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#contemporary art

© Devis Bergantin, Studio, 2020, penna a sfera su carta, 15 x 20,5 cm

© Devis Bergantin, Study, 2020, ballpoint pen on paper, 15 x 20.5 cm

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“I Know You Need the Blue to Find the Gold,” abstract acrylic on canvas tile, 8" x 10", by Karen Reiser.

Note: The title is a line from a song called “Overdose” by Cause and Effect (@causeandeffectmusic )

#artinspiredbymusic #art #artist #karenreiser #overdose #causeandeffectmusic #causeandeffect #abstracrylic #abstractart #abstractsonfire #abstractexpressionism #abstractexpressionist #paganartist #contemporaryartist #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #splatter #splatterpainting #ohioartist #ohioart #akronart #akronartist

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Marianna Simnett è la nostra ARTISTA DEL MESE di dicembre 2020.
In attesa di pubblicare l'intervista che le abbiamo fatto per il progetto THE BLANK BOARD, queste le sue 99 PAROLE per la nostra newsletter del mese:

clack clack
clitoride intelligente
e il suo
grande busto
che spinge
e il suo
cappotto di velluto
e i suoi
denti d'argento
grida psicopatiche
due regine

Marianna Simnett is our ARTIST OF THE MONTH of December 2020. Waiting to publish her interview for THE BLANK BOARD project, here are her 99 WORDS for our monthly newsletter

clack clack
clever clit
and her
great bust
and her
velvet coat
and her
silver teeth
psycho screams
two queens

Marianna Simnett
Hyena and Swan in the Midst of Sexual Congress
Seta, velluto, lana, peltro, vetro, acciaio, imbottitura per giocattoli e polistirolo
230 × 150 × 230 cm
Installation view
Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ
Photo credit: Tim Bowditch


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Tips for Artists: How to organize your first solo art exhibition

#artistcoach #artcoaching #wheretoorganizeanartexhibition #giuseppealletto #artists #successartist #tipsfroartists #exhibitiondesign #organizeanartexhibition #artexhibition Tips for Artists: How to organize your first solo art exhibition ————————————————————————————————————————- Are you an artist? do you want to become a professional artist? First of all subscribe to my YouTube channel ! here you will find many videos on how to organize and carry out an artist career in today’s contemporary art world. In my videos I will give you informations on how to organize an exhibition, how to introduce yourself to gallery owners, art critics, curators, collectors, etc. . how to organize your presence on the Web, how to create the necessary documents for your career as an artist (curriculum, portfolio, authenticity certification….) and much more. Request a private coaching with me ! You will receive more detailed informations that will make you an effective artist and that will allow you to start a real successful career in the art world. The informations I offer in the private coaching sessions are strictly confidential infos I take from my direct experience in the field of contemporary art. I am a visual artist, I express myself by using different media: painting, drawing, installations, video art I started to paint at the age of 10 and I made my first solo exhibition at the age of 16. I’m 27 now;) Thanks to the application of my method (method consisting of strategies that I can reveal only to those who will buy private coaching sessions) I started to work together with five galleries, three in Italy and two abroad (in Milan, Turin, Florence, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon) in just six months. Although I’ve always been an artist, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of other activities in the world of contemporary art. In fact, I directed galleries in Sicily, I founded an open air park for contemporary art also funtioning as an artist’s residence whose name is Scala dei Turchi White Wall. I’ve written dozens of articles dealing with contemporary art in specialized national magazines including Espoarte, D'Ars, Frammenti, Juliet Art, etc … I curated a lot of exhibitions of other artists. I graduated and I took an additional master course in Art History at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Palermo (Italy). All these experiences make my perspective on the problems of artists complete and global. My multifaceted art experience is absolutely unique in the Italian contemporary art scene. Ask for a Strategic Coaching for the Effective Artist by sending a direct message to the Giuseppe Alletto Italian Artist facebook page or to the Giuseppe Alletto artist Instagram profile. My assistant will give you an answer as soon as possible showing you the different options for a Strategic Coaching. In this channel, in addition to many free videos with valuable information for emerging artists, you will also find a lot of videos of History of Art or related to Art in general. These videos are as useful to artists as they are to those who love or study History of Art at the college or at the university. Subscribe to my channel ! if you love art as much as I love it or if you want to become a professional artist this channel is the right place for you :) Good Art! :) Here are all my social pages if you want to stay in touch with me: visit my Official Website https://www.giuseppeallettoitalianart…MOSTRA MENO

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