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sharing-with-caring · 3 years ago
[190210 13:41] Some days..
..I want to conquer it all; be good at job, learn many languages, travel the world, know different cultures, the history, economy, finances, law and then some other days, I wonder if I could live life by just being... here.
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castielcommunism · 6 months ago
having trouble describing exactly what I mean but I think dean is a contrarian but in a fun way. he enjoys performing being grumpy and argumentative but there’s no real commitment behind it. like it’s a bit he’s doing. claire will tell him he drinks old man beer and he says fuck you no I don’t *takes a sip of old man beer* but he’s self aware about it. they do this in the show pretty frequently, like he’ll say X thing is stupid and then immediately does X, but the punchline is often “dean isn’t aware of how stupid and obviously hypocritical he looks.” and I mean sometimes that is true, but I think he’s a lot more shrewd about how he comes across than the show generally frames it. he tells sam “vegetable water” is gay and disgusting and then 10 minutes later he’s pouring himself a glass. he knows exactly what he’s doing
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aronear · 8 months ago
tumblr dot com is the only place where people would respond to a post saying "aros r allowed to complain about how much romance they see" with "there isn't enough content for queer romance tho" as though those aren't completely unrelated points that can coexist with a single second of thought
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telltalehrt · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
executive decision: the world needs more edgy ivypool art there is never enough
I remembered that one line about her never washing the smell of blood of her paws and hehe art time
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bookwyrminspiration · 23 days ago
the men in this book really do have a habit of just intoning the names of the women they love. “Oh Mina!” now with “Oh Lucy, Lucy.” And you know what? they’re right
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0nez1 · a month ago
I can't wait the manwha reach chapter 100+ (Web novel) just to get the full glorious look at the OP close-knit constant miscommunication misunderstanding chaos incranation of a found-family gang.
#Like cale will always strive for the slacker life#But he change from let's toss the MC and his future companion aside to wait why are you still with me? Oh no I've grown attached and I see#You as my people now so why not I use you guys to the max so that I can built us a safe home so we can live in peacefully#Hmmm?? You say you want to do something that is contradicting my desire to slack off? Alright it better just take a minute#Look#I don't like kids and pitiful people so here's some food money and why don't I help you with this problem so you can get out of my sight#Cale legitly have a reason for all his actions and while he always try to scam people to his advantage he is 100% a good person who#Reallllly cares about his people like he'll do everything in his power for them even if he things it's a pain#Companion: don't do the hard stuff by yourself (hint hint please lean on us)#Cale: what are you taking about? Of course I won't (I have you guys to do it)#Legitly after doing what other people think is wayyyyy beyond just a simple favor or action#Love that dude#Heck yeah#It's really enjoyable to see all the casts interaction#The one manwha I don't mind the rest of the cast feel loyal to the MC#There's even people who knows his a shithead but won't be against him with legit reasons that doesn't seem force#Shady people being shady people#Shady people doesn't like other similar shady people#It's just fun to read#trash of the count's family#Alsoalsoalso love how other characters are just knows he's conning people even his 'people' but just go with the flow#Like I want to have some that plsss😭#This is a longggg tag than the actual text I wrote
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unusualsims · 19 hours ago
I'm thinking about Nervous again
He's brilliant, he's illiterate, he's an anomaly, he's just some guy, he has powers untold, he collects bottle caps, he understands things that would melt the average man's brain, he does not know what a birthday party is
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sasukeheart · 6 months ago
sasuke's body moving on its own to save naruto's life vs the inability of sasuke's body to move instinctually to take the life of his one and only, always faltering when he could have the last blow. ok
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loveforseo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It’s them.
Been thinking of a different timeline where Kihyuk lives and will eventually cross paths with Seokyoon at the residence. While Moonjo, the rest of the insane residents at eden, and even Jongwoo at certain times finds Seokyoon’s outgoing and talkative demeanor annoying, oddly enough, Kihyuk grows “fond” of it. Even more so, the younger captures his interest and attention. It’s not everyday that you will come across a sunshine in a run down place of a goshiwon that is the closest to hell as it can be.
Seokyoon being the sunshine that he is despite of the hardships that life continues to throw at him reminds Kihyuk of himself in the past.
He was once just like him too.
Until he gave up on everything.
Because apparently, it was all for nothing. It was all useless after the people that were once closest to him, betrayed him and left him damaged. It was enough to made him realized that hell is other people. It was a turning point for him.
So Kihyuk eventually slipped into the darkness where he found the strange comfort of being rarely liked by his “creator”.
So maybe in this timeline, instead of a descend to madness like with what happened to mjjw (it’s their brand at this point) Seokyoon would be a glimmer of hope and realization for Kihyuk that “Oh, maybe I was wrong. People are indeed hell, but not this one. This one is too special.”
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dribs-and-drabbles · 6 months ago
I've been trying to articulate why ep 7 of Not Me is SO GOOD...and yes, it's because we got fed with danyok gems, with sean looking so soft for white under the pride flag, with white's joy as he bounces and yells alongside sean...but I think it's also because this episode was so layered.
It was full of complications and the reality of compromise. It was the realisation that the gangs actions have real world affects on normal hardworking people - like Yok's mum (and omg I loved seeing her again!). It was the conversation between Dan and Yok about the, yes, hypocrisy and contradiction of Dan's job and activism. It was the way in which we are made to sympathise with Dan because of the goodness of his heart (and tbh the chemistry of the characters)...but at the same time hear that - as a cop - he (ab)used his position in order to be able to access that abandoned building....proving exactly why there is a problem in the system.
As usual, I felt scared at times for the production team with some of the things that were being said/shown...but then they go all out and not just sprinkle a bit of representation but chucked the whole rainbow paint can at the picture. That marriage equality fashion show was fantastic, the joy it brought, the message it sends...I don't even know what I'm saying here...but I feel like it's showing the opposite of all the complications - love isn't complicated, it shouldn't be complicated. Marry whoever you want to marry. Why should it matter to anyone else?
And the music, kudos to the sound design team, finding all these gems in the background, adding to the changing atmosphere of the ep. Just 👩🏽‍🍳💋
And Film's eyes. That's it. Just her eyes. They're amazing. And I love love love the contemporary dance representation...in fact all the art inclusion...because yes, art is used as a way of bringing attention to issues in society, but also it's a very valid career choice and I love that it's shown that Eugene is studying it at university too. It's not just a 'hobby' but yes, dance - and other art - can be a career.
As Pran said, "Or you'd become a famous pirate."
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aboutmetamorphosis · a month ago
queersue -> aboutmetamorphosis
inspired by all the times harry has talked about as it was and it’s meaning 🤍
“as it was is about metamorphosis and perspective change and the whole thing of like when you have that, it's not something you have time with. and people will be like oh we'll give you a couple more days with this moment, and you get to like say goodbye to your former self or whatever, it's like, by the time you realize it's already gone.” - (zane lowe)
"it’s about metamorphosis. about when you look back on life, and on your past selves, and barely recognize them. about when you realize everything has transformed, irrevocably. about when you grow up, change, begin to move on." - (better homes&garden)
"the song is about metamorphosis, embracing change and former self, perspective shift and all that kind of stuff. it just felt like the thing i wanted to say." (audacity)
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landonkirbyappreciation · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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boostergoldsmissingarm · 25 days ago
Top three moments from robocop 2 that make me think that frank miller accidentally made robocop trans
#i had a breakdown about this on twitter when I was watching this. but man.#okay remember that essay I was writing in my head I’ll sum it up here. so robocop 1 is all about well actually it’s a critique of capitalism#and the dangers of giving cooperations to much power and modern action movies and what have you. it’s a good movie. but it’s also about#robocop reclaiming his identity which is signified by 1. the fact that he spends the finale with the mask off to show that it is in fact#alex murphy doing this not robocop and 2. the way it ends is literally on the exchange of dialogue “what’s your name son’’ “Murphy’’#it’s literally him reclaiming his identity. so if robocop 1 is about him and his rediscovering his humanity then it tracks that robocop 2 is#about how society reacts to that. and it does kind of. there’s a lot of like moments like this where murphy asserts his identity only to be#broken down by the people with positions of power over him - he’s not alex murphy he’s not even human he doesn’t even have rights. and like#they bring up his wife and kid in the first 15 minutes and you think okay so they’ll explore how this has effected them. how do they feel#about each other? it’s stated in the first movie that he remembers her but he doesn’t really feel for her I believe- something contradicted#in this movie by the fact that he apparently constantly drives by her house. so if it’s not love driving him then what is it? is it the#desire to have what he can never really get again? a normal life with his family? well guess what! they have him say to his wife alex murphy#is dead and not even what appears to remain of him is really left and she disappears from the movie#they do explore how he’s viewed by society somewhat but it’s mainly a juxtaposition of how his friends and coworkers see him vs ocp the corp#that created him and it’s basically like his friends acknowledge his personhood but in the eyes of the law and ocp he has no rights because#he’s not a person he’s a tool! and this gets taken to the extent where he is literally reprogrammed by ocp once he gets destroyed to be a#‘better’ tool for fighting crime and you think oh okay this is where this movie is going to go it’s an exploration of Murphy’s rights and#him dealing with these forced changes is going to be a big part of the movie and then no. it lasts for like ten minutes and then abruptly#ends when murphy risks wiping out all that remains of him to be free- an interesting idea that never gets brought up again because any#real continuation of the themes of the first half of the movie kind of stop and he practically disappears for 40 minutes and I think that’s#where my problems with robocop 2 really come in because like. it’s written by frank miller and another guy with a story by frank miller.#he’s not the most subtle man in the world and he certainly lacks capability of the deft political commentary of the first movie and it just#kind of becomes a less subtle rehashing of the old one. the lack of subtlety is apparent when one of the characters literally says the theme#of the movie to a bunch of reporters ‘we can’t let cooperations have this much power or they take away our rights’ which is true but that’s#what the first movie said FRANK. you have to come up with something new FRANK#and that’s why I liked the exploration of Murphy and his rights and his feelings because the first movie was about him like. learning that#he had them and coming to terms with it but now a year or so later what’s the situation? and the situation is that it’s the same.#it even ends on the exact same note as robocop!! murphy says to his partner ‘we’re only human’ which could have been impactful if murphy#ever truly doubted his identity- sure he can be convinced to say that he’s not but everytime he’s pressed about it he repeats that he IS#Alex murphy until he is literally forced not to! like there’s a scene where he has to literally be programmed to stop saying that he is alex
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hajidumps · 5 months ago
Cale looking at people he somehow gathered: These were not plan of the plan!
Cale: The plan got fucking burnt, teared into pieces and said fuck you!
Cale: what the fuck did I do to deserve this?!??!
Also Cale: gave them a place to make their home
Cale: given them support and love
Cale: cared for them a lot and helped them
Cale: made them his own found family
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videogamelover99 · 14 days ago
do you see chuuya losing trust in dazai in the near future? (maybe that’s how dazai comes to accept that he cares?)
There was another ask similar to this one, and it could honestly go two ways. Either Dazai decides to step up and earn that trust back OR his self-loathing gets the better of him and he decides it's better this way.
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sparring-spirals · 6 months ago
uh, would you mind sharing your thoughts on Imogen? Your analysis on how jester and vex represented the two different sides of the offense and defense coin was interesting and I was wondering what your thoughts on Imogen were? That is if you don’t mind people asking
The mentioned Jester/Vex meta here.
Oh boy, would I like to share my thoughts about Imogen :')
(You absolutely do not need to apologize; I love to ramble on about character analysis and I also really fucking love talking about Imogen, specifically.)
I didn't include her in the original post mostly because. Well. We really don't know her yet! 10, 11 episodes is so early in getting to know a char, vs both Jester and Vex who have a campaign and few years worth of growth and analysis and data points to reference. So before I say anything else, big fucking flashing disclaimer that: I know its early! Things are VERY subject to change. This is all speculation, I am likely wrong, etc.
That said.
On the sliding scale of offense/defense mentality that I have apparently built, I think Imogen is a fascinating blend of both, although she definitely inches more towards offense, especially under fire.
More specifically: She strikes me as someone who sets up all her baseline rules to play defense, except all her plans B-Z immediately go for the jugular.
Imogen, in theory, is the kind of person to play it safe. By default, she comes off as relatively nervous and trying to get by without rocking the boat, or hurting, inconveniencing, or offending others. Lies with exceptional ease if she needs to get out of trouble. She is constantly, actively maintaining a literal defense against the ongoing barrage of other peoples thoughts. So. Yeah. That's pretty defensive.
Except. When it’s not. Except Imogen flips to the offense on a dime. When things start looking dicey, or when she wants to know something, or she just ... Wants to. We see her get ravenously, rudely curious. We see her projecting into people's minds to pester and intimidate, we see her lie audaciously and convincingly without batting an eye, we see her casting calm emotions or causing a ruckus. We see her shooting fucking lightning, bombarding psychic attacks, etc.
The second-guessing? The caution? Gone, replaced with a kind of terrifying ruthlessness. Fast, effectively, and with essentially zero hesitation. She’ll open herself up for danger and backlash if it means she gets shit done.
Don’t get me wrong, Imogen has a killer self preservation instinct- and I mean that both metaphorically and literally. It is evidently just outweighed by a sense of ravenous curiosity or a particular objective.
Jester offers friendship and means it (as an offer and a threat). Vex charms you from an arms distance while she mentally calculates your worth (your value, your danger). Imogen will lie and ask for help and be harmless and a little lost until she very suddenly isn't, and you find out her mind was elsewhere the whole time- in yours, on the objective, on her friends.
In terms of protector, protection, protecting- I think Imogen acts protectively, but less as an ingrained quality and more in service of one goal or another. (And most of the time that goal is: protect self. Protect Laudna. etc. But when it isn’t, that’s when it gets interesting.)
Imogen is playing defense by default, until she very suddenly isn’t. And she’s a smooth enough liar that you might not recognize the shift until it’s too late. :D
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drcouts · 6 months ago
Poets like contradictions… sometimes.
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