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coping-skills · 16 hours ago
Distract with ACCEPTS skill
(This is definitely my go to skill)
The goal is to distract yourself from whatever is distressing you in positive way.
Some examples for each category:
Activities- reading, watching tv/movie/documentary, craft something, create art
Contribute- check out kokobot to anonymous help others, find a cause you support and do something for them
Comparison- thing about and remember the good things you’ve experienced and think about how this is different
(Opposite) Emotions- remember things that make you happy/excited/safe and do them or talk about them with someone
(Pushing away) Thoughts- try picturing a hand swatting negative thoughts away, or erasing them off a white board
(Other) sensations- see TIPP skill, touch smooth objects, listen to soothing music
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green-knight-of-nee · a day ago
~i guess ive got myself a fan~
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221bluescarf · 3 days ago
lofi / relax / stress relief
Relaxing and just enough random noise to disguise stubborn hallucinations
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soft-spoonie · 11 days ago
tips for coping with isolation (no.1)
engage with something happening live, if you can - something like a stream, night tv, or the radio. sometimes it helps to just know you're doing something at the same time as others - together.
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godsgrdnr · 15 days ago
Bereaved Parents Month 2022: Ten Ways to Survive Hard Grief Days
Bereaved Parents Month 2022: Ten Ways to Survive Hard Grief Days
My hardest grief season begins in November and runs to the end of May.  Thanksgiving through Dominic’s birthday on (or near) Memorial Day are days full of triggers, memories and stark reminders that one of us is missing. If I could fall asleep November first and wake up in June I’d do it. But I can’t so I have to employ all the tricks I’ve learned in the over eight years since Dominic ran ahead…
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kittomalley · 17 days ago
In My Own Voice
In My Own Voice
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traumasurvivors · 19 days ago
Hey I was wondering if you have any recommendations for healthy coping mechanisms? Prefer ones that keep your attention or easy because I can't focus on things that well. Sorry if this isn't the right blog to ask but I don't know any blog to ask.
Hi anon,
I have a list of some coping ideas here. These range from things like journaling to grounding exercises and other ideas.
If you're looking for calming, distracting tasks then I recommend things like:
Colouring books (I personally prefer the adult colouring books because I have to concentrate more, but any colouring book you fancy!) because they're lowkey but calming and fun. There are also some colouring apps that can be nice and distracting, too.
A puzzle
Use fake tattoos or anything like painting your nails, putting on your favourite outfit etc.
Using sensory items like stim toys
Fill in some mad libs.
As always, I recommend trying coping skills when you don't need them because in times of crisis, it can be really hard to remember what skills are helpful or which to use. If you find some that you like, I recommend actually writing them down on a note on your phone or a physical piece of paper so that when you feel stressed, you can pull out that list and follow it. (On that note, I always recommend a self care box with anything you need for coping in it.)
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softspoken-cupid · 19 days ago
ੈ♡˳୨⎯ 7.22.22 ⎯୧ೃ⁀➷
today was a big leap for me. I did something i didn't think i was able to do. i used coping skills to regulate my emotions. it was a slow start but 20 mintues into a panic attack i was able to use a few grounding techniques to regulate my emotions .
i used my senses mostly
i got into my bed so i could feel the covers and my fluffy new pillow
i slid on my bfs hoodie and it smelt like him which was really calming
then i played vanilla by jack stauber and the sounds were pretty
also at the same time i felt bad my bf also felt bad so trying to think of ways to comfort him helped me think of ways to comfort myself.
it was so much easier for me today. and it's like the weight on my chest is just a little lighter.
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ramblingsofabrokenmind · 19 days ago
Being mentally ill, and self aware is probably one of the most harrowing things the human mind can deal with.
When the manic tides start to roll in, but despite all your best efforts
Captain crunch, mini wheats, Coco pebbles
You are worthy, you are loved, you are capable
You still sink down into those icy pits staring head on at a person you know is not you
Wondering why am I like this
You're blocking yourself, you know
Wake up
Look at the trees, smell the air, touch the ground
You're here..... Breath
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thepeacefulgarden · 23 days ago
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coping-skills · a day ago
Check out our discord server for more skills and discussion
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green-knight-of-nee · 3 days ago
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thoughtnitot · 23 days ago
I feel guilty whenever I put myself first..whenever I feel happy, whenever I feel good.
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somethingnewwithemma · 23 days ago
Something I feel isn’t talked about often is how terrifying kindness can be. How people who grew up in traumatic households have been conditioned to see kindness as a tool for manipulation. That for someone to be kind they must want something, using it to disguise their true motives. A smile from a stranger, a friendly chat with a bank teller, a compliment from a loved one. They all send my defenses on high alert, as strong a response as seeing a cobra curled up at my feet. How we have perfected light laughter to keep them from seeing that we know what they’re up to, to prevent them from striking us. Kindness, scarier than any sharp word or raised fist, because you never know what is the true intent behind it.
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miserablemama · 23 days ago
Harsh name, I know. 
First, I can't stress this enough MY KIDS ARE NOT WHAT MAKES ME MISERABLE.
My blog is about having mental health struggles and being a mom at the same time. How they bleed into each other no matter how hard I try to fight it.
Immediate disclaimer that I struggle with mental health. I do see a Dr regularly. Although some of the things I write about might come off as depressing and could be concerning to someone who hasn't gone through similar things, I am my best when I'm not ignoring my feelings but actually acknowledging them and talking about them. I do NOT believe that anyone is expected to do or think like I do and I send good vibes to everyone who is in the same boat, a better boat, or a sinking boat. All god vibes are welcome.
Being a mom isn't what makes me miserable.
My kids sure aren't what makes me miserable.
It's not the everyday stuff, the sick days, the laundry, any of it.
It's just me. I find some days to be nothing but miserable and I used to let it eat me alive. Then I started to journal.
Something about putting my thoughts down helps me sort them. I can figure out what is triggering me so badly that day. It's sad that I do this damn near every day, But it's comforting. It helps. It makes me not wanna yell and scream until I'm blue in the face.
I feel like I have so many things to yell about. So many things that I could just let ruin my day, day after day.
But, I'm a mom.
And even though my childhood was miserable.
My mental health is miserable.
My relationship is miserable.
So, so, so many things in my life make me feel fucking sick to my stomach and like I can barely stand to keep living this life but I wake up everyday, I make the pancakes or toss them poptarts. I put up the slip n slide. I just do it. I ignore the part of me that feels like she wants to throw up. I ignore the part that wants to lock myself in my room and just not do it anymore.
I'm miserable, more days than not. At least recently.. But I'm a mom. And that vetos everything.
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apsgecisls · 26 days ago
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❤🧡💛💚 ATTENTION 💙💜🤎🖤
Links listed below, feel free to LIKE/FOLLOW/SHARE/etc to help us reach & connect with more.
☆ FB> www.facebook.com/apsgecisls
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♡ afsp.org > search by zip code @ https://afsp.org/find-a-support-group/
♡ save.org > https://save.org/blog/support-groups/adult-peer-support-groups-east-central-indiana-suicide-loss-survivors-town-landing/
♡ findhelp.org >
#apsgecisls #suicideprevention #mentalhealthmatters #BeTheVoice #afsp
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heliotropist · 27 days ago
TW:  cancer, medical tests
Breast MRI today and WHEW.  Don’t need to do that again any time soon.  Probably the closest I’ve come to a panic attack.
BUT -- and this is very important -- all those skills I’ve been learning to manage my anxiety TOTALLY worked to help me get through it. 
What I used:
-- paid attention to my breathing and when it started to get fast and shallow, I slowed it down and relaxed my body
-- distracted myself by thinking about different things I could make for dinner with what’s in the fridge, pondering the layout of the quilt I’m working on, etc.
-- when I could feel the panic rising, I noticed and accepted it rather than trying to fight it
-- reframed the LOUD thumping sound of the machine as the bass at a live concert, which amused me and made me feel much more relaxed, as thumping sounds that loud are normal in that environment (positive even!)
Man, I am so proud of myself for learning all this and remembering it when I needed it!  THIS. SHIT. WORKS.
Also, here’s the book I’ve been reading and re-reading and practicing the techniques in:  The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, by Edmund J. Bourne.  It is EXCELLENT and very comprehensive.
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