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jadoremonhoney · 3 months ago
Depression plan
This is the plan I have in my nightstand to give myself ideas to cope.
High energy activities
High energy yoga
Exercise (go to the gym)
Clean your space
Get dressed
Go for a walk
Go to a plant nursery
Bake while listening to big band
Make a healthy snack - apples and peanut butter, yogurt, tangerines.
Make yourself look nice
Buy snacks and wine
Light the fire pit and sit by it
Go to bed on time (use valerian if needed)
Dessert in a mug
Plan something!
Low energy activities
Make my bed
Open window
Use crystals
Watch a movie
Watch a show
Use orange scented things
Gentle yoga like yin or restorative or seated yoga.
Write or read in journal
Cup of tea
Take a bath
Light a candle
Do a face mask
Write a love letter to yourself
Drink ice water with lemon or mint
Make hot cocoa
Sit outside
Make a tumblr post
Make a fort
Animal crossing
Listen to upbeat music and dance
Talk it out
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ginsengsunlight · 5 months ago
Daily Affirmations & Manifestations:
1.) I have so many talents to offer the world.
2.) I attract those with good, pure, intentions.
3.) I radiate light and positive energy.
4.) I attract kindness and compassion.
5.) I love my body; I do my best to take care of it.
6.) My soul is gentle and welcoming.
7.) I attract peace, calmness, and serenity.
8.) I create endless opportunities for myself.
9.) I am focused and steady.
10.) I trust the Universe’s timing.
Tumblr media
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thepeacefulgarden · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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compassionatereminders · 10 months ago
Dealing With Executive Dysfunction - A Masterpost
The “getting it done in an unconventional way” method.
The “it’s not cheating to do it the easy way” method.
The “fuck what you’re supposed to do” method.
The “get stuff done while you wait” method.
The “you don’t have to do everything at once” method.
The “it doesn’t have to be permanent to be helpful” method.
The “break the task into smaller steps” method.
The “treat yourself like a pet” method.
The “it doesn’t have to be all or nothing” method.
The “put on a persona” method.
The “act like you’re filming a tutorial” method.
The “you don’t have to do it perfectly” method.
The “wait for a trigger” method.
The “do it for your future self” method.
The “might as well” method.
The “when self discipline doesn’t cut it” method.
The “taking care of yourself to take care of your pet” method.
The “make it easy” method.
The “junebugging” method.
The “just show up” method.
The “accept when you need help” method.
The “make it into a game” method.
The “everything worth doing is worth doing poorly” method.
The “trick yourself” method.
The “break it into even smaller steps” method.
The “let go of should” method.
The “your body is an animal you have to take care of” method.
The “fork theory” method.
The “effectivity over aesthetics” method.
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gen-z-culture-is · 3 months ago
daydreaming and talking to yourself in order to cope so much that when you find out this isn't normal you're shocked.
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catboymasazo · 5 months ago
How the fuck do I get better
For Beginners
You are not your feelings. Feelings are something you have, and something you can learn to cope with. Here are some tips how you can reduce negative, annoying or persistent feelings in your life, and how you can cope with them when they occur.
Making positive experiences
Do something enjoyable that’s possible every day (ex. read a few pages, doodle something, listen to your favorite song, sing in the shower...)
Change your life up a bit in a way that will help you experience positive feelings more often (ex. say hi to an old friend, join a club, try a new hobby, discover a new artist...)
Allow yourself to feel the positive things (ex. reminisce about the nice experiences you had before bed, focus on how good you feel in the moment, ask yourself how you’d name this positive feeling, what caused it...)
Reducing emotional and physical vulnerability
A house can’t stand without the base - Work on getting enough water, food, sleep, exercise and self care. Baby steps are completely fine. 5 hours of sleep are better than 4, two meals are better than one, etc.
Watch your health and take your medication
Avoid mood changing substances (drugs, alcohol...)
Take responsibility (ex. make small plans that you can and will do every day -> gives you a sense of control over your life and helps you believe in your own abilities)
Letting go of emotional baggage
Accept your feelings as a part of yourself as a person. We all have them!
Acknowledge that your feelings (all of them!) are allowed to be here, because they all have a job to fulfill!
Try not to judge your feelings, even if it’s hard! There’s a reason why they’re here.
Be open for your feelings. Embrace them. They will come anyway.
I have a feeling I don’t want - what now?
What am I feeling? (ex. angry, sad, guilty...)
What impulse does this feeling give me, what do I want to do? (ex. lash out, isolate myself, self harm...)
What made me feel this way? (ex. a fight, a bad grade, a mistake...)
What would be pros and cons of acting on my impulse? (ex. pro - lashing out would give me relief, con - it would have consequences...)
What decision do I make?
What skills or coping mechanisms do I need, if I need them?
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tryingtogetaway · a month ago
love is not as transient and conditional as some of you guys think it is. when people tell you they care about you, they don’t change their mind ten minutes later because you said something weird or annoying. the people that love you will still love you when you do things that upset them. love doesn’t instantly disappear like that
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Shaming yourself for coping in the ways you're coping will not help you recover. Don't be so hard on yourself. Trauma recovery is difficult.
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Me: *starts returning to coping strategies I abandoned before quarantine*
My old hyperfixations:
Tumblr media
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noshameinoursickness · a year ago
As We Rapidly Approach the 2020 US Election Results...
We need to prepare mental health wise for all possible outcomes. It’s highly likely we will not know the confirmed results until a couple weeks after the election. Regardless of outcome, this will be a stressful next couple weeks and we MUST prepare our mental health toolkits. With your partner, family, or friends write down or make a toolkit including:
A safe place to go virtually or IRL (park, friends’ house, family member’s place, meeting or support group)
Loved ones to call/check in with (write them down!)
A list of your trusted coping mechanisms
Something tactile and soothing (favorite crystal, stim toy, stuffed animal, comfy clothes, candles, skin care or blanket)
Safe and easy foods/meals (buy your favorite frozen meal/snacks/drinks, eat whatever you need to without shame/guilt)
Your refilled anti-anxiety medication (or CBD products, herbal tea, smokables/edibles, whatever you prefer no judgement!)
An affirmation list ex. “I am safe right now”
CBT/DBT worksheets & my Anxiety Masterpost
Crisis Hotlines, AA/NA Meeting/Support Group Links, or your Counselor’s Number (ex. my therapist is avail Election Day to text/call)
Pick out, pre-purchase, or set-aside your favorite comforting movies, TV shows, podcasts, or media
If you’re the type who wants to volunteer, sign up to phone-bank or text bank in swing states on election day / this week (that’s what I’m doing)
In the worst case scenario: prepare your protest or mutual aid kits and/or pick a local mutual aid organization to volunteer with
Give this written list to your partner, bff, or family in case you have a freeze response or anxiety attack so they know how to help you
Lastly, DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE, in fact, take several slow deep breaths right now
Community Resilience protects and helps all of us. 
Stay safe, love you all!
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