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#cordelia herondale
Modern Day AU
TW: none
Word count: 505
Thank you to @thomas-thedavid-lightwood for helping me figure out what I can write! Also, thank you to @thesapphicrend for helping me pick a Persian name I can use for this fic! 💕
Moon Child
“Ope!” The youngest Carstairs yelled.
“What the hell is ‘ope?’ Alastair whispered to Cordelia.
“No idea, but Māhoor really loves that word now.” Cordelia responded.
Māhoor was jumping all over the place and wouldn’t sit down. Both Alastair and Cordelia were exhausted watching their hyper seven-year-old sibling. Risa and Sona were out on a date and God only knows when they’ll be back.
“Māhoor, do you want to watch a movie?” Alastair asked me. Hoping the activity will calm him down.
“YES!” Māhoor screamed.
“Okay, but you have to sit down and be very quiet,” Cordelia told him. Māhoor nodded their head as a reply.
“Can we watch Frozen?” Both Alastair and Cordelia   groaned.
“How about Layla and I surprised you with a movie this time, Joon?”
Māhoor looked weary at that idea, but nevertheless they said, okay.
Alastair put on his favorite Disney movie as a child. Which was The Emperor’s New Groove. An hour into the movie, Māhoor started getting restless. They got up looked Alastair straight into his eyes and  announced, “This movie is stupid!”
Oh no, Cordelia thought to herself.
Alastair raised his eyebrows and said, “what?”
“I said,” Māhoor put their hands on their waist, “this movie is stupid!”
“It is not!” Alastair argued back.
“Yes, it is!”
“Boys perhaps we should-“Cordelia started, but was cut off by Alastair.
“No, we are not putting on Frozen!”
“No! I want Frozen!” Māhoor yelled.
“Not when you say it like that!” Alastair scolded back.
While Alastair and Māhoor argued. Cordelia found it hilarious that her adult brother, who is twenty-six, is arguing with their seven-year-old sibling. It was very chaotic and entertaining to watch. Both of them have their mother’s stubbornness and attitude, so the fighting isn’t unusual. It was strange though when outsiders saw them fight. People assume Alastair is Māhoor’s father and have no idea they are actually siblings.
They could have their own reality show, Cordelia thought to herself.
After ten minutes of fighting, Sona and Risa came home to the storm called Alastair and Māhoor.
“What is going on here?” Sona said, hands on her hips.
“Nothing!” Both Alastair and Māhoor said. Cordelia bite back a laugh at their reply.
Māhoor then ran up to their mother and said, “Dâsâh and I were talking about how Frozen is the best movie in the world! Right, dâdâsh?” Māhoor looked over to him, with a mischievous smile.
Cordelia snorted while Alastair looked dumbfounded.
“Right,” he mumbled.
“Also, dâdâsh said he was about to put Frozen on for me!”
“Aww how sweet of you, Alastair Joon. You’re a good brother. Enjoy the movie. Risa and I will be in the kitchen making tea if you need us.”
“Did I just lose an argument to a seven-year-old?” Alastair said to Cordelia.
Cordelia laughed and said, “yes, yes you did.”
“Frozen, Frozen, Frozen,” Māhoor chanted.
In the end, Frozen was put on for the twentieth time this week. It was worth it though seeing the smile on Māhoor’s face.
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wagnerthedragon · 2 days ago
As Alastair Carstairs slid onto the rink once more, the olympic stadium was so quiet the only sound to be heard for miles was that of his skates cutting through the smooth ice.
While his fabulous attire caused a massive ripple the surprisingly heteronormative men’s figure skating community, his movements only caused a slight ripple in the fabric of his navy blue skirt. The silver diamonds flowing downward like manufactured tears silently clinked against each other. The color scene of his costume perfectly matched the streaks in his hair and the gold hoops and silver studs along his upper earlobe were just icing on the cake.
Thousands of Iranian flags surrounded him, all encompassing walls of green, white and red. It was Iran’s second year placing in this particular sport and the second year of Alastair’s career outside of the junior league. Only Charles Fairchild was idiotic enough to believe this was a coincidence.
Alastair stopped directly in front of the second place winner and spun around to face the crowd. He blew a kiss to his younger sister, Cordelia. The camera zoomed in on her as she jokingly swallowed it.
When the gold metal was draped over Alastair’s neckline, the audience’s cheers roared so loud people watching from the comfort of their homes were forced to refuse the volume by several bars in order to keep their hearing intact. The people witnessing it live lost that hope during Alastair’s free skate routine.
Barbara dropped her brother's hand and stuck both her fingers in her ears to block out the noise. While Eugenia hurriedly stood and lifted Tomás into the air in an act of celebration. (A feat that would become nearly impossible in just a few short months.)
Once returned to the ground, Tomás fixed his attention to the boy on the screen again. Beautiful.
Tomás had begun skating on recommendation from his physical therapist to ‘get active’. Not the smartest decision on her part, for he had injured, to some degree, every bone in his body from the leg down. But it kept him busy and his family loved going to his competitions an embarrassing amount.
Throughout the entirety of his career, Tomás had been mediocre at best. However watching the god in human form known as Alastair Carstairs skate lit a something in him he hadn’t even known was there. A desire to excel.
Tomás closed his eyes and imagined being able to do something as breathtaking as what he’d just witnessed.
One day, he promised himself, one day.
This is a short snippet from my contribution to Alastair Month, Born To Make History! If it isn’t already obvious from the title and general plot, its a Yuri on Ice!!! Thomastairs AU
Featuring: Tomás Lightwood of Spain, Alastair Carastairs of Iran, Matthew Fairchild of England, James Herondale of Wales, and Kamala Joshi of India (Plus Cordelia as Iran’s champion fencer)
@adoravel-fenomeno @alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @lifewouldbebetteronmars @light-bane08 @thechangeling @thomas-thedavid-lightwood @the-blackdale @the-wckd-powers @hardlymatters @im-not-ruined-im-ruination @arangiajoan @noah-herondale-lightwood @foxglove-airmid @ithurielkeepsgettingkidnapped @sandersgrey @maxboythedog @shelvesofgold @book-dragon-not-worm @hahahax30 very sorry if I forgot your name from the tag list. Lmk if you want to be added/removed from the tag list!!
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lady-lye · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
the girlies from Chain of Iron!! This started out as a doodle page and ended up as... whatever this is! Anyway I love them all to death :) Hope you all like it!!! This piece + some closeups are also on my IG @/ ladylyeart <3 
characters belong to @cassandraclare thanks 4 the tears <3 
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standardmaria · 6 months ago
Me reading Chain of Iron’s ending
Tumblr media
I was so happy, but little did I know
Tumblr media
It all went downhill from here
Tumblr media
Herondales are born to suffer from love, we get it, Cassandra, but wtf
Tumblr media
Right at this point I lost all hope
Tumblr media
Then Cassandra hit us with this
Tumblr media
“And Matthew” you say?
Tumblr media
Not the stars
Tumblr media
In conclusion, (not) thank you Cassandra Clare for breaking my heart into a million pieces.
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erandraws · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“He’s not yours. He’s mine.”
Cordelia Carstairs from Chain of Iron by @cassandraclare
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goingfullpogue · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
She felt the kiss, and the smile it carried, all the way down through her body and her bones.
-Chain of Iron, Cassandra Clare
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angelicordelia · 6 months ago
"daisy, I'm family"
"daisy, my love"
"that's my wife"
"daisy, angel"
"daisy, my daisy"
"daisy daisy daisy daisy"
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bookwormmpotterhead12 · 5 months ago
The real hero in Chain of Iron was Effie the Maid. My girl was promised a good job with respectable people and instead she got two horny adolescents and their gang of maniac friends with a passion for playing detectives and mingling in demon affairs. But she knew exactly what was on her contract and she wasn't about to take anyone's bullshit. Got her night off and everything. We can't help but stan
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lady-lye · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“Show me how to kiss,” she said. “Properly.”
James and Cordelia from a certain tied-up angst-ridden kissing-lesson make-out scene in Chain of Iron... Hope you enjoy it! :) I had a blast working on all the tiny details. Note the William Morris wallpaper-- I like to imagine James has the same interior decorating tastes as his mother. 
Characters belong to @cassandraclare ! This piece is also on my instagram @ /ladylyeart <3 
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Cordelia Carstairs Sexualization in the books
Okay soooo as we know Cordelia was highly sexualized in the book. Remember it’s a YA book. For hundreds of years WOC have been more overly sexualized then white women. It’s honestly fetish-like. Especially to the eyes of men. Like wasn’t there a part where she basically kind of stated that she knows James is just using her for her body. Or is my mind making up things? Anyway it’s disturbing that she though that!!!!! Like think about it compare to Tess, Clary, and Emma, Cordelia is very sexualized. Tessa was never sexualized. Clary and Emma were barely ever sexualized in their books. All those mains are white. Also, where is ALL the same amount of sexualized artworks of Tessa, Clary, and Emma. They definitely don’t have as many as Cordelia. Also let’s not forget James and Cordelia are MINORS! MINORS!!!!! Let’s not forget the hell ruelle performance where she is wearing a not so corseted, draped-like, fitted dress and then did a dance that was meant to be only done by married women because it’s known to be inappropriate! We have a brown main character who is canon to be curvy and she is doing an scandalous performance in a scandalous club. What does that say about how WOC are perceived in these books?
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magigingercal · 6 months ago
Risa referring to Matthew as "circus boy" and "the one from the circus" and calling Thomas "the very tall man" rather than learning their names was hilarious.
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illolila · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
James and Cordelia as ✨The Kiss✨ by Gustav Klimt. I’ve always loved this painting, and after reading Chain of Iron I was really inspired to do a Jordelia version. @cassandraclare
Prints are available through the link in my bio
Reblogs are so appreciated!!
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myangelbach · 12 days ago
✨Wessa family through out the years✨
Part 2
- James Bach doesn't want to have his hair cut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Herondale father and son looking so cute
Tumblr media
-Lulu and ghost! Jessie
Tumblr media
- Lucie Herondale and Cordelia Carstairs holding onto each other for hours upon hours
Tumblr media
- James in the library of the French institute hiding from people and talking to Cordelia about his worries because they trust each other even when they were children and I think that's beautiful♥️
Tumblr media
- James Herondale and Matthew Fairchild doing the Parabatai ceremony
Tumblr media
- Just my babies having a good time with their best friends as they deserve😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Teenage James still refusing to have his hair cut (he knows he looks hot like that)
Tumblr media
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