13pumpkin31 · a day ago
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Sims 4
Here is my rugs I made for the Just 5 contest at SimPearls. I was tickled to find out that I won :) I also included 7 more rugs (not all shown)
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Hope you enjoy!
DOWNLOAD at SimPearls
For those who can't download at Simpearls... DOWNLOAD SFS
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newyorkthegoldenage · a day ago
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June 26, 1941: The Grand Central Red Caps, winners of the 7th Annual Barbershop Quartet Contest in Central Park.
Photo: NYC Dep't of Parks & Recreation
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 days ago
I was entering a fashion contest and the host was a talking churro.
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leegoguen · 6 months ago
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I entered a Spoonflower challenge! It would mean a lot if you'd check out the contest and vote if you like my design! There are a lot of submissions, so you may need to scroll a bit to find mine! I'll be honest, I really just wanted to draw some kiwis. Voting ends Dec. 7th! Check out the voting here!
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back-then · 2 months ago
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Beautiful legs contest. Palisades Amusement Park near New York. 1951 Source: Corbis
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v0lva · a month ago
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Fabrice (Freyr) - Dislyte contestHere is my entry for the Dislyte contest of DA ( #DislyteDA ) I chose Fabrice for his wonderful colors. And as he is related to Freyr, I represented the abundance by a sunny wheat field. Timelapse on my Ko-fi page <3
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itscolossal · 3 months ago
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Winners of the 2022 World Photography Awards Highlight the Striking Sights of Life Around the Globe
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elstrawfedora · 2 months ago
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My submissions for the Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest 2022.
I didn't make Top 300 but loved everyone's entries! Can't wait to give it a go again next year!
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codylabs · 4 months ago
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"Oi, Oi, I can run your little errand, Mossieur. But I must warn you it will not be cheap, and it will not be quiet..."
This is an entry into @lil-tachyon's contest, where people redraw some of his scifi mercenaries. Original:
Tumblr media
(If you see this tachyon, I love your work and your aesthetic. You push colors brighter than I ever could. Rock on!)
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bigmsaxon · 6 months ago
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My entries into the graffiti battle competition for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (link) - just managed to get ‘em done in time! Looking forward to the game, always loved that Jet Set style.
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
An old friend and I reunited to participate in a cross stitch comic contest. Our comic was called "The Adventures of Gay Elephant."
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shiftycontests · a month ago
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I’m really looking forward to when people come to fit proper flooring in my flat. (making the gif took 30 times more more effort than the artwork btw)
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cyberpunkgame · 2 months ago
Winners of the second Photomode Challenge: Gangs
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You successfully turned Night City into a photo set and gang wars into photo opportunities! 📸
Meet the winners of our second Photo Mode Challenge — GANGS: Dilabell, PinkyJulien and Kevstun! Congrats!
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our next and final Challenge.
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v0lva · 19 days ago
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Dislyte challenge [DA] - Hyde (Hades)
Here is my second entry for the Dislyte contest of DA ( #DislyteDA )
I chose Hyde because he looks so badass and has a bunch of interesting colors! The opposite of my first entry Fabrice
Timelapse on my Ko-fi page <3
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beebeerock · 2 months ago
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My entries for the Pokemon TCG illustration contest. I didn’t advance but I’m still proud of these.
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nasa · a year ago
Name the Artemis Moonikin!
Choose your player!
As we gear up for our Artemis I mission to the Moon — the mission that will prepare us to send the first woman and the first person of color to the lunar surface — we have an important task for you (yes, you!). Artemis I will be the first integrated test flight of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion crew capsule. Although there won’t be any humans aboard Orion, there will be a very important crewmember: the Moonikin!
The Moonikin is a manikin, or anatomical human model, that will be used to gather data on the vibrations that human crewmembers will experience during future Artemis missions. But the Moonikin is currently missing something incredibly important — a name!
There are eight names in the running, and each one reflects an important piece of NASA’s past or a reference to the Artemis program:
1. ACE
ACE stands for Artemis Crew Explorer. This is a very practical name, as the Moonikin will be a member of the first official “crew” aboard Artemis I.
The Moonikin will occupy the commander’s seat inside Orion, be equipped with two radiation sensors, and wear a first-generation Orion Crew Survival System suit—a spacesuit astronauts will wear during launch, entry, and other dynamic phases of their missions. The Moonikin will also be accompanied by phantoms, which are manikins without arms or legs: Zohar from the Israel Space Agency and Helga from the German Aerospace Center. Zohar and Helga will be participating in an investigation called the Matroshka AstroRad Radiation Experiment, which will provide valuable data on radiation levels experienced during missions to the Moon.
Tumblr media
2. Campos
Campos is a reference to Arturo Campos, an electrical engineer at NASA who was instrumental to bringing the Apollo 13 crew safely back home.
Apollo 13 was on its way to attempt the third Moon landing when an oxygen tank exploded and forced the mission to abort. With hundreds of thousands of miles left in the journey, mission control teams at Johnson Space Center were forced to quickly develop procedures to bring the astronauts back home while simultaneously conserving power, water, and heat. Apollo 13 is considered a “successful failure,” because of the experience gained in rescuing the crew. In addition to being a key player in these efforts, Campos also established and served as the first president of the League of United Latin American Citizens Council 660, which was composed of Mexican-American engineers at NASA.
Tumblr media
3. Delos
On June 26, 2017, our Terra satellite captured this image of the thousands of islands scattered across the Aegean Sea. One notable group, the Cyclades, sits in the central region of the Aegean. They encircle the tiny, sacred island of Delos.
According to Greek mythology, Delos was the island where the twin gods Apollo and Artemis were born.
The name is a recognition of the lessons learned during the Apollo program. Dr. Abe Silverstein, former director of NASA’s Glenn Research Center, said that he chose the name “Apollo” for the NASA's first Moon landing program because image of "Apollo riding his chariot across the Sun was appropriate to the grand scale of the proposed program." Between 1969 and 1972, we successfully landed 12 humans on the lunar surface — providing us with invaluable information as the Artemis program gears up to send the first woman and the first person of color to the Moon.
Tumblr media
4. Duhart
Duhart is a reference to Dr. Irene Duhart Long, the first African American woman to serve in the Senior Executive Service at Kennedy Space Center. As chief medical officer at the Florida spaceport, she was the first woman and the first person of color to hold that position. Her NASA career spanned 31 years.
Working in a male-dominated field, Long confronted — and overcame — many obstacles and challenges during her decorated career. She helped create the Spaceflight and Life Sciences Training Program at Kennedy, in partnership with Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, a program that encouraged more women and people of color to explore careers in science.
Tumblr media
5. Montgomery
Montgomery is a reference to Julius Montgomery, the first African American ever hired at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to work as a technical professional. After earning a bachelor's degree at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, Montgomery served in the U.S. Air Force, where he earned a first class radio-telescope operator's license. Montgomery began his Cape Canaveral career in 1956 as a member of the “Range Rats,” technicians who repaired malfunctioning ballistic missiles.
Montgomery was also the first African American to desegregate and graduate from Brevard Engineering College, now the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.
Tumblr media
6. Rigel
Rigel is one of the 10 brightest stars in Earth's sky and forms part of the familiar constellation Orion. The blue supergiant is about 860 light-years from Earth.
The reference to Rigel is a nod toward the Orion spacecraft, which the Moonikin (and future Artemis astronauts!) will be riding aboard. Built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before, the Orion spacecraft will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry crew into space and provide safe re-entry back to Earth.
Tumblr media
7. Shackleton
Shackleton Crater is a crater on the Moon named after the Antarctic explorer, Ernest Shackleton. The interior of the crater receives almost no direct sunlight, which makes it very cold — the perfect place to find ice. Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft (LRO) returned data that ice may make up as much as 22% of the surface material in Shackleton!
Shackleton Crater is unique because even though most of it is permanently shadowed, three points on the rim remain collectively sunlit for more than 90% of the year. The crater is a prominent feature at the Moon’s South Pole, a region where NASA plans to send Artemis astronauts on future missions.
Tumblr media
8. Wargo
Wargo is a reference to Michael Wargo, who represented NASA as the first Chief Exploration Scientist for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. He was a leading contributor to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), which launched together on to the Moon and confirmed water existed there in 2009.
Throughout his time as an instructor at MIT and his 20-year career at NASA, Wargo was known as a science ambassador to the public, and for his ability to explain complex scientific challenges and discoveries to less technical audiences. Following his sudden death in 2013, the International Astronomical Union posthumously named a crater on the far side of the Moon in his honor.
Tumblr media
Want to participate in the naming contest? Make sure you are following @NASAArtemis on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get notified about the bracket challenges between June 16 and June 28! Learn more about the Name the Artemis Moonikin Challenge here.
Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com.
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interact-if · 8 months ago
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Do you remember that mystery event poll we did a while ago? Welcome to the big reveal!
Interact-if is hosting two game jams on Itch.io
Tumblr media
What is a game jam?
A game jam is a challenge to make a game using a specific prompt or theme. Some are ranked, some have time limits, some have neither. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s Itch.io’s Game Jams page so you can take a quick look around!
What is interact-if hosting?
We are hosting two game jams, one that will be ranked and judged, another that will not and will instead focus on introducing authors to interactive fiction instead of competing. Both will have different prompts which will be revealed... later ;)
So what are authors doing, exactly?
Without getting into details, authors will be writing short story IFs that can be done within the month of January. Similar to NaNoWrimo but for IF instead.
IF is already a large beast to tangle with, so we encourage authors to keep it in the short story range, to ask for help if you need it, and to pace yourselves when writing!
Tumblr media
January 2022! Based on the results from our poll, that would be the best month for most of our community to participate if they'd like to.
Tumblr media
The jam will be hosted on Itch.io where games will also be submitted and published. Links to the sign-up pages can be found below in the Links section.
Tumblr media
We designed this event to both act as a community builder as well as to encourage new creators in trying out how to code and structure their stories by starting with a smaller project than your standard IF.
We want both new and experienced authors (and readers who want to try their hand!) to participate, to learn Twine, Ren’py, Inky, or any other language they desire to take those first steps into IF, or to try something new and different from their main project!
Tumblr media
How will this go?
For the month of October we will be re-blogging advice, tutorials, templates, and other resources for learning to code. We will be focused mostly on Twine since it’s what the mods are most acquainted with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out to other alternatives!
On the last week of December we will release an official announcement going into more details about the jams, judging and ranking, expectations, etc.
January 1st 2022 the game jams begin! We will release the prompts for the jams and will be opening a new channel in our discord to help out new creators, offer advice, or discuss ideas and thoughts.
Download Twine
How to Start w/ Twine, Sugarcube & Harlowe
Twine Grimoire Vol. I, Twine Grimoire Vol. II
Basic Templates to Start With [1] [2] [3]
Writing Resources, Tutorials, Coding Resources
Non-ranked Game Jam Sign-up Page
Ranked Game Jam Sign-up Page
We have also re-opened the inbox for questions! It’s...still not empty but close enough! :D
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wickeddeadlydenison999 · a month ago
Who would lose the bet?
POV: The two of you started a bet on who could go a week without using their quirk for everyday life. Yes, I am aware that quirk use in public is actually illegal but idc. This is a request so pretend that it's not ok?
They would get desperate and antsy without being able to use their quirk. They would use it thinking that you wouldn't find out even though you did and refused to let them forget about your victory.
Denki, reader with telekinesis, Sero, Keigo
They were so determined to win or just didn't really need a quirk for everyday life in the first place. They would tell you how pointless the bet was and that they should've known that they would lose from the start. (the nice ones won't hold it over your face but would be happy about winning on the inside)
Kiri, Bakugou, Deku, Shinsou, relentless winner reader, Dabi
So which one are you? Do you have a quirk that you just simply can't go without or a need for victory? But depending on the pairing I think that the reader is more likely to lose...sorry 😅
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calcium-cat · 7 months ago
✨DTIYS Contest Winners✨
First, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who participated in this event! There were a total of 37 entries, which far exceeded my expectations and I genuinely love every single one of them! You all did such a fantastic job, and I hope it was fun for you all as well. Thank you so much, you guys are all so awesome! ✨ 
Without further ado, here are the four winners!
(These were judged by my friend @duckydotducky​!)
First place: 2 full bodies - @orbital-inclination​ (see the rest of the comic here)
Tumblr media
Second place: 1 full body - @yukiphobia24​ (see bonus doodle here)
Tumblr media
Third place: 2 headshots - @ineptapuer​
Tumblr media
Fourth place: 1 headshot - @zombiedoodlesstuff 
Tumblr media
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