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#continues to hit on her anyway
inamindfarfaraway · 10 days ago
Controversial Batman opinion:
Stephanie Brown is a good character and good person. She earned her place as the third Batgirl. It represents her character growth, for Spoiler was rooted in her father’s villainy and their abusive relationship - named for her intent to ‘spoil’ the mysteries he set up with his every crime - while Batgirl is a symbol of protection and hope to all of Gotham and her costume and equipment is obviously part of the Batfamily brand, showing how she’s actively committed to a cause bigger than herself, definitively broken her father’s hold on her and established new positive relationships, a new family, to support her. Also her Batgirl suit is really cool. I love some purple and yellow contrast.
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ratellini · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
me, waking up in a cold sweat: force sensitive chiss entertainer
lore thoughts i need to figure out later below. idk sw lore
. not sure if i want her to be sent away by her parents due to her force sensitivity - keeping it a hush-hush affair
. or that she got the third sight/force sensitive, became a sky-walker, lost it, and somehow regained it (or it never left, faked it or something) and she decided to leave
. in any case she ended up as an entertainer within the empire, though most likely works in a neutral area/planet - like nar shaddaa
. not sure how strong she is in the force, cause if she was, she would have to avoid both siths and jedis alike which is a kinda neat plot point
. she doesn't have much knowledge over her powers, except the skill of precognition
. she has not releveled her full name to anyone, and most likely goes by either her core name, or a variety thereof. since she's an entertainer, she probably has a corny stage name
. while probably not moving mountains, she does a bit of snooping and spy-work for the chiss when commanded to
. probably most popular with chiss costumers, since it sparks a bit of familiarity to those far removed/homesick.
. sings mostly, dances frequently.
. i love her. thank u.
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zorbs · 5 months ago
@froglegsz no because
no because i went into it thinking “hmm heard very emotional but don’t know if i’ll be able to relate but voice sounds very pretty”
uh. very real emotions brought up. emotions i forgot about bc i buried them. emotions forcibly thrown right back into my face.
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warped-stem · 8 months ago
i knew he was stimming :)
#warped liveblogs#warped warbles#i thought the noise was scissors at first#but whenever dream stims i just get happy#and then he was banging his phone against his desk#im wondering if i should start a tag for him stimming bc its a big comfort#i was fuckin Gnawing on a plastic knife earlier bc chew stim#hopefully i can find more stuff of him stimming bc no one seems to pick up on it when he does it#theres like. only 2 or 3 clips ive seen#a lot of his stims seem to be vocal too#but i noticed he also hits his desk a lot (like that one mcc practice stream!! his pat pats)#anyway dream stimming makes me stim sometimes bc like. he's unafraid to do it and im usually so terrified to make noise when i stim#lmao it was the getting yelled at repeatedly for shaking my leg until the behavior was shamed out of me <3#i actually only recently started letting myself be open about my stims with my sister (who was the one who shamed me)#she was talking about her brother in law (undiagnosed but we're pretty sure he's on the autism spectrum) and this noise he makes with his#nose & its kinda like a clicking? idk how he does it but its obviously a comfort to him#but my sister called it a tic which. not really. so i perked up and was like !! oh!!! youre talking about stimming!!!#and i told her about one of my current common ones which is just doing yellow in asl really really fast#(hang ten fingers but shaking the hand back and forth) and she was just like. uh-huh okay.#but not Too dismissively? idk she acknowledged it and continued w the convo#but i already let him have one of my old stim toys (a tangle i broke. its still useable) bc i didnt like the texture and he's around me most#often when we have the kids over. probs bc i talk to him like hes a person and not like he's a kid or a pest#but like ive let him have some of my squishies n stuff too so its obvious he likes stim toys#god i have so many now i'm sad my pig broke#oh rip im rambling#stimmy dream#< dream stimming tag <3
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sevenfactorial · 7 months ago
I’m not completely sure if The 1975 is popular again/released a hit recently or if youtube just decided that I should listen to them more (I think it’s the latter?). Which okay cool. I like the handful of songs I know from them.
HOWEVER this is also a PROBLEM since I have a very strongly forged association of their music with PHYSICS because me and one of my best friends usually listened to The 1975 Pandora Radio Station while we studied for the AP physics exams back in 2015. I’m talking nearly every other weekend for most of a semester. We did a lot of other homework during these study dates too but there was an awful lot of physics to do that semester. Also why did we listen to their pandora radio station?? Unclear!!
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sofhtie · 10 months ago
look i know we joke about cami leveling despite not going to the bridge but i do have actual emotions about it and i Am going to inflict them on everyone
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apollodally · a year ago
I just remembered that when I was 11, and an avid (and new) one direction fan, I used to talk to this girl on We talked about really weird, very adult things. I would go on my families computer relatively late at night and just talk to her (through ask messages??) for hours. I miss you, girl (person?) who’s name I don’t remember.
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