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grizeldanyx · 16 minutes ago
Small details in WKBZ (part 2)
As I was rewatching the show I collected more details - some of them made me go “How did I not notice that before?”, others are probably not even intentional, others are a bit more obvious, which is why I forgot to include them in the first post. But still, I thought I’d share them all.
When Stella yells at the guy at the streetwalker district that most people die at home ... maybe that was foreshadowing / a reference to Stottermax’ death that would be considered a “domestic accident”.
When Michi tells Christiane where to look for Matze, the Bowie record “Hunky Dory” can be seen in the background, held up in the air by Dijan, probably. It’s the record “Changes” was released on, so maybe it’s supposed to show that Christiane is going to experience a change. 
Axel has a bunch of books about the Stasi lying on his nightstand.
When the girls are at Günther’s place in the beginning of episode 3 and Christiane has her first period, there’s an english interview on TV. I didn’t understand a lot of it, because it’s very quiet, but since the interviewer says something about “Look back in anger”, maybe it’s an interview with David Bowie and/or Brian Eno? I mean, the song is from 1979, but the show was never strict with the time it’s set in anyways. 
At the street where the boys prostitute themselves there’s another graffiti that might be meaningful, because it says “Bad Boys” and in one of the earliest episodes Michi wears a blue tanktop with the same words.
On Christmas Eve, Karin instantly blows out the candles on the Christmas tree and says “You know that I can’t stand open fires”. This is most likely because of her sister who set herself on fire.
After Nati comes home from rehab in episode 1 and they’re at the café at Bahnhof Zoo, the only part of the initial conversation we can hear is Stella’s sister saying “He would never let me cut his hair”, probably referring to her brother. However, this made me think of Axel and how he died once he lost his long hair. 
Similarly, in episode 6 when Christiane and Benno are doing the first withdrawal, there’s a scene in which the viewer only sees Karin in the kitchen making dinner for them, but their conversation can be heard quitely in the background. It’s Christiane saying to Benno “Maybe I’ll just cut your hair sometime”, to which he responds “No”. So, again it’s the same motif.
In part 1 of this post I mentioned that Axel has a picture of a dragon in his room, which might be referencing the saying “chasing the dragon” that means doing heroin. In the living room of Christiane’s family there’s also the statue of a dragon.
When Babsi’s taken out of the Sound in episode 1 by the cops, her Dad can be seen standing behind her amongst the rest of the crowd.
Once Axel, the one who could symbolically open all doors, is dead, the remaining squad in unable to open the gates to the cemetery, because it used to be him who always did this for them (at the ferris wheel, the Bowie concert).
I think I also mentioned that there’s always a couple in the background when Christiane visits Benno in prison, and this is kind of a continuous theme because when he’s going back to Berlin from Prague, there’s also a kissing couple in the car with him.
Most of the time Axel wears graphic tees, except for when he wants to invite Christiane to the Bowie concert and for the concert itself. There he wears a printed shirt that is pretty similar to what Benno usually wears.
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edenenergy2014 · 18 minutes ago
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stripesthesupervillain · an hour ago
Coversations out of Arkham #9
Scarecrow: *reading*
Riddler: *walks over* *sighs heavily*
Scarecrow: *still reading*
Riddler: *sighs even louder*
Scarecrow: *buries his face deeper into the book*
Riddler: *starts leaning on Scarecrow and sighs loudly*
Scarecrow: *angrily* Stop.
Riddler: Not until you ask me what’s wrong.
Scarecrow: I refuse.
Riddler: *leans more of his body weight onto Scarecrow and yells out a sigh*
Scarecrow: *tipping over from the weight* RIDDLER! STOP!
Scarecrow: NEVER!
Riddler: *screams out a sigh as he throws his full body weight onto Scarecrow*
Scarecrow: NYGMA—! *collapses*
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xbpdreams · an hour ago
Would anybody be willing to send me 5$ or something? I'm hungry
Feel free to dm me
My paypal username is @ineedtwonaps
If anyone would happen to have one dollar they don't need, I would appreciate it and I can pay you back when I get paid
If you're as broke as me or don't feel like sending cash to strangers i totally understand
If anyone is looking for internet friends, feel free to dm me as well
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It’s like Angela has a relationship with Wendell only when he has a guest appearance.
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srpctraining · an hour ago
If you have ever attended a school that uses restorative conversations in classrooms, you know that these programs are not the exception rather the norm. In fact, in every school district and most private schools, these practices are deeply rooted and serve as the heart and soul of how our schools function. Unfortunately, they face fierce opposition from some special-interest groups who view them as nothing more than a diversion from real problem solving and feel that our nation's schools need more distractions and non-confrontation. 
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vaguely-concerned · an hour ago
pour one out for all the pairings who get the 'we few, we happy few, we band of "no no shut up they're like brothers"' treatment ('but I thought they were sisters' is also a common and obnoxiously deliberately obtuse one but it doesn't work as well with the shakespeare reference lol)
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bloghay · an hour ago
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heyrosiebee · an hour ago
a PSA: i have stopped making excuses for people on the internet. if you behave like a troll, especially on anon, you're getting insta-blocked. no debates, no discourse—simply yeeted from my space. have a good day.
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amazingdemigodstuff · 2 hours ago
Everytime a fat person is complaining about something(especially fatphobic remarks or inaccessibility) and a fucking skinny person comments some form of "skinny shamming is thing too" or "why can't we just love all bodies?" I want to fucking scream just shut up shut up shut uuupppp
Like god WE KNOW. Okay? We f u c k i n g know. I get it. We get it. I understand however shut the fuck up! It's not about you right now.
Let fat people have their discussions without making it about you! The fatphobia in our society is not comparable to the stigma against thin people, it's just not. Everytime we try to have this discussion it gets derailed, and I am sick of it! You do not need to comment everytime a fat person points out a problem!
Stop derailing discussions, and realize that sometimes things are not about you.
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 2 hours ago
Do you think it's ok for friends to hook up?
Not only do I think it's okay- I encourage it! Hooking up can only strengthen your friendship.
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xxvampyfaexx · 3 hours ago
FYI if you are going to talk to me send a pic of yourself as well! Thanks! I don’t talk to people that I don’t know what they look like 🤷🏻‍♀️
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