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Peach Cookies | Recipe

I Just Love Blogging. You Can View More Here - Blog This Link | Peach Cookies are an impressive dessert perfect for summer days, that look and taste like peaches. These cookies are known worldwide and are usually made during the holiday season reminding to many of us of the beautiful childhood days.


Makes about 15 peach cookies

Cookie Dough

1 2/3 cup (210g) all-purpose flour

1 ½ tsp (6g) baking powder

¼ tsp (1g) salt

½ cup (110g) butter, softened

½ cup (60g) powdered sugar

1 egg

1 tsp (5g) vanilla extract

3 tbsp (45g) sour cream

Lemon zest from 1 lemon


¼ cup (30g) ground pecans or walnuts or almonds

¼ cup (80g) peach jam

reserved cookie crumbs

For decoration

2/3 cup (160ml) Peach liqueur, divided

red food coloring

yellow food coloring

fine sugar

green leaves

1. Preheat oven to 350F (180C). Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and set aside.

2. Prepare cookie dough. In a large bowl mix butter with sugar and lemon zest until creamy. Add egg and mix until well combined. Mix in vanilla extract and sour cream.

3. In a medium bowl whisk together flour, baking powder and salt. With mixer on low incorporate flour mixture to butter mixture.

4. Grease your hands with softened butter or oil. Scoop about 1 tbsp (15g) od dough and shape into balls. Place the balls on the prepared baking sheets.

5. Flatten the balls slightly .

6. Bake for 13-15 minutes until bottoms are lightly golden brown.

7. Remove form the oven and let cool completely.

8. When cookies are cooled use a small sharp knife to remove the cookie center crumb and place it in a bowl as it will be used for the filling.

9. Prepare the filling. Break the reserved cookie centers into crumbs. Add peach jam and ground pecans or walnuts over the reserved cookie crumbs and stir to combine.

10. Place the filling into a piping bag fitted with a plain tip (I’ve used a 9 mm tip).

11. Fill the cookies and match two cookies together.

12. Decorate cookies. Add about ⅓ cup (80ml) peach liqueur into a small bowl. Ad yellow food coloring. Add another ⅓ cup (80ml) peach liqueur into another bowl and add red food coloring. In another bowl add a bit of fine sugar.

13. Dip about a half of each sandwiched cookie into the yellow liqueur and then into the red one. Let it drain a bit and then roll into sugar to coat evenly.

14. Place the peach cookies onto a serving platter and decorate with green leaves if desired. Enjoy! - View Post

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July 26 (Sunday afternoon)

Picking up right where the last adventure left off, our party of intrepid adventurers has returned to Yula’s mansion to settle their obligation. Except there’s a tiny problem: the party’s hourglass tattoos haven’t run out of sand. Yula explains that it means they came back a few minutes before the 24 hour reclamation period was over and that the party could accidentally lead the vault reclamation guards back to the mansion. Yula storms off to his Breakable Objects Room and starts throwing things to release some of the stress of the situation.

As a precautionary measure, Lucky dons the invisibility cloak and casts invisibility on the rest of the party just in case something shows up. Six minutes later, the teleportation circle activates and one of the clockwork reclamation agents crawls through. It is missing one of its legs and is thoroughly scorched from its recent collision with lava, but it’s still hunting for the treasures that were stolen from Goldleaf’s vault. Everyone tries to remain still and quiet to avoid attracting any attention in the remaining 4 minutes, though it’s more difficult for Spleenifer because of her chainmail and squeaky shoes.

Eventually, though, the timer runs out and the mechanical guard’s body sags in defeat. It blinks out of existence after having failed in its mission to retrieve the stolen items. Yula returns to the party and begins inspecting the recovered items. He chastises the party for leaving fingerprints and mortal body odor on many of the items. Fuego flings a sizable booger onto Yula’s 4,000 GP shirt in response. Half of the recovered items Yula deems to be salvageable, and takes those for his personal use. The items that Yula deemed to be unsalvageable or spoiled were gifted to the party. The items were still perfectly usable, so the party still came out ahead. Here’s what Yula left the party with:

  • Portable Hole
  • Wand of Magic Detection
  • Wand of Secrets
  • Periapt of Health
  • Dust of Disappearance
  • Marvelous Pigments
  • Shield +1
  • Weapon +1
  • Slippers of Spider Climbing
  • Paste of Attunement

Moments later, a wagonload of gold appears in the teleportation circle. It’s the insurance payment that will be providing the necessary funds to construct Yula’s ostentatious litterbox. All that’s left is to do is actually build the thing. Bostvick hears the commotion in the teleportation chamber and comes to investigate. He asks Spleenifer if she managed to get a relaxation chair for the litterbox to potentially negotiate Bostvick’s freedom from his obligation. Unfortunately for Bostvick, there is no throne in the loot the party recovered.

While Yula stashes the salvageable items, the party gets to work building a litterbox. The sides of the new litterbox are lined with platinum, and the litter is a tasteful mixture of volcanic sand and gypsum dust (for clumping purposes). But the piece de resistance of the new litterbox comes from Lucky. The ethereal sand from the desert dream world appears to be made of concentrated energy. Perhaps it could be used to make the litterbox self cleaning? Or maybe it could be set up as a trap to set up to launch a holy lightning bolt up Yula’s butt the first time he uses the litterbox?


Yula returns from hiding his freshly-stolen possessions and eagerly awaits the chance to use his new litterbox. Fuego almost used it first, you know, for quality control purposes and DEFINITELY NOT as display of dominance. Spleenifer stopped Fuego, because this is going to be a very intimate and personal moment between a fiend and his litterbox. Yula is thrilled at the quality of the siding and the minimalist aesthetic of the sand arranged to resemble a Japanese rock garden. He shuts the door in the party’s collective face and rushes to attend to business.

There is a sigh of relief and some joyous exultations, but they are cut short by a warbling scream. All is silent for several minutes before the seneschal comes to check on Yula. Everyone is still under the effects of Lucky’s Seeming spell, with Fuego still looking like Yula and Spleenifer still looking like seneschal Storm. Everyone with a coin of obligation feels the metal grow cold. Real Storm has an awkward conversation with her doppelganger about her future employment and eventually forces her way into the litterbox room to do a wellness check. Thanks to the brilliant energy of that spectral sand, Yula’s corporeal form is no more!

According to the terms of the Coin of Obligation, the bodily death of one or both parties in an agreement ends the obligation. Storm, tired of her innumerable years stuck managing Yula’s estate, takes the next train to Splitsville. The party starts sleuthing around the mansion looking for easily-looted things and also the treasure that was stolen. Spleenifer finds Yula’s bedchamber with a dumbwaiter in one of the walls, but as she is looking around, she senses infernal evil below. Unfortunately for Spleenifer, she’s too large to fit in the dumbwaiter. But Norm, on the other hand… Norm is dumbwaiter-sized. He hops in, ready to complete his first infernal exorcism (but you know… using daggers).

Lucky and Fuego are stuffing armload after armload of silverware into whatever they find that can hold it. Fuego’s staying close to the dumbwaiter, though, in case Norm needs to make an emergency escape. But there doesn’t seem to be anything immediately dangerous about the room in which Norm finds himself. It’s a smaller room with lead-lined walls covered in infernal runes. The only furnishings here are a bed and a safe in one wall. Although too heavy to lift normally, the portable hole comes in handy as Norm is able to wedge some of the material into a small crack in the wall and dump the safe into the hole. If he can get it back to his house, Norm plans to use the Chime of Opening on it to find out what was inside. Success!

In an adjoining room, Spleenifer finds a shine to Asmodeus, complete with a blood-soaked altar. Naturally, Spleenifer smites the heck out of such an unholy place of worship. But so far, there’s no sign of the missing treasure. After Storm’s departure, word is getting around to the rest of the servants and slaves that Yula is no more. Everyone else starts looting whatever they can carry, and Spleenifer goes to check on Bostvick.

Bostvick thinks that Spleenifer is just there to gloat at first, but she offers him a job working at SHART. It’s a decent position for a geology like Bostvick to have, and best of all, the employment is completely voluntary. He accepts and starts packing his bag. When Bostvick learns that Spleenifer and the rest of the party were looking for the confiscated treasures, he gives Spleenifer some disappointing news: Yula has probably already teleported that treasure to a different vault for safekeeping. Yula has an entire network of vaults where he keeps his treasures, periodically rotating things between vaults.

Down in Yula’s lead-lined safe room, Norm is now ready to explore what’s beyond the door in this room. It leads to a staircase with yet another door at the top. But Norm has been in enough bad-guy hideouts to know that there’s probably some traps here. Indeed, every other step is marked with a glyph of warding. Though he couldn’t know it at the time, the glyph only triggers if someone without infernal ancestry puts weight on that step. So it’s for the best that Norm didn’t take any chances with those steps. He deftly avoids the traps and comes out the other door, which turns out to be a secret door hidden behind the large statue of Asmodeus in the shrine that Spleenifer previously desecrated (consecrated?).

Moments later, the party is reunited, but there’s still the problem of how exactly to get home. Fortunately, the contingency plan that Norm came up before the heist comes into play. While everyone else was interviewing people for information about the vault’s floorplan and defenses, Norm was collecting information about potential places to safely teleport in the event that the heist went pear-shaped. He also managed to find a spell scroll of Teleport in the seneschal’s office (presumably to be used for business travel, but things are weird right now). Anyway, the party and Bostvick teleport into Brownstone and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Lucky goes to visit Hilaria after unloading 10 sets of silverware (worth approximately 1,000 GP) from inside the shirt Lucky borrowed from Hilaria. This is going to be help Lucky and Hilaria throw an amazingly fancy party. Fuego has an equivalent amount of silverware, but they are more concerned with the melted salvage value of the silverware. But back at Lucky’s place, Lucky asks Hilaria if she would mind watching Lucky while she slept to prevent any sudden or random wild teleports. Hilaria agrees to be the big spoon, and the two snuggle the night away. They may have done more, but we faded to black out of respect for their privacy. And either way, Lucky woke up the next morning glowing. Literally glowing. As in, emitting light in a 5 foot radius around her.

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Norm got the safe back to his house and booped it with the Chime of Opening. Inside were several ledgers detailing all of Yula’s shady business transactions. The most recent transaction was recorded earlier today, and it mentions moving supplies to another vault in Fort Cainesbury, a town in the Kingdom of Obrus about 60 miles northwest of Cedar Hollow. That smells like an adventure hook if I ever heard one!

Spleenifer is eager to do some cross-stitching to unwind after such an eventful adventure, but she is unfortunately out of the necessary thread. She makes a stop at Oneida’s, the local glovemaker, to acquire more supplies. As Spleenifer purchases the last spool of black yarn, a pompous and entitled woman named Gertruda Frostart gets up in Spleenifer’s face about trying to steal her man by being better than her at cross-stitching. Apparently Gertruda is trying to court Hjalmar Magnusson, a local wealthy businessman, by showing just how literate and spiritual she is through tasteful renditions of holy verses on fabric. Spleenifer graciously offers to split the yarn in half for Gertruda, and in an extremely satisfying power move, slices the ball of yarn right down the center and leaving hundreds of functionally-useless tiny bits of yarn. Gertruda grabs her half of the yarn and flips Spleenifer a copper piece out of spite before storming out the door in pursuit of her dream man.

July 27 (Monday morning)

The party assembles at SHART HQ for after a restful and well-deserved sleep in their own beds the previous night. Dave gives them their work assignment for the day: deliver a notice to someone called Granny Agatha, informing them that the waste collection tax is going up for Granny Agatha. According to Dave, this has to be done in person, and he hasn’t raised her rates in over a decade because Granny Agatha gives him the heebie-jeebies.

When Fuego (going by Q on this fair Monday morning) asks why Granny Agatha is so scary, Dave can’t quite put a finger on the reason. She’s shriveled and old, lots of black birds seem to hang out at her house, and sometimes she has lots of meat in her trash. To motivate the party to take on this assignment, Dave promises everyone the day off if they can deliver that notice.

Well, that and an envelope. Norm recognizes the envelope as the kind the constabulary uses to send important correspondence about legal matters. Dave doesn’t specify or even know what’s in the envelope, only that Granny Agatha is supposed to get that, too. Even though it’s not illegal to open other people’s letters, it’s definitely frowned upon and the party eventually decides to leave the letter unopened until it reaches its intended recipient. The party sets out for Granny Agatha’s house.

But alas, the journey to Granny Agatha’s house is not a terribly smooth one. A well-dressed dragonborn preacher with a full head of hair, of all things, berates the party as they pass by. The dragonborn preacher is Jrr'al Oshtreeth of the Reformed Church of the Dragon Lord, and he’s announcing his support of Zaribeth Quickfingers as the mayoral candidate in the upcoming special election. Jrr'al implores his congregation to similarly pledge their collective support to Zaribeth since the current mayor is clearly too cozy with SHART, having gifted the organization an interest-free loan of all the money in the town’s coffers with no oversight while simultaneously employing disingenuous sorcerers, disgraced law officers, degenerate women of faith, and distasteful harlots.

Q and Jrr'al exchange several harsh statements, but Norm opts to stop the argument a different way: by stuffing Jrr'al into the portable hole. Although the action does stop Jrr'al’s tirade, it is not appreciated by his congregation. Norm makes a few hostile remarks in kind, causing several churchmembers to rush at him. Q puts on a mighty fine performance with real tears and everything, pleading with the crowd that Norm was merely defending their honor. Lucky does her best to help quell the commotion, while Spleenifer uses her impressive wingspan to stop more people from attacking Norm. Apologies are exchanged with various levels of sincerity, and Jrr'al is dumped out of the hole with the promise that everyone leave each other alone.

Eventually the party reaches Granny Agatha’s house. Just as Dave mentioned, a collection of crows are perched on the roof and squawking at the party. Agatha opens the door right after the first knock, swooning over how adorable everyone is and offering the party free cookies. Everyone politely refuses, though Q decides it’s probably more polite to take some cookies for the road to make sure Granny Agatha doesn’t feel slighted. The party informs Granny Agnes that the waste collection tax is going to be going up, per Dave’s request. Granny Agatha doesn’t seem to take it too hard, though she does mention that she’s on a fixed income.

Next comes the letter from the constabulary. Her arthritic hands open up the envelope and she starts reading, her face growing increasingly dissatisfied. During this moment of silence, Spleenifer notices the stench of undeath coming from beyond the kitchen. Spleenifer hops up and goes to investigate, but Granny Agatha stops her. Agatha can sense that Spleenifer is a woman of faith, and asks her to please exercise restraint before proceeding.

Yes, Granny Agatha keeps an undead skeleton around to help with housework and baking. The skeleton’s name is Tandy, and she’s been with Agatha’s family for at least 200 years. Tandy’s been a part of Agatha’s life for as long as she can remember, and she keeps Tandy muzzled and indoors at all times to prevent any unfortunate biting incidents. Spleenifer requests to see Tandy, and Agatha agrees on the promise that Tandy not be harmed in any way. It’s a difficult choice, but Spleenifer agrees.

Inside the kitchen, a small boy is mixing up some more pastries. The boy is introduced as Milo Cherrycheeks, and Agatha legally adopted him about a year ago. Milo’s arm is bandaged up, and Q asks him what happened. He replies that he burned his arm on the stovetop while cooking. Q asks to see the wound, and the injury appears consistent with a stove burn. They offer to heal Milo with Healing Word, and Milo readily agrees.

Granny Agatha remarks how wonderful it is that people are helping Milo, and mentions that she adopted him a year ago because his parents considered him to be a burden. The letter Agatha received from the constabulary was actually a lawsuit from Milo’s parents, Rudd and Hadley Warren, accusing Granny Agatha of owing 9 years of late child support payment for Milo. Norm takes a look at the letter, and concludes that it is legitimate, though it would probably get thrown out in court. According to the letter, the court date is on Monday, August 17.

The adventure concludes for the evening with the characters having fulfilled their mission from Dave. Granny Agatha praises them for being such professional and polite individuals, and before sending them off, makes sure to apply a generous dab of icing to each cookie she sends with the adventurers. Everybody reaches level 10 at this point; stay tuned next time for more!

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Note: English is not my first language. This is my first newcob fanfic pls don’t attack me lol. I wrote it with a lot of love, though. Hope ya’ll like it.

It’s very sweet and talks about how sometimes we want to impress somebody with our skills, but we doubt ourselves way too much while doing it. And it also talks about how it’s good to have someone who understands insecurities and listens to you.

- So… uh… this is how I do it?

- Yes, exactly! You’re doing great. But pay attention to the size of the cookies: Here you did a really big cookie, but your last cookie was very small. You need to make all of them from the same size.

That morning, Newt woke up with a huge and sudden desire to learn how to bake, just like Jacob. It was good to eat Jacob’s sweets, but Newt wanted to know how he did such delicious things. Also, it was a great opportunity to impress the cute baker. He would fall in love with Scamander’s skills, and say things like “Oh, I’m so proud of you!”, “you’re good at this”, “You are so talented, darling. Can I kiss you as a reward?”, “Wow, you’re such a hardworking man. And your muscles look great while baking”

Alright, maybe Scamander went way too far with his imagination on how Jacob would react. He still hoped they would kiss, though.

- Ugh, I don’t know how to do this! Is this what you do everyday? - Newton looked angrily at the other man, taking off the sweat on his forehead with his arm - How do you muggles do this type of activity without not even a bit of magic? What a tragic way of living.

Kowalski just laughed at how pissed the wizard was. It was indeed hard to learn how to bake, even harder when you use magic your whole life for everything like Scamander did. No matter the situation, Newt always had his wand by his side. Wash dishes with his own hands? What was he, an animal? Just use magic. Go to distant places by car or train? What a waste of time. Just use magic. That was his logic for everything.

- Baking is always hard, buddy. Don’t worry, you’ll get better at it. You’re learning with a professional baker.

- No, I’m sure I won’t get better - said Newt, putting his hand on his face in disappointment with himself. Which made him even more annoyed, since now he was terrible at baking and had flour on his face. Oh, and of course, looked stupid in front of the man he was trying to impress.

Jacob just sighed and rolled his eyes a little. Newt could be very childish sometimes.

- First - He said, cleaning Newt’s face with a napkin - Let’s take this flour off your face. Second, let’s calm down a little and put the chopped chocolate on the cookies. What about that? We are almost done.

- Well… sounds good to me. Thank you. And sorry for being a jerk. I just… hate learning new things. I hate knowing things too. I’m quite angry this morning actually. I don’t know if you noticed.

- No, I didn’t notice.

- Really?

- Of course I did, Newt. You almost did a hate crime against the wind for messing your hair earlier. - Both laughed really hard on their own ways: Jacob was loud but didn’t really move, meanwhile Newt couldn’t even make sounds, he just put a hand on his smiling lips and bent over.

- In my defense, my hair looked spectacular. It had perfect curls and was shiny as the sun! I was genuinely sad and mad when it got messy.

- Oh, common, your hair looks fantastic everyday - said Jacob, who smiled softly at Newt. Newt, on the other side, didn’t really smile but felt really flattered and in love, at the point he just freezed in shyness and stared at the floor like he always did. Some would even say his face was red from ear to ear. - The wind just made it even more cute.

That’s it. Newt was never going to comb his hair again. Messy was his new style now. Hell yeah.

Without even noticing, both had finished putting chocolate on the cookies. Newt didn’t want to brag, but he was definetely the best cooker in the world. The cookies looked great. The other cookers could suck his dick and go fuck themselves.

Damn, what the hell was he thinking? Maybe getting a compliment from Jacob made him feel a little too cocky. Newt just ignored his weird thoughts and picked the baking stray up, putting it inside the oven.

- Be careful, the heat is dangerous.

- Don’t worry sir, my middle name is danger - Said the english wizard in a silly way, closing the oven’s door.

- Really? Nice to meet you, Newt Danger Scamander.

- Nice to meet you too, Jacob Cute Kowalski

Newton wasn’t usually a very straightforward man, and even when he was, he acted all shy and just couldn’t look Jacob in the eyes. But today was different: he was going to get a kiss, one way or another. He still didn’t want to look him in the eyes though. That was like staring at the sun, and not in a poetic way. Looking at people is scary and Newt knows that feeling way too well.

He always thought he looked like a moron while looking at the floor instead of other people’s eyes, but Jacob thought it was the most adorable thing. Everything about Newt was unbelievably adorable, even if Newt himself didn’t think so.

- Hey, you are the cute folk here

- The only cute folk I see here is you - Newt smiled without showing teeth, getting closer to Jacob, who did the same. - I think we are both cute folks, then.

- Agreed, folk.

They touched hands, heads getting closer and lips ready for eachother. The moment they kissed, they didn’t want to stop. Both had been waiting for that moment for so long, and it felt so good. It felt divinely good.

Newt liked how warm Jacob’s body was in that freezing morning, and how soft his skin was. He liked how small and vulnerable the other man was in his arms, making him feel big and protective. He liked the smell of flour, sugar and lavender coming from his american lover. He liked every single detail. He liked Jacob, and he wished the kiss could last forever.

Every moment, every flirt, every stare, every bad joke, everything led them to that special moment. Jacob had a lot of flaws, but Newton didn’t care. They were all worth fighting for, they were all part of who Kowalski was. And it was the most poetic and graceful thing, to be human and to be loved.

They understood each other more than anything or anyone, and even though they both knew they could never get to know everything about each other, it was amazing to know something new day by day.

Jacob would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying the long kiss too. Newt was really good at it, making it extremely passionate but at the same time extremely hot. Newt was slim, which was always something Kowalski found attractive. So feeling his skinny body against his was a lovely sensation.

Finally him and Newt confessed their love for each other. No words involved, no “I love you”. Just action. That surprised him more than anything else, since he would expect Newt to do a two hour speech just to tell him the truth. But Newt just did what his heart wanted. He didn’t plan anything. It meant that their love didn’t need planning. It meant their love was beyond shyness.

After they stopped because both were quite embarrassed and surprised by each other, Newt touched his lips, not believing what just happened. He couldn’t help but smile and blush. Jacob wasn’t very different, since he sighed softly and gently touched Newt’s left arm.

- Is it just me or this place is hotter than before? - Said the baker.

- Wow, that is… exactly what I was thinking about. But I didn’t know you felt the same and - He tried putting both arms on Jacob’s shoulders but he was quickly interrupted.

- No, seriously, there’s something burning!

- Oh my god, the cookies!

The shorter man turned off the oven, opening the frame and seeing there was a lot of smoke, and the smoke went all over the house. Trying to see where his lover was, he couldn’t see anything.

- Newt? Where are you?

- I’m here! I can fix this, wait a second.

And in literally one second, all the smoke was gone. “Well, that’s a positive point of having a wizard as a boyfriend”, he thought.

- Oh my dear lord, I’m so sorry Jacob. I didn’t mean to mess it up. I will fix the cookies with my wand.

- That’s okay, Newt. It was my fault. The heat was way higher than it should be, that’s why it burnt so fast.

- Well, I shouldn’t have kissed you in the first place. I just wanted us to do something nice together, maybe learn how to cook and maybe even impress you. But now my penis is slightly hard and I’m pretty confused if I should either feel good or guilty about it and why the hell does your mouth taste like fresh strawberries? How is that even possible? Do you like, eat strawberries for breakfast or-

Newt wasn’t even joking or being sarcastic, he was genuinely concerned. Which was incredibly funny for the other man, who still didn’t get used to the wizard’s peculiar way of being. Scamander had a awkward type of confidence that no one else had. Not a lot of people would say “my penis is slightly hard” in a casual conversation about burnt cookies.

Jacob didn’t say anything. He just let Newt vent all he wanted, because maybe that is what he needed. He was usually very calm and even oddly polite, but that day he was absolutely nuts. Something about the whole cookies situation was a sensitive topic for him. Or perhaps it was something else he wasn’t even aware of.

When the vent was done, they just stared at each other. Newt felt better, and so did Jacob. Who needed so many bad feelings so early in the morning, anyway? It was better to just let things be, without drama. But it was quite relaxing to let all the feelings out.

As Newt promised, he made the cookies go to the most perfect state they were allowed to be. Little detail: they were magically delicious.

Before Newt could open his mouth again, Jacob kissed his cheek.

- Thank you. I’m very sorry. Guess I’m nothing without magic.

- Sincerely? No one is something without magic.

Both hold hands for some time. It was completely silent, but a great type of silence. Not uncomfortable, just natural.

- I love you.

- I love you too. Very much. By the way, you’re very good at baking. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but your muscles looked so hot while you were shaping those cookies.

- Oh my God. This is exactly how I imagined, but without me having a break down about how I’m terrible at baking.

- It’s because I read your diary, dork. You really should pay more attention and not let it widely open in the middle of the of the living room’s table.

- Please never read it again. Seriously. All my dark thoughts are there.

- I can’t promise anything.

They just kept holding hands like the silly lovers they were, for minutes. But Newt broke the lovely silence.

- So… about that boner I mentioned…

- I can take care of it.

- Please marry me.

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