it was merely an infatuation. Aside from the obvious heart eyes that she unconsciously gave him, she never really tried to get close to him. At least, not enough for them to be more than just friends and fellow club members.
Maybe she already knew that she could never truly have him, because time and age would certainly separate them. Lilia was a fae, while she was an ordinary human. He was a royalty guard, while she was a student aspiring to be a singer. He was almost immortal, while she could die from anything, even the slightest illness.
Perhaps, it was better that way, as cruel as it sounded. Cater had seen them chatted, joked, and laughed together. But there was a distance between them – invisible yet discernible, short yet eternal – and he preferred it that way.
He didn’t want them to get too close.
Cater was unsure since when did he start looking at her differently. Maybe it was when she befriended him despite his superficial attitude? Maybe it was when he first saw her? Or maybe it was when they started hanging out together? But that was impossible, wasn’t it? It was a purely platonic hangout between two friends, a girl and a boy, and Cater certainly wouldn’t allow himself the satisfaction of loving the only girl in Heartslabyul. She had enough admirers as it was, and he was different. He was her friend, even if he could never be as close to her as Trey was.
At least, that was what he told himself.
Mirabelle waved a waiter to their table, and she started listing her orders while the waiter dutifully jotted down. A strawberry shortcake, a mocha fudge ice cream dessert, and a jasmine tea. As always, she picked the sweetest food in the menu. Her preference was actually a blessing for him, because it meant he didn’t have to eat those teeth-rotting food. He could take nice pictures, and she’d devour it. Just like how she took nice pictures of spicy food, and he’d devour it.
She glanced at him once she finished ordering. “What do you want?”
Cater smiled and turned to the waiter, lifting his menu. “I want a lasagna, a spaghetti, and an iced tea, please~!”
The waiter nodded and left after promising their orders would arrive promptly. Mirabelle frowned from across him.
“You picked the cheapest one.”
Cater held up his hands in a surrender manner. “Well, I can’t possibly spend a girl’s money, can I? It’ll be awfully rude of me.”
“Even if it’s your birthday?”
“Yup! Being with you is already a gift to me, so there’s no need for an expensive one~”
Mirabelle rolled her eyes. She didn’t believe it, but that was okay. He’d done this before, and he’d do it a million times again. At the very least, he could pretend they were truly dating and not platonically hanging out for a moment. It allowed him to indulge in his silly fantasy while avoiding the feelings that simmered in his chest. A win-win, he concluded.
“Your sisters thought I’m your girlfriend.” she sighed, tucking strands of wavy blond hair behind her ear. “It’s enough that I have to deal with our followers, and now your sisters think the same thing.”
“Well, isn’t that good?”
She looked up from the table, smiling incredulously. “What? We’re not dating, Cater.”
“I know.” He mustered a smile of his own, though it was more strained. If she looked deeper, that is. “I just think it means they trust you enough until they consider you as my girlfriend.”
“They think we’re dating, Cater.”
“Well, that’s what the space is for~!” he intoned. “Girl and friend. See? It makes a huge difference! If you ever feel irritated, just remember the space between the two words. I promise your mood will go back to normal!”
Mirabelle giggled, and under the artificial light, the mirth brightened her crimson irises. “You sounded like a salesperson.”
“Be careful.” His voice lost the cheerfulness, a fake sentiment yet sincere when it came to her, yet the smile remained. A fragile mask, but she never noticed nor tried to discern it. And he was grateful for it. “I can persuade you to date me, too.”
She giggled again, assuming it was another joke. As always, she never took his words seriously. And that was fine.
At the very least, he could pretend she was his girlfriend for a moment.
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cuppykin · 3 years ago
Belladonna family stuff
HONESTLY to keep me sane to finish up my project I was considering updating some stuff about the Belladonna family
First off: This was months ago, but Cherry has two sisters. An older sister named Persimmon and a younger sister named Mirabelle
Second off: Acai is no longer semi immortal, mostly cause it was a bitch and a half trying to figure out how his aging worked and how he got it. He’s a regular mortal human, but also I made him physically older due to how old his daughters are (he’s now about 50-55 years old)
Third off: Acai is basically an aged magical boy. In his youth he went on more missions to defeat demonic and evil forces that threaten the world, which made him a humble fortune. Now despite still being as powerful, simply goes on more simple missions, his daughters are usually the ones now to handle dangerous stuff despite his concerns for their safety
So basically the Belladonna daughters are all magical girls who have had the torch passed down from their dad
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pleasefeedthebirds · 4 years ago
The OC Interview
Or, in other words, “Let’s have some fun pretending to be my petty, miserable fuck of a narrator.”
1. Pick an original character! 2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were being interviewed for an article and you were the character/muse 3. Tag 5 to do the same: (except I don’t wanna do 5 so hey there my fellow nanowrimo buddies) @boundtoanandroid @hijinksace @nyrnerosmartell
tagged by no one lmao. I just wanted to munch on some creative energy before it’s all dead and gone by november.
“Rostov Vasiliev. You have no need for my birth name, I may only hope?”
Disheartened, they begin to fidget while scrounging for the right answer.
"Oh, well... I swear it’s not important. I shared a name with my mother, you must understand. I don’t consider myself... worthy, persay, and for lack of a better term, to carry that name. God rest her adored soul.”
“Rostov was from a novel I read over and over as a child at home. It was really a beautiful concept at the time. I mean, novel-Rostov suffers for falling into temptation, and... well. I meant it to be as a reminder for my own self, but now I think it’s just sort of inane in the grand scheme of things.”
Their look grows especially piteous. Guilty, even.
“Single. I could never justify trying to be something more than just myself. More power to the blessed souls who've lovingly found their own to hold, but I’m frankly convinced I don’t deserve any extension of such trust.” 
A humorless smile grows on their face as they perk up only slightly.
“Comparatively, I’m as useless as the barnacles I scrub from the Silver Solace. I make being even a deckhand seem strenuous. Not that it’s any painless task, but I have it easy, is all.”
They raise one dense brow in honest confusion.
“I’m... terribly sorry, and am afraid I don’t take your meaning. If I’ve- I’ve done something to offend, you have my sincerest apology and I can quickly see myself out.”
“Cold brown.”
“Black, but appearing brown in the right squint of sunlight.”
Their mouth twists in distaste.
“As I’ve said, my angel mother passed not long ago. Her first child, Kolya, fell early to anemia before I was born. I don’t like to picture my father still drawing his hawking, arrogant breaths on this earth, so for the sake of my satisfaction, I’ll hope he’s dead.”
"The word ‘pet’ is a bit too definitive, but there’s a little dog called Worley below the deck of the ship who’s excellent company when evicting the spare rats.”
“I can’t bear myself for even still thinking this, but that playboy corsair who the crew seems to love so much, Gideon, acts as if he’s too well-read to work a hard day’s labor in his life.”
“Woodcarving narratives into the bunks below deck, provided Mirabel’s company, has become something I greatly look forward to each evening, even if it catches me the evil eye of Dune when we ever get too close to his bed.”
Their posture worsens as they shrink slightly into their self.
“My actions were born out of jealousy from a rivalry of my own imagining. I regret it, of course. For driving a wedge between the captain and the crew, for sparking the hysteria that only townspeople in squalor manage best, and for exposing a buried past that wasn’t mine to disclose.”
“I tore my fingernails til they bled for four days and four sleepless nights believing I did. Needless to say, I won’t ever be attempting what I never even meant to do in the first place.”
“A turtle, perhaps? I’d like to be a gopher though. With no greater sense of purpose than burrowing for my daily bread.”
“The fingernails, probably. But then again, I also stare too much, and can never mind my own business.”
"The captain of the Silver Solace is one of the most unconventionally generous persons I’ve ever met, but beyond that, the wild, yet honest and knowing look in her eyes is something I’ll never live well enough to mirror. Then there’s Mirabel, who I could rattle for hours about in all her kindness, and Kaia, who even upon shaking hands seems to be more fable than tangible human.”
“Not traditionally, but every single last spare ruple my mother could swindle in her sales went towards purchasing literature. I would’ve spent the full day reading regardless, even if I weren’t obligated.”
“I’ve... fantasized of such a life. If and only if I weren’t myself.”
"Not death. That’s for sure now. The opposite of that, then. Immortality.”
"Whatever spare clothing the crew is so gracious to provide.”
They take a solid moment to think before answering, furrowing their brow in obvious distress.
"It’s no place of mine to love someone who could never love me back. What good is my love if she--someone-- would prefer it coming from somebody else?”
“I’m as low in class as in stature. However, I’m grateful that the crew provides for me these days.”
"I don’t take your meaning. These pirates--the crew-- they’re close-knit, but friends? It’s a word too childish... although Mirabel has gone out of her way a few... more than a few times to speak kindly with me.”
"Shepherd’s pie. A hearty meal and a homemade delicacy. The only fault it could have would be from the blame of a poor cook.”
“I’m a ninny for boring old water. The hard stuff Kaia distills is too strong... despite apparently being her weakest.”
“My bunk, though cramped, always manages to feel secure in even the worst of the storms.”
"Whether or not I’m a fool, I know that the ocean at even half of her worst would churn me like butter. I’ll settle for a lake.”
"Interested? Sure, in plenty. That’s how it tends to be when you live on a ship where amassing the greatest bounty over your head is considered an achievement.”
They grow uncomfortable, tugging out of habit on their loose fitting clothes.
"I don’t... care to consider the specifics of this question, but my body’s very boring anyways.”
“I enjoy people who are kind, yet persistent, even if I can’t convince myself for even a moment that I’m worth their time.”
“Uh-hum... I think I’d just like to be loved. If I had that much, I wouldn’t bother being picky.”
"I wouldn’t know.”
“A night under the stars would sound terribly beautiful if I didn’t fear the rain.”
“Waiting? I’ve been wondering when it would end-- but not out of any resentment for the quiz! A deckhand has duties is all. Is that... oh, that’s the cue that it’s over?”
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