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Prevention is better than cure, especially when something has no cure!


Much needed.

Better protect than regret.

Don’t be shy, its important that we keep talking and educate on condom importance for awareness.

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I was talking to my partner about how it feels content creation can be a thankless hobby and how I’m questioning it given my full time work schedule and my current slump.

One issue was that no matter how much fandom (generally) screams for more and more content for consumption, the same like 10 content creators in them get support. 5 of those 10 folks might not even create content anymore but it don’t even matter lol, and then when they do reblog, they will consistently share from like 2-3 other large buddy platforms; there’s not a reach back to support new creators.

And he said something interesting; he said that it sounds (from an outsider perspective) like Pewdiepie and how no matter what he does or shares, he’s already got that large force of a fan base, so what would be their motivation to share anybody else?

While I’d like to think it’s not as toxic as all that (at least, not top creator’s intentions) , it definitely made me go “huh 😶”. I hope I never get to a point where I’m big, but forget to support others in my fandom the way I got supported, or think I’m too good to reblog somebody just bc their platform is small.

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