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#container gardening

ONE OF MY ORCHIDS REBLOOMED!! I always get so excited when this happens because honestly I’m playing fast and loose on proper care with these poor babes, it’s a work in progress guys

They didnt get very tall this time though and I remember the first spike being quite tall so I hope that doesnt mean anything

Update: someone while doing the dishes busted the flower stalk so now the flowers are in a jar with water and I am sad

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My mom accidentally broke a branch off our bleeding hearts shrub while she was pulling weeds, so she popped it into the empty pot (it used to have another bleeding heart but it died, there was still soil in it). It ended up staying there until we went out for mothers day and picked up another bleeding heart to fill the empty pot.

I pulled the branch out to transplant the new one, and it looks like there are tiny roots growing!

I still put the new one into the pot, and moved this branch into a smaller pot.

Mom may have accidentally propagated a bleeding heart! I hope it grows 😊

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This robust potted plant is Melissa officinalis, aka Lemon balm, and while it has culinary and medicinal uses, it’s really invasive in most places.  This actually started out as something in the ground that we used to fight to eradicate, and I thought a past housemate had gotten it, but like a year after they moved out, I pulled up a rotting planter and found a sprig hiding underneath.

As lemon balm has an alchemical history (the famed Primum Ens Melissae) I decided to throw the sprig in the biggest pot in the yard, and it’s filled the whole thing nicely.  It’s cut-and-come-again if you pay attention and catch it at the right time in the spring for the first cut (really soon from the looks of this).

Amazingly, as dense as this container is, other stuff does find ways to grow in it, and I had to weed out some dandelions, and an annoying ballistichory grass that is now part of the yard thanks to climate change.  Of course, any lemon balm starts outside the pot must be yoinked on sight.

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