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34. Most intimidating book you’re too nervous to begin?

Hmm…probably War and Peace. It’s just so long. I’ve read Tolstoy before, so I know I can get through it and will most likely enjoy it. It’s size is just so daunting.

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No worries! I don’t even play every week, RIP! 

ANYWAY, bad memory OCs you say? I think that would be Rose, Tavi, Aris, and Rissa. Specifics below! 

Rose can be quite forgetful because she’s easily distracted. She changes from task to task without taking the time to make sure she’s taken care of everything. She can’t help it, really, she’s just very energetic! She is very good at remembering small details about her friends, however. Her only trouble there is that she sometimes forgets something was meant to be a secret or a surprise and doesn’t remember until after she’s already told.

Tavi has ADHD. It’s more common than she would like that she just loses a task she knows she needed to do. Basically, that means she has the nagging feeling there’s something she missed, but she can’t for the life of her remember what it is. 

Aris is incredibly smart, and as a doctor and scientist, she is good at memorization and taking in large amounts of complex information quickly. However, she always has so much going on in her mind at one time that some things get buried in the thought avalanche. She sometimes has to rely on her scientist’s ability to predict the most likely outcome to get by without being able to remember a step. She also has autism, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to put her many ideas into words. She knows what she wants to convey, but the specific words just…won’t go.

Rissa has endured serious trauma and injury. Between the many treatments needed for her recovery and the amount of pain she was in (which sometimes caused her to disassociate so she could keep functioning,) there are chunks of time which are essentially blocked off in her mind. She knows time passed, but she can’t remember events that took place.  

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Oh, thank you! 

12. How do you deal with self-doubt?

Uhhh not very well. :/ I’m prone to second guessing everything I’ve just written like…right after I’ve finished a major plot point or something. I’m too afraid of writing something people won’t like, or when the finished product ends up WAY different than the outline and I’m not sure if that’s a positive thing or not. Sometimes I talk to friends about it, but sometimes you just have to set aside whatever it is so you don’t compulsively delete it and just feel sad for a bit. 

13. How do you deal with writer’s block?

Put aside that project and start on another idea, whether it be a new writing format, a roleplay, an AU, fleshing out a short scene idea I had…If you ever want to know why it seems like I can’t get WIPs done? This is why. But I feel like it’s better to at least be writing some words rather than no words at all? Even if the words aren’t devoted to the place I’d most like them to be at that moment. 

16. Ridiculous things you’ve done for worldbuilding?

A list of Nonsense Dove Has Done:

  • Created an entire presentation about the different sorts of magic available in-universe, why the magic system sub-populations are Like That, how magic is usually passed down, people’s beliefs about it, etc. (Maybe this will be useful for a writeblr project someday? I don’t know.)
  • Begun the overwhelming task of crafting a WorldAnvil, only to work on it in sporadic bursts with months in between.
  • Kept a document which lists the name of every single person in the cast and the meaning of that name if applicable. (That really needs updating…)
  • Kept a document of all the words I know so far in the Constellan conlang and also asked my friend to make an alphabet of pictographs for me. (She did it, amazingly.) 
  • Tried and failed to make a map.
  • Filled out waaay too many character questionnaires. 
  • Googled to find nonsensically specific information that would never be mentioned more than a few times (ex: What minerals can you find in the desert? What temperature range do birch trees grow in? Would this fruit I’m mentioning in passing be able to grow here naturally or would it have to be imported? In what year did this medical equipment come into common use?) 
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Tower: something that you’re afraid of?

Hmmmmmm. Anzan is…not a talker, lol. He is the archetypal “strong, silent type.” His name literally means silent mountain. That doesn’t mean he’s completely cold though, as you guys saw in last week’s Hexennacht. He’s certainly not going to be a chatty partner who would discuss his fears, as he holds his emotions close to the vest, but I think falling prey to his basest drider instincts is his biggest fear. He knows that most of what he hears people whisper about driders is true, and he’s afraid of accidentally hurting Ladybug in a moment of thoughtlessness. After all, he is very strong and very deadly, and she is a delicate human.

Curses: How do you show affection? 

Despite being worried about succumbing to his spideyness, he is a drider, and is very much a product of the culture he was raised in. He’s extremely overprotective and territorial, and for better or worse, that’s how he shows his love. Poor Merrick probably saw his mothly life flash before his eyes over the apples in the grocery store the night he ran into Ladybug and Anzan shopping, and I shudder to think about how he would behave if she ever were to take him to one of her sabbath festivals. He’s slowly learning to be more openly affectionate (coming downstairs to visit her during the workday) but when he feels like things are threatened, he resorts to what he knows—which is wrapping her in a web and keeping her close, lol!

Thank you for the ask!! 💖💖💖

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Very soft ask 🥺

  • Aris and Ash: I cried writing the scene where Ari gives Ash the book of letters she has saved and compiled. It really speaks to the length and depth of their relationship and what a special place they have in their hearts for each other.
  • Aris and J: These two have a lot of soft moments, but Ari is noticibly more comfortable with physical affection thanks to J’s presence in her life. Previously, she had only really ever touched Ash and Katri seeking affection, or perhaps Rissa and Ione if they needed medical care. It’s not so much a moment as a gradual process, but charting out how and when Ari slowly grows from mimicking to reciprocating and then initiating supportive touch between herself and J is very sweet and moving.
  • Tavi and J: J has always had a fear of heights. With her Illios form, Tavi helps her to conquer it. J still gets quite anxious if she needs to take a plane ride, for example, and she never will be one to enjoy a view from a Ferris wheel, but she begins to ask to go along with Tavi on short flying trips. She never feels quite as safe and secure as she does with Tavi, and knowing Tavi will always protect her, with or without wings, allows her to take part in and even enjoy/cherish one of Tavi’s very favorite things.
  • Rissa and Ione: One of my very favorite moments happens when they aren’t even a couple yet. The addition of telepathy to Ione’s previous mental abilities is a difficult and painful one for her. Her first moments of true clarity and comfort happen a few weeks after the fact. Rissa’s thoughts are the first she can focus on, loud and clear. She takes a sort of shelter in them when in need of comfort, and Rissa responds by finding magical means to shield her from the overwhelming noise and learning how to send soothing mental images Ione’s way.
  • Liz and Beth: These two are very soft as well. Most anything with them can make me melt, since they were the first romantic pair on this list that I created for the Equexia-verse! (Some of the other couples have been together longer, but it took me a while to figure them out. Liz and Beth fell together quite naturally.) I like to envision them most in quiet, domestic moments: snuggling together at bedtime, sharing passages or their favorite books, stargazing, teaching each other hobbies.

Sorry this got long!

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lol, too many, tbh. I can move from project to project pretty easily, but right now I have an overwhelming amount of projects on my plate. I can juggle 2-3 easily with regular updates. 5-7 and things start getting dicey. (we’re in a dicey spot right now)


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2/ Sorry if my last message was insulting or anything, I started second-guessing myself the moment I sent it. But what I meant was, you write really high quality work that is definitely publishing level. The Anzan drider story is one of my favourites, and if there was an anthology or anything that contained it, I would eagerly snatch it up. :3

Lol, not at all insulting! On the contrary, it’s exactly what I want to hear, because it’s always what I planned on doing! I don’t have any immediate plans to remove stories here because its a pretty different market on Amazon, and there will be  additions to stories that will be print exclusive. (I’ve already started writing several supplemental scenes in Fionnghall, and there will be a new Orc introduced to the Linden Trees AU that will not be published here, in addition to art exclusives. The cover for Beneath the Linden Trees is gaaaahhhhhhh, so gorgeous!

I appreciate your input and support, @corasnowbooks!! 💖💖💖

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I was tagged by @corasnowbooks a while ago and accidentally forgot :( Anyway, thank you Cora! 

Rules: bold which trope you prefer (or, in some cases, maybe just hate the least!) out of each of the following pairs:

slow burn or love at first sight

fake dating or secret dating  (Mutual pining?)

enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers (Both good, depends on the paring and my mood! 

‘oh no there’s only one bed’ or long-distance correspondence

hurt/comfort or amnesia

fantasy au or modern au

mutual pining or domestic bliss (Why not one leading to another?)

smut or fluff

canon-compliant or fix-it (Depends on how much the canon let me down) 

reincarnation or character death

one-shot or multi-chapter (Both good!)

kid fic or road trip fic (Neither)

arranged marriage or accidental marriage (Neither)

high school romance or middle-aged romance

time travel or isolated together

neighbors or roommates

sci-fi au or magic au (Both good!)

body swap or genderbend  (Neither)

angst or crack

apocalyptic or mundane

Sorry, it was hard to choose for some of these! I tag: anyone who needs a little distraction right now. <3

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fic ask meme

9. A writing-related skill you’d like to get better at

I definitely wanna work on varying my writing style depending on the character! I’d also like to cut out repetitive phrases.

Basically I’d like to broaden my writing style and vocabulary! 

10. A writing-related skill you know you’re already good at

I think I’m good at writing dialogue, especially for characters that have VAs. It’s pretty easy for me to imagine what a character would say if I know what they actually sound like. (This is why I find it 10000% harder to write characters who don’t speak or are only in like, comics.)

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Send me an ask with the first sentence of a fanfic and I’ll write the next five.

It was inevitable, Arcee supposed. Being stranded on Earth, isolated from whatever Autobots remained, and now with Optimus gone.

It was inevitable that they’d turn to this.

Jack and Ratchet had spent the morning scouring the human’s internet for ideas, eventually landing on a nefarious website called Arcee’s frame was covered with the fruits of their experiment: foam darts in varying neon colors, all stuck to her armor.

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7, 13, 20 for Sena? :3

7: Describe your OC’s fashion sense.

Sena doesn’t have much use for fashion – she’s eight and she’s either running for her life or she’s playing in the dirt. She likes things that are functional and hide wear or dirt. And things that are easy to clean. Typically Senko pics things for her that are very contemporary and won’t stand out in a crowd, and left to her own choices Sena wouldn’t stray far from that. She’s never had much luck when she stands out.

13: Describe your OC’s living situation.

Sena grew up in an orphanage in the largest Cha’et (walled city-state) in The World. It’s one of the most technologically advanced (and magic-poor) places in The World, but the district Sena grew up in was one specifically segregated for magic users and non-humans. Being a naturally magic-inclined human is relatively unheard of, most humans having to work for years to get a real grasp of magic, but most people in the district were kind and protective of Sena. After an assassin from Nocturne (the magic-rich mirror side of The World) tries to murder Sena, a Guardian is contracted to protect her, and Sena’s life goes from sharing a bustling home with many other magical children of multiple races to a nomadic journey slowly crossing The World to a monastery where she may be safe.

20: Post a picture or gif that describes your OC.

External image

Toshinori is essentially an adult, male sena so. that’ll do. Very positive, firm moral compass, thinks of others before herself.

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37. Is there a book that you think everyone should read?? :3


I know it also depends on what type of books people like (I’m into NA all the way btw hehe)

But my FAV FAV FAV BOOK EVERRRRRR is Where rainbow ends by Cecelia Ahern (or Love, Rosie like the movie was named) Honestly i can’t even explain how badly i love this book and how it changed. It is beautifully written and hell you laugh pis you cry too and get sOOO MAD because of the timing in life for both Rosie and Alex in the book. I was sooo invested in them (still am tbh)

Another of my fav is Before we were strangers by Renee Carlino. I read it long time ago and so i don’t remember all of it (shame on me i know) but hell i remember this book shook me inside!

Little Bonus i’ll add the book One Day by David Nicholls because HELL thE END KILLS ME. Wasnt ready for this! Again it has this vibe of how you can’t always control how life and your timing in it with the people around works loveeee it!


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💕 Your two top fave fictional characters, 📅 Your birthday, 📝 Fave quote, 📺 Fave anime, 🎙 Can you sing :3

💕 Your two top fave fictional characters

That I didn’t make up: Frank Castle and Emilio Sandoz

Including my own OCs: Marius and Senko are my favourite characters ever lmao.

📅 Your birthday

August 17

📝 Fave quote

“Sta’aka was a kind of ivy,” Emilio said, his voice regulated and even, his eyes wide and sightless. “It was very pretty. It would climb on larger, stronger plants, like our ivies, but it had branches with a weeping growth habit, like willows.” He held up his hands, the fingers falling gracefully from the wrists, like the branches of a weeping willow, or sta’aka ivy. “It was symbolic of something. I knew that from the context. Supaari tried to explain, I think, but it was too abstract. I trusted him, so I gave my consent. Oh my god.”

John watched him labor to bring this new understanding to light. It was a bitter birth.

– The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell

📺 Fave anime

Ergo Proxy or Cowboy Beboy

🎙 Can you sing

I quite enjoy singing, but I’m pretty sure i sound bad lmao.

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