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it’s very weird being hung up on a straight cis dude rapper as a choir lesbian / transmasc?? like. the nature of my fascination is either 1) i see parts of myself in him and empathize, 2) i wanna be famous like him, 3) i wanna fuck him and am suppressing it bc i want to be a “full-fledged” lesbian.

gut instinct says it’s like 3/4s number 1 and ¼ number 2, with a sprinkle of number 3. but this uncharacteristic focus has me scrutinizing all my past romantic and sexual interactions with men trying to figure out what i wanted out of them, what i liked about them in the first place. like, i’d love to be CORPSE’s confidante, but i simply cannot imagine being into sexual shit w a man– any man, regardless how attractive. i mean, i dated a dude for over a year despite consistently dissociating during sex, and just thought it was normal to hone your sex skills on someone you weren’t attracted to.

TL;DR i keep finding myself focusing on CORPSE when i’m a lesbian and it’s confusing and somewhat distressing

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random texts w/ boyfie corpse

warnings: cursing lol

synopsis: random messages between corpse and his s/o :)

angie’s love note: honestly i have no idea wtf this is but I was bored and came up with them, they’re bad pls I’m sorry


another little note: let me know if you guys would be interested in more of these types of things!

general taglist: @flightsandfantasy @annshit @propertyofdindjarin @justanothersilentreader @lazy-little-me @simonsbluee @babybatjason @fae-nights @yukinesekki98 @shinyyoonie @johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt @bubblyanis @corpsesimps @abbiesthings @nekomacam @petit-chasseur-detoiles @locallolli @reddeserths @thepackmama01 @wildflowerwhore @cinnamorollcorpsey @twst-gummyshark @benjaminka @crapimahuman @susceptible-but-siriusexual @weepingdonuthumancookie @unded-bride @astria-luther @rookamongcrows @letsloveimagines @iinsomiac @arossebyanyothername @womanizerbucky @yashinosakura @yeehaw-dior @itsminniekat @haikyuu-appreciation-club @ilovepizzaandimhot @hufflepuff-always-and-forever @xaestheticalien @witchybarb @cdizzlevalntyne

taglist is closed! (if your name is in bold it means I cannot find/tag your blog)

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Sykkuno has been streaming Minecraft on Twitch for the last 3 hours for those that wanna tune in for the rest of his stream!

Hopefully the link works 😅

And sorry I wasn’t able to post this sooner. I always try to update you guys whenever Sykkuno, Corpse, Valkyrae, etc is streaming and give yall the link

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Corpse as a Husband (Headcanons)

Corpse x Reader

Requested by Anon

Summary: Corpse as a Husband Headcanons

Notes: So I’m now realizing that this was more of just the proposal and wedding part of it all and not like him as a husband lol. but i hope you like it and thank you to the anon that requested it!

- i don’t think much would change when you and corpse get married

- cause all marriage is (in my opinion) is basically just dating but you have made a huge promise to one another, if that makes sense

- he’s probably super nervous when he’s about to propose. it might not be anything fancy. he might try to make you a nice dinner at home

- as you’re sitting across from him, he can’t help but admire your beauty. you’re literally the most beautiful person he’s ever laid his eyes on and he can’t believe you agreed to ever dating him

- with that being said, you can only imagine what his reaction would be when you said yes to his proposal

- i can’t really imagine him saying some cheesy shit like “having you by my side completes me.” or anything cheesy like that. though while it is true, that’s just not his vibe, ya feel?

- he’d probably be like “i know life is fucked, but will you live through it with me?” or some shit like that, idk

- after you said yes, he would be over joyed and would hug you so tight. and when you kiss him, it felt like he was falling in love with you all over again

- a while after the proposal, you guys did talk a bit about wedding plans but nothing really. you weren’t in a rush, considering covid, you guys were just vibing at home, continuing on with life as you would

- but once the time did come closer, it was pretty chill. you guys agreed on basically everything. you both wanted a really small edding, with just your families and close friends. he let you take control of the decorations, only giving his input here and there. to him, this wedding was for you, he didn’t care about the small details really, he trusted you

- when the day came, he was beyong scared. standing up in front of everyone, he was a sweating mess. but when he saw you walking down the isle, it’s like all the anxiety suddenly disappeared

- you were absolutley stunning. like he didn’t think you could get anymore gorgeous but you really proved him wrong

- he’s not afraid to admit that he started crying when you stood in front of him. you were a goddess in his eyes and he couldn’t believe this was all happening

- you kept your composure until corpse said his vowes, then you started bawling like a baby. corpse has never been one to express himself but each word that came from his mouth was just so genuine and full of love

- you could hear each of your mothers crying and it made you both laugh

- when the wedding official said the words “you may now kiss the bride” corpse couldn’t hold back. he pulled you in by your waist and gently kissed your lips.

- your friends and family all stood and clapped as the kiss went on for a few seconds. when you pulled away, you swear your heart was going to pound out of your chest, you were sure your newly wed husband was feeling the same way

- you guys decided not to go on a honeymoon, instead deciding to just stay home and take a break from your jobs for a few days.

- in conclusion, nothing would really change. but even after all these years, corpse couldn’t believe you were still by his side and you loved him as much as he loved you

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First Meet |||

Corpse x Y/N

Desc: After playing with the group for about 3 months now, you’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with them. They’re amazing people and they make you so genuinely happy. While streaming one day, they decide to ask you a question - something that you’ve had on the back of your mind for a little while now.

Notes: Part 3 to “First Meet.” I hope you all have/had an amazing day. <3 Happy Thanksgiving to you all that celebrate it!

Warning/s: Like one cuss word

- I made an Instagram for this account, @auramindedd - the same as this account! :)


“I think I’m gonna go now. I’ve got some things to get finished before I head to bed.” You say when the round is over.

“No!” Corpse screams into his mic, making you giggle. “Just one more round.” He pleads. You can hear the fake pout in his voice.

“Two more.” Rae adds.

“Three more.” Poki says afterwards.

“Maybe two more.” In reality, you love playing with them too much. It’s always hard to end the streaming, even when you’re getting bored of playing. Everyone screams in excitement. You smile widely at these amazing people.


“Okay, the body was in Admin, right where you fix oxygen.” Rae explains.

“Whoever wasn’t on the left side did it then. We were all fixing oxygen in O2 besides Poki and Sykkuno.” Corpse says.

“Sykkuno! You killed Poki?!” Rae exclaims.

“N-No, I would never kill Poki.” Sykkuno says, but you can never tell when Sykkuno is lying or not. This is going to be hard.

“Sykkuno, you were the only one that wasn’t in O2 with us. Are you the impostor?” Lily asks.

“No, I’m not.”

“Someone could’ve went out to the hallway and did a vent kill. We’ll spare you, Sykkuno.” Rae says.

“Thank you, guys.” Curse Sykkuno’s naturally innocent voice.

As all the colorful characters run around, Corpse’s black character runs around yours, signifying for you to follow him - it’s something that he always does while playing with you.

In Navigation, Corpse kills Leslie, making you gasp. He reports the body, hoping that you’ll be on his side. You spare Corpse, and play it off.

“The body was on top of vents in Navigation. Y/N and I walked in on the body together.” Corpse explains.

“Okay, Leslie and Rae went left side together, and now Rae is in Storage.” Sykkuno says.

“It’s not me!” Rae says defensively.

“Woah, we never said it was you. I was just saying what I saw.”

“It’s Rae, I saw her walk out down the hall into Storage.” Corpse says, and even though you were with him, you genuinely can’t tell if he’s lying or not.

“Y/N, did you see her walk down, too?” Toast asks.

“Yeah, I did.” You answer.

Rae is voted off, and you smile to yourself, happy to be helping Corpse with his Imposter round. Over a FaceTime call (though, all you saw was a black screen,) Corpse told you about how he’s been throwing his Imposter rounds. He talked about how he gets nervous because of the stream, causing him to throw any round really.

Corpse circles around you again, and you follow him into Electrical. Sykkuno is in there with Sean and Charlie. Sykkuno and Corpse do a double kill. Sykkuno reports Charlie’s body.

“There were two dead bodies in Electrical, Sean and Charlie. Me, Y/N, and Corpse walked in on it, meaning it was Toast and Lily.” Sykkuno announces.

There’s a lot of screaming, but you stay quiet, only giggling here and there. You all convince Toast to vote off Lily, and the Imposters win.

“Y/N! Third Imposter-ing? Really?” Rae exclaims.

“Sorry, I had to. Corpse just talked to me about how he throws all his Imposter rounds.” You explain, feeling a little bit guilty about having Crewmates lose.

“As a ghost, it was funny to watch.” Poki giggles.


“Okay guys, I’m gonna go now.” You say after playing two more rounds with the group.

“No!” Corpse groans, dragging it on for a long time.

“Corpse, I have to.” You laugh, making him groan again, longer this time. The whole group laughs.

“Please, Y/N!” Rae groans along with Corpse.

“Babes, I have to go.” You pout, feeling sad that you have to go.

“Yeah, babes, she actually has to go.” Corpse mocks Rae’s nickname that you have for her, and now you’re confused because a minute ago, he was practically screaming at you not to leave.

“No! No she doesn’t!” Rae screams at Corpse.

“Yeah, she does, and I have to go too.” Corpse screams back at Rae. Of course, this is all in a playful manner.

“Just a minute ago you didn’t want her to leave!” Rae screams.

“I have to go FaceTime her so, she does have to leave. And I do too!” Corpse says, catching you offguard.

“Oh my God, you’re so annoying Corpse. You FaceTime her every single night.”


“And I need some time with my BFFL too!”

“Guys, please, I really have to go get ready for bed.” You say, catching your breath after laughing so hard at Corpse and Rae fighting.

“Wait! Poki and I have a question.” Rae says urgently.

“What’s up?”

“Let’s say it at the same time, Poki.” They count down from three.

“Will you move in with us?” Poki and Rae say simultaneously.

You’re taken aback, but after they both mentioned it one time, you’ve kind of had this at the back of your head. You thought it’d take you a while to think about an answer, but your answer is yes.

“Y-” You’re cut off by Corpse’s screaming again.

“Wait! Do you wanna live in LA or San Diego? I remember you told me you love San Diego. You could come live with me.” Corpse says, interrupting your answer.

“Corpse! Shut up, she’s living with us!” Rae screams at him. Now you’re torn. You’ve been thinking about living with Poki and Rae since the first day they bought it up.

“Corpse, you’re WiFi is bad, remember?” You remind him, hoping he’ll rethink his suggestion on you living with him. It’s true though, you do love San Diego.

“Okay then let me live with you guys.” Corpse suggests.

“No! It’s an all girls house.” Poki exclaims.

“Y/N?” Corpse drags your name.


“Who do you wanna live with?” He asks.

“Ahh, guys. Okay, Poki and Rae asked me first, and I’ll still be in California. I can visit you whenever you want me to.” You give him reasons, hoping that he’ll understand your decision.

“Okay then, you’ll visit me everday?” He asks, making everyone laugh.

“Be reasonable, Corpse.” Sean says, and this is the first time someone else in the Discord has talked besides Corpse, Rae, and Poki.

“I think I am being pretty reasonable, don’t you, Y/N?” Corpse asks.

“No, Corpse, I don’t think you’re being reasonable. I promise, I’ll visit you as often as you want me to.”

“Okay, as often as everyday.”

“So you are moving in with us, right?” Rae then asks.


“No,” Corpse says after you answer.

“Corpse, please. I’ll FaceTime you if you stop.” It’s funny what he’s doing, but you’ve made your final decision.

“Okay, okay, I’m done.” He finally stops. You say bye to everyone, texting Poki and Rae afterwards, arranging what you are going to do before moving in. Corpse FaceTimes you whilst you do so.

You two talk about a lot of random things. It’s nice that he talks to you about a lot of stuff that goes on in his life. It makes you feel comfortable enough to talk to him about what goes on in your life.


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