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#corpse bride imagines

I feel like I already did this before, but I can always do more! 

  • He is totally the type to dance with you barefoot in your pajamas at 3 in the morning.
  • He knows how to cook! Not too many things, but he will always make you breakfast. 
  • If you bring him something alive to sketch, like a butterfly or a fish or something like that, he will be so happy.
  • He’s a dog person, so if you ever bring home a dog and ask if you two can keep it, he doesn’t have it in him to say no.
  • He really loves spending time with you where you two are in the same room but each doing your own thing, like you reading while he draws.
  • This boy does not like loud noises. They scare him. So if you tell him you want to move somewhere quiet like a cottage in the woods he would be thrilled.
  • If you can sing, he’ll write pieces for you to sing while he plays piano. 
  • Whenever he has to go out, for work or to get food or whatever, he always brings you back home a bouquet of red roses. 
  • He cuddles you in his sleep like a koala. 
  • He’ll really get along with you if you’re some kind of artist like he is. If you can play music, sing, write, draw/paint, or anything like that, you’re pretty much his soulmate. 

I hope these were good! And feel free to send more, I love doing them! 

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Henlo I am BACK,,, and I have been p stressed lately, my sanity is hanging by a thread, and I was wondering if you could write some comfort headcanons for our BOI (like how he’d notice you’re upset, how he’d comfort you, etc) thank u for ur time

Oh yay you’re back! I always love making up Victor Van Dort HCs for you. And I’m sorry you’re not doing too well, so I will do my best! 

  • Lots of cuddles. If you need to be held, he will hold you. 
  • If you wanna talk about what’s wrong, he’ll sit and listen quietly. This boy is a fantastic listener. 
  • If you don’t wanna talk about it though, that’s ok too. Know that he’s there for you either way.
  • Drawing is his go-to de-stresser, so if you don’t know how to draw he will teach you so it can be yours too. 
  • He’ll play piano for you! He’ll make sure to only play slow, calming melodies though. 
  • He’ll read to you! He really likes poetry, so what he reads to you will most likely be poetry.
  • Lots of kisses, but only if you want them. Even if you don’t, he’ll sneak in a kiss to the back of your hand anyways. 
  • If you need to take out your stress and you’re in the mood for it, fuck him into the mattress and cover him in bruises. 

I hope you feel better! 

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I don’t know that much about pegging but I will do my best!

  • Usually this boy is quiet as fuck, never raises his voice, but this is the one exception. If you peg him he will be loud as fuck, so make sure its just the two of you at home. 
  • Throw all the vanilla shit out the window. Be rough. Shove his face into the mattress and fuck him like you mean it. 
  • Victor is sensitive as hell, so if you peg him he’ll probably cum more than once in one round. If he cums but you still haven’t, keep going. It’s fine, really, I promise. He loves it. 
  • Victor has never said a single swear word once in his entire life, but that will change when you peg him. He will swear like a sailor and you’ll quickly learn that he has a very dirty mouth. 
  • If you do it right, he’ll cry, but not in pain! Those are tears of pleasure, and he’ll let you know that. 
  • Kiss down his spine while you peg him doggy style and the sweet boy will follow you around with hears in his eyes for the rest of his life. 
  • Pretend you’re the man in the relationship while you peg him and call him a girl and he’ll moan so pretty. Example, tell him “look at my pretty girl, taking all of her mans cock so well” and he’ll start telling you he loves you and won’t stop. 

I hope these were alright! 

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Hhhhhh could I have some headcanons on how Victor would act during the build up to sex? For example, how he would initiate or show that he’s in the mood (if he could at all lmao, he’s an anxious boi), how he’d respond to his s/o initiating, foreplay, stuff like that .0.

Oooooooooo yes

  • He is very blushy. He is bright red and stays that way. You might ask if he’s feeling ok, because he looks like he’s overheating, and he is, but not in the way you’re thinking.
  • He becomes very, very sensitive to touch. If you place your hand, let’s say, on his leg, he will jump back like he’s been electrocuted. 
  • The number one way you can tell he’s turned on but trying to hide it is that he’ll keep pulling at the bottom of his shirt. It’s because he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s getting an erection. 
  • Another way to tell is that he won’t be able to tear his eyes away from your chest. He is not at all subtle about it. He only starts doing this when he’s really desperate though, so if it gets to this point you better get him somewhere private and take care of him. 
  • He’s such a sub that if you’re in the mood and he’s in the mood and you pull him away to, let’s say, a supply closet to fuck, he will go willingly, eagerly even.
  • During foreplay he shakes like crazy. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time together or your hundredth time together, he shakes like a scared rabbit. Kiss him lots and the shakes will go down. Not disappear completely, but go down. 
  • He sighs a lot while your clothes and his clothes are being removed. Every time either of you gets a little more naked he sighs over the bare skin longingly, even though it’s there for him to touch.
  • Take off your bra last. Make him wait for it. He likes seeing the rest of you, of course, but he’s a boobs guy, so if you make sure to really draw it out and show him your boobs last, if he wasn’t desperately horny before, he sure is now. 
  • Sink onto his cock slooooowwwwwwly. He’ll gasp and sigh and it’ll sound so pretty. His eyes will roll back in his head and he might actually cum right then and there. 
  • Kiss him a ton!! He loves to be kissed! Cover his chest and face in kisses! Oh, and his neck. Neck kisses drive him wild.  

I’m really loving writing these, please send in as many as you want. 

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Henlo do u have any dating headcanons for Victor,,, I am in need of sustenance™️

For you? Of course.

  • Victor is a gentleman. A very shy and nervous gentleman, but a gentleman nonetheless. 
  • He is always going to be pulling your seat out for you, holding the door open for you, etc. 
  • He knows how to ballroom dance and he will be more than happy to teach you, dancing with you well into the night until you can dance it perfectly. 
  • He will write you songs on the piano! Be prepared for lots of “I wrote this last night while thinking of you” followed by some of the most beautiful piano music you’ve ever heard. 
  • He loves it when you call him yours! Whenever you introduce him to others as your boyfriend/fiancee/husband he starts smiling and won’t stop for the rest of the day. 
  • Please give this boy kisses, he loves kisses. Whenever you kiss him and then pull away, he’ll lean in and follow you, not wanting the kiss to end. 
  • He really loves doing that thing where you he’ll offer you his elbow and you take it. It makes him feel like he’s treating you right, which he always is, but whenever you do that he feels really good about himself. 
  • Not only will he play and write music for you, but he’ll draw you as well! He only ever does it when you’re not looking though, so most, if not all, of his drawing of you are of you sleeping or reading a book or something like that.

Victor Van Dort is a soft boy and I love him. 

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