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Well we’re going virtual for a week so that’s fun

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Close! I’m nonbinary pansexual and PROBABLY a bottom? (Idk because 1. Minor, 2. Both my boyfriends are sex-repulsed aces so Me Thinks Not)

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Heh heh quack quack

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Wouldnt mind that tbh my only two moods and personalities are Babey and Whore

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A heck of a lot of frog and cat plushies

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Thanks :D

I stole them :3

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Chimken Numget

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Poor Janny boy dgabdgjadgh

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Ok so Bullet Fic Time because Hurray I’ve Had Writers Block About These Kids for Days (and when I finally dont have it the f***ing asks disappear but oh well, Tumblr)

  • Ok so yes, Patton gets sick
  • Very sick
  • And Patton lives in a house with ten other people,so if he gets sick, everyone is screwed
  • So he’s gotta quarantine
  • Which would be fine
  • But Janus has like two braincells max
  • And Birch, despite being the oldest, is an agent of chaos
  • They WILL be teaching the little ones how to lock pick there is no stopping them
  • Poor Janus is gonna have an aneurysm
  • The pantry is empty and all the kids have brown mustaches so either Remus is working on a new death ray with a really weird fuel source or they stole a bunch of chocolate
  • This is why Janus is the wine mom
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She just can’t function properly around cute girls :(((

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*monotone* I ain’t the sharpest tool in the she-e-e-ed

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There were a lot of things a person could learn in high school.

Quadratic equations, how to figure out a fictional person’s relationship with their parents based on their choice of pastry.

And most importantly, Patton learned that if you were to nice to the world, the world would swallow you whole and spit you back out again in a mangled mess of blood and gore.

He used to be so happy, he and his best friend Remus would play games for hours on the playground.

Once, when Remus had been playing soccer, and Patton had been standing off to the side, picking flowers.

He’d been caught off guard by a gasp, and arms around his neck.

“Check it out! I scraped my knee!” Remus had seemed very excited when he pressed the bloody patch of skin to Patton’s palm. And Patton’s heart fluttered when Remus pressed a kiss to his cheek.

Patton liked hanging out with Remus, liked talking and singing and dancing with him.

But most of all he liked that Remus called him boyfriend and sweetheart and Pattycake and he wasnt afraid to hold his hand and give him kisses and hugs and cuddles.

They slept next to each other during naptime, hands intertwined and smiling. Remus had nightmares, so he watched Patton sleep.

Patton missed that, he missed it more than anything in the world.

Now Remus was to good for him.

Now Remus hung out with his brothers, King, Roman, and Romulus.

And he didnt need Patton anymore.

As a kid Patton was unique and special and sweet.

As a high schooler Patton was naive and stupid and undesirable.

And he couldnt subject Remus to his existence.

So here he was, laminated apology note in the pocket of his skirt, standing on a bridge.

He never really thought warm water could be hard, he knew it could burn, but not like this, he didnt bother fighting as he began to sink, that wouldve been counter productive.

He wasnt sure what else had happened, only that he woke up soon in a hospital bed, Remus sitting beside him, rubbing a thumb into his wrist and holding the note with his other hand.

“Remus?…” Patton’s voice was hoarse, everything hurt.

“Oh gods- Pat-” Patton felt guilty as Remus turned his gaze toward him, tears running down his cheeks.

“Why’d you save me…” Patton said softly.

“Because sweetheart I love you! I’m so sorry we drifted apart- I never should’ve let people say those things to you-” Patton hated seeing Remus cry, he was normally so passionate and fiery, this was unlike him, it was like he’d been broken.

“Nononono dont blame yourself- oh Remus you shouldnt have saved me it’s only making you feel worse!” Patton said hurriedly, he tried to cover his face, only to realize his arms were sore, and one of his legs was propped up away from the bed.

“Patton you jumped off a bridge! You broke your leg! If I hadnt been so caught up with these stupid social games you would be fine!” Remus said.

“Well if you feel that bad… Maybe we could- start over?” Patton said quietly.

Remus paused for a few moments.

“Yeah… I’d like to have my kindergarten boyfriend back, of you’ll have me, Pattycake,”

“I think I’d like that very much, Mouse,”


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I dont wanna do my homework

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Welcome to This Blog segbeagbegab

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Yeah, because Viviana is basically to him like looking in a mirror of someone he barely knows anymore

The same situation would happen to a lesser degree with Patton Emile or Remus, though to lesser extent as they are cis men and the idea of being feminine or assigned as female isnt associated with anything negative or upsetting in their eyes

Of course Virgil is low dysphoria, so it’s not just the similarities that bother him, but we’ll get to that little lore piece later~

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Patton never liked being alone in the imagination.

Not because it was actively scary or anything, no, he adored going on dates with Remus there.

But because he knew things were hiding within it.

Roman had dealt with those things many times, one of them had wound up following him out.

Virgil had dealt with them, to, but never to the extent that Roman had.

Patton, Patton never wanted to go through that.

He remembered sleepless nights when he was a freshly formed side, when his only responsibilities were emotions and to be full of love and sunshine.

When he was at the mercy of morality.

He was in control now, yes, but the responsibilities were terrifying to him now that he knew what they meant.

He knew Romulus was harmless now of course, and he had no intention of causing an issue with him.

But Romulus’ prescience in the mindscape.

Brennan’s ability to impersonate and imprison Virgil for several weeks without even one side noticing.

It scared him.

It made him question what else might be lurking there, what might be able to return from it.

“Pattycake you’re making your worry wart face again,” Patton let out a small help as Remus pulled him back into his lap, calloused hands moving to grab at the fat rolls accentuated by a crop top.

“Mouse! that tickles!” Patton said, grabbing Remus’ arms and bursting into a fit of laughter.

“Good! I wanna hear you laughing! No thinking, only pretty little Patton giggles!” Said Remus, now moving to attack Patton’s neck, earning a shriek of laughter.

“Ok ok! I’ll stop thinking!” Patton said, proceeding to cross his eyes. Remus lay his forehead on Patton’s and followed suit.

They like that for a while, until Patton was struck with a sudden jolt of terror.

“Pattycake? What’s wrong? What happened?” Remus had sat up before Patton jolted forward, narrowly avoiding a forehead collision.

“Bad feeling-” Patton said, latching to Remus’ arms.

“About?” Remus prompted.

“Something in the imagination- I- I think-” Patton’s breath hastened.

“Its him isnt it?” Remus’ eyes widened in understanding.

“I have to go check- Remus please I cant let him get in here like the others- please-” Patton tried to fight his way past Remus, and with enough shoving, finally broke off.

The imagination was cold and dark, just as he remembered his room had been when he was younger.

“Dad? I know you’re in here.” Patton tried his best to put on a brave face.

“Oh? Dad am I? I thought I told you to call me Father.” Patton stiffened as a growl sounded from the house.

“And quit grimacing. You look better when you smile.” Doyle stepped out from the shadows. He looked exactly as Patton remembered him.

Blue sweater, gray tuxedo jacket, gray dress pants, Patton could almost smell the sawdust.

“I dont take orders from you anymore.” Patton’s voice was quivering now, it was one thing to talk to a disembodied voice, but a completely different thing for it to for looming over you.

And it was even harder feeling leather come in contact with flesh.

Patton wasnt sure when he got back to the mindscape, only that his face felt v e r y numb.

“Pattycake! What the hell happened in there!” Remus was worried, that wasnt a good sign.

“I-I cant feel my face- he- Remus what did he do to my face?” Patton said, trying to get a look at his reflection in any nearby surface.

“Oh you poor thing…” Remus said quietly, scooping Patton up into his arms.

“I’m taking you to Virgil, me Roman and Romulus will handle my bother-in-law,” Remus said, before sinking out.

DOUBLE BUBBLE DISCO QUEEN- HEADED TO THE GUILLOTINE-” Virgil’s P!ATD karaoke session was cut off by Patton and Remus’ sudden appearance in his room, and punctuated by a scream.



Roman and Romulus had arrived on the scene shortly after Virgil’s declaration of terror.

“Patton what’s on your face?” Virgil had already rushed over with a kit, Patton flinched as he ran his hands along his face.

“I dont know- he said I needed to smile more and then I just- blacked out-” Patton said, flinching every few words.

“Hold on… He? What do you mean he?” Virgil moved his hands away for a few seconds.

“That’s what I need Ro and Ru for, the in-laws are back,” Remus said, he and Roman shivered slightly.

“You go after him, I’ll fix all this nonsense-” Virgil said, pressing something wet to Patton’s face.

It was heaven when all the wire was finally removed, but Patton’s face was now coated in blood, and holes.

“I wotn be able to fix it all, just think of it as new freckles, and try not to move your face to much ok?” Virgil said quietly, Patton merely nodded.

He went to bed in Remus’ arms secure in the knowledge that the hyenas they considered like children were feasting on the bones of a man who never put thought into the feelings of other people.


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Gay 💖

Also these big fluffy nightmare before christmas socks

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