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#cool downs

Don’t just stop. After a hard workout, make sure you cool down. The importance of cooling down is often ignored. Speaking from personal experience, skipping this simple step can be quite dangerous. I can recall several occasions last year when I just stopped and sat down to rest after an intense bootcamp class. I thought I was completely fine until I got up and walked to my car. That’s when I started feeling faint and almost collapsed in the parking lot. My eyes were dilated; my head was spinning.

On another occasion after climbing the Pemberton Steps for the first time, I also did not cool down. As I drove home, I had a sudden blood pressure spike, which led to a huge migraine. It took me a day to recover. 

Whenever you engage in intense workouts, your heart rate rises, your body overheats, and blood rushes away from your head. Even if you feel fine, you need to set aside some time to cool down.

What do you do to cool down?

Sweating helps your body cool down, which is good. But it also means your body is losing crucial fluid. You should keep yourself hydrated at all times including during the workout.

Head Between Legs
To get blood back to your head, stand with your feet apart and slowly lean forward to touch the ground, getting your between your legs. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then straighten up.

Arm Propellers
Stretch your arms straight out so you’re in a T-shape. Rotate your arms slowly in a clockwise direction for 30-secs, then counter clockwise for another 30-secs.

You’ve heard people say, “Walk it off.” Well, they’re right. Instead of coming to an immediate stop after a climb or run, slowly walk to a stop, letting your heart rate gradually return to a normal level.

Share what you do to cool down.

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@thorn-kissed​ ( Djeeta + Eustace - Plotted Starter)

    Ears, black fur speckled with a faint dusting of sun, perk up at the sound of snow crunching beneath a pair of fluffy paws - the little pink pads of the canine’s feet just barely visible where they peek out from between its toes. Steely irises lift from where his gun is resting within his lap - fingers ghosting over the freshly cleaned metal as he chances a glance at the curious animal, but never meets its gaze. Its fur is a glorious silver that seems to shine beneath the meager warmth provided by the sun that hands overhead, mixed with a soft, white underbelly that threatens to blend in against the snow. When he stops cleaning his gun for a moment to admire it, the dog tilts its head to the side and a pink tongue rolls out over its jaw and its curled tail wags blissfully in the chilled breeze. His fingers twitch against his gun on instinct when he’s almost compelled to reach out and pet the animal, grip tightening to resist the temptation of doing so. Even this much - the few feet the dog leaves between itself and him, is more than he would have expected, and he finds himself content with that when the other canines hadn’t even so much as looked in his general direction since the crew had arrived on the frigid island. Apparently a paradise for dog lovers due to how much the local villagers relied on them for transportation and protection from the monsters that roam the still untamed forests of these lands.    

    A smile almost threatens to climb onto his features when the animals flops down gracelessly in a pile of snow across from him, thick paws wiggle against the ground for a moment before it rolls over onto its back - all while staring at him. With its blocky head in the way, he can’t see the other members of the crew as they play about in the cold with the other dogs or discuss mundane topics with the villagers that had hired them to guard the tracks of their local dogsled race from the budding monster population. But he could still easily make out their conversations above the whines and barks of the energetic canines, and the slosh of boots against the frozen earth. It’s evident from the nervous stutter of the village head that the increased numbers of beasts in the area has much of the residents worried for their own safety, as well as sustaining  the village. In such a harsh land, the only way to trade supplies was by dogsled - heading from village to village. Evidently, this little contest of theirs was a way to encourage relations between the various villages on the island, and vital to their continued survival. Somehow, he already had a gut feeling that a certain someone was going to get herself involved (because he can so distinctly recall the last race she had wiggled her way into).

    Speaking of the Captain, he is hardly unaware of how the dog’s tongue retreats back into its mouth and its ears seem to perk up at the sound of another approaching him from behind, and he swallows the sigh that threatens to spill out from his lips. He knows the sound of her footsteps by now, but actively chooses to ignore her ‘stealthy’ advance, if only to see what she’s plotting. Setting his gun down upon his lap, he allowed his hands to rest upon his knees, and leaned back against the barren tree situated behind him - its tattered bark rubbing against the fabric of his cloak. It’s cold enough that when he breathes, visible huffs of air linger just beyond his nostrils, but he seems entirely unaffected by the caress of the wind and the bitter sting of the frigid air. His ears twitch slightly when he hears her stop just behind that tree, as if the next part of her plan required total concentration. 


      And then he feels the rush of wind against his ears as her fingers pinch their tips. “Captain,” he heaves, without bothering to remove her hands from his ears. “What are you doing?” He hardly expects an answer to that question, nor can he say he’s truly all that surprised by her actions. She has always been one to do unorthodox and completely random things. Though he has no intention of admitting it out loud, he enjoys that part of her. “You should pet their ears, not mine. I can assure you theirs are much softer.” He makes the mistake of gesturing to the fearless canine that had been observing him the entire time, and, the moment he does, the animal seems to take that as a welcome invitation, and leaps to its hefty paws, wiggles its rear in the air, and then hurls itself at the pair with all of the strength its rather muscular and massive form can manage.  

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Remembered my old AU idea: Jeremy dies during the bite of 87, and William decides to experiment and turns him into a robot fueled by remnant. No dead children, William just Knows about remnant and wants to fuck around. He originally wanted to turn Jeremy into an assistant who would also work at Freddy’s, but Jeremy’s remnant won so he constantly malfunctions and beats the crap out of William. 

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