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It is currently raining where I am, and where my dad works. Sometimes if they can’t figure out if they’re going to be rained out or work, dad has some time to talk to his friends, girlfriend and sis and I.

Today, while waiting to know which was going to happen, work or leave, he decided to see what I was up to


Our conversation are just about always short, but it’s not the length but the meaning.

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I can understand both sides of the argument. Fair enough you should be able to like whatever photo you want without it leading to an argument. But also, be respectful to your partner with what you are liking. If your partner is liking another woman’s photo and never likes yours….there’s a problem. Or showing more interest or attention…there’s a problem. Communication is soooo important in these situations and in relationships in general. We as humans tend to be jealous creatures; we stake claim to someone or something in our heads that belongs to us and no one else….but if you a solid relationship with a great base of understanding, trust, and communication then you are golden. Now I’m rambling 😂

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When someone sends me a message and asks a question but immediately deactivates their account before I can read the message and respond. Please have patience, especially today…I don’t get notifications and I’m over here finishing up cooking out. I will respond just gotta have patience people!!!!

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Hope you all are having a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! ☺ I spent my weekend with running to the store and prepping to bbq today (Monday). Might even do some fireworks and smores 😋 Please stay safe and have an amazing day!

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When: Present Day
Where: Star City (Gymnasium)
With: Dick @amazingflyingdick

While it wasn’t as great as his personal one in El Paso, the Star City gymnasium wasn’t awful, they had all the equipment and really that was all you needed for this sorta thing. He’d not had a gym workout since coming to the city and it was great for pushing himself (in the vain hope he’d improve his heart) and keeping his skills sharp. 

While not quite on Dick’s level, Ted liked to think he was pretty good, so he was pleased when the other agreed to meet him for an afternoon going through some moves. When the other arrived Ted grinned, he already dressed in short-shorts and a skin-tight vest and figured Dick would change into something similar soon. “Hey Bro, haven’t seen you in years, you look good.”

He held a hand out to shake and used the other to gesture behind him, “Thanks for meeting up, I never really got anyone to practice with in El Paso, worried I’m getting a little stale.” he laughed, his signature guffaw echoing around the gym. 

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I’ve done a lot of sweet things…just in my nature. Whether it be cooking/baking something for someone that they didn’t expect it or making something special for them or taking care of someone when they truly need it….sacrificing or being selfless for someone who needs you. Just overall being a good person, not always about gifts. 

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Ok how do I answer this…for the most part these songs aren’t sad. Like I get emotional if I’m feeling down that day and I listen to it…the songs convey soooo much or it’s a song you used to listen to with a loved one…you know what I mean. So here’s some songs: Anthem of the Angels - Breaking Benjamin, Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin, Somebody’s Chelsea - Reba McEntire, to name a few.

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Baking: I make a mean banana bread (made 3 loafs a few days ago) Cooking: There’s a few things…like Thanksgiving dinner, philly stuffed peppers, chicken and shrimp alfredo. Everything I make is pretty delicious though!

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