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sweater weather

Pairing ➳ harrison osterfield x reader

Warnings angst (plenty), fluff at the end. This is so fucking cringy ugh, honestly I don’t recommend this.

Word count 1.2k

Okay, so this is dedicated to @fanficparker​ because tomorrow is her birthday ♥︎ also, have you guys read together by @tomsrebeleyebrow​? If not, then what’re you waiting for? do it!


It’s too cold for you here and now…

As Harrison shifted on the bed you found it the best time to wake him up from his partially disrupted slumber. You tried poking his cheek with your finger, but it didn’t work, shaking his shoulder was another attempt in vain, but when you whispered his name while rubbing the pad of your thumb on his cheek, it seemed to work as he slowly stirred to consciousness and looked through his squinted, sleep-filled eyes at you.

“Hey,” he said in a hoarse voice, “what’s up?”

“Nothing, really.” You looked away from his eyes, feeling your cheeks burn and feeling a little guilty for waking your dear boyfriend up when he had this big shoot tomorrow.

“What?” He asked, slight frustration in his voice. Of course, what were you thinking waking him up at such an hour? He was always so caring, so sweet to you and you go on waking him up when he requires a night of good sleep. You felt guilt fill you to the prime removing your thumb from his cheek as he removed his hand from around your waist, “What time is it?” he asked while rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

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cuddles and more

honestly? this is what i want. warnings: kissing, and a lot of kissing, fluff :)


Originally posted by tommybabyholland

you stared around peter’s room. the clock sitting on his desk was ticking and the wind was chiming in through the window. your eyes lacked any ounce of sleep while he was sleeping peacefully beside you, arms locked behind your waist as soft snores left past his lips. you smiled softly, staring at him, not creepily though.

you poked his cheek gently with your index finger, forgetting that just what action would be tranquil for any other human, could alert him. he opened his eyes and looked at you with slightly squinted eyes.

“oh, no” you smiled sheepishly, “sorry, i didn’t mean to wake you up.” he hummed, only pulling you closer to him.

“why aren’t you asleep?” he asked. he ran his hand through your hair making you sigh.

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Tony: Have you seen the list? Has anybody seen my list?!

Peter: which list?

Natasha: Tony has a list of people he doesn’t like.

Peter: oh, what’s it look like?

Tony: it’s a piece of paper that says ‘Steve’ on it.

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forever and always

Pairing ➳ arvin russell x reader

Warnings ➳ SMUT. 18+, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), fluff, angst, this is filthy.

Word count ➳ 1.8k

Summary ➳ Sex might help someone cope with their grief, but it can also be used as a way to suppress the grief or avoid thinking about the loss.

Guys, actual sex needs not to be anything like I’ve mentioned here. This is just a piece of fiction and not at all should you base your opinions on this. I was inspired by @mischiefmanaged011 because arvin’s her hoe XD. I hope you enjoy!


Arvin slams the door behind him as he enters your house and goes straight towards the kitchen where you are arranging the table for the dinner for tonight.

Your mother wasn’t home that night. She was visiting your aunt who had a second heart attack after his husband died in the Vietnam war. Your father himself was a troop for the army and was off serving the country.

“She’s gone.”

You flinch and turn around at the unexpected voice. Arvin’s bloodshot eyes tell everything. Another loss, “What? Who’s gone?” Your hands go to his cheeks immediately, eyes looking into his and telling him that you were there with him. To hold him.

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Pairing: peter parker x reader

It’s 3 am and I can’t think of anything but peter kissing me senseless


Originally posted by underoos-tom

You were sitting in a circle of teenagers, half of whose names you don’t even know, but who cares? It’s a party, and parties are supposed to be fun.

You were now somewhat regretting crashing your own sister’s party because it did not seem as fun as she made it sound in the school gym.

You were never the party animal anyway, but as soon you were about to take off towards the comfort of your room, you were pulled into this childish game called, ‘seven minutes in heaven’

Contrastingly, the concept of the game reminded you of hell. How is someone supposed to be locked up in a closet, or even a room with a stranger without cringing. And to your horror, most of the people were strangers to you in that circle, because they were all Liz’s friends.

Well, not exactly, you did know a specific spider boy who was sitting right across from you. You were looking into the void, his eyes that is, getting lost in the abyss when the girl sitting beside you shook you back to real world.

The bottle was perfectly landed on you and Peter Parker, who was now smiling sweetly at you and you tried to hide the blush that appeared on your face at the mere glance at you.

You sure wouldn’t mind being in the closet with this guy. You finally got up from your spot on the floor and went to follow Liz who was telling you where to go, despite it being youre house as well.

As soon as the door closed behind you, you were pulled into a strong surface.

Peter Parker.

You couldn’t help but let out a yelp, immediately placing your hand over your mouth as he pulled you closer, “Shush babe, you’ll blow up our cover!” He whispered, feeling giddy because of the proximity.

“It’s you who will be responsible for ‘blowing up our covers’.” You mocked before you both burst into a fit of silent chuckles.

He leaned down, touching your foreheads together, making you suck in a small breath. You were wrong, it was heaven. His lips brushed over yours and you gave in, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a long four minutes.

You pulled apart, lips tingling with sweet sensations. It was the moment you realised that it was love. You loved Peter Parker.

Permanent taglist: @rcmxnoff @aidiastyles @spideygirl2003 @tommysparker @god-knows-what-am-i-doing @allegra-writes @rubberducky-jrr @purefluff @clara-licht @anjali750 @drunklili @in-a-lot-of-fandoms-tbh @the-crazy-fanfictionist @fanficparker @halfblood-princess-505 @chaoticpete @hollandsamor

Peter Parker taglist: @cherryredparker @mirukobecomingbothered @starlight-starks @parkers-thoughts

Some beautiful people that inspire me to keep going as well: @lauras-collection @quackeroos @farfromhaz @screamholland @terrifictomholland @euphoria-parker @miss-nerd95 @starsholland @stardustom @tomsrebeleyebrow @tom-holland-is-spiderman @hollandstom @worldoftom @spideyyeet @starktonyx

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