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The world feels like it’s on fire, I know.

We’re all scared, and anxious, and having a very hard time feeling hope for the future.

It’s hard not to lash out at others in frustration, impatience, and the need to exert some kind of control against disaster.

Still. Try to be kind.

Be kind to yourself – eat, take a walk, drink water, take breaks from the news and social media.

Be kind to others – give them the benefit of the doubt, double-check your initial reactions, count to ten before you respond.

(Note: When I say be kind to others, I’m talking about ordinary interactions with people online and in person, i.e. cashiers, your family, blog commenters. I’m not talking about cops or protests – those are out-of-the-ordinary interactions that fall under different ethical rules that many others on this site have explored better than I am able to)

Just… try to be kind. The world feels like it’s on fire. Don’t help it burn.

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Simple self care things I do everyday to preserve my mental health in quarentine

1. Vacuum my apartment everyday

2. Burn scented candles

3. Keep iced fresh hibiscus tea in my fridge

4. Open my windows for fresh air

5. Make my bed

7. Do cute makeup and wear an outfit I like no matter how ugly I feel that day

8. Go for a walk

9. Listen to music

10. Wash my face before I go to bed

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my coping skills

i thought i would share some of my coping skills i use for my mental health. i learned these through research ands professionals over these past few years. i thought this could be a way to help others and a way to spread some positivity!

  • journaling

journaling can help analyze and understand your thoughts and emotions. i use journaling as away to reflect how my mental state is. it helps me get my mind to stop racing or overthinking. you dont have to worry about grammar or spelling its just a way to get thoughts off your mind and on to paper.

  • art

art is a form of expression of thoughts and feelings. it can be a way of venting or letting out your thoughts without or with words. art has helped me express my emotions when I couldn’t talk about what was going on in my head.

  • taking time to myself

taking time to yourself can be beneficial to some people. i use it as a time to re-energize myself weather i go for a walk or take a nap. it’s a time to perform self care.

  • exercise

exercising helps me burn off steam if I’m frustrated or angered. it has as been proven to produce endorphins which reduces stress and improves your mood.

  • age regression

age regression is when the state of mind reverts back to a age younger than the person is. it can be a defense or coping mechanism. there is a way better definition on @/whyis.gracie on Instagram ( )

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I couldn’t really tell you what I’m going through,

But I’m going through something

Watching the sun rise through my blinds

At 6:30am.

The summer after senior year of high school,

I had an excess of pain I didn’t know how to deal with.

I searched for things to help

And clung onto one,

Not so much because it actually helped,

But because I didn’t know what else to do

And I had to try something.

I would sneak out of the back door in my basement master bedroom -

I only say sneak out because I wasn’t allowed to leave the house without telling Mom where I was going,

But I never was a kid with a curfew.


I would sneak out that door

And walk barefoot aimlessly around my neighborhood when I couldn’t sleep.

Interesting how pain keeps me awake,

But depression puts me out.

I was going through something,

But I couldn’t really tell you what.

I walked barefoot in the dark through the streets of Shadow Valley,

And I don’t remember when or how,

But I do know it got better.

I’m going through something,

And I can’t really tell you what.

I’m watching the sun rise through my blinds

At 6:30am,

And it doesn’t really make me feel better.

But it makes me feel different.

And different will have to suffice for now.

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You convinced yourself you were principled, but in the end you were just a coward. Had I been a lower, meaner person - had I judged you by your cover - I would have been saved.

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So…it turns out “ignore it and hope it goes away” may not be the best approach to medical problems. Or mental health problems…Or really any problems.

Too bad it’s my default response.

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Reason 785 writing helps:📓🖋

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely empty. Like, why the hell do I do anything? I don’t really see myself getting into a relationship, I definitely don’t need one to feel satisfied (on a good day). I doubt I’m ever going to suddenly want kids.

So I started writing out my thoughts and now I’m wondering if animals are self aware enough that that’s why they breed? To feel needed. Like, we as humans don’t even communicate with one another correctly, much less understand other species. We’ve only just stared to realise that some species DO communicate with themselves 🐝

So now I feel better. Not good, but better. So… Yay writing?


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I am a licensed pharmacist. Unfortunately, I am also a victim of childhood molestation, thus I’ve been clinically diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar 1 depression. 

  I hold a full-time position as a work from home pharmacist and function, as most would think, like a “normal person.” However, I struggle within. I am making great strides to become the woman I am called to be by utilizing medicine, therapy and most of all faith. My faith is what sparked me to take the chance and submit this to you. One of the ways I’m healing and coping is releasing. I am freely speaking to my family, friends and peers via social media and phone about what I’ve been through. I think my story will have a great impact on all people of every age, sex, and race. I want healthcare professionals to know it is ok for us to be patients. We too are human and life affects us just as any other person.  We must keeping pushing everyday to make one choice that’s better than yesterday’s choices and life as we dream it will become our reality. 

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