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Corpse Groom (or the Corpse Bride / Hannibal mash-up)

Young William Graham just wants to live his socially awkward life with his piano in peace but his parents are forcing him into an arranged marriage with a woman named Alana that he’s actually never even met. Not Will’s idea of romantic. But his parents can be pretty persuasive (and forceful).

Of course, with Will’s luck, he ends up promising himself to a wrongfully murdered corpse groom Hannibal when Will goes to the forest to practice his wedding vows. Hannibal takes him into the world of the dead and when Alana comes to save her groom from the underworld, Will isn’t exactly sure anymore if he even wants to be saved. Okay, Hannibal is basically a creepy black skeleton with horns but he loves music and even reunited Will with his dead childhood pet Winston! So what if Hannibal intends to make the dead roam the earth and is a little hellbent on revenge against those who murdered him? He’s also a surprisingly good cook for a dead man 🤷‍♀️

(More Hannibal mash-up ideas: Friends | Frasier | Due South | The Martian | Love is Blind)

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alright let’s try this again

hi i like a lot of things and i was wondering if anyone else out there liked the same things as i do. last time i tried this i received some… questionable responses so i’ll clear up some things.

if you’re in your barely in your teens or 25+, i probably won’t try to befriend you. im barely 18 and still in high school. sorry about that! also NO NSFW of any kind. tagged NSFW counts too. crude jokes are the exception though!!

also you have to be a nice person and be generally accepting and respectful. if you spend your life on the internet solely disliking something then you probably need a new hobby, my friend.

anywhoo, onto the good stuff!

my interests:

  • invader zim (i have no ships)
  • villanos/villainous
  • psychonauts
  • phantom of the opera
  • ok ko let’s be heroes
  • looney tunes
  • phantom manor/haunted mansion
  • lemon demon and other quirky music
  • animal crossing
  • the nightmare before christmas and corpse bride
  • peculiar but interesting facts
  • disney/dreamworks/etc animation in general
  • cute things
  • nostalgic things like amvs with the rainbow filter and cascada
  • historical media
  • satire
  • fanfiction and fanart
  • oc’s or oc x canon
  • and plain just having fun!!!

if you wanna talk but are too shy that’s okay! you can always start off with anon asks. just please don’t try venting to me without my consent.

if we used to talk and stopped talking, feel free to message me! i probably miss our chats <3

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I feel like I already did this before, but I can always do more! 

  • He is totally the type to dance with you barefoot in your pajamas at 3 in the morning.
  • He knows how to cook! Not too many things, but he will always make you breakfast. 
  • If you bring him something alive to sketch, like a butterfly or a fish or something like that, he will be so happy.
  • He’s a dog person, so if you ever bring home a dog and ask if you two can keep it, he doesn’t have it in him to say no.
  • He really loves spending time with you where you two are in the same room but each doing your own thing, like you reading while he draws.
  • This boy does not like loud noises. They scare him. So if you tell him you want to move somewhere quiet like a cottage in the woods he would be thrilled.
  • If you can sing, he’ll write pieces for you to sing while he plays piano. 
  • Whenever he has to go out, for work or to get food or whatever, he always brings you back home a bouquet of red roses. 
  • He cuddles you in his sleep like a koala. 
  • He’ll really get along with you if you’re some kind of artist like he is. If you can play music, sing, write, draw/paint, or anything like that, you’re pretty much his soulmate. 

I hope these were good! And feel free to send more, I love doing them! 

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