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Today, I attended the first contextual studies lecture in the new series for VIS5037. The theme was CONSUMERISM.

Below I have added the notes I made during this session. Ally delivered a lot of information, many of it surrounding capitalism.

I quite enjoy this subject as I took Sociology at A level so I know a bit about Marxism and theorist views on capitalism.

I find it difficult to imagine a world without consumerism, a population without so many needs and wants, competitions over who has the latest gadgets and fashion accessories.

I think this type of world would be a lot more peaceful.

One thing I like to consider under the consumerist revolution, is the need for school uniforms.

So many children argue that they don’t want to wear them and they would much prefer being able to wear their own clothes to school. But the argument here is that this could cause a huge divide in the student population, the children with all the designer gear and those without.

Uniform in school offers a type of equality not available to the rest of society.

One of my main takeaways from this lecture is how far the world has come with an an most radical consumerist culture and how the younger generations of today are trying to reverse the affects this has caused on our planet.

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It is very easy to feel like you have to buy everything new for your new pup. You don´t get a new dog often, so you finally can go to that pet store and buy all the new cute shiny things. But you really don´t have to.

Of course there are some things you can´t buy/find second hand, but most of them you definitely can.

I have bought a beautiful dog bed, new, unused on Facebook market, because somebody bought a wrong size for their pup.

I have bought a nice leash, used only a couple times.

I have bought a bag of toys, because somebody´s pup doesn´t like them.

The only thing I had to buy new was a halter (because we needed to try it on), food and ear drops.

Eli doesn´t know the difference. She is happy she has a bed and toys to play with. Somebody else got some money and we didn´t have to buy it in a store.

As I said - you can´t buy everything second hand, but one or two things is definitely possible. And if you don´t want to buy second hand - try handmade! There are so many beautiful dog leashes, collars, beds and toys on etsy and other sites! And you give money to somebody trying to feed their family or just do what they love and be happy. It´s a win-win! <3

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What’s pragmatically changed over the last four years?

What’s improved?

I spent nearly three years just smoking weed and trying to escape all this nonsense—America; the hypocrisy—but, I wasn’t able to get out.

I wasn’t able to break free.

I suppose I can slide some photos in here soon, but there’s no end to that. Body cam footage changes nothing (pragmatically) and protest photos have become photo shoots and terror-porn.

How many bodies have to stack up under the boot heel of this star-spangled machine?

How long will fools love their foolishness and loathe wisdom?

Is nobody else just flat-out o v e r this nonsense?

How much longer will cowards insist on pouring blood into a bottomless bucket?

Is there no more sense?

Have all gone to sleep?

Where’s the revolution? Where’s the upheaval?

I’m tired, y’all.

My voice grows hoarse and my eyes, weary.

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About a year ago, after therapy, while walking home, I bought a blanket.

I did not need a blanket. I had no intentions of buying any blanket. I absolutely could have gotten a better deal or a better blanket. I think it was $80. It did not in anyway affect my finances.

I want everyone to have enough money to be able to do this.

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“In Japan, people aren’t very ostentatious when it comes to buying cars. In the west, cars are much more than a tool to get us from A to B, they’re a status symbol right? People don’t buy Range Rovers just to stuff in all their whole food shopping. They buy it because it’s a declaration to the world that I am a winner.“

Sad but true. Not just the west, but in most developed countries where image and status is everything as they’re considered a symbol of “success”. For many, material wealth is an expression of selfhood, proof of their existence. They tend to associate their identity and self-image with the things they possess. The more they have, the more secure, accomplished and fulfilled they feel. Everything becomes objectified and aspirational. People no longer buy things because they need them but because they feel the need to impress others. 

It is only now during the pandemic that people are beginning to realize what really matters and what are really essentials. Now it’s about survival, self-sufficient living is the new luxury. Countries are racing in transforming their production lines to produce things which have been produced by other countries for years in a bid to not rely on others but themselves. With the way things are going, no one cares about what car you are driving anymore or what handbags you use, they only care if you have the essentials to survive in hard times. 

Which is why I find some of the Japanese philosophies to be refreshing as they have been focusing on impermanence, simplicity and mobility for centuries. After all, they have lived in a country that have been constantly “attacked” by natural disasters for centuries that they have to always be ready to move out with their essential belongings, moving from house to house or place to place. There is no sense of stability and they always have to prepare for the unexpected.

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hey,,,heyhey,,,,lemme tell you a secret.

goblincore,,,,,is absolutely not consumerist,,,and,,,if you are commiting mass consumerism then you will be the next collection item.

Please source your collections responsibly

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found some cute things saturday!!! downtown they have a farmers market with a bunch of booths, one was a pottery booth where I found this little catch-all. I also got some bread and omg it’s so good I love bread. they also have yard sales around the neighbor hood and this older woman had this duck jem, and a sun charm that I didn’t end up getting (due to lack of cash). it twas a good day…🥰

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A World Fueled by Consumerism

“Why do we buy the things we do?”

I’ve seen many professionals in my field neglect a very important aspect of this question.

It all ties back to the world we live in today.

The product, price, promotion, place, all of these factors are valid, but without accounting for a society shaped by consumerism, it means very little.

The purchasing behaviour of the individual and the individual themselves has become one entity.

But is your organization integrating this new shift in the mindset of the modern-day consumer?

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Fran may be my favourite character in ‘Upload’





(Hopefully by this point you’ve finished all episodes from Season 1 of ‘Upload’, the kind of person who isn’t bothered by spoilers, or are just deciding if you still want to keep watching.)

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