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rinfantasy said: I would love to read your mermaid AU! and I love Yulma so much that if I had the time I would write a story myself.  (I just figure how to reply a post LOL I’m a tumblr beginner)

Aaaaa, hello there! Ah, thank you so much for telling me!! <3 I’m taking this month and possibly a few to step back (I think I may be putting too much pressure on myself), but that doesn’t mean the story will never get written! (Part of the problem is I have too many ideas. >.<)

I always love to talk about yulma and story ideas, so please feel free to message me more if you want! I know what it’s like to love a ship so much you want to write for them - that’s how I got into fanfic writing actually. XD (If you love yulma, I actually have a lot of stories for them already on my AO3 - I’ll be writing a few short fics for my Yulma Week event as well. ^^)

Thank you again for taking the time to reply! I really do appreciate it when people reach out to engage!

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The demand for #mobile-friendly content across #socialmedia is rapidly increasing, and justifiably so. 91% of all social media users access social channels via #mobiledevices. Likewise, almost 80% of total time spent on social media sites occurs on mobile platforms.

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As you can see from these social media marketing #statistics, different #platforms can serve different #purposes. You’ll have to be the judge of which social media platform contains your target #audience which you want to market toward, and this could help shape your #socialmediamarketing plan. Use these #socialmediastats to get better insights into the world of social media, and how you can maximize your results using these tools.

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Content Marketing 2020

Content is vital and key to all your social media platforms. The purpose of your posts is to have exciting and compelling content that your followers can be involved and engage. As a Social Media Agency or Manager your goal should be to create great content according to your niche and brand.

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Enhanced Community Quarantine - Day 10

As the title suggests, it’s the 10th day of the Enhanced community quarantine here in our country due to Covid-19. It was on the first week of March when the confirmed cases went drastically high from 3, to more than 10 and the number just keep growing double to triple each passing day. 

So, as part of the government’s health and safety measures, a Community quarantine was imposed in Metro manila originally. By which, it forbids domestic flights from and to Metro Manila starting the second week of March. School classes were also suspended in all levels nationwide. 

However, despite these preventive measures, the number of confirmed cases became more gradual resulting to an Enhanced Community Quarantine imposed on the following week, which prohibits the use of mass/public transportation vehicles, therefore leaving the workforce and companies with no choice but to send us; employees home and deal with a work from home set up for the time being. Social distancing and curfew was also implemented as part of the ECQ to avoid the spread of the virus.

Right now, were on the second week of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Being on this kind of crisis surely made a lot of us, the people affected realized certain things. As for me, being in this situation made me reflect on how significant freedom and time is. Being on a lock down was indeed frustrating especially when it resulted to a series of cancelled plans we were so excited about. But then, we must abide in order not to prolong the situation in the hope of going back to our normal lives pretty soon. 

On the other hand, ECQ did gave me time to step back and look for the brighter side of the situation. Isn’t that what we’re lacking sometimes? To look at the positive side of a negative circumstance, cause were too focused on the latter. First, the ECQ gave me the rest time I’ve been wishing to have when I was loaded at work. Though I’m still on work mode with the work-from-home setup, let’s admit it - it’s less stressful compared to when were physically working in the office. 

Second, weekends are now real weekends. No more follow ups, no more emails on a sunday, no more monitoring, no more whatsapp and viber. ‘Cause to be honest, there’s not that much work to do because almost everyone connected to work are all on quarantine mode and it’s a weekend! Who’s there to follow up right? 

Third, I was able to catch up with all the things I failed to do with my day offs such as binge watch that Kdrama series I was so crazy about, movie marathon, fixed my closet and declutter my bed area and cabinets. These things are actually easy to do yet I failed to because during day offs, I’d rather sleep my ass off to make up for all the sleepless nights and deprived rest during work days. And this- I was even able to update this not-so-active blog of mine which I really hope I could maintain even once a week. Thanks to ECQ, I am now living the dream! Kidding. 

Well lastly, ECQ gave me a lot of time to spend the day with my family especially with my parents. Having coffee with them each morning, being able to have breakfast and the rest of the day’s meal altogether, enjoy movie marathons all afternoon are just some of the things we were unable to do before. But during the quarantine, we have all the time in the world. Isn’t that priceless? Though it is not a celebrating time, I just find it really worthwhile. 

So, if you’re reading this and you’re on the same situation as me, I hope you treasure the time given to us by the ECQ and go do the things you’ve been wanting to do. Only inside the house though. It’s not always like this that we are given a chance so let’s make the most out of it. Time flies pretty fast, soon enough, we’d all go back to our normal busy lives hopefully. Let’s be productive now. So when we look back on this, we’ll have no regrets that we were unable to utilized the time given generously, instead - let’s look back with a grateful heart, energized spirits and eased mind. After all, this quarantine is way to go! Let’s get things done :)

Stay safe. XOXO!


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