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does anyone else have the irrational fear that when you accidentally open your wallet, even if you’re nowhere near an apple pay thingy, you’ll somehow manage to pay someone an unspecified amount of money cause u weren’t fast enough at taking your finger off the home button?

cause i do

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6 things you need to do to become an influencer: Build a community around your niche and stay on brand. Stand for something that you love. Create goals each work by posting and reposting Set up network groupchat with upcoming influencer and learn from them too. Understand the difference between each social network and how they can work for you. Be constantly learning and willing to use new platforms.

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Last Exit to Springfield is the best Simpsons episode, it’s got everything, even a banging folk song. It’s the episode where Homer accidently becomes head of the union and tries to get the dental plan back. Both the overall plot and each individual joke are incredibly on point. Theres tons of stuff in this episode I’ve seen referenced elsewhere, some of which became iconic memes later on. And the aforementioned banging folk tune, of course

so we march day and night by the big cooling tower, they got the plant, but we got the power

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Everyone all the Actionate videos that I have been posting are grade a. These videos share some of the marketers best kept secrets as well as resources.

So if you truly want to learn so real knowledge about making real money online then you need to follow my blog.

I share all sorts of my recommendations. Anything from the best books to read to the best courses then on to the best systems.


Originally posted by thenewbard

So follow me here on Tumblr and soon my blog and you will learn a lot. Promise.

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HAND PAINTED ANI SHORT 🎨 💯💯 celebrating @blueoxofficial trippy new slap #Fearless Out Now on all platforms!! #SLUSAtv
Art @rohit913 @bob_mori
#handpaintedanimation #animation #socialmedia #content #strategy #outnow #billboard #rollingstonemagazine (at Dirty Jersey)

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Advertising has always worked on me. Its one of the reasons that I’ve chosen marketing for my career. But only GOOD advertising really sticks with me when I’m making a product decision. That good type of advert that elicits a reaction. That strikes a note of personality and emotion. That triggers a memory of the past or makes you imagine the future. I’ve always been drawn to the lighthearted adverts that speak very little or not at all about their core product. It’s brave and really shows belief in their brand or product. 

One of my favourite adverts of all time and that I still think about over a decade later is the Cadbury eyebrows ad. You can probably remember the one → (thank me later)

Cadbury is probably the best tasting chocolate that you’re most likely to buy. Because Cadbury knows this they can leverage this; they do not have to sell us the idea that their chocolate is delicious. Instead, they can sell the augmented or potential product of a bar of Cadbury chocolate: finding whimsy in a  real-life situation, enjoying special and memorable moments in real-time, embracing silliness in a serious world. 

People will watch an advert from Cadbury and instead of thinking, “man, I could really go for a bar of dairy milk right about now” they instead remember the fun that Cadbury gave them when they’re next in the chocolate aisle of the local supermarket. 

This is part of why I love advertising. The games that can be played between a company and its customers. That almost intimate communication between strangers who will never meet sharing an experience in their home. 

Digital marketing is the future, and this extends far beyond the use of video adverts interrupting YouTube videos. The use of influencer marketing adds a unique personal recommendation that has never been possible before now. The future is coming in hot and analogue media is about to be shaken up. 

So save your marketing money, don’t advertise in the newspaper unless you’re aiming at an older or geographic demo. Social media marketing has the reach, the personality, and the scalability to completely change the game of marketing forever.

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