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mr-spain · 20 hours ago
May I ask you for some Spain and Turkey playing as kids? 👉👈
Tumblr media
|| Well this was certainly an interesting one (⓿▽⓿)
Apologies anon if this was not what you hoped for but so basically,, Historically speaking I could not find anything where these two would have interacted at a period in time where physically they could've been children. Aside from the Habsburg period where I do think there was fighting with the Ottoman Empire? ,, You could say Spain-Turkey relations are quite recent I think I admit I don't do full essay length research but when you scratch the service of it, that's what you find.
So human au it is >:D
Fun fact #1 as to why they're drawing cars: Between both Spain and Turkey, their #1 exports to each other are vehicles "other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, parts thereof" Also yes Antonio draws in the cubism art form and hogs all the crayons
Fun fact #2 the dessert they're holding in the bottom left is Turkish ice cream known as Dondurma which is known for having a more solid and stretchy(?) consistency which also prevents it from melting as regular ice-cream would. So naturally they're using a timer to see how long it takes to melt.
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saipng · a year ago
‘redemption arc’ this and ‘redemption arc’ that 
wheres an arc where the hero gets morally corrupted by a villain and switches sides and becomes an even bigger threat as a result
where is my bastardization arc
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mmaeveric · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how toph picks clothes
i have a fun headcanon that the gaang describes colours of clothes to toph (not that she cares much to begin with lol, only if she asks) as expiriences!
(ID Description: Four Panel comic
Panel 1: The comic is in greyscale. Toph and Katara, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, are walking in a market. Katara has her hair down, wearing her mother’s necklace, and Toph is wearing a sleeveless vest because shes cool like that. Toph is trudging along unhappily, when Katara pulls on her arm and exclaims “Ohh! You should try this on, it’s beautiful!”. We can’t see what Katara is referring to, but she is pointing to an item off screen.
Panel 2: They stand next to a clothing rack at one of the market’s pop-up stalls. Katara and Toph are touching one of the dresses hung up. The dress is bunched up into clothing folds like a curtain, so not a lot of detail can be seen. Katara looks happily convinced at her good spotting, but Toph is unsure, saying: “I dunno. Fabric’s nice, what’s the colour?”.
Panel 3: They are still standing at the rack. Katara is looking at Toph, one finger raised matter-of-factly, and says “You remember that time Iroh made us apple tea on the beach?”. Katara is smiling at Toph as she says this, and Toph gives a small “oh yeah!” of understanding.
Panel 4: The market background has faded out, and become an artificial grid wallpaper. Toph and Katara and walking, with Katara looking down at Toph happily, shopping bags in the crook of her elbows. We can see Katara is wearing pants (yes girl). Toph is to her right, bare feet planted firmly in the ground and knees bent slightly, looking like she’s about to jump. Toph’s hands are raised in celebratory fists above her head, and yellow exclamation beams surround her ecstatic expression. Toph is wearing the new dress which, unlike the greyscale comic, is a dynamic mixture of warm red, orange, brown and green. There are sparkles covering the dress, which goes down to her ankles. She looks extremely happy, in a dress the colour of a perfect afternoon.
End description ID).
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nonasuch · a month ago
as you may know, reading tumblr posts about Dean Winchester is an experience surprisingly akin to auditing classes on gender performance and masculinity at a graduate level media studies program. at least if you read enough of them.
which unfortunately I have! and now I have some thoughts.
see, there are character archetypes that crop up over and over again, and particularly often in 90s and 00s genre TV shows. I am vastly oversimplifying, but let’s boil them down to the Three Main Kinds Of Dudes you are most likely to see in these shows.
Let’s start with the Guy Who’s Not Cool, And Knows It. he’s all over the place: he’s Xander on Buffy, and later Wesley. he’s Julian Bashir, Rodney McKay, Seth Cohen and (at least early on) Alec Hardison. he’s usually not the main character, but he’s up there in the main credits.
and he’s textually, overtly anxious about his masculinity. this is something that other characters comment on, and sometimes he admits to it himself. his long-term character arc is — at least in part — about resolving that anxiety, confronting it and growing past it over time.
(he’s also, often, a self-insert for the guys in the writer’s room. but we don’t have time to unpack all of that.)
our second category is a bit more of a grab bag, because in some ways it covers all the guys who don’t fit into categories 1 or 3. but, broadly, we can call him the Guy Who Doesn’t Need To Make A Big Deal Out Of It. he’s the guy who comes across as quietly secure in his masculinity, who has nothing to prove on that front and whose story doesn’t need to be about proving it. Sometimes he functions as a foil for the Anxious Guy, sometimes he’s just quietly ticking along in the parts of the story that aren’t about Proving anybody’s Manliness. He’s Giles and Oz and Gunn, Eliot Spencer, Ronon Dex, Benjamin Sisko.
and then there’s the Cool Guy.
the Cool Guy is a main character, or he has top billing in an ensemble cast. the Cool Guy is a walking, talking grab-bag of heroic mannerisms. He’s tough and strong and he doesn’t talk about his feelings. he’s a ladykiller. he’s a flirt. he has the popular imagination version of Captain Kirk’s personality, and the popular imagination version of Han Solo’s sex appeal. he kills bad guys and drops a witty one-liner afterwards. he can fly a plane, or a spaceship, or drive a cool car or ride a motorcycle. he walks away from explosions without flinching. he’s not doing this ironically. he’s not performing. he’s just Cool.
as written, he has the depth of a cardboard standee.
but he’s played by an actor who’s, you know, a real human person, and wants his character to have some kind of interiority. so this weird alchemy happens, over and over again.
here’s the thing about that grab-bag of Cool Guy traits and mannerisms: there are real men, in real life, who do most of those things. and most of them probably aren’t overcompensating for anything! but also? none of them have the whole grab-bag. They have, like, two at most.
no one does all of them unless they’re doing them on purpose — unless they’re putting on a performance. but the Cool Guy as written isn’t performing. and the actor playing him has to embody that impossible character while giving him some kind of depth.
So what happens? Dean Winchester. John Sheppard. All the Cool Guys who are meant, textually, to be Effortlessly Performing Masculinity... and subtextually read as desperately overcompensating for their queerness.
and somehow tv writer’s rooms keep doing this! they think that if they just pile on more Cool Guy traits, they’ll make the performance convincing, when they’re actually just undermining him more and more.
(sometimes the Cool Guy isn’t even meant to be heroic! the writers of Smallville tried, as far as I can tell, to make Lex Luthor come across as a suave, worldly, sophisticated ladykiller. what they got was a man who makes way-too-intense eye contact with a buff farm boy while suggestively drinking fancy bottled water.)
(also I didn’t watch Teen Wolf but I am given to understand that Derek falls in this category? and Stiles is for sure an archetypical Anxious Guy.)
the thing about the Anxious Guy is that because his anxious masculinity is textual, it can be addressed and resolved in the text. Because the Cool Guy is not textually performing, not textually anxious, he just has to keep on being that guy without the text ever acknowledging that there’s anything weird about it. and all the while the subtext is screaming that this! man! is! trying! too! hard!
and we as viewers with eyes in our heads can see that tension, between what’s said and what’s shown, and tbh most of the time the simplest and most obvious way to resolve it is to say “ah. okay. that man is Not Straight.”
so that’s why Dean Winchesters keep happening. thank u for coming to my ted talk.
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inkshila · a year ago
Phineas and Isabella, but Adrienette
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was commissioned by @lovegeek1215 to draw a comic based on that one Phineas and Ferb scene where Isabella finally kisses Phineas lol but MAKE IT ADRIENETTE BECAUSE YES
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lesbianshepard · 9 months ago
look i know greek mythology is super interesting and stuff but i think we should all just, like, put a moratorium on any new takes about persephone and hades and how kidnapping is actually girl power. i feel like we’ve got enough of those floating around to last us at least another thousand years. 
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shatmonster · 5 months ago
tommys sensitivity to his senses (specifically touch and sound) is such a good touch. like after being in an endless hole devoid of any senses or any physical feelings, being thrusted back into the mortal world would be one hell of a wakeup, and im glad you can visibly see that in tommy. him being hyper aware of dream near him and his surroundings in the prison. the sounds of the guardian feeling like a thousand prime bells in his ears. talking about how weird it was to finally eat and taste something. and his aversion to the lava, burning his eyes and skin from across the prison? its such little details that seem like it doesnt matter, but they add so much to tommys character and showing exactly what his character is feeling and going through. you can feel his anxiety and the overstimulation he is experiencing and it makes watching his performance ten times more impactful and emotionally driving.
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ao3commentoftheday · a month ago
Yes, AO3 is the gay porn bookstore, but take a moment and think about why that is.
People have been writing non-straight ships for as long as they've been writing fanfic. There are great-grandmothers out there who wrote about Kirk/Spock or the Beatles or the Monkees. There were zines and mailing lists and conventions long before the internet existed.
So why is there such a disparity? Why is AO3 the place that has more non-straight ship fic than other popular fic sites?
The same reason why AO3 has more RPF than those sites. The other sites took it down.
Look at any timeline of fandom purges and you'll see that it was the non-straight fic that was always the first to go. Two men holding hands or kissing in a fic would probably be rated G nowadays, but not that long ago the moment a fic had slash, it was rated M.
Think about that. Gay characters existing in a fic was enough to rate it "adults only." And this isn't long ago.
Part of the reason why there isn't more gay fic is that a lot of people really do write straight ships. But part of it is that gay fic was actively removed from a lot of sites, deleted without the author's knowledge or permission.
Of course AO3 is the gay porn bookstore. It's the site where authors who wrote that kind of fic moved to when all the other sites threw them out.
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businessbois · 4 months ago
tommy and dream being brothers for 4 minutes and 58 seconds, prime boys supremacy
timestamps and transcript:
31:06 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream’s Real Life Mother
Dream: “Like Minecraft. HahahahahAaAchAA” [guttural squawk x2] [Tommy pulls a disgusted face and walks across the mine] Tommy: “Question for you, Dream.” Dream: “Yes.” Tommy: “Why did you just do that?” [Dream laughs]
28:37 Dream bullies TommyInnit for having low viewers
[Dream sits in a boat over the edge of the lava] Dream: “Get in.” [Tommy gets in] Tommy: “If you troll me right now, I’m gonna lose my shit.” [Dream rows the boat off the edge and gets out, dropping Tommy into the lava] Tommy: (losing his shit) “WHAT THE SHIT?”
1:04:51 Tommy Is Left Alone at his Exile Party
Dream: “I sent you a big box of goodies.” Tommy: (pogging) “Oh my god.” Dream: “It’s very, very cool.” Tommy: “Really?”
4:30 Unboxing what Dream sent me
[Tommy, in real life, opens a box] Tommy: “What is this?” [He holds up a baby toy] Tommy: “What? A— What?”
49:39 TommyInnit Plays Five Nights At Freddy's And Almost Dies
Tommy: “I messaged Dream ‘Do you wanna VC and play FNAF?’ and he replied ‘And listen to you whine like a little baby?’”
50:19 TommyInnit Plays Five Nights At Freddy's And Almost Dies
[Tommy’s playing FNAF for a subathon. If he gets enough subs, he gets to stop playing and move on to the next segment of the stream] Dono: ‘dreamwastaken has gifted 30 subs to viewers.’ [Tommy pogs and plays the ShotGunRaids music] Tommy: “Dream! Gifting 30 shitting subs, thank you so much! Hah! We’re gonna get out!”
18:56 Dream finally Abandons Tommy in Exile
Dream: “He’s gonna hit the subgoal before he’s back. That’s 500. We need 500 subs. You know what, I’m gonna contribute. I’ll contribute. I’m gonna— I’m gonna gift, uh, how many— how many am I gonna gift? I’m gonna gift 10 subs. I’m gonna gift 10 subs, I’m gonna contribute. We need to get him to 31,000. That’s another 500 subs. This will be the craziest thing. He comes back, he is going to be shocked.”
6:12 TommyInnit Teaches Old Men About Minecraft
Jack: “What’s the worst block in the game?” Tommy: “Uh, clay.”
11:01 TommyInnit Scams Dream in Minecraft
Tommy: “I called you ‘Clay’ then.” Dream: “I heard you.” Tommy: [laughs] “How’s that make you feel?” Dream: “I don’t know, that’s my name so I’d assume pretty normal.” [laughs] Tommy: “Call me by— Call me by my real name, Dream.” Dream: “Okay, Tomathy.” [laughs and bangs the table] [Tommy hits him with his sword. Dream keeps laughing and shoots him] Tommy: “Okay, you win, you win. Don’t kill me, please.”
8:22 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream’s Real Life Mother
Tommy: “Hello, Big D.” Dream: “Hi, you should stop calling me that.” Tommy: “Why?” Dream: “Because it makes me uncomfortable and I have expressed that, Tommy.” Tommy: “I’m sorry...” Dream: “Thank—” Tommy: “...Small D.” Dream: “Don’t call me that. Don’t call me any—” Tommy: “Okay. D Money.” Dream: “There we go. That’s good.” Tommy: “Okay, D Money.”
36:51 TommyInnit Speaks To Ninja
[Tommy is reading a book Dream left him and signed as Big D] Tommy: “‘For now, farewell from the shadows. Be safe.’ BIG D! I’m calling him ‘Big D’ again!”
19:19 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream’s Real Life Mother
Tommy: “I’m gonna kill him with your axe.” Dream: “I’m gonna kill him before you get to kill him.” [Dream kills the Baby Drowned] Dream: (cheering) “Aaaah!” Tommy: “Oh wow. You’re cool, aren’t you? You’re real—” Dream: “I’m so cool. I am so cool.” Tommy: [facepalms] “Oh my god. You’re actually, um, a dipshit.” Dream: “Wait, would you say I’m abnoxious?” Tommy: “‘Abnoxious?’ You know it’s ‘Obnoxious?’” Dream: “Obnoxious.” Tommy: “It’s ‘Obnoxious.’ [overlapping] Dream: “Would you say I’m— Yeah, I said it right earlier. Would you say I’m obnoxious? Would you say I’m obnoxious?" Tommy: “It’s ‘Ohb.’ It’s ‘Ohbnoxious.’ You said ‘Abnoxious.’ Hey Dream, what grade did you get in English? What grade did you get—” [Dream starts hitting Tommy in-game. Tommy laughs.] Dream: “WOULD YOU SAY that I am obnoxious!? Tommy: “I’d say, uh— Why— Stop beating me!” [Dream keeps hitting him] Dream: (laughing) “Just answer the question.” Tommy: “Stop it!” Dream: “AM I OBNOXIOUS?” Tommy: “I refuse— If you continue beating me, I will no longer answer any questions anyone asks me ever.” [overlapping] Dream: “Am I obnoxious? Am I obnoxious? Am I obnoxious? Am I obnoxious? Am I obnoxious?” Tommy: “I don’t know! I don’t know! Uh, yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure.” Dream: “Okay, then I have cooties then, alright?” [Tommy pulls a disgusted face]
1:30:06 Minecraft Speedrunning for World Record
Tommy: “No, I’d be so good [in a Manhunt]. I’d go around— I’d just start swearing.” Dream: “Yeah, he’d be too obnoxious.” Tommy: (mocking) “I have cooties.”
1:27:36 TommyInnit, Dream & Technoblade Team Up
Tommy: “Hey, did you see that? That skill, Dream, there? That— Oh my god, did you...?” Dream: “That was great.” Tommy: “We should do, like, a Manhunt stream. That was so fun.” [Dream laughs] Tommy: “Sorry, Niki, by the way, you’re probably just stood really mundanely.” [Tommy laughs] Niki: “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” [laughs] Dream: “We could do, like, a Duo Manhunt stream, that’d be really cool.”
32:07 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream’s Real Life Mother
Tommy: “’Cause I’ve realized, actually, after speaking to you, you’re not very funny.” Dream: “I’m actually very funny. Tommy: “Tell me your best joke” Dream: “But I also set up—” Tommy: “Tell me your best joke.” Dream: “Alright, you ready?” Tommy: “Yeah?” [silence] [Tommy stops mining to look at Dream who takes off his chestplate, revealing his nipple eyes. Tommy’s lips twitch up. He stops the music. Dream laughs.] Dream: (laughing) “You smiled! I saw your stream!” [Tommy smiles]
35:55 TommyInnit & Dream start a Church
Tommy: “He [Dream] says ‘I can get out of bed if you want me on the server.’ Hm. How much do I want my pickaxe back? How much of a dick am I feeling like?” [looks up in thought] “YES.”
3:52 TommyInnit and Dream Fight For $10,000
[Dream hits Tommy but doesn’t disable his shield. Tommy gets a hit on Dream. Tommy turns and shoots Dream with his crossbow.] Dream: “Aw, I missed. And you hit.” [They trade hits until Tommy misses and Dream gets a hit in.] Tommy: “Okay, so how did I— how did I fuck up there? I don’t understand.” Dream: “Um, because I, uh, I knocked you away and broke your shield and you didn’t break mine and then I got a free hit.” Tommy: “M’kay.” [Tommy hits Dream but doesn’t disable his shield. Dream hits Tommy.] Dream: “Like there. ‘Cause I just got a free hit and you got nothing.” [shoots Tommy] “And then I got a free crossbow shot. And then I’m gonna get another one ‘cause I reloaded.” Tommy: “I’m regenning.” <TommyInnit was slain by Dream> [Tommy laughs]
34:38 TommyInnit, Wilbur Soot & Dream tell incredible stories
[Wilbur is explaining chess in the VC as Tommy builds. A creeper blows up behind Tommy. He turns to see Dream standing above the explosion hole.] <Dream> ‘I tried.’ <Dream> ‘to save you.’ [In chat, Tommy types out ‘fair enough’ before deleting that and writing ‘thank you, big man.’]
34:25 Dream trolls TommyInnit
[Sapnap is mugging Tommy at bowpoint] Tommy: (reading Sapnap’s chat message) “‘Give me the armor.’” (typing in reply) “Okay, big man.” [Dream drops down from the roof, attacking Sapnap] Tommy: “AAAH, Dream! AHH!”
1:24:56 TommyInnit, Dream & Technoblade Team Up
[Dream waits in a boat in the ocean] Dream: “To your left! [Tommy screams] Dream: “Get in here! Get in here! Tommy: “Dream! Dream, they haven’t found me! They haven’t found me! Aahh, no, no, no! We gotta go!” Sapnap: “COME HERE TOMMY! COME HERE!” Tommy: “We gotta go!” [x6] Dream: “Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!” [Tommy screams and gets in the boat.] Tommy: “Go! Go!” Dream: “LET’S GO!” Tommy: “YEAH!” Dream: “WE’RE GOING!”
21:00 TommyInnit Speaks To Dream's Sister Again
Tommy: “Anyway, me and Big C, we get on well. We, uhh, we’re like brothers, you know? We’re better than brothers. We’re closer.”
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