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I have a theory on why Tim is always 16/17, and has been since the mid-2000s, despite his siblings growing up around him and time obviously passing, both in canon and in fanon.

This links back to the Red Robin and Final Crisis comics, when Tim was looking for Bruce while Bruce was lost in the timestream. During this time Bruce was under the effect of the omega beams Darkseid shot at him. In locating Bruce, I think Tim might’ve been slightly contaminated by the omega energy, causing Tim’s aging to stop or at least slow down to a virtual crawl.

I think Tim would realise within two years, especially given that he’s still effectively a teenager. However, I don’t think he’d tell anyone. He wouldn’t outright tell the Core Four because he doesn’t think it’s a big deal around them given the aging situations of Bart and Conner. He doesn’t tell the Batfamily due to tenuous relationships with various members after the events of Red Robin and The Battle of The Cowl, although I think some of the members closer to him would figure it out within 6 months of Tim figuring it out. 

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Jay, Evie, Mal and Carlos still love baking together for fun every once in a while, but instead of cookies, they’ve found a dessert they all love that’s even more fun to make: fresh strawberry pie.

Evie has crafted the perfect pie crust recipe, so she likes to take her time mixing the ingredients and carefully rolling out the dough while she leaves Mal to slice the strawberries and boil the strawberry filling. The boys are useless in the kitchen, so they waste their time having whipped cream fights that are mostly just Jay spraying whipped cream over all of them and trying to lick it off.

When the strawberry filling is done and cooled, almost half of it is gone before it’s even put into the pie crust, as they all have too much fun licking it off each other’s fingers.

They’re always a sticky mess by the time the pie is done, so every baking night ends the same: group shower, followed by a night snuggling in front of a movie with popcorn and pie for dessert 🍓🍓🍓

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Thanks for asking! This is an interesting one 👀

The core four know they’re different from all of these preppy Auradon kids. That much is obvious. But they’re also very different from each other.

Where Jay is athletic, the others prefer quieter hobbies. Where Evie loves dressmaking, Mal isn’t interested in fashion at all. And then Mal is artistic, but Jay couldn’t draw a stick man. Carlos loves dogs, but Evie cringes at their barking, and they both love science and math…. while Jay and Mal can’t stand those subjects.

The beauty of the four of them is that they are very different, and they still love each other. They’ve been through a lot together and they’ll continue to grow and stick by each other in Auradon. Because they adore one another for that just as much as for their similarities. Maybe their hobbies and personalities are totally different, but their bond transcends any of that.

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Jay, Mal and Evie all trade earrings regularly, meaning they steal from one another, but it all balances out in the end, but Carlos doesn’t have his ears pierced, nor does he want them (why would he willingly have a needle go through his skin just for an accessory?), so the other three buy him those sticky earrings that are for children and those giant clip on earrings that are a part of like Halloween costumes so that he doesn’t feel left out.

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Oh, this is the best thing you could’ve sent me. Thanks for asking!

Jay is the tallest and he’s constantly giving Carlos and Evie piggybacks around the school to get them to class. Carlos is scared he’ll fall off but he likes feeling tall so he does it anyways, and Evie just likes being held and getting to zoom around (even if she’s a little self conscious of ridiculous they look).

When he offers to pick Mal up, she glares and refuses, but later when they’re alone she “accidentally” falls asleep leaning on him and he gives her a piggyback to her dorm room.

And one time when Carlos and Jay are messing around, he tries giving Jay one and Jay falls on top of Carlos. Evie has to play nurse for the afternoon and scolds them while Mal laughs maniacally in the background.

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Thank you, love!!!

All four of them could actually spend the whole day in the library, just in different sections. Carlos has his science and tech books that he loves and Evie joins him in that section, but she’ll wander over to the child books/fairy tale section and see all the stories she didn’t get as a kid and she’ll take a bunch of them home. Mal is super into plants and gardening because of all the things she needs for potions and spells, so she picks up books on flowers and soil. Jay likes his books about Agrabah, the history of it and the culture of it, so he’s in the travel section a lot.

But, they claim a corner in the far back as their own and brings blankets and drinks and snacks, so even though they all go search out their own kind of book, they always come back to their little cozy corner and read and share what they find.

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Whumptober 2020: Day 18 - Panic! At the disco

Prompt: Panic attacks

Summary: Knowing that something was wrong, Tim really should have said something to Kon instead of letting him enter the training stimulator. It looks like their communication still needs to be worked on after all.

Enjoy! :D

“Well, that was easier than expected.” Tim grins as he walks out of the stimulator. From where they had been watching behind the window, his friends stare at him with deadpan expressions.

“Easy huh?” Cassie comments raising an eyebrow. “Alright Mr. Tough Guy, next time we’ll notch it up two levels and we’ll see how easy that’ll be.”

“Sounds great.” Tim smiles and walks over to the controls. He starts changing and adapting them for Cassie’s turn. “Alright, Wonder Girl, you’re up next. Ready when you are.” Cassie snorts and enters the training stimulator and Tim moves to stand by the window where Kon and Bart were awaiting their goes. 

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Whumptober 2020: Day 15 - Into the unknown

Prompt: Possession 

Summary: When Kon comes to the Tower for the weekend, they instantly know something isn’t right with him. After checking up on him, they soon find that the situation is worse than they imagined 

A/N: As a warning there is a bit of violence in this story. This consists of strangulation and head bashing, nothing too graphic however, I just want to warn people in case!

Enjoy! :D

By some coincidence they had all gathered into the media room over the course of the afternoon. It was only the start of the weekend but not everyone had actually arrived at the Tower yet.

Tim had been the first one to arrive from Gotham, while he could have easily spent time in his room he choose to chill in the media room instead and did some work on his laptop to pass the time. 

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Okay, so we all are aware that the way Lex Luther and Kon interacted during Reign of the Supermen was HILLARIOUS, 100% gen z behavior.

So, I’d like to propose dc make a show of Kon, his daddy issues and hell, just add in young justice. Do you know how funny the core four would be in a show like that?? Pure gen z humor. It’d be like the Harley Quinn show. Just. ✨Immaculate ✨

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Suddenly, i felt insecure.

Everyone else’s lives seems to have not stopped.

I thought theyre just being a fool to deny the existence of the virus.

I was wrong.

My world stopped because i chose to do so.

It wasnt because of anyone or anyone but my cowardice.

I was afraid that everything that was left fine be at risk.

I was afraid to aggrevate things.

I was afraid to take even the slightest bet.

There can still be more.

Just get a little brave.

Believe on your training.

You are more than this virus.


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