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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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High school junior: Is it true that every junior has a horrible and stressful year?
College student: No? I mean mine was pretty bad, but I was a junior for the 2016 election and the first bit of Trump's presidency, so.
HS junior: ...But this year is the 2020 election AND we have COVID-19 with classes still in person.
College student: ...You have bad things coming to ya, kid.
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I feel like such an adult for filing a complaint with the HSE about not being allowed to wear a mask at work.

I’m other news, my manager said the demon director had it in her head that if were wearing our lanyards, we don’t have to wear a mask while walking around the gallery / around people. I just… how could someone be this ignorant? I couldn’t make up her illogical beliefs if I tried

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Currently attending a funeral (old age).

All (Canadian) attendees: wear their masks, say “sorry I can’t hug you” met with a chuckle and a “eh!”, elbow bumps and fist bumps and carry on with conversations as usual.

The American aunt and uncle - whine, tell everyone that it’s a hoax, this is ridiculous, they went to a high risk State (see their daughter) and they didn’t even catch it, etc.


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One thing I missed about the summer is playing the Random Broken Piano’s in the city with the broken keys and broken sustain pedals lol. This is me & @xboy1088 3yrs ago messing around with “First Began” by @pjmorton #Lancaster #RedRose #Covid19 #2020 #Coronavirus #Pianos #PJMorton #Gumbo #FirstBegan (at Tellus360)

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just woke up from a covid/moving/apocalypse stress dream in which i was panicking because my flight had a layover in hawaii but hawaii was gone since it SANK under global warming runoff

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