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FIVES and ANAKIN in The Clone Wars 6.01 — THE UNKNOWN
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TOP 5 TCW ARCS AS VOTED BY OUR FOLLOWERS ↳ #4: conspiracy arc (6.01-6.04)
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Clone Medic Kix's looks through the years
2.10 The Deserter || 6.01 The Unknown || 6.04 Orders || 7.01 The Bad Batch
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thememerman · 6 months ago
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I noticed the similarities between these stills and this parallel is just. the absolute worst thing in the world because it just makes you think about how Rex was able to save Echo and how Fives couldn’t save Echo OR Tup even though he would have put himself in their places in a heartbeat and it reminds you of how Fives should have been there with Echo and Rex and on TOP OF ALL THAT it shows how the clones have such a capacity for love and the war prevents them from showing it to hardly anyone but their brothers and it will forever be so sick and cruel that they had to watch the people they loved most suffering and dying right in front of them over and over again
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Puri you son-of-a-bitch (affectionate)
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|| Countermeasures Series ||
Fives x f!reader (with name)
Tumblr media
***This series is for 18+ peeps only***
First chapter was posted on April 14th, 2021
Final chapter was posted on August 12, 2021
Status: Complete
Series Summary: Fives travels to Kamino after Tup's inexplicable breakdown that consequently resulted in the trooper killing a Jedi General in the heat of battle. The ARC is forced to stay in Tipoca City to be under medical watch because of his proximity with the seemingly ill trooper, and is looked after by you - a medical intern that has had no real field experience prior to having the pleasure of working with your very first living patient, the captivating ARC trooper Fives. You’re just the insider Fives needs to be able to figure out what’s going on with his brother, but after Tup’s passing, things start to get a little strange. Attitudes from the Kaminoans, medical data gathered from the deceased trooper, and pure gut feelings aren’t quite adding up with one another, so the two of you start up a secret investigation to uncover the real cause of Tup’s death. Through doing some digging in the medical wing, expressing your mutual feelings for one another, evading the clone guards and Kaminoan doctors, and causing some diversions here and there, the pair end up uncovering a massive conspiracy regarding the cloning program on Kamino - and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
| main masterlist | read on ao3 |
Tumblr media
1 || Archives  
Renna (you), an intern who’s spent the entirety of her internship thus far filing paperwork in the archives of Tipoca City’s medical wing, finally is able to work with a real patient - that patient just so happens to be Fives.
2 || Patient 
Fives needs some help figuring out what’s wrong with Tup, and you’re just the insider he needs.
3 || Anomaly  
Agreeing to help Fives proves to be both good and bad.
4 || Diversion  
You know something strange is going on, and that becomes even more clear upon Tup’s passing. You’ll both need a diversion to kickstart the investigation, so the truth behind Tup’s death - and the tumor - can be uncovered.
5 || Implanted  
The investigation begins! You and Fives start to look into the tumor that was taken out of Tup, but discover that the “tumor” is something else entirely. Together, you work to find the truth regarding the supposedly implanted chip. 
6 || Conspiracy 
You and Fives head to Coruscant to meet with the Chancellor in order to find some answers, but things don’t go exactly as planned.
7 || Fugitive
Fives sets out to find trustworthy friends who will listen to what he has to say regarding the massive conspiracy. His two hopes are that his findings won’t fall on deaf ears and that the woman he loves is kept safe in the aftermath.
8 || Reconvening
You’re going over and deciphering your feelings for the man who'd left your bed to meet with his CO's when a friend of his comes knocking on your door. After hearing about what happened, you and your new friend both come to the conclusion that you must work together in getting to the bottom of it all - to not let Fives' sacrifice end up being all for nothing.
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*gifs included in each chapter were created by me*
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me getting attached to fives in the conspiracy arc and then watching what happens to him at the end
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Percy was severely injured in the battle of manhattan causing him to be put into a medically induced coma. He was in this coma for YEARS. In his coma, he made up people in his mind with the personality of his nurses, doctors, etc. The whole heroes of olympus series was just a figment of Percy’s imagination. Piper was made up from a nurse, Jason was his surgeon, Leo was his pediatric advocate, Frank was his radiologist, Hazel was his doctor, and the only person who didn’t change was Annabeth: she was the only person Percy remembered. That’s why Grover wasn’t in heroes of olympus.
When percy woke up he decided to take a break from missions and go to school with annabeth. That’s why he barely helped Apollo in the first trials of apollo book.
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#???? #? #??
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It doesn’t make sense. If you don’t believe we’re just getting fucked then you’re dumb
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Think about it
Arc Trooper Fives in TCW 6.03 | Fugitive
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thememerman · 7 months ago
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Not gone
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merely marching
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far away
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I'm confused, what does the 945 mean?
Well, a little while back, our resident Sinister Anon was dropping cryptic shit in my askbox. One of these asks included a mention of "Nine hundred and forty five".
The addition of Sydney and the Ivory Wraith put just about everything into context, except the 945.
We had a couple theories; 9:45 was a bible verse about keeping people ignorant because they wouldn't be able to handle certain bits of information, 945 is considered an 'angel number' in numerology, 945 could refer to the Ivory Wraith having a hivemind.
Then a very helpful anon revealed that the Sydney was added to the github repository on the 945th merge.
But that I Am Immaculate purity stat screenshot makes it pretty clear that the whole 945 thing is deeper than I thought!
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Countermeasures || 6
Fives x ofc!reader
Tumblr media
<- previous chapter | next chapter ->
| main masterlist | series masterlist | read on ao3 |
Rating: 18+ only
Word Count: 6.4k
Warnings: unprotected piv, oral (fem receiving), fluff, mention of stress-induced throwing up, aftercare, angst, feelings
chapter summary: You and Fives head to Coruscant to meet with the Chancellor in order to find some answers, but things don’t go exactly as planned.
note: tbh this chapter if half filth. Sorry posting it took longer than the others and if some things look weird - I got tired of rereading this - I hope it’s okay BUT I am already in the process of jotting things down for the next chapter. I’ll let y’all in on a lil somethin’.... I’m planning on making chapter 7 completely from Fives’ POV.
From where you were able to watch the dark nothingness littered with glowing stars outside of the tiny viewport, you saw the planet you’d come to call home slowly approach as the ship exited hyperspace. The white clouds swirled over most of the surface as seen from space, yet the distinctive glow of major cities and routes shined brighter than any nearby stars; the bright lights connected each spherical pattern by distinct lines of light, marking the major highways and transport lanes.
You were home, though you were not arriving in a way you could have ever imagined.
You were to accompany Nala Se, Master Shaak Ti, and Fives to the Senate Complex to meet with Chancellor Palpatine - and hopefully get some answers. Who in the hells would have ever thought you’d be meeting the Chancellor? If only your parents could see you now. They’d be... proud? Under such strange circumstances, you weren’t even sure what you were feeling about it all. 
Accomplishment? Was that what you were feeling? Certainly not success, nor defeat, since this wasn’t over yet. 
Perhaps accomplishment was an appropriate feeling, solely for the fact that you and Fives had gotten through to somebody - now you were to meet with the fucking Supreme Chancellor.
Fives was knocked out during the journey - given a sedative as a precautionary measure - against your wishes, and was kept isolated. Maybe it was because Fives had a blaster trained on an unarmed Kaminoan… still, it upset you. He wasn’t going to actually harm Nala Se. You’d only known Fives for a week, but you know he would never hurt someone unarmed and innocent - though you both wouldn't exactly consider Nala Se as innocent after what took place back on Kamino.
The journey was extremely long - 120 hours, to be almost exact. At least you were finally able to catch up on some sleep, even if it was on the hard bunks within the small ship’s sleeping quarters. Though you were upset Fives wasn’t conscious during the journey, you were somewhat glad he was getting rest, forced by sedative or otherwise.
You were eager to be with Fives again; you were still in shock - he had kissed you. Twice. The things you were feeling brought you back to the giddiness of having a crush on another boy from your settlement when he gave peck on the cheek; you were no older than ten, as was he. You can’t remember the last time you felt these things for another. Surely you didn’t feel this way for that boy when you were both only ten years-old; maybe you’d never felt this way for someone - this was all new to you.
What was to happen now - would you and Fives... be together? It sounded so silly to play those words even in the privacy of your own mind; the thought of being with a clone was something you’d never imagine even in your wildest dreams, but as you mentioned to Fives back on Kamino, he’d changed your views on the clones entirely. Fives was so full of compassion, emotion, ferocity when necessary. He was intelligent and cunning, caring and funny. The way he was with you, so careful and sincere - you’d completely fallen for that man; it was no longer a simple crush nor rush of lust. 
The thought of “being together” in a traditional sense sounded... nice. It seemed to be impossible; you knew better than most that the clones were designed to keep the mission in the forefront of their minds and everything else would be clouded out, but your time working with Fives gave you new insight that the clones were capable of a lot more than anyone - especially the masters of their creation - would’ve ever thought. Maybe it was possible. 
The transport that had come up to bring you to the surface touched down at the hangar and you hurried to exit, eager to be reunited with Fives after the boring journey. Walking down the ramp and looking around at the other transport, there was no sign of Fives. You did see the conniving long-neck speaking with a couple troopers with painted red armor, nodding to her words before heading off and away from the ships. Deciding to confront her, you stepped cautiously towards Nala Se, keeping yourself aware of your surroundings while scanning the area in hopes to catch a glimpse of the man you’d fallen hard for. 
Nala Se turned to face you, not so much as a smile made its way to her stoic face.     
“Where is he, where’s Fives?” You stepped closer, your head tilting back and meeting her eyes from below. Trying to keep your cool was difficult; your accusatory tone towards her made her imaginary brows raise.
“He is still sedated. I had him escorted to the Chancellor’s office.” Her tone was calm, unfazed, nonchalant - obviously not too worried about entertaining your worry for Fives. 
“Alright. So, I’ll follow you then?” You looked around towards where the troopers from before were heading, but to your dismay, the long-neck shook her head.
“Chancellor Palpatine did not request for you, Miss Renna. He only wishes to speak with trooper Fives.”
...what the fuck?
To seven hells with keeping your cool. This was totally not was discussed back on Kamino. A mixture of anger and confusion soared through you; tears threatened to form at the corners of your eyes. No way are you crying out of frustration in front of Dr. Nala Se.
“But I thought-” She held up her three fingers in front of you, halting your impending argument. 
“I am afraid that was the Chancellor’s request.”
Without another word or opportunity for you to argue, Nala Se turned on her heels and left you alone and on the brink of a fucking meltdown.  
There was no arguing with her and especially not with the Chancellor, but it was still strange. Where was Master Shaak Ti? She’d be able to help you out, right? Why would the Chancellor not want to meet with you - you, the one who was by Fives’ side throughout the entire investigation, the one who has actual medical knowledge and training? You had a bad feeling about it all. 
What were you supposed to do now? You obviously couldn’t arrive unannounced at the Senate building, let alone the Chancellor’s office. 
What of Fives? He’d probably freak out when he wakes up and you’re not there by his side. The last thing he knew before being put under was that you’d be going with him to meet the Chancellor. So, what? He’s going to wake up and point another fucking blaster at someone? You wouldn’t doubt it - this entire situation has got him completely on edge. Fives was hurt, confused, and felt betrayed, to say the least. He trusted the Jedi - that was something engrained in him from before he’d ever held a blaster - and was literally engineered to serve under them in this Maker forsaken war. 
Something didn’t sit right with you, though, and that’s not including how you weren’t requested to be present in front of the Chancellor. What doesn’t sit right with you is that you were still... employed (in a sense) and weren’t dismissed when Nala Se had confronted you in the Embryo Room. Instead, you were allowed to come back to Coruscant along with your employer, and not as a consequence of dismissal.
You didn’t want to go back to Kamino, though. Maybe it would be best to go back to the academy and explain the situation to your advisors, though you weren’t entirely sure how to even begin to explain this mess to anyone who wasn’t already aware of what was going on. 
If you didn’t return to Kamino, would that mean you were quitting? What if you spoke to your academic advisors first, asking for a transfer of internship? What if Nala is planning on dismissing you, just waiting until this was over with, does that mean you’d fail at the academy and not be placed any where else to finish up your training? 
After what you’ve seen and what you’ve actually uncovered, you knew going back to Kamino was an absolute fuck no. If that meant you never becoming a doctor, then so be it. 
Everything happens for a reason.
All there was to do was wait it out - see what happens with Fives’ meeting with the Chancellor. 
Ultimately deciding to wait outside for him after his meeting, you started the trek to the complex in the footsteps of the troopers and Nala Se. When you got there, it was quiet; you expected the hustle and bustle of tourists or political figures, but there was no one - save for the expected Coruscant guards walking the perimeter with blasters in hand. It was just you, sitting alone and filled with worry on a long and wide staircase that led up to the grand entrance of the Senate Building.
It had been hours since you’d first parked your ass outside the Senate Building. The sun was starting to set behind the enormous structure; the sky resembled fire with the stripes of yellows and oranges blending together, the flecks of purples and pinks littered the sky complementarily while the lines of speeders zooming along off in the distance became silhouettes. 
You hadn’t seen a Coruscant sunset in over six months - it was what you missed the most while away on that stormy planet, where you'd never seen not one sunset.  
You’d never forget your first night on Coruscant, a week before your first days at the medical academy. You were nervous and afraid, unsure of the crowded streets and the trillions of others walking or hovering among them - your first time surrounded by extremely unfamiliar faces and unaccompanied by your family. You came from such a small and poor settlement, where everyone knew each other and their ancestors - where you were comfortable, yet longed for more. 
You’d bumped into what seemed like hundreds of passersby while navigating to your new apartment, located in a high rise just off the academy’s perimeter. The inside was complete with furnishings and decor that quite honestly wasn’t your taste, but the kitchen was huge and came with appliances you never thought you’d ever use in your lifetime - a stark contrast to the communal fire pit and dwindling supply of pots and pans from where you grew up.
Speaking of kitchen - you were starving.
Hungry and worried - the two most prominent feelings of late.
Back at your apartment you cooked dinner, sitting on the balcony while attempting to sooth your frustration and worry while spooning mouthfuls of your mother’s recipe for your favorite soup. It was getting late. You had no way to contact Fives, no way to contact anyone other than Nala Se. 
She wasn’t the best option of contact, though she would be able to inform you of how the meeting went - lying about details or not, you just wanted to know if Fives was okay, even if the Chancellor didn’t take his side about the chips.
Those fucking inhibitor chips.
You hadn’t forgotten how Nala Se tried to cover it all up, rather than just explaining what they were from the get-go. If it really was something as simple as “making them less aggressive because their original donor was a crazy aggressive bounty hunter” then there should be no reason why you wouldn’t even know about the chips, or why you never saw anything about the chips in any files. 
It appeared that you and Fives had unknowingly uncovered a conspiracy - a conspiracy that needed to stay undiscovered so badly that the Kaminoan in charge of the clones’ design was ready to recondition then kill any one clone that caught of whiff of anything remotely close to it. 
Fives. Fives caught a whiff of something extremely close to it. 
There had to be a reason why you weren’t welcome at that meeting. 
Surely Nala Se could have been lying right to your face, as she’s done before, but what if the Chancellor really didn’t want or need to speak with you, or hear what you had to say about the chips in a medical sense? 
Why was Nala Se so fucking adamant about sending all data on the chip - including the chips themselves and the clones it came from - straight to the Chancellor, protesting any mention of detours along the way? Why would it matter if Tup or his chip made a pitstop at the Jedi Temple for the Jedi to do their... Jedi stuff on him before reaching Nala Se’s voiced desired destination? 
Weird. All of it... just fucking weird. 
Now your stomach was turning; soup came up in your throat faster than you could register what was happening. It burned on the way out; hot soup spewed from your mouth with such force that the wall across from you was consequently covered in the contents of your stomach. Something you hadn’t done in a long time - vomiting out of pure anxiety and stress - happened quicker than you had time to realize how fucking bad the negative emotions stemming from the situation were affecting you. 
You could just feel it - Fives was in danger. Though you didn’t know exactly what kind of danger or who at the hands of, that feeling was screaming at you. 
Scared. Worried. Stressed. Angry. Upset and sobbing, because you’d just spewed fucking soup all over your wall. 
Take a shower. Put on clean clothes. Get some fucking sleep. Check in with everything in the morning.
You repeated your own instructions both silently in your head and out loud to yourself as you finished cleaning up your disgusting stress-induced habit. 
Knock knock knock.
You shot up from from the couch, already awake because you were just not able to shut your damn eyes. 
“F- Fives?” His name croaked out of your sore throat; the possibility that Fives was at your door was just slim to none. Though, who else would it be? 
“Renna...” Your name came from the other side of the door; the familiar voice sent... something shooting from your ears and straight to your toes. 
You don’t recall making the short journey to your door from the couch, but in a flash you were there, opening the door to be greeted by the man you’d just indirectly vomited because of.
He just stood there right outside your door; the dim light filtering in from the halls casted him as a silhouette, but you were able to make out how was still in that armor he had commandeered (well, just plain stole) back on Kamino and how he had a dark and dazed look in his golden eyes. It was difficult to read his face; normally Fives was quite expressive, but at that moment, there was nothing.
He slowly stepped forward, making you retreat a few steps. His unreadable expression changed as the light hit his face - it was one you’d never seen on him before.
Anger - that’s what you were feeling - along with worry, exhaustion, confusion - all towards this entire fucked up situation and being directed right at Fives before you could stop it.
“Where the fuck have you been-”
“I need you,” he growled, right before slamming his lips onto yours.
Not able to hold in the simultaneous gasp and moan that escaped your throat, Fives shut the door as you allowed him to push you back further into your apartment all while his lips remained locked with yours - hungry and wanting. Fives was devouring you, to put in plainly; he kissed you like it would be his last opportunity to. You didn’t realize Fives had been backing you up and up until your back slammed into a wall with a load thud, but he didn’t let up the kiss, no - in fact, the kiss deepened since you no longer had any more room to back up, firmly pressed against a hard surface while being caged in completely by Fives’ sturdy body. Desperate hands roamed your form, grabbing the meatier parts of you and offering a gentle squeeze.
You brain was jelly... what were you mad about again, among other things? Oh right... everything. 
“F- Fives!” You snapped your head to the side, effectively breaking the kiss. “You wanna tell me what the fuck is going on? Maker, I was worried sick!” Literally sick. Like, literally.
“I- please... need you first. Please, Ren. I need you.” He tugged at your top with pleading and hungry eyes, silently asking for permission to take it off. You bit your lip, contemplating if this is how you wanted things to finally happen between the two of you. Fuck it. You wanted him - needed him.
Staring up at him under long lashes with your bottom lip caught in your teeth, you nodded. “Okay.” With no time wasted, your top was pulled off and thrown somewhere out of sight. His lips returned to yours, messy and warm. As your tongues swirled one another, Fives’ hands continued to grab at the newly exposed skin, palming your breasts underneath your sorry excuse for a bra, sending you into a frenzy. This was the most Fives’ had ever touched you - and it brought you back to those first couple of nights upon meeting him for the first time, when you imagined what his touch would feel like as you pleasured yourself. Coming back to the present, the warmth you felt in your face traveled further down, settling in your lower stomach. Your head tilted to the side and Fives broke from your lips to move south, kissing and sucking down your chin to your neck to your collarbone.
“F- fuck.” You nearly melted into a puddle when Fives’ hands found the clasp of your bra, tearing it off and tossing it to the side without his lips breaking contact from your skin. 
Fives definitely wasn’t new to these activities.
“You smell so good, Ren,” He breathed against the curve of your shoulder just above your collarbone, nipping the skin there with a groan. All you could do was stand there like a noodle, whimpering while letting his strong arms hold you upright as he mouthed at your skin, the warmth coming from his nose and mouth sending shockwaves to the more sensitive parts of your body. Fives ventured back up to your mouth, placing sloppy and wet kisses along your bottom lip.
That thing that drives you absolutely crazy was done unknowingly by Fives again, causing you to moan loudly into his mouth - the vibrations making your shudder.
“That’s the second time you’ve done that when I do this,” Fives repeated the motion, chuckling against your lips when you let out another moan. “I guess you like it when I do that, huh beautiful?” Your eyes were clamped shut as you nodded to the best of your ability. Fives brought his hands up to grab your face, holding you steady in his large palms. “I need you, Renna.” Fives repeated himself, going back in for another hungry kiss. You broke away this time, placing your hands over his while still holding your face.
“Have me, Fives.”
He made a grunt akin to a growl before hoisting you up; strong hands grabbed your ass from underneath and your legs quickly wrapped around his waist as he smashed his lips back onto yours. You couldn’t help the whimpers that came from your throat as his stiffening cock rubbed against your aching core. Fives’ grip on your ass became rougher as he kneaded the plush skin through your sleep bottoms. You allowed your hands to roam around his shoulders and head, enjoying the feeling of the freshly buzzed hair as it pricked your fingers.
Desperate kisses and touches - that’s what it all was, and for a few minutes before your mouths detached, staring into each others eyes while catching your breaths.
“I’ve wanted this for so long...” Fives admission made you blush, and he definitely noticed. Tucking loose hair behind your ear, he smiled. “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Renna. I’ve been to countless systems, moons, planets - nothing and no one on or within any of them could ever compare to you.”
You couldn’t stop the tear falling from your eye before Fives caught it, gently wiping it away with his thumb. 
“No, sweet girl. I don’t want you crying over things I say,” He placed a quick kiss on your cheek where the tear fell, “I want you crying over how good I’m gonna make you feel when I finally fuck you.” You didn’t have time to react before Fives swung around and quickly moved to your bed, throwing you down on top of it. He stood at the edge of the bed, extremely intimidating at the angle you were looking at him from as he donned a full set of armor, sans helmet.
You squirmed underneath his gaze, feeling all too exposed with your top half completely bare while he stood there fully clothed and the some. As if he could read your mind, Fives started peeling off the armor, unclasping the pieces one by one while keeping his eyes locked with yours. Your body was completely on fire. 
This was finally happening.
“Ren?” Fives was just taking off the last of the plastoid and tossing the vambraces to the side, looking at you with a hungry smirk. You nodded to him with a quizzical brow raised. “Tell me how long you’ve wanted this.” 
He was teasing you.
“Tell me, pretty thing.”
Shit, okay.
“Ever since I first saw you, Fives. When you first arrived on Kamino, in your armor.” The way he was questioning you with such... authority - you started to feel just how wet you were getting as you rubbed your thighs together in an attempt to stimulate yourself in some way.
The way he was in that moment... yeah, you told him the truth.
Fives hummed in approval with a cocky grin stretched on his face as he ran a warm palm up and down your trembling thigh. “You liked seeing me in my armor?” 
“Stars. Yes... It was my first day outside the archives yet I don’t even remember that fucking conversation because I was too distracted by you.” 
What is he, a fucking wizard? He was pulling confessions from you with very little effort - your brain was fried; all that was on your mind was getting Fives to touch you where you needed him to.
“It’s a shame I won’t have an opportunity to put that armor back on again. I would have loved to fuck you while I wore it.” Both his hands trailed up your calves to your thighs to the waistband of your bottoms, threatening to take them off as he yanked at the elastic band. 
The commanding and intimidating ARC trooper was the Fives you never had the pleasure of personally dealing with... until now.
“Fives, please.” You wiggled underneath his hands, hoping he knew what you wanted through your half-ass begging.
“I really want to take my time with you, but I don’t think we have the luxury of time right now... I may not be able to control myself, Ren. I need you so fucking bad, baby.” His fingers finally clamped around your waistband, yanking the material down your legs in a one rough motion. As soon as your pants were off, his fingers were rubbing against the dampening spot seeping into the thin material of your underwear. Your focus was completely on controlling how loud you were panting that you didn’t even register that the lacy torn-up material between his fingers was your fucking underwear that he’d just ripped clean off your hips.
“Fuck... did you... just-”
“I warned you, Ren.” As soon as those last words flew out of his mouth, his face was instantly buried between your legs, tongue circling your folds in a very messy fashion. Strong hands grabbed at your thighs, yanking them up and over his broad shoulders as his mouth attacked your burning cunt. The embarrassing moans coming from your throat burned your ears as he went back and forth between flicking your clit with his tongue and licking up and down your slit. You nearly choked on your own spit as a broken cry made its way from your throat when he grabbed your hips and angled you so that his tongue sunk straight into your hole. 
“H- oh m- fu- fuck.” You were nearly sobbing at the way he was tongue-fucking your clenching hole; his grip on your hips was bruising and the lewd slurping sounds coming from him sucking at every inch of your pussy all led up to an insane climax. The heat in your lower stomach was unbearable and you cried out as he insert two thick fingers inside you to replace his tongue. All it took was a few thrusts of his curled digits and were coming undone; Fives worked you through your high, keeping a brutal pace with his fingers and flicking of his tongue in sync with their attack. 
He pulled back to look at you, lips swollen and eyes still dark with lingering want. He looked like a fucking dream - truly, a vision. Of all the times you’d imagined Fives touching and feeling you, having him devour you the way he was at the moment was nothing you could have ever dreamt of. 
“You look so beautiful.” Fives stood up from his crouching position, softly positioning your quivering legs back on the bed. You doubted that you looked at all attractive with the way you were panting like you’d just ran a marathon, loose strands of hair sticking to your face from sweat. Shaking your head with unfocused eyes, you reached your hand out to him and he took it, allowing you to pull him on top of you. His lips attacked yours once again, but more delicately this time. Feeling the hard bulge straining in his black pants rubbing against your oversensitive cunt made you moan; Fives swallowing it and volleying back with his own. He lifted his head and broke the kiss, staring right into your heavy eyes.
“I want this... so badly,” he confessed, seeming just a little too shy for the way he just made you see the fucking Maker with his fingers and tongue. You couldn’t contain the giggle that made it past your lips as you reached down to palm at his clothed member.
“Take these off,” you cooed, attempting to wiggle his pants off his hips with just one hand. 
Once Fives was completely bare, he leaned back over you, resting on his forearms that sat on either side of your head. You lifted your head slightly for another kiss as he grabbed himself to line up with your burning entrance. Your head fell right back down once the bulbous head of his perfect cock breached you; a mumbled curse fell from your lips as he slowly rolled his hips against yours. 
“You’re so beautiful, Ren... so tight, so warm.” Your eyes nearly rolled into your skull as he inched all the way inside of you, pausing for a moment so as to get adjusted to one another. Your eyes locked with Fives’ as he started moving; the roll of his hips slow and deliberate as he hit the deepest part inside you over and over again. The eye contact made it just all the more intimate; watching one another’s reaction to the exquisite feeling of being this close to each other was pure bliss. You watched his brows crease in concentration as that dark look in his golden eyes grew all the more prominent, and you knew he was watching the way your mouth looked as broken curses tumbled off your tongue. Your hands flew up to rest against his buzzed head, rubbing soothing circles into his scalp as he tilted his head back down to suck at your collarbone. 
This was the most intimate you’d ever been with somebody, but something within you was telling you that Fives was holding back for some reason - not giving you his all - that he was capable of more.
“Fives,” you breathed out, steadily rocking against the mattress from each deep thrust, “don’t hold back, baby. Give me you.” His eyes widened, quickly followed by a grunt of approval. Only a moment later he was nearly pulled all the way out of you just to slam himself right back in, making you shriek. Gasps made it made it past your devilish smile as he picked up the pace.
“Like that?” He snapped his hip so fucking hard and deep. “You want me to fuck you hard, Ren?” Unable to form a coherent response, you mumbled something akin to a confirmation; his quick and hard thrusts sent you scooting up higher on the bed with every smack of his hips against the underside of your thighs with the slight nodding of your head. Your eyes were squeezed shut and your arm was draped over your face, stifling the moans that erupted from deep within.  
Fives grabbed your arm and threw it away from your face and breathed out between grunts, “Look at me, beautiful girl. R-remember what I said before? I want to s-see you cry from how good I’m making you feel.” Not knowing it was even possible, his hips slapped against you at an even quicker pace as he leaned on one arm to grab your hip with the other. The angle he was thrusting into at made him hit deep inside - hitting the spot that had you seeing the fucking Maker themselves again.
He continued to pound you into the mattress, beads of sweat forming on his brow framing his hungry eyes. Those perfect lips were parted, allowing the deepest of grunts and groans to filter through. Between the shared noises of pleasure, the quick smacking of skin meeting skin, and the squelching coming from his cock entering and exiting your throbbing pussy - your ears were on fire and the heat burning deep within you exploded into an intense climax. With a squealed out cry, your hands flew up to his back, pressing your nails deep into his thick skin, making him groan. Tears stemming from insane pleasure formed in your eyes, dripping down past your temples and onto the sheets beneath you.
“I feel you, beautiful. Cum for me - cum all over my c- gah-” The clenching of your spasming pussy that accompanied your orgasm made Fives break off his command as he dropped his head to rest on your collarbone, his cock pulsating within you. With just another few hard but lazy thrusts, liquid warmth spurted inside you as he held himself deep within your throbbing cunt.
He was no longer holding himself up - his full weight fell right on top of you, pretty much squeezing any remaining oxygen out of your lungs but you didn’t care at that moment. The both of you stayed still for a few minutes, letting your breaths return to normal and relishing each other’s post-sex scent. 
When he finally lifted himself and pulled out of you, you didn’t even register that you were still crying until he wiped away the tears with the same fingers he had inside you, still sticky with your juices. You were crying because of two things: one, Fives made you feel more pleasure than anyone had ever, and two, there was something screaming at you from the back of your mind that though this was your first time with Fives - it may be your last. You didn’t want to think about that, but the memory of Fives being inexplicably missing that entire day after a meeting you had no idea what went on in, it was the only thing you could think about. 
No. Now was not the time to think about that.
Fives rested beside you, pulling you into his arms, mimicking that first time you’d shared the bed with one another. “They’re after me,” he mumbled flatly after a minute of silence, his chin jutting against the top of your head as he spoke. 
“Because of the chips.” It meant to come out as a question, but you already knew the answer; this whole fucking thing was about those damn chips. Fives didn’t respond right away, instead squeezing your spent body just a little bit tighter in his arms, pressing you further into him. He inhaled deeply, letting the air softly escape from his nostrils. 
“Because... I attacked the Chancellor.”
...wh- what?
“You did what?” You attempted to break out of his arms so you could look him in the eyes - to see if he was kidding, but your weak struggling was no match for his enhanced strength. Sighing in defeat, your tone softened, “What happened at that meeting, Fives?”
“Renna... I want to tell you, I just-” A beat. “I would be putting you in danger.” 
Rolling your eyes even though he couldn’t see your face, you scoffed, “More so than I already am? Fives, I was part of the shit that went down on Kamino. I’m in on this.”
“But you don’t know the extent of just how high up this conspiracy goes, Ren, and it needs to stay that way.” His arms tightened. He was just being protective, you decided, but it wasn’t fair. 
“Fives,” you pleaded, grasping onto his thick forearms. You murmured into the air towards the wall beside the bed, “Please tell me. I want to help you. Please.”
“I... have to go soon, Ren.” He sounded unsure - apologetic. Regretful. Nervous. 
“...but I don’t think we have the luxury of time right now...”
Fives’ words replayed in your head. You didn’t think anything of it at the time, since he was just about to give you the most intense and intimate pleasure you’d ever known in your life, but it hit you. Tears started forming in your eyes again as the thoughts you had buried deep in the back of your mind made their way to the front at full force. He must’ve heard your quiet sobs as you attempted to muffle them, because in only a moment you were released then flipped to lay on your other side - facing Fives. The feeling of him wiping your tears was all too familiar - a feeling that shouldn’t be familiar, in a perfect galaxy. Would the galaxy ever be perfect?
“Wh-where will you go?” Where will he go? “You’re... a fugitive, Fives.”
“Yeah, I know,” he huffed. “They even got the Corrie Guard after me. I need to find Rex, or- or General Skywalker.”
“Find them... and then what?”
“Explain myself, if they’ll let me. I at least need to try.”
“Fives, what in Maker’s name-”
“Please, trust me. I’ll... be okay.” He broke away from your eyes, staring off at the wall behind you.
That was flat out lie, and you both knew it. You attempted to study his blank expression for a moment before his eyes flickered back to yours.
“When I find Rex I’ll tell him about your involvement. He should be able to keep you safe. I’ll- I’ll come find you after I speak with him, okay?”
“Keep me safe...” You mumbled the words under your breath in pure disbelief; Fives simply nodded in confirmation, a crease resting in between his brows as his gaze bore into yours.
“If Rex hears me out, then he’ll understand. He’s a good man... always willing to do the right thing.” It sounded as though Fives was saying that to himself rather than to you - as a reminder. 
You decided to leave it at that, not having enough energy to press his stubborn self any more on the subject. Nuzzling your face into his bare chest, you inhaled deeply - a way to keep his scent in your mind for after he leaves. Fives was warm, both his physical form and his overall energy. Safe. His arms wrapped around your back, pulling you further into his comforting warmth. You were on the edge of sleep, eyelids becoming heavy and breathing deepening. You wanted to stay awake, though, to make the most of your time with Fives. 
You just weren’t sure if you’d see him again after he goes.
“Just promise me-” He paused, sucking in a clump of air, “Just stay aware of your surroundings, okay? I’m not sure where you’re at with returning to Kamino... but I don’t think you should.” 
“Okay,” your voice was barely audible, coming out as a faint mumble muffled against his skin. 
That settled it. You would not return to Kamino. 
What would you do, though? Are you quitting? What will you do if Fives-
“After I find Rex and the General... there’s no telling what’ll happen. No matter the outcome... I’m not sure what the next steps are. For once, I don’t have a plan, Ren. I’m gonna need your help, but we can talk about that when I come back to you, yeah?” He started to rub smoothing circles on your back, digging deep into your muscles while placing a kiss atop your head and squeezing you tighter. “I’m just... glad you weren’t at that meeting with the Chancellor.”
“Apparently my presence wasn’t requested by the Chancellor,” you mumbled in annoyance, that similar feeling of anger towards the long-neck bubbling up within you. Fives let out a quiet huff in reply, seemingly trying to dodge giving an appropriate response towards your resentful statement. You didn’t expect him to respond; however, you’d just realized that Fives somehow managed to find your apartment during the night, with no explicit directions given to him from you. “How... did you find me? I never told you where I lived.” 
He replied with a light chuckle, “Do you not know me by now?” Offering a half-smile he pushed you away from his chest so you could meet his eyes, placing a quick kiss on your damp forehead. “I’ll always find you, Renna.”
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212thincorrectcanonquotes · a month ago
The Codywan Conspiracy
I love Codywan so much because many argue that they were not in a romantic relationship in canon and I can always reply,”That we know of.” Listen, Cody and Obi-Wan in terms of hiding their relationship would be the polar opposite of Padmé and Anakin, who were both obvious as fuck.
Cody and Obi-Wan probably had protocols in place, secret codes, even designated hook-up spots. Cody probably would demote a trooper to scrubbing ‘freshers just for making a joke about it. Obi-Wan has mind-tricked enough people to fill the entire mess hall on The Negotiator. Cody and Obi-Wan would never get caught… unless one day they did!
And this thought brought me to a hilarious but equally sad fan-fiction idea where Fives does live because he stumbles across the wrong conspiracy—the Codywan Conspiracy. Basically Fives somehow finds out Cody and Obi-Wan are married and still gets hunted down to the lower levels of Coruscant but this time by Cody—the paranoid fucker he is. Eventually this does lead Fives and Cody (who is still hunting him down Predator style) to the right conspiracy.
Thoughts? Ideas? Head canons following this one? Please voice them!
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fanficfest · a year ago
AO3 Update
Two RAA chapters are out today:
Chapter 58: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27037066/chapters/69851124#workskin
Chapter 59: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27037066/chapters/69851184#workskin
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tyrannuspitch · 3 months ago
something i think is increasingly important to understand about baz as a character, especially given how meta carry on is, is that baz’s arc in carry on is literally not a “redemption arc” and was never meant to be.
fangirl was written in 2014. the fan culture it’s representing is not the fandom of today. the widespread fixation on objective and rigorous morality, especially demanding that a character’s moral status be justified by canon evidence above all, is a very recent innovation.
yes, one of the key questions of baz’s character is, “how can we spin an established villain as a good guy?” 
but the means of doing so is not redemption. it’s re-examining the evidence and casting the original main characters as unreliable narrators. and, especially, it’s not just drawing its evidence canon characterisation and events, but also from signs of narrative bias, subtle contradictions, and negative spaces.
the story cath, and subsequently rowell, wants to tell is not “here’s how baz could become a better person,” but: “let’s look at this from a new perspective. what haven’t we been told? what doesn’t add up? who does it serve to treat this character as a flatly evil villain? and if you try to make sense of his behaviour, who does he become? given how little insight the original narrative gives us, is it possible that he was never a bad person to begin with?”
and because carry on is the realisation of all these fan theories and headcanons, “baz was never a villain” is exactly as true as “simon and baz are in love”. this is quite literally canon.
to be clear, i’m not saying this is a better or worse approach to villains in general. (i feel like having one fixed opinion on “redemption arcs” makes about as much sense as having one fixed opinion on “love stories”.) but this is the approach that carry on takes, and understanding what the narrative is doing is important if you want to understand the characters.
i’m also not saying that baz has never done anything wrong, or never hurt anyone, or never experienced growth. what i’m saying is that:
he was not worse than simon
he did not hurt simon more than simon hurt him
his pre-canon relationship with simon cannot be accurately described as one of victim and perpetrator, but of enemies on equal footing
his moral status at the end of the Carry On is no better or worse than his moral status at the beginning
in fact... i feel like you could frame it almost the inverse of a redemption arc. he’s not repenting, he’s taking back his repentance. (again, not necessarily better, just a profoundly different emotional journey.)
even if we were to see the war as baz’s sole responsibility (rather than his and simon’s and that of the dozens of neglectful adults around them)... telling baz “you’re a bad person, but you can change” is not what saves or stops him. it’s what’s killing him. and it’s literally what’s keeping him tied to his role in the war.
baz already thinks he’s evil - not because he’s a villain, but because he’s a vampire. the desperate hope that he can redeem himself for his vampirism, that his vampirism makes him equivalent to a murderer and so he has a life debt to repay, is 90% of his motive for serving the old families in the war. his family are willing to overlook his vampirism only as long as he rigidly conforms to their ideas of morality, honour, and duty. 
fiona even says the difference between baz and nicodemus is that baz didn’t want to become a vampire - so, the definition of a good vampire is one who sees his own vampirism as evil. this is unhealthy on multiple levels - for one thing, it encourages self-loathing and self-destruction, but... it also encourages him to defer to humans as a moral authority. if accepting his own nature can only lead to evil, then he is only capable of good by outside intervention - only redeemable through obedience. 
this isn’t a productive path towards growth. this is a toxic and destructive cycle which will only ever get worse.
what baz needs to hear to survive and to leave behind his villain archetype is “you were never evil to begin with”. he doesn’t necessarily believe it, but that’s because no-one has ever told him that before. it will take time. but it is experiencing compassion for his monsterhood, being challenged on his negative assumptions about himself, and seeing that simon, of all people, might be a monster too, that gets baz to a place where he is willing and able to stop the war. seven years of guilt and shame never accomplished that.
baz’s arc is not one of redemption. it’s one of escape.
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pinksnow · 5 months ago
how sad would it be once Blue finds out that not only has Spam been wormed but he's being puppeteered by some eldritch being,I imagine poor dude would be heartbroke ini
Tumblr media
Oh anon,
He probably has noticed that already.
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