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fannyrosie · a year ago
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And now for the makeup and actual outfit pictures of that look. I usually put all the pictures of the same outfit together in one post, but the atmosphere and vibes (and cameras) were too different this time, so have two posts for the same outfit.
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alberta-sunrise · 8 months ago
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Corduroy vibes 🙌🏼
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oxyg3n-isoverrated · a year ago
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this dress has ᵗᶦⁿʸ ᵖᵉᵒᵖˡᵉ on it 🥺
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thistledownandmoss · 6 months ago
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booppoopadoop · a year ago
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・1940s forest green corduroy dress
サイズ バスト約49cm、ウエスト34cm、背着丈111cm、スカート丈70cm
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glass-garden · 3 years ago
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🌹🌷🌻 I look serious, but I'm having a good time 🌹🌷🌻
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samanthatroulis · 3 years ago
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Halloween hair 🖤
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utah-mcgraw-99 · 13 hours ago
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sublunaryorchid · a month ago
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it’s giving milkmaid 🐮👼🏻🤍🥛
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aeridi0nis · 4 months ago
remus lupin doesnt dress well!! stop kidding urselves
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gobblewanker · 9 months ago
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More pirate au stuff. Which outfit do you guys prefer for Wendy? Pants or half-dress?
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snootyfoxfashion · 4 years ago
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Cara Smock Corduroy Dress from moddolly
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 11 months ago
Fri 4 June ‘21
“Look out my window and Louis Tomlinson outside”, said the (second) luckiest man in London (first is Harry ofc), and posted a pic of himself with Louis, who is looking cute in a jersey and cap over that long long hair (looks like the guy took a couple blurry pictures out his window then ran out to accost Louis, lol.) He said, “pleasure to meet you on my road this evening” and that Louis was “a real gentleman” (and also a “gemtleman” SO TRUE whether he typed it that way on purpose or not) and “a proper amazing chap.” Also on this guy’s road? A recording studio, specifically the one Louis was pictured working at last week. Looks like Louis was with Charlie Lightening (and at least one other person, unidentifiable). Grown ass men recognizing Louis and running outside to talk to him?? This is the future louies want!
Liam woke up early and hopped straight on his discord to respond to some very sweet messages-- I hope he’s getting some enjoyment out of reading them all. I think a lot about his sister saying that he always read all the stuff fans are saying and is really affected by it and so it always makes me happy when people flood him with positive stuff. He also polled people about NFTs (yes, no, idk what that is) and said he’s going to be in Brazil at the end of the year. OoOh? Then he posted a video telling us about what he dreamed-- “now without sounding like a complete fanboy I had the weirdest One Direction related dream,” he said and that he dreamed he was arguing with Zayn over ownership of a leather jacket, and that he had a boxing match “with Tommo” and “I couldn’t hit him.” “Well at least you know I’m thinking about you, boys!” he concludes.
And, yes, the big drama and discourse of the day (™)... Zayn and Gigi had a full day of getting papped yesterday, with her- according to paps- at a vaccine shot appointment and he showing off his very stylish white tracksuit and yellow hat; and, unfortunately, ending up showing a less press-ready side as well. A short video shows Zayn shirtless and yelling at some guy who is yelling at him and pushing into his space and getting in his face (mostly a lot of “who the fuck are you” from Zayn) while PA Taryn tries to hold onto Zayn and keep them apart. The guy calls Z a f***** and Zayn repeats “I’m a f*****?!”, laughing incredulously, and now half of twitter is canceling him for using slurs, so that’s a fun day for everyone. Then ZaynWeLove you trended worldwide as fans worked to bury the video, but tabloids got wind of it anyway so that was that. According to TMZ “Zayn was smoking a cig outside Amsterdam Billiards Club in the East Village after 2 AM when a group of guys came out of Little Sister Lounge next door and an altercation ensued.” Also “sources say he was wearing [a shirt] at the billiards joint, but it's unclear exactly when or why he took it off”, haha- the attempts from everyone at a definitive shirt removal timeline are for sure the only fun part of this. ANNNNYWAY, how about that Look, he looks like a cyber cow, love that, and also: before all this, Zayn got papped, which generally means Zayn is about to release something or other, so that’s exciting.
More Holivia pics from the pub they were at last night were posted-- in these pics you can see that in fact Harry is wearing a DIFFERENT pair of stripey blue and pink shorts with the cutest cardigan with colored cuffs, also pink and blue, aww. Our lil walking trans flag/ Fine Line cover! We’re told he drank tequila and was (of course) very nice to fans and that PA Luis was sat between him and Olivia (lol). A crowd gathered outside the busy pub trying to get in to Harry, and photographed his and Olivia’s departure; they are shown cuddling a bit on the street, with Luis suddenly nowhere in sight. Very private moments not meant to be captured for the public eye, I’m sure, despite the many fans right there.
The person responsible for Other People Fund, an organization that helps people pay for therapy, told us about Harry Lambert getting some of her merch (shirts and tote bags that say ‘I think we should see other people and by other people I mean therapists”) for Harry Styles! Harry carried the tote for his walks in the park with Olivia last month, HAAAAA AMAZING. I wonder if he was sad no one managed to read the message then? The story is that the girl who makes them had made a post offering to provide Harry with a shirt after his (shirtless) grammys appearance and ended up sending it to Harry L who was like YES WE MUST HAVE THIS and bought two shirts and the tote. Maybe she should make a post for Zayn too, how appropos her messaging would be for this shirtless media moment huh? Anne Marie said the Our Song MV bts won’t be long now and “are you ready???” “No I’m not!” said Niall. A Luca Shreiner Our Song remix is out. Showtime added Louis to their pride month queer playlist and Jason Sudeikis’ show Ted Lasso wrapped its London filming- will this also mean HoliviaUK is a wrap? We can only hope.
#Louis tomlinson#zayn#liam payne#harry styles#holivia#thank you so much for the Z news heads up it can be hard to know a thing is happening when people are actively working#to keep people from finding out that a thing happened...though I suppose once TMZ got on it that was out the window#I starred out f** to be considerate but tbh- it feels weird to me. Like people calling queer a slur when it’s a full on identity and common#word#I know loads of people who self identify as fags and who use that word a lot in casual chat you know?#I’m currently reading a book that uses the word casually every couple pages right now (written by someone who self identifies as a f*****)#which really adds to the dissonance (for me) of the reaction to it on twitter#anyway which isn’t to say dudes throwing the word around as an insult in macho pissing contests is okay#tho for the record I don’t think Zayn’s use of it here is him doing that it sounds to me more like ‘omg you did not really just say that wtf#I’m more bothered by the macho pissing contest part really#if you want the book rec it’s The Freezer Door by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore#who as a side note#has been dressing in brightly colored corduroy flares with lacy collars and pearls and hats with flowers on them since like… the 90s#which is no shade @ Harry just a reminder that he's drawing on and paying tribute to a long tradition of queer culture#not inventing it#I also just read 100 Boyfriends by Brontez Purnell which ALSO uses that word like every other page and is also very good#Sometimes you just gotta catch up on your queer lit I guess anyway there’s a lot of queer culture out there besides twitter and tiktok cult#er tiktok culture I meant but uh#you know what.... lol#4 jun 21
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