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Cooperativa Lar tem vaga para enfermeira(o) em Matelândia

Cooperativa Lar tem vaga para enfermeira(o) em Matelândia

Você tem ensino superior completo e/ou cursando em Enfermagem; COREN ativo; domínio do pacote Office e CNH? 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
Temos uma oportunidade para você em Matelândia – PR!
Acesse o nosso site e confira mais informações sobre a vaga de Enfermeira(o) até o dia 24/01/2021.

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Found some old screenshots from PoE that I don’t think I shared here before.  This guy cracks me up… although I know Aloth was rolling his eyes throughout that whole conversation, and my wood elf Watcher from the Deadfire was going “What the Hel?” when Coren called him a short ogre.

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I really love @corrupted-baby‘s AU, especially Coren, so I just had to sketch this ^^

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Happy Halloween everyone! 

Coren is dressed as everyone for this Halloween! ^^

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Happy Halloween! 

Sorry for the inactivity! We are busy with our stories and Shattered Dad’s story along with irl issues. We’ll get back to the story as soon as we can!

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AUtober day 24: Coren

Have a precious bab! :O

Wow, I’m just realizing this is one of my first favorite AUs. I looked up to this AU so much. And still do! I never imagined I’d talk so often with Mun. XD And they’re even nicer than I imagined. Thank you for being my friend and continue to be amazing!!!

Coren belongs to @corrupted-baby

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Day 5 - Sacrifice 


Originally posted by blackoutrayven

The world was darkness and howls were wind as the sky was plunged into a new chaos.  This was the end of the world as it had been foretold if they should fail in the face of the Twilight Hammer.  And so they had failed, Coren bowed his mighty horned head and sighed deeply.  He had high hopes for this world, but one must face the fact that they cannot all be saved.  Evil must win as much as good should.  

“Isthasy.”  A flat voice spoke behind the tauren but he dared not follow it, the guttural dragon language as much a reprimand as it was a request.  "What are you orders?“

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This dude cracks me up.  I know drug use isn’t funny, but the things this guy says while under the influence sure are!

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Griffen’s part of the Baby Coren Protection Squad! He’s number 9. <3 Coren belongs to @corrupted-baby and hoodie design belongs to @the-steven-squad

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I just want to say that the next ask will have foreshadowing. I will not tell you what or where, only responding in “>:3″. For now, enjoy this quick sketch of Griffen protecting Coren from angst. <3

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Sure can! <3 (I know the wing anatomy is off, but let’s just say the anatomy changes with the fusion XD) @corrupted-baby

(click for better quality)

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