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#corpse fic
thefanficmonster · 12 hours ago
Interesting Encounters
Corpse Husband *& Reader (Female)
Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Paranoia and Fear of Invasion of Privacy
Genre: FLUFF, Humor, RPF (Real Person Fic)
Summary: Corpse has an interesting run-in with his regular delivery girl, having the chance to talk to her for the first time despite her having been delivering to his door for months. It’s a big step in overcoming his anxiety and paranoia when talking to strangers.
Requested by Anon. Hi darling! Thank you so much for your wonderful request! Hope you come across the final product of your request and give it a read and if so I hope you like it! Sorry for the wait, I hope it was worth it though! Love, Vy ❤
It’s a regular Monday morning, close to 10AM and Corpse’s face is practically glued to the sound editing app he’s downloaded, playing around with some cool effects to add to his voice in the background of the new song he’s been working on. He hasn’t been able to sleep a wink thanks to the immense excitement, not that he would’ve been able to regardless, but the tune and the lines have been stuck in his head all throughout the weekend and he knows they’ll be bothering him until he turns them into something other people will be able to listen and give an opinion on as well. So far he’s done plenty of work but there’s plenty more to go until it’s done. He’s at that point he usually needs feedback and wants to ask for it but would rather not to avoid either too harsh judgement or fake praise.
He slides the headset off, deciding to take a break for the sake of his sanity before he drives himself to insanity with the intensity of his focus on this new piece. His brain just so conveniently sends him a reminder that his groceries are probably waiting for him outside the door. He has, as of the last half a year or so, had someone deliver his groceries to him to avoid trips to the grocery store with both the whole pandemic situation and the growth of following which translates to growth of the risk of him getting recognized. That’s the main reason - and maybe the only one - as to why he doesn’t interact with the people who deliver to him either. He always gives his delivery person the instruction to leave whatever he’s ordered at the doorstep and if it’s not takeout to not even ring the doorbell. 
That being said, the deliverer of his groceries doesn’t ring the doorbell to give him the kind reminder to be responsible, but luckily he hasn’t forgotten to collect them yet in the six months he’s been practicing this delivery technique.
Going to the front door and looking out of the peephole, he confirms there are several full plastic bags waiting to be picked up on the mat. With the person who brought them not in sight, Corpse unlocks the door and steps out to bring in the groceries for the week. Taking them to the kitchen, he unpacks the goods in the three bags. At first glance he would’ve been fooled, seeing as how it seems that all he has ordered is there. But, each Monday, he receives exactly four bags of groceries. One is missing. He rolls his eyes thinking he didn’t see it outside and left it there while he was hurriedly collecting the rest so he gets up to go grab it real quick.
While in the meantime...
Y/N looks through the remainder of bags in her minivan, making a route in her head for what roads and shortcuts she can take to deliver the last of the groceries to the respective homes they need to be taken to. Upon looking through them, however, she sees a bag labeled ‘MM’ that she uses short for ‘Mystery Man’, aka the guy who never opens the door to greet her whenever she delivers him anything. She works for several delivery services such as takeout, groceries, clothes even and has delivered to that apartment hundreds of times but has never met the resident, giving her the right to call him Mystery Man, aka ‘MM’.
“Ah, shit.“ She mumbles under her breath, realizing she failed to grab the fourth bag when on her way up to MM’s apartment.
Coming to terms with the fact that she’ll have to lose another five minutes going back up to his floor, she grabs the bag and takes off running back inside the building and up the stairs, deciding it would be quicker than taking the elevator.
Just as she arrives to the floor, heading straight for the door, it opens, freezing her in her tracks as her eyebrows shoot up.  At the doorstep stands a guy with an eye patch who looks more surprised and maybe even a little terrified than her. Taking in that Mystery Man is not such a mystery anymore, she returns to her professionalism, remaining at a distance and outstretching the hand holding the bag towards him.
“Sorry, forgot to drop this one off as well, I’m a bit all over the place today.“ She says in her most professional voice.
Corpse too regains his composure and takes the handed bag from Y/N gloved hand. Before he can think twice about it he says, “Thanks, uh...”
“Y/N.“ She says, “I’ve delivered to you countless times, it’s funny you don’t know my name but it’s to be expected since I’ve never seen you. This would be a good time to tell me your name so I don’t have to call you Mystery Man anymore.“ She laughs, cutting her own laughter off barely a second later when she realizes what she’s said, “Oh, fucking shit...”
Corpse chuckles, clear amusement in the sound, “Mystery Man? Interesting, interesting. If I ever become a superhero I’ll make sure to pick that name.” He fails to even pay mind to the fact that he’s spoken a lot more than he’d usually feel comfortable with.
Y/N laughs a little awkwardly, rubbing the back of her neck, “Yeah, sorry about that. I promise to come up with a better one if you’re not willing to tell me your real one. Like....Pirate, for example?” she suggests, raising her shoulders.
He can’t help but let out a laugh, “You’d be surprised, but my name is not so far from your mark. It’s, um....” He’s not looking forward to the judgmental look or the questions he might receive in response to his statement but he succumbs to the expected disappointment, “My name’s Corpse.”
Surprisingly, she just smiles - a smile he cannot see due to the surgical mask she’s wearing but the crinkle at the corners of her eyes gives it away. “Cool! Well, I better get going then.”
Just as she turns to head for the elevator this time, seeing as she’s still out of breath from the run up the stairs, Corpse gets an idea he’d probably not be too fond of if he gave himself time to think it over. Which is exactly why he didn’t.
“Hey!“ He calls after her, gaining her attention immediately, causing her to turn around, “You got a minute? I need a little help with something...“
Y/N’s eyebrows raise a little, a moment before she shrugs her shoulders, “Meh, I’m already behind schedule, what’s an extra minute gonna do?” And just like that, they strut their way back towards his apartment.
He can’t help but chuckle, taking the opportunity to crack a joke, “This is how people often get killed. You don’t just walk into a stranger’s apartment like that.”
She scoffs as she passes the threshold, “Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about a person based on the groceries they buy. And trust me buddy, you’re not a murderer.” Earning herself a laugh and a nod with that remark, she continues, “You do appear to be an artist with all the cheap food you’re buying though.”
Corpse laughs yet again, a hint of nervousness is sensed in his laugh this time around though, “Yeah, well, I don’t know if you’re still gonna call me an artist when you hear this song I’ve been working on. Not even out of the box yet.”
Y/N stops in her tracks, “Well, well, well, aren’t I honored to be one of the lucky people hearing this before its release.”
“The first hearing it before its release.“ He corrects her with a pointed look, not missing the excitement that arose in her eyes.
“Let’s hear it then!“
Of all the friendship stories that exist, no one can say this ain’t a unique one.
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corpseglider · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing .. corpse x youtuber!reader (gn)
summary .. two faceless youtubers betting the looks of their appearance
Tumblr media
"What if I just..” Your voice trailed on, the volume being monotone from the boredom you were facing. You’d been streaming for hours now, trying your best in countless games, winning and losing some.
The time seemed to move at snail speed, the energy having died down in the last hour or two. All you wanted was a little pick-me-up to get the gang going again.
“What if I sent a picture of my face to one of you guys?”
You surprised yourself with your suggestion, wondering if this was a good idea or not, before deciding that you could trust these people. After all, they were your friends and they knew how important a face reveal was to a faceless youtuber.
“Are you sure, Y/N?” Rae asked, worried for your privacy. “That seems like kind of a big deal, we don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
You spoke into the mic, reassuring them of your decision. “It’s alright, guys.” You ran your little character in circles around the three crates. “I trust you.”
As you finished responding to Rae, an idea popped into your head. A genius idea that would for sure get the group excited. “What if we all played hide and seek, and I was the seeker?”
“And whoever I find last gets a selfie from your’s truly?”
Everyone laughed, gaining interest in your little bet. They all thrived on competition no matter what the prize was, the idea of your face was nothing in comparison to the idea of victory.
“You’re positive about this, Y/N?” You hear Corpse ask right as the timer began to count down from ten. A blush formed on your cheeks, hearing his concern for you.
You unmuted your mic, having turned it off in preparation for the round. “Thanks for worrying, but yeah I am.” 
With that, the round began, you luckily gaining the role of Imposter on the first try. You vented in front of everyone in the cafeteria, turned lights off, and waited as they all ran in opposite directions.
You took a minute to recite the sixty seconds in your head, giving them plenty of time to find a good hiding spot or a strategic position. You looped around the cafeteria in a large circle, immediately finding Felix in the corner.
“I don’t understand him sometimes.” You laughed, expressing your complete and utter confusion to your viewers. “You know what, that’s kind of funny. We’ll let him live for now.”
You ran around Felix twice, letting him know that you were sparing his life and exited the cafeteria, running into an empty admin room.
Sighing, you then made your way to storage, seeing little leftovers of a white game tag underneath the pile of boxes. Clicking your kill button, you ended them, not even knowing who it was.
The game continued on, you sparsely finding your friends here and there, killing them as you ventured throughout the dark spaceship.
At this point, you assumed that there were about two or three people left alive. Sean, Charlie, and Corpse were your best guesses. The three of them were absolutely amazing at the game.
However, you soon spotted Charlie in shields, hiding behind the large wall. His death was quick, surprising you as the Victory screen arose.
It was Corpse who had won your little game of hide and seek, the faceless man being proud of his little victory. “Guys, I was just standing in electrical the entire time and somehow no one went in there?”
“Are you serious?” You facepalmed, realizing your mistake. You hadn’t gone into electrical for the sole reason that that was where lights were. You’d completely forgotten about it.
Corpse laughed, most likely nodding his head in amusement at how bewildered you sounded. “Y/N!” Felix cooed, “I believe Corpse has a prize that he needs to collect!”
You rolled your eyes, pulling your phone out of the conjoined pocket of your sweatshirt. The camera flashed before your eyes as you took a quick selfie, sticking up your middle finger in the process.
You studied the photo for a second, deciding if it was worthy of your standards. Brushing away all of your doubts, you quickly found Corpse’s contact in your phone and sent him the photo.
The chat was blowing up in excitement for Corpse’s reaction, your friends clapping and cheering to see what would come next, while you sat in anxiety—worried if he wouldn’t like the way you looked.
“Oh wow.” You heard Corpse mumble into his mic. He went silent for a few more seconds before following up with a question. “Y/N is this really you?”
You frowned, thinking that your appearance wasn’t good enough in his eyes. “Yeah,” you shrugged, screaming at yourself internally. “That’s me, I know it’s not much.”
Corpse scoffed, pulling his mic closer to his mouth. “Are you kidding me?” He asked, directing his words to you and only you.
“You’re absolutely beautiful.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cathedreal · 14 days ago
𝟑:𝟒𝟖 𝐚𝐦. [ 𝐜.𝐡. ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Conversations at night carry more weight and yet we hold them anyways. We ignore sleep to grow closer to the people we care about and risk it all for those we love.
Corpse and Y/N have a habit of talking over Discord when the night falls because everything is easier said in the dark.
Tumblr media
─── corpse x gen!reader
─── falling in love, friends to lovers, no tw
─── 2.5k words
author's note: i adore this fic so much and i hope you do too
Tumblr media
“Talk to me.”
The clock hit 3:48 am.
The outside world had been doused into hues of black, a lone star twinkling at you teasingly from above. You should be in bed right now, you should be asleep, you should be doing anything but talking to the person who had occupied the late hours of the night since you met.
“I don’t know what you want me to say,” you laughed, rolling your desk chair back and forth a little bit. The soft creaking sounds were probably not audible over the voice call in Discord and yet you still wondered if Corpse was imagining you sitting at your desk, curled up in your chair with one leg sticking out to move yourself around, a blanket tightly wound around your body to protect yourself from the biting cold of the night.
You were imagining Corpse. Not exactly what he looked like, you had never cared about that. Why would you? Whether you were able to put a face to the name that haunted you even in your dreams, didn’t matter. You cared about this; long night calls, the slightly nauseous feeling in your stomach from the lack of sleep, the peaceful quiet of the night.
No, you were imagining Corpse. You pictured how he would tap his fingers restlessly against his own desk as he waited for you to talk him through the night, how he would take a sip of tea as he hummed at your story when you finally did talk, how he was pressing his earbuds deeper into his ear to hear your voice more clearly.
Corpse sighed for the umpteenth time and you would have felt like you were disappointing him if it wasn’t for the teasing tone it held. Even his sighs sounded teasing, never mean or angry. You felt as though Corpse was softer around the edges around this time of the night, like he had been stripped bare of the barbed wire he had wrapped around his skin.
“Something,” he mumbled. “Anything.”
His voice sounded hoarse, as if he had been screaming all day and you almost wanted to ask if he had been screaming all day. You often nagged about him screaming for songs and not taking care of his throat after.
But tonight was not meant for those conversations.
Everything was quiet, peaceful. Goosebumps rose on your arms when a gust of wind travelled into the room but it woke you up a little as well so you welcomed it.
Tonight was a night for secrets.
“I’m afraid,” you whispered, wondering if it was loud enough to be picked up over Discord. Corpse made a questioning sound. You got your answer.
Corpse paused then before speaking carefully, as if he could cut you with every wrong syllable he uttered out. “Everyone is afraid of something.”
“Not everyone lives the life we live,” you answered and there it was, the root of the problem, the thing that has been on your mind since the moment you started streaming.
“Relevancy?” Corpse guessed and yes, it was part of that. You could lose your job and income within seconds. One bug that deleted your account, one mishap of yourself, one split-second, and your livelihood would be gone.
Relevancy, though, didn’t cut it exactly, not the way it did for Corpse. You knew how much importance he lied on relevancy, how convinced he was that he wouldn’t be loved anymore by the end of the year no matter how much you tried to tell him that the world was at his feet.
You sighed and twirled the cord of your headphones around your finger, watching it slide off again when you tilt your finger down and repeat the same action again until you felt like you could move the conversation forward again.
Silences with Corpse were never awkward, never uncomfortable. Neither of you ever felt the need to keep talking just for the sake of making sounds. Every word meant something, every sentence was uttered because you wanted to, not because you felt the need to.
“Among Us is getting old, Corpse,” you said, clicking onto your YouTube channel to mentally count the parts you have made. You get to twenty then stop. There is more when you scroll down. “Fans are getting bored.”
“Then we find something else to play,” Corpse said simply as if it’s easy as that. Just a new game to play until it’s streamed one too many times, and then you do it all over again. “There’s always a new game, a new-”
“We?” you suddenly asked, interrupting Corpse mid-sentence. You would apologise later, but you needed an answer now.
You could hear your heartbeat in your ears and wondered how the heart and ears were connected. Maybe you were making it up in your mind or maybe every body part reacted to Corpse’s hoarse laugh, a quiet and fleeting thing.
“So you’d follow me to another game?” you asked, a smile permanently painted on your lips.
Corpse cleared his throat softly. You could hear hair swishing against the earbuds he must be wearing, almost as if he was shaking his head ‘no’.
“I’d follow you anywhere.”
“I don’t deserve it,” Corpse said, his voice small and defeated as if he carried the world on his shoulders and crumbled under the weight of it at the same time. “The fame and attention and money. I don’t deserve it, Y/N.”
It was late, or early, you couldn’t quite distinguish the difference during these hours.
The hours past 1 am were cast into nothingness. Time wasn’t real at 4:16 am. You were small and big all the same, the only person in the world and one of billions, tired and sated. You could do everything you wanted to do at this time, the possibilities seemed endless. You wondered why you always felt the need to go out and scream up at the sky at 4 am, you wondered why you felt like you were magical when you looked at yourself in the black screen of your second monitor, you wondered why everything felt possible.
“You deserve the world, Corpse,” you replied, voice tired and soft. The words sounded slurred but it somehow made everything easier. Sounds formed sentences and they slipped out of your mouth easier at night.
Corpse was silent for a moment, but you didn’t feel afraid. You knew that this was okay, you knew that you could speak freely tonight.
“Stop,” Corpse finally whispered, almost pleadingly. “Stop, before I fall in love with you.”
All boundaries gone, no hesitation.
4 am was for recklessness.
“Would that be so bad?”
“Y/N?” Corpse asked, the sudden sound of his voice forcing your eyes open. You had been dozing off as a lull in the conversation stretched on for a little too long. Even after all these late-night talks with Corpse, you could never quite manage to stay up for the entirety of it. You always dozed off at some point. Sometimes Corpse woke you, sometimes you woke up yourself hours later, still on the call with him.
Recklessness and adrenaline and the need to explore had been replaced with drowsiness, drooping eyelids, your body feeling heavier and slower than before. You curled up under your blanket, tucking yourself in to stay in the cocoon of warmth that you had created.
“You woke me up,” you mumbled, your head falling to the side a little as you squinted at the screen in front of you that lit up with a new message.
Corpse laughed softly, his laugh nearly carrying you back into sleep. Corpse’s voice was comfortable to you after so many nights of accidentally falling asleep in the middle of conversations with Corpse, him still rambling in your ear about everything and nothing. His voice brought you back, though, because you wanted to hear what he had to say, a habit you couldn’t quite shake, even during streams where you were mostly focused on him.
“I’m sorry but this was important.”
You huffed and waited for your computer screen to unlock again.
“What is more important than sleep?”
“A lot of things,” Corpse replied cheekily. He didn’t even sound tired yet. Maybe it was true when he told you in a mischievous voice that he was a creature of the night. “But most of all… Cats.”
“Fair enough,” you laughed and clicked on the video, sent at 5:21 am. You giggled when a kitten was gently lifted. The owner shook the kitten back and forth a little and its eyes closed happily. You could hear soft sloshing of what you assumed to be milk.
“Apparently,” Corpse said, watching the video alongside you probably. You could hear him laughing too. “Apparently, if a kitten drinks too much milk, it sloshes in their stomach.”
You cooed softly and then you watched it again, laughing softly to the rhythm of Corpse laughing in your ear.
You felt delirious, you probably both did. You laughed and talked and laughed more. The room was spinning off its hinges and you were just along for the ride as tiredness set deep in your bones but you weren’t ready to give over to it.
You only had Corpse like this in the privacy of the night. Leaving now wasn’t an option.
It never had been.
“People wake up at this hour,” you said, watching your phone with small eyes as it sprung to 6 am on the dot.
“Crazy people wake up at this hour,” Corpse mumbled back and you just knew that he was exhausted. You had tried coaxing him into bed when he called you around 2 am and here you were, 4 hours later, feeling like you might succeed this time.
“Corpse?” you asked carefully and smiled at the groan you heard on the other side. A petulant child, you once called him and it was no less true weeks later. “You already know what I’m gonna say.”
“I’ll miss you too much.”
If only he knew what it did to you to hear that. Maybe he did know and maybe he used it against you to trick you into staying. Or maybe it was the truth and Corpse felt as vulnerable as you did.
You said nothing for a moment and watched as the sky lit up instead, casting the night into blues and oranges. You both felt ready to redo your entire life and bone-tired at the same time. There was something about mornings that represented new beginnings and maybe this could be the start of one.
“Come on now,” you said with a soft laugh but Corpse must have known what it meant.
“I mean it,” he replied. His once soft voice turned serious, undeniable. He formed a brick wall with this statement, not letting you get around it but trapping you in until you couldn’t do anything but surrender.
“Corpse…” you whispered softly this time. “Go to bed.”
You squeezed your eyes shut and looked at the early morning sky again, silently apologising to it for being a coward.
Every night ended this way.
Though both you and Corpse let words fall that nobody else would hear and even though both you and Corpse always hung up with a bittersweet feeling that followed you into your sleep, neither of you was willing to take the step.
Too much was on the line. The year of friendship you carried with you, the comfort between the two of you that was visible even for the audience, the risks that would make all of the safety you had built between the two of you come undone.
This night was different.
Corpse took the step.
“I wish you were here,” he mumbled, this time he sounded hollower, though it could also be because he switched to the voice call on his phone. You could hear bed sheets rustling after all.
You closed your eyes and imagined what it would be like to slide in next to him. To sink into the warmth he had created with his own body and add more of your own, to feel the planes of his skin against yours as you tumbled into sleep.
You laughed but it came out choked. “Tell me again in the morning.”
When you’re not on the brink of sleep and gripped by the feeling of hope that new mornings bring. When you’re not high on sleep deprivation and your brain doesn’t tell you that it’s okay to confess your love to your friend because sleep is there to catch you when that same friendship is ripped away from you. When you’re not making rash decisions just to keep me even though you know I will stay if you ask me to.
“If you tell me tomorrow I’ll be there, I promise.”
“Okay, I will,” Corpse said and it took one, two lingering seconds, and then the call was ended.
You wondered if you could ever fall asleep now but you still stood, shaking out your legs as they had fallen asleep long ago and somehow made it to your bed. You slipped in and hugged your pillow to your chest, picturing Corpse was wrapping his arms around your waist as you drifted into sleep.
It was 10:57 am and a message on Discord was already waiting for you when you opened your phone, squinting against the sudden light.
I kept my promise
It read and below it was Corpse’s address.
You held your phone to your chest even though you were the only person living in this small apartment covered in plants and books and art and new hobbies that were only half-finished.
There was too much power given to you in that single message and for a moment, you questioned your own sanity. Perhaps you were dreaming and Corpse hadn’t sent this message to you after all, but after pinching your arm, leaving behind the faint ghost of your own fingers, you realised how much Corpse must have trusted you to hand you this.
The trust that he had in you, visible in every typed out letter of his address, brought tears to your eyes and then you were typing back as quickly as your fingers would let you.
And I will keep mine
You smiled, already walking to your bathroom to get yourself ready for the new beginning you wished upon when the day broke in.
I’ll be right there.
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bunnnotfound · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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♡︎Paring♡︎ ⋮ Corpse husband x fem!reader
Warnings ⋮ N/A fluff
♡︎Summary♡︎: Corpse trys to get your son so say dada but fails as he's a mamas boy.
Tumblr media
"Come on Jack say da-da." Corpse told your son. His innocent e/c eyes stared up at your husband before smiling showing his gums. "MAMA!" he shouted. Corpse sighed dropping to his knees. "My child's cursed..." He mumbled. "Come on just say da-da one time pls for me?" Corpse begged. "Mama!" Jack squealed again this time making grabby hands at you.
You waved at your son while continuing to brush your teeth getting ready to head to bed. "You cursed our child...what did you do to him?" Corpse playfully glared at you while Jack grabbed at his curls. You scoffed spitting out the toothpaste in your mouth.
"Oh I don't... carried him for nine months, sacrificed my awesome body, had to deal with you being worried 24/7-" you shot a look at the male who looked away like he didn't know what you meant. "Oh and breast milk! I gave him that too." You added on. "Ew, I don't wanna hear about your boob fluids." Corpse scrunches up his nose. "Milk?" Your son called out innocently. "Oh, so you can say Milk but not dada- unbelievable." Corpse gave up playfully pushing Jack on his back tickling him.
The room filled with giggles at you finished up in the bathroom. "Mama!" Jack called out reaching for you. "Your mama's not going to save you!" Corpse continued to tickle your son. Swooping jack up in your arms you pinched his cheek peppering kisses all over his face. "Mommy's here to the rescue." You cooed.
You looked over seeing Corpse pouting with his lips poked out. "Aww does my big baby also want a kiss?" You ran your hand through his black curls. Standing up Corpse leaned down to you only to get met with a small hand to his face.
"No!" Your son denied again. "My mommy!" Jack nuzzled himself into your neck while Corpse sat there jaw dropped. "You little-" Corpse took jack out of your hands tossing him in the air before wrapping him up in your bedsheets. "My woman." He stuck his tongue out. Cupping your face in his hand's Corpse pulled you in for a loving kiss despite little Jack's protest in the back and a milk bottle to the back.
"We have to get a daughter soon..."
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star-gaz3rs · 11 months ago
Unspoken Words and Read Messages
A/N: I have officially descended into the Corpse_Husband rabbit hole. My god I am in love with a man I've never met. Will I continue this? We'll see what posting-anxiety brain says tomorrow. Also, I don't know how to write for shit, so if this out of character, I apologize.
Y/N: Your Name N/N: Your Screen Name
“CORPSE!” The sound of your voice screaming angrily through your microphone appeared for just a moment before your avatar fell into the clouds and the familiar sound of someone leaving a discord call echoed through Corpse’s headphones. The call immediately erupted into laughter as a Victory screen appeared on his end, shortly transitioning back to the familiar spaceship lobby.
“You pulled a Corpse Classic on ‘er! Can’t believe we still fall for that,” Sean replied through laughs.
“N/N I’m sorry! He was so convincing! Oh god, she left,” Sykkuno’s panicked voice cut through the chaos.
“Self-report really works every time for you, huh Corpse?” Charlie added on, a smile evident in his voice. Corpse merely laughed in reply, switching his display from Among Us to Discord DMs.
CORPSE Today at 10:25 PM Haha sorry
However, the normal ping of a message going through didn’t greet his ears, and he frowned for a moment, looking back at the screen. His message didn’t go through. He tried sending another message.
CORPSE Today at 10:25 PM ? N/N, you there?
Wait… did you block him? He let out a laugh that sounded more like a wheeze at the realization. His suspicions were confirmed as the sound of someone joining the lobby played and a quiet and embarrassed voice spoke up.
“Guys… how do I unblock Corpse?” You asked with a laugh, and Corpse felt the familiar butterflies in his chest explode when you spoke. Looking back to his DMs, he decided to mess with you a bit while you still have him blocked. He hummed quietly to himself as he typed, barely even registering the conversation going on in the call.
CORPSE Today at 10:26 PM Wow, you deadass blocked me. I’m hurt. You can’t even see my pain.
Corpse's breath caught for a moment, rereading what he had just sent. You couldn’t see what he was typing. So, hypothetically speaking, he could type anything, right? He could finally let out the words he could never say to you. He felt his face heat up as he caught the sound of your laugh for a moment. If only you understood how fucking angelic your laugh sounded…
Before he knew it, his shaking hands were flying across the keyboard, anxiety be damned. He had to get it out, he had to. It was torturous, eating him alive every day he pretended like you were nothing more but an online friend to him. As he typed the final word, his finger hesitated over the enter key for a moment before slamming down on the button.
CORPSE Today at 10:28 PM Y/N Thank fucking god you’ll never see this shit but I’m in love with you, fucking head over heels. I feel like a goddamn idiot all the time because I never tell you how beautiful you are and how your laugh does things to me I never thought anyone could do. FUCK I just want to hold your hand so goddamn much right now and tell you how fucking perfect you are.
Corpse let out a sigh, finally feeling a small bit of relief. At least he was admitting it, even if it was to some stupid database full of 1s and 0s that would never relay the message to anyone who needed to hear it. It was lost to the Discord abyss for all time. Looking back to his computer to finally pay attention to the game again, his heart nearly stopped. Weren’t blocked messages… supposed to be red?
“Oh! I think I got it-” You proclaimed in contentment. Corpse felt his heart drop into his stomach. Fuck. You could see that. Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. His hands flew back to his keyboard, deleting the message as fast as possible. Did he delete it fast enough? You couldn’t have seen that, right?
“Y/N? Did you get it?” Sean asked. When you didn’t reply, he asked again.
“Oh, uh, sorry… yeah, I uh, I got it. Sorry, I just- uh, are we starting the next round?” You replied, confusion evident in your tone as the sound of typing could be heard. As a new message appeared in the DM, Corpse’s heart stopped entirely.
N/N Today at 10:30 PM What?
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packetofsuga · 9 months ago
Kiss of Death - Corpse Fic
Prompt: “He’s a bad kisser” 
Backstory: Y/N is a streamer and secretly dating Corpse, not even their friends know. Other than Dave, of course. They’re playing proximity chat among us with Valkyrae, Toast, Sykkuno, Pewdiepie, JackSepticeye, Pokimane, Ludwig, and Dave (boyinaband). 
Genre: Fluff + humor 
Content warning: Light swearing
Word Count: 1631
A/N: Okay. First of all, writing an author’s note really threw me back to my Wattpad days but, anyway. I just wanna say feel free to send little prompt requests in my ask box for fics. I won’t write smut, I know I have for kpop artists in the past and I may write smut again in the future but for now, it’s a hard no for all fics. I will write mainly for Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, BTS, and Dream Catcher. Possibly other YouTubers or kpop groups just ask and I’ll let you know! I also will write for some book fandoms, I can’t list all of them so again just ask, please. I’ll get to requests whenever I can so please be patient while waiting. 
Until then please enjoy the random prompts I’ve found that I thought would be cute :) 
Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction
You were playing among us with your friends and your boyfriend, as usual. The only difference was you were using the proximity chat mod which you had never done before. Because you guys were using that mod every time Corpse got imposter he was doing his “kiss of death” thing. 
As you loaded into the game you saw the word crewmate pop up on your screen. Everyone started joking about being a crewmate or imposter and you chuckled to yourself. “I am just a crewmate doing crewmate things. I am doing keys, because I am just a crewmate.” You stated while walking over to the keys task, knowing that you don’t even have keys this round. 
“Y/N’s faking keyyysss.” Poki called. 
“She’s just reminding everyone to fake keys, guys, everyone fake keys right now,” Sean said, moving his character on top of yours in front of keys. The was a chorus of agreements as almost everyone did the same. Once that was done you split off from the group. 
“Guys… I think it’s Poki, she didn’t fake keys.” You said to your chat, laughing to yourself. You went around doing your tasks. You came across Sykkuno in O2, “Hey Sykkuno, whatcha doing?”
He paused in the doorway of the tree room, “Oh! hi Y/N. I’m uh just doing my tasks.” 
You cleared the trash shoot, “Oh yeah? Just a crewmate doing crewmate things?” 
Sykkuno giggled, “Uh, yep. Just doing crewmate things. Hey, you- you wanna stand on this vent with me?” 
You hesitated, knowing there’s absolutely no way for you to figure out if Sykkuno is just being himself or is actually the imposter, “I- You know what yes I would love to Sykkuno.” You walked into the tree room.
“Oh- really? That… Was very enthusiastic.” The two of you walked onto the vent by the tree, stacking on top of each other, “You’re not the imposter, right? You’re not gonna kill me. 
“Oh, of course not, Sykkuno. I mean, you know, maybe.” You love making yourself look extra suspicious to him because that’s how he plays, “Here. I’ll click the spot where the kill button is and we’ll see what happens, okay?” 
“Oh, Jesus-” He gasped. 
You clicked the spot on the screen, “Hear me clicking?” You both laughed.
“Uh yeah I do, that means it can’t be you huh?” He said, “Here I’ll do it too.”  
You yelped a little as the body reported screen came up, scaring you. 
“I thought I just fucking died.” You said, trying to calm your breathing.
“Honestly, me too.” Sykkuno said, “There’s so many people dead.” 
Poki reported the body and the screen showed that Toast, Sean, and Dave were dead, “So Rae and I just walked up on Toast’s body. And I don’t think it’s Rae, I’ve been with her for a good chunk of this round.” 
“Soo it could be both of you.” You pointed out. 
“Why are you susing me right now??” Poki exclaimed. 
“You didn’t fake keys!” You yelled. 
“She’s right!” Pewds yelled, remembering that from the beginning of the round, “What the fuck, Poki?” 
Corpse laughed, “That’s a little sus Imane.” 
Poki laughed, “I can’t believe I’m getting sussed cause I didn’t fake a task.” 
“Anyways, I think it’s Rae and Poki. It definitely couldn’t have been Sykkuno, we were chilling on a vent.” You stated. Corpse hummed to himself. 
Sykkuno vouched for you, “Yep that’s true. And we did a foolproof test so it’s not either of us.” 
“What was the test?” Lud asked 
“Well, we both clicked the kill button and neither of us are dead, so.” Sykkuno pointed out. 
“You clicked the kill button?” Rae asked, “Wait, so you’re both imposters? You clearly can’t kill each other if you’re imposters.” 
You sighed, “I don’t know why Sykkuno had to say it like that but we clicked where the kill button should’ve been and nothing happened. So it’s not us.” 
“So there’s two pairs.” Corpse mused to himself. 
Pewds brought his mic really close to his mouth, “Get ‘em out of here.” 
You yelled over him, “Hold on hold on, it’s seven we can’t vote on seven. Kind of sus that you’re pushing to vote on seven.” 
“I’m not sus you’re sus.” He declared.
“Let’s skip, I’m gonna stay with Sykkuno and protect him.” Lud announced as the ‘I voted’ sticker popped up next to his name. Everyone started voting to skip. 
“If Ludwig dies it’s Sykkuno.” Pewds concluded as the timer ran out. 
“What???” Sykkuno wailed. You quickly ran to go to Lab on your own, afraid of Rae and Poki. 
Rae walked behind you into Lab, “ Ahhh- Hi please don’t kill me.” 
“No no no I would never,” Rae said, making her voice sound sarcastic on purpose as you guys walked into decontamination. You started to scream dramatically. 
“Heeeeeeelp. Heeeeellppp! She’s gonna kill me.” You pushed your character into the door to specimen, desperately waiting for it to open.  Once it finally did you rushed down into specimen and she ran after you. You ran around specimen with her chasing after you.
“Stop running. Y/N. Y/N! Hey- Stop running!” She yelled after you.
“Nooooo.” Corpse walked into specimen from the bottom and stood off to the side watching the two of you, “Coooorpse, protect me.” You yelled. He moved his character between you and Rae. 
“Yeah, uh, of course. I’ll protect you don’t worry.” He said. Rae stopped in front of him. 
“I said I wasn’t gonna kill you Y/N.” She insisted. 
You fake cried a little, “You didn’t say you couldn’t kill me though! Corpse, please. Wait-” You realized Corpse could 100% be the imposter right now, “Corpse… It’s not you is it?” 
“No no, I’m gonna protect you.” He promised. 
“....Does that mean it’s you but you’re gonna kill Rae to protect me?” You asked. They both laughed and Rae backed away from Corpse. 
“She knows too much Corpse, she knows too much!” Rae yelled. You started to scream for help again and run around. 
“Hey hey hey, relax.” Corpse said, following you. You ran towards bottom decontamination, getting stuck at the door again, “Don’t worry. Y/N, shhh. It’s okay, just-” He made a smooching noise and the kill animation popped up on your screen. 
You let out a shriek. “I can’t believe- Well, hi chat.” You giggled and started reading the chat again, “‘You got a kiss from Corpse, how do you feel?’ He’s a really bad kisser, guys. I mean it, did you see that? He kissed me and then STABBED me. An awful kisser.” You shook your head. A body was reported and the meeting screen popped up. They discussed yours and Poki’s death Corpse and Rae vouching for each other and Lud and Sykkuno vouching for each other, leaving Pewds the only one without an alibi and got him voted out. The defeat scream popped up showing Rae and Corpse as the imposters. 
Corpse POV
Before joining the lobby again he decided to read chat for a second and talk to his fans. “I’m sorry I can’t really look at chat that much while we’re doing this mod it’s just hard cause everyone can hear you, you know.” He read through the recent super-chats, thanking people as he went. He quickly scanned the rest of the chat. People were spamming that Y/N had called him a bad kisser, “Wait- she- Y/N said what??” He joined the lobby, “Y/N what the fuck?” 
“What’d I do??” Y/N questioned.
“Did you really tell your chat I’m a bad kisser? Why are you lyyyying?”  
“I-” The whole group started gasping and talking over each other, “I meant in the game! You- everyone shut up oh my god please-” 
“Okay okay okay, let her talk guys. Try and talk your way out of this Y/N.” Corpse chuckled. 
“Okay, before I get myself into a scandal. In-game, before you killed me, you gave me a little kiss. Then my chat was like how do you feel and I was like you know what, that was an awful kiss I died from it.” 
“Ohhh, that makes sense.” Corpse said. 
“Wait!” Rae interrupted, “What else would she have to go off of other than in-game?…” There was a long silence. 
Corpse was the one to break the silence. “You know what, gamer bladder. Bathroom break.” Everyone laughed and reluctantly agreed. 
You tried to stay calm and talk to your chat about any other topic but your chat was going insane speculating about you and Corpse. 
Corpse came into the room and you quickly held up one finger off-camera to tell him to wait a second. 
“Uh, hold on just a second guys.” You muted your headphones and took them off. You started to work on turning your webcam off but he reached over and grabbed the arm of your chair, rolling it towards him. 
You squealed, “Corpse! What are you doing?”
“I’m a bad kisser, huh? I’m a bad kisser?” He started peppering your face with kisses. You giggled. He planted his hands on the armrests of your chair, practically trapping you in place. He raised an eyebrow at you, a smirk plastered on his lips, “Hmm?” 
You cupped his face and kissed him. He started to pull you closer to him but you pulled back, “No, you’re not a bad kisser, baby. You’re the best kisser.” He kissed you again and then went back to his filming room. You slid your chair back to your computer, pretending as if nothing happened. You put your headphones back on and scanned the chat. There were a couple of people being like we saw that hand but you ignored it and continued playing.
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katyasrussianaccent · 5 months ago
i don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your lips (corpse x reader)
Summary: Corpse suggests you flirt with each other to mess with the fans. What happens when you suddenly catch feelings?
Authors Note: This has been in my brain for so long so I decided to write it. May or may not write a part 2, im not sure. Lemme know what you think! My requests are open for fic/headcannons aswell 💖
It should have been simple.
Flirt, mess with the fans a little, sit back and relax.
It should have been simple.
You remember Corpse coming to you with the idea.
“Why would we do that?” you had asked, frowning at your phone screen. It had been another late night phone conversation with him; something that was starting to become a regular occurrence.
You pictured him shrug as he answered. “Fun?”
“Are you so bored you wanna make a fake relationship with me?”
“Not a relationship. Just do what we do now, but like, more.”
You had agreed before your brain had even registered it. On paper it was straightforward. You already flirted a little anyway, you were naturally a flirtatious person, and so was he. It made sense; or at least you had told yourself that it did. You knew the fans already shipped you together, you saw the things they tweeted as you occasionally lurked the ynhusband tag on Twitter. It was just innocent fun right? No-one was going to get hurt.
For a little while that was true. For a little while he called you baby and you called him darling and it meant nothing. Your face didn’t feel flush when he commented on your latest Instagram post and your heart didn’t do a little flip when he would call you just to see how you were. The phone conversations were your favourite; curled up in bed with the phone on your pillow, trading secrets into the night. He had suddenly become this constant in your life, this almost routine familiarity like brushing your teeth or going to get milk.
You weren’t sure what changed, when it had gone from being innocent fun to meaning something. It was like someone had flicked a switch, and Corpse was no longer a warm glow but this bright, blinding light that hurt your eyes to look at too long. It was almost cruel, the way you wanted something so unobtainable; the universe’s idea of a joke had no humour in it. The thing with Corpse was he was so unaware of the power he had. He was mysterious yes, but he was faceless among a sea of faces; of course people were drawn to him. And you were just another.
You started to pull away. You played different games with different people, you ignored his tweets. It was easier, if you never interacted with him, you could pretend there was nothing but shallow feelings instead of the crashing waves that threatened to pull you under. The fans had started to notice; your streams were filled with questions that you refused to answer.
“Where’s Corpse?” you read aloud as you scrolled down the chat. “Probably in his house? Go ask him.” Your tone was bitter even to you and you inwardly cringed. He hadn’t contacted you in 2 weeks, and while you were thankful, you were hurt by it. It was stupid and hypoctritical of you to be upset by something that was your own doing, and you weren’t sure what you had expected from him. He had other friends, other people to talk to, why would he have cared about you anyway?
Your phone lit up next to you, and you ignored the pang of disappointment at Rae’s picture flashing up.
Rae: Among Us???
You hesitated for a second. The likelihood of Corpse being there was high, but you knew deep down he wouldn’t say a thing to you, not on stream or in front of your friends. You could just ignore him, like you had been doing and it would be fine. You weren’t sure you believed yourself anymore.
“Guys, you want to watch me play Among Us? I’m not sure who’s playing, other than Rae.” You looked at the fast flowing stream of affirmatives and emojis. Guess you had to do it now. You opened up the game and joined the lobby.
“-yeah she looks really fucking cute,” you heard Corpse say as you logged in. You looked down at your outfit,; he definitely wasn’t talking about you in your oversized t-shirt and sweatpants. You had been on stream for a few hours now; your eyeliner was smudged a little and any lipstick had worn off with the constant drinking and licking your lips. No, he definitely wasn’t talking about you.
“Hey guys,” you said tentatively, swallowing down the feeling of jealousy at Corpse’s previous words.
A chorus of greetings hit you, and you smiled at their enthusiasm. You had played with Rae, Sykunno and Toast a few times before, but Felix, Jack and Ash were new to you, though you knew of them.
“Hey Y/N,” Corpse said. You had hoped after 2 weeks he wouldn’t still affect you so much, but the way your stomach turned said otherwise.
“Hey Corpse,” you replied, hoping your tone was casual.
“I haven’t seen you in a while, how are you?” he asked.
“Oh. Uh yeah, I’ve been a bit busy I guess, how are you?” You looked down as you answered, picking at your nail polish. You glanced at the chat that was filled with messages.
corpsesbaby: You can always tell when someones lying coz they look down” llamadelrey: why is this so awkward lmao arent they friends??” simpsforrae: This is like is a breakup i swear
“I’ve been okay, thanks” Corpse answered, drawing your eyes off the chat and back to the game. You nodded as you muted your mic to go back to your stream.
“I hope I don’t get imposter, I always suck at that so much.” You watched as the screen counted down and the word IMPOSTER flashed up alongside Corpse’s name. “Guess I jinxed it guys.”
Great. Not only were you imposter, you were imposter with Corpse, which meant you would have to actually speak to him. Maybe you wouldn’t have to.
You both followed Rae as she walked up towards Greenhouse, and you cornered her while she did her task, killing her quickly.
“Everyone seemed to go right, so we should vent back towards cafeteria to avoid suspicion,” Corpse said.
“Okay,” you answered. You vented together, and you muted your mic to laugh. “This is kinda cosy guys.” You said to your chat. You briefly imagined what it would be like in real life to be so close to him.
You moved to Admin where Toast was doing his task. Before you could say a word, Corpse had already killed him and you both vented outside Cafeteria. “Fuck, that was so close,” you muttered, chuckling a little.
“Don’t worry, I got your back,” he replied, making your heart sing a little.
“Oh my hero,” you said, making a point of swooning to your chat, your voice high and airy. “How will I ever repay you?”
He chuckled, “You shouldn’t ask questions like that.”
You flushed at the suggestive tone he had taken, and you hoped it wasn’t noticeable but judging by the comments in your chat, it clearly had been. This was another issue you had with Corpse; he always made these type of comments with you and it was really annoying. You knew there was no chance he was being serious, and sometimes you wished he would stop it purely because it got your hopes up.
delilah: shes BLUSHING dreamofme: uWu yn uWu
You opened your mouth to respond when Dead Body Reported flashed up, bringing your thoughts back to the game.
“Toast and Rae are dead,” Sykuuno said. “I found Rae in Greenhouse and Toast in admin.”
“I was in balcony, I went there from the cafeteria,” you said confidently. You hated being Imposter, especially being teamed with Corpse, who was so good at the game, you had a lot of pressure to do well.
“I was in MedBay, I didn’t see you YN,” Ash accused.
“You only see if they enter through the left door. She entered through the other door,” Corpse answered for you.
“And how do you know that?” Felix asked.
“I was in Cafeteria,” Corpse replied.
“You could’ve vented YN,” Jack said.
“No I couldn’t have, if Ash was in MedBay, she would have seen me. Unless she wasn’t in MedBay,” you suggested, smirking to your cam as you muted. “It’s not going too bad I don’t think? Always feel like I’ve been arrested when I’m Imposter.”
“Little sus of you Ash to say you were in MedBay when you weren’t,” Corpse said. You gaped a little at how easy it was for him to manipulate the situation, it was almost scary.
Ash argued as the other players began to agree and discuss among themselves. You smiled in success at the text on the screen.
Ash has been ejected.
You split up this time, and while you hadn’t really spoken during the game, you kind of missed Corpse’s astronaut next to yours, and you said that to your chat. “Haha, our colours did look cute together, I agree.”
Any previous trepidation you had had disappeared as soon as you had heard his voice; and you realised how much you had missed him. You would simply just need to deal with your feelings; they would go away eventually anyway. You just hoped it wasn’t too late for you to start again with him.
You walked to MedBay with Skyunno, making small talk as you did.
“I’m glad to see you playing with us, it’s been a little while,” he said and you felt bad that you would have to kill him. As you turned towards him, ready to kill as he did his task, Jack walked in. You mouthed oops at the cam.
“What’s going on here?” Jack asked, suspicion in his voice.
“I was just saying how nice it was to have YN here,” Sykunno replied. You stood and faked your task, watching the green bar fill as you did. It would be too risky to kill here.
“Ah yeah, Corpse has been asking after you constantly,” Jack said. You blinked at the response, it had caught you off guard.
“Oh?” you replied simply. You mentally shrugged it off. Of course he would have asked about you, you were friends, that was all.
“Felix was dead in Reactor,” Corpse announced. “Oh Corpse, you’re taking a risk here” you said to your chat.
“I was in MedBay with Jack and Sykunno,” you replied, smiling as they agreed. “Where were you Ash?”
She sighed sadly. “I was in Labs, but I was doing a task, I swear!” You all agreed quickly that Ash would be the next voted out.
“2 to go,” you said triumphantly. “I thought I was gonna drag Corpse down, but it’s going okay!”
The round started again and you could feel yourself getting tired. Hopefully this wouldn’t be too much longer to finish the game.
You circled round Corpse a few times, hoping that he would understand your signal. Luckily he did, and you both vented to Decontamination where Skyunno and Jack were. The room had already started to emit steam, making it extremely easy for you both to vent unnoticed and kill them both.
You grinned at the Victory message that flashed up.
“Good game guys!” you said. The others congratulated you and Corpse on your win and you smiled at the sound of your names together. You had it bad.
“It was all YN,” Corpse said.
“Pfft you ssh being humble, it was all you,” you replied, taking your hair out of your ponytail and running your hand through it.
“Your hair looks nice,” Corpse commented and your eyes widened. Your heart started to beat a little quicker. How long had he been watching your stream?
“It’s bad to watch someone’s stream without telling them,” you replied, making a show of pouting for the camera.
He laughed a little. “What can I say, I’m a bad guy,” he said, singing the last words. You laughed at the sudden Billie Eilish.
“Guys, either play another game, or get a room,” Felix interrupted. You blushed a little and rolled your eyes, the chat going crazy from the corner of your eye.
“And that’s my cue to exit,” you said, yawning. “Bye guys, have a good night!” You wished everyone and your chat goodnight before closing the stream and leaning back in your chat. You couldn’t believe Corpse had been watching you. You hadn’t said anything too incriminating, but still.
You prepared for bed, settling back into the softness of your pillows as you grabbed your phone - a terrible habit you really needed to stop.
Corpse: Can I call you?
You gulped at the message that appeared on your screen, a gnawing feeling of nervous clung to your throat as you typed yes. His name came up almost instantaneously and your hand shook as you pressed to accept the call.
“Hey,” he greeted.
“Hey, what’s up?” you asked, trying to keep your voice even while your heart beat erratically in your chest.
“It was nice playing with you again,” he commented.
You sat up a little as you held the phone against your ear. “Did you call me to tell me that?”
“I haven’t spoken to you in a while.”
You sighed a little. “Yeah, I’ve been a bit busy, sorry - “
“You’re lying to me and I don’t know why,” he replied. You had never heard his voice like that before; so angry and hurt. You tapped your foot against your mattress as you thought what to say.
“I -”
“Did I do something?” he asked. You had been so selfish; blocking him out to avoid being hurt, but you hadn’t thought about his feelings. He was more popular than you were, you had assumed he would be fine, that he wouldn’t care if you were around or not.
“No, you didn’t do anything, I swear -”
“Then what? Because I thought we were friends, close friends and then suddenly you pretty much disappear. But you’re still streaming with other people. It’s pretty shitty of you.”
You chewed the inside of your cheek and looked up, the sting of tears threatening to fall. “It was really shitty of me, I’m sorry.”
“What happened?” he asked. “Please just tell me.”
“I don’t know what I’m meant to say,” you replied softly.
“What do you want to say?”
You blinked, the anticipation of unspoken words caught in your throat, making it hard to swallow. The taste of them was bitter on your tongue. “I...I have feelings for you.”
There. You had said it. There was no taking it back now, and you felt like your heart was about to shatter with every single second of silence that passed. You could hear him swallow on the other end of the phone. “Are you saying you’re in love with me?”
You bit your lip, taking in the meaning of the question he had asked. It wasn’t something you had thought of, you hadn’t conceptualised your feelings for him, not put them in a box labelled love or anything. “I don’t know. I feel something for you. And it kinda sucks being your friend and having those feelings. So I pulled away.”
“Why does it suck?”
You laughed bitterly. “Why wouldn’t it? Feeling something for someone that doesn’t feel the same is fucking shitty.”
“I asked you to flirt with me YN -”
“Yeah, for fun,” you interrupted.
“No, I said for fun, but really I just wanted you to,” he replied. “I feel something for you too. How could I not? Has anything I’ve ever said to you sounded like it was just for fun?” You smiled at his response, your heart no longer on the fit of breaking, but suddenly doing flips and soaring through your chest, radiating warmth through your body.
“Oh,” you said, your brain was overloaded with thoughts, and was apparently no longer capable of coherent sentences.
“Oh? That’s a great response, thanks,” he teased, but you could tell he was smiling as he spoke.
“I wasn’t expecting you to say that, I don’t really know what to say honestly,” you replied.
“Well, baby, how about you say yes to a date?” he asked.
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lilysdaydreams · 9 months ago
Praise Bingus (No fucking way)
Tumblr media
→  I do not claim to know corpse- therefore please don't think that this is what he would actually act like, or that any details about his life are actually true. this is fiction.
→ Pairing: Corpse Husband X Fem!Reader
→ Genre: Angst and fluff. (FLUFF IS COMING I SWEAR)
→ Words: 3.9k
→ In a world where everyone is born with a mark on their wrist, two souls come together over the power of bingus.
→ (this isnt crack lol)
→ Warnings: Lots of swearing, um self-depreciation? rejection (kinda) and negative thoughts overall. Sorry im new to warnings.
→ Authors Note: this is the first time im doing like angst so please tell me if I did well? Um also, I’ve already started on the part 2 so keep your eyes out for that. If you wanna be tagged for part two please comment and lemme know. Also check out my other fics if you want!
→ Buy me a coffee
Part two  →    
Soulmates were a phenomenon. They'd been there for ages, drawn into the Egyptian tomb paintings, seen in the cave paintings from millions of years ago, talked about in stories passed down from generation to generation. They could be matching drawings, first words, names; all black before the soulmates met and turning gold the moment they talked to each other. There wasn't a scientist in the world who could explain the phenomenon.
You'd received your mark at birth just like everyone else, a sentence running around your wrist,
"No fucking way."
Your parents weren't that happy when you asked at the age of 4 what "fucking" meant but it wasn't that bad. You were happy that you had something unique, something other than the "Hi," or "Excuse me," that was on every other arm.
When you were 13, a little girl on the train pointed to your wrist and asked her mom what it meant. Ever since then, you'd taken to wearing bracelets over it. This had turned out to be a good idea because a few years later you started making Youtube videos. At the age of 16, you started a Youtube channel where you focused on a variety of things; makeup, fashion, games, art, skits and a whole lot more.
At the age of 20, you had a steady following of a little more than a million subscribers, and you had moved to LA to be closer to all your Youtube friends. You hadn't just grown on Youtube, you'd also started a lot of side projects. You were known for the art that you did on the side, along with the makeup palette you'd come out with a year ago. Soon you were planning to release a merch collection, one that you had been working on for a whole year now.
You hadn't met your soulmate at this point but honestly, you didn't really mind. Balancing Youtube and study (along with all your other side projects) was hard. There was no need to add the struggle of love into it... Or that's what you told yourself anyways.
There were days though, days where you wished you had someone to hug, someone to cuddle in bed with, someone to go on long walks with. You didn't let yourself wallow on it that long though. Crying about it was gonna do absolutely nothing.
It started on a rainy day. The story of you and him. You were editing your soon to be uploaded video, an e-girl outfits lookbook, which had been requested by your followers. Your personal style was all over the place and your previous soft girl and cottage care look books had done well, so you decided to continue the series.
You eyes blurred as you looked at the same point of the video, and you sighed, removing your glasses and rubbing your eyes. Your editor was sick and had let you know that they wouldn't be able to edit it by the deadline so here you were, editing it yourself. You stretched in your chair letting out a yawn. You were contemplating on whether to make coffee or not when your phone pinged.
"Nooooo" you whined when you noticed it was on the coffee table that was just a little out of your reach. Stretching your foot out, you tried to grab it between your toes and then sighed when the phone fell.
"I have zero luck, I swear" you muttered to yourself, bending to pick up the phone.
The text was from Rae, asking you to join a game of Among Us. You and Rae had been friends for a bit now, which all started when she came across your art and decided to order something from you. You had chatted and clicked immediately, immediately becoming fast friends. Ever since the lockdown started, she often asked you to join in on Among us games and your friendship had really grown over these past few months.
You sent a quick "sure!" and then went to your table, waiting for the PC to turn on. Quickly tweeting out that you were streaming, you opened up Youtube and turned on the stream, saying a quick hello and letting them know what you'd be doing.
"Rae just invited me guys, I don't really know who's there," you mumbled, replying to a comment asking you who you were playing with.
You squinted your eyes, joining the voice chat and then opening your phone camera to quickly check that you didn't look horrible. Sure you didn't really care about how you looked but it was always good to check that you didn't have anything stuck between your teeth before you turned on the camera.
There was already a conversation going on, between who you thought was Corpse and Sykkuno, judging by their voices.
"Yeah I could totally do that. Get a cat and name it Bingus. I wonder if th-"
You gasped when you heard what they were talking about and unmuted yourself immediately yelling "PRAISE LORD BINGUS" and effectively shocking everyone in the chat.
A moment of silence and then Rae yelled: "OH MY FUCKING GOD Y/N, YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME."
You giggled as everyone groaned and whined, saying hi as they realised who it was. You had played with Sykkuno and the others a few times before but you'd never met Corpse before. You'd heard his voice though, as he was trending on twitter constantly over the past few weeks. Once they all quietened down, you realised Corpse hadn't said anything. Since you knew everyone else in the lobby, you introduced yourself, wondering if you'd scared him a bit too hard.
"Hey Corpse, I'm Y/N from Y/C/N, its so nice to finally meet you," you said gritting your teeth at you awkward introduction. For a second there was no response and then three words were said that made your jaw drop to the floor.
"No fucking way"
He had whispered it, obviously still in shock, and your eyes widened in surprise as a tingle spread all over your body. So this was what everyone meant by "you'll just know," when you asked them about how you would recognize your soulmate.
"Holy shit" you thought frozen in your seat.
Never had you been more glad that you hadn't turned the camera on yet.
"Uhhhh-" you started, but stopped now knowing what to say.
What the fuck were you supposed to do now.
"Wha- Whats wrong?" Rae asked after a moment passed.
Corpse cleared his throat and started "Its um, shes my -" and you cut him off, heart beating in your chest.
"Nothing. Its nothing." you said talking over him. "Who else are we waiting for Rae?" you asked joining the lobby quickly and choosing red as your colour.
"Uh one more person," she said slowly, still a bit confused.
"Oh awesome!" you said fake enthusiasm prevalent in your voice. "So Sykkuno," you started, wanting to keep the conversation going. "How's Bimbus doing?"
Sykkuno launched into a story of Bimbus and you blew out a sigh of relief, mind still numb over the revelation.
Corpse was your soulmate.
The guy who had literally went viral the past few weeks was your soulmate.
You'd finally found him.
You heard Rae cut Sykkuno off, telling everyone she was starting the game and muttered a "Thank god" when the words "CREWMATE" appeared on your screen. You would not have been able to play imposter at the moment, your mind pretty much stuck on the fact that Corpse was your fucking soulmate.
Heading down to admin, you realised you hadn't said anything yet to the stream so you quickly turned on your cam, saying a quick sorry to the viewers.
"Sorry guys, I forgot to put the camera on," you smiled focusing on card swipe.
"I hope everyone's been okay, I know this was quite sudden, but Rae invited me and I was like why not you know," you said rambling as you moved to comms and did the task there.
Lights were called and you moved to electrical, arriving there just as Leslie fixed them. You moved into the back of electrical doing the three tasks you had there when Sykkuno suddenly came in and went straight to standing on top of the vent.
You giggled already knowing his trick.
"Okay guys," you mumbled watching Sykkuno wiggle on the vent. "do we trust Sykkuno or not?"
"You know what," you said making a split second decision. "Its the first game, we might as well."
Joining him on the vent, you stilled for a second and then breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't automatically kill you.
"See, what did I tell you guys huh?" you question smiling straight at the camera. "I knew Sykkuno could be trusted."
You decided to follow Sykkuno going into reactor with him and starting 'Simon says' and just as you were on the last part, a body was found making you let a whine out.
"Guysss," you whined to the camera as Rae started talking about how she had found Daves body in admin.
"Um, I havent been in admin since the start of the game," you said, "also I can clear Sykkuno, for the last part of the round, he's been with me since lights went out."
Sykkuno confirmed it, "Yup that's right, also I can hard clear Y/N cuz guess what? She stood on the vent with me and none of us died."
Everyone chuckled as he said "Thats good enough for me."
"Uh, I was in navigation mostly." said Lily.
"Poki, can I just ask what you were doing?" said Sean, an undercurrent of mirth present.
"Me?" asked Poki speaking for the first time. "What was I doing?"
"You weren't doing any tasks, you were literally just walking from one side of medbay to the other when I peeked in."
Poki started laughing, trying to get her words out at the same time.
"Okay so-" a giggle. "okay okay- I was just, I was trying to um do the beep test," she said finally breaking down and making everyone else laugh as well.
"What the fuck?" you said, laughing at the image in your mind.
"My chat told me to do it last game so I decided to do it now, I was literally just playing around," she said finally, adding "I swear I'm not imposter" at the end.
"Hmmm," you hummed, bringing a hand up to stroke your chin. "Are you sure it was last game Poki... hm...."
Giggling at Poki indignant "YES it was last game", you quickly skipped voting like everyone else as the timer went into the last ten seconds.
Humming a tune under your breath, you went back to reactor, taking a minute to carefully do Simon says and then moved to the other task counting out one two three as you pressed on the numbers. Humming, you moved out of reactor, only to come face to face with Corpse. You paused for a second, and then moved ahead, refusing to show anything on camera. For some reason he followed you as you went to storage, looking at you while you did the trash.
"Why is he just staring?" you mumbled, biting your lip. God, you really didn't wanna think of him right now. You started walking to shields, him still walking with you when lights were called and not a second later a body was reported.
Suddenly there was screaming your ears as Toast and Rae both started accusing each other.
"Wait- Wait WAIT" yelled Poki trying to get them to stop. "What happened?"
"I'll explain" declared Rae, not letting toast get a word in. "We were in navigation okay, me, Toast and Leslie. Lights went out, and suddenly a report buttons there. It's either Toast or someone came in just as lights went out and killed but that doesn't seem likely because I didn't see anyone anywhere near us at all. Anyways I'm fucking telling the truth guys, its Toast, he's the one who did it."
"Toast, do you have anything to say for yourself?" asked Corpse, his voice making your insides shiver.
"Holy shit, this is my soulmate", you thought for the fiftieth time.
"Uh yeah," replied toast. "I didn't do it."
Everyone laughed as he continued.
"Like seriously, I wouldn't do anything like this because it'd be a stupid move from my own part, and I think Raes smart enough to not do this as well. I think someone else came in just as lights went down and killed immediately, which to be honest, was pretty smart of them."
"Okay so I can clear Corpse," you cut in noticing the timer was close. "he was with me in weapons when it happened, he wouldn't have had time to go all the way up, or even vent there because we were literally walking in."
"Yup that's right," confirmed corpse.
"I'm in cafeteria" said Poki.
"Yeah, I saw her on my way to weapons," said Sykkuno, "and I'm in weapons right now,"
"I'm in lower engine" said Sean, and Lily said she was in reactor.
"I think it's Toast," you mumbled and then rose your voice to talk over everyone. "Look okay fine, maybe he said it was a stupid move and he wouldn't do it but maybe he did it for that exact reason. He thought he could get away with it because no one would expect him to do something like that."
As the timer started going down by 10, you voted for Toast and it turned out 3 had skipped the vote while five had voted for him.
"Guys you actually voted for him?" you said in a high voice, re-enacting one of Sykkunos most said lines.
You heard a "oh for gods sake" from Rae before everyone went silent and you giggled as you moved back down to weapons to do your tasks.
You finished all your tasks and decided to go to security to check where everyone is. Humming as you moved through the electrical hallway, you narrowed your eyes as Corpse came out of electrical and went towards storage. Quickly ducking in you didn't see a body so you headed back out, going into cams and gasping as you saw the body. Reporting immediately you were shocked to see the four kills that had happened. Now only you, Corpse, Sean and Rae were left.
"Oh my god," you mumbled confused. Either there were still two imposters, and Toast wasn't the imposter or the imposter literally killed and did nothing else. Now either that could mean that its definitely Rae if Toast wasn't the imposter, or that it was Corpse as the only imposter left. That was a bit weird though becuase he could have totally killed you at the start of the game. You didn't suspect Sean at all.
"What the fuck?" mumbled Corpse, and Rae made her animal noises expressing her shock.
"Okay," you said taking charge and relaying the kill and your theory to everyone. "So either it was Toast and there's only one other imposter, who is Corpse. Or Toast wasn't an imposter and there's two of them left. I-" you took a deep breath in at the end, very confused. " I don't know anymore,"
"I think its Corpse as well,"
Corpse who hadn't said anything up till this moment suddenly started stammering out "hey-hey uh let-lets not gang up on me okay. It's not-"
"No, wait, its because Y/N said you came out of electrical right, and I saw you in upper engine literally a bit ago and you went down. I went towards cafeteria so I don't know exactly where you went but its totally possible that you killed."
You voted form him after that, convinced it was Corpse, and the other followed quickly.
"Guys what the fuck, at least give me a chance to explain my self" he whined when his body was thrown off the ship seconds later. You cheered when the "VICTORY" sign was displayed across the screen, bringing up your chat and laughing at Toast as he pretended to be angry at me.
"That was a great round, good work Y/N"
"Thankyou" you mumbled staring at your chat. You were confused when you saw the absolute influx of messages on there, and you were barely able to read them because they were going so fast. You scrolled up, and read through the few of the messages;
"You've made corpse sad."
"Corpse has literally been so quite since you came in, can you leave."
"Omg stop with the hate messages, its not her fault if corpse isn't talking to you"
"are you his ex or something? What was that reaction at the start?"
"what did you do? Corpse literally hasn't said a word since you came in."
Corpse POV
Corpses heart stopped for a minute, his breath catching. The words on his wrist glowed gold, and he stared at the little red character standing there.
This person was the reason that he had "PRAISE BINGUS" stretched across his wrist.
They were the only reason that he had searched "Bingus" on google for all of his life. The only reason Corpse knew about the meme before anyone else was because he was constantly monitoring the word online. Ever since March, he had been waiting with bated breath, anxious that he could meet his soulmate at any moment. and here you were.
For some reason, he had never expected that he would meet you in among us, or while he was on stream. He always thought it'd be someone outside. It was a bit stupid in hindsight as all he did nowadays was play among us.
He heard you introduce yourself to him but the only thing that came out of his mouth was “No fucking way”.
Immediately after he wanted to slap himself.
“Idiot” he thought to himself. “At least try to make a good impression.”
When Rae asked what was wrong, heat sprung to his cheeks as he started revealing that they were soulmates, but Y/N cut him off, saying that it was nothing.
Corpse’s heart sank a little then.
'Maybe she’s just a private person,' he reasoned with himself.
'I shouldn’t have tried to say it on stream either. God, I’m a fucking idiot, if I said it, literally everyone would know and not only would I have hated the attention, she probabaly would have as well.'
Convincing himself that she was right, he reassured himself that it wasn’t because of him. She wasn’t revealing it because she probably didn't want all the attention.
For some reason though, his heart sank even more when Y/N didnt talk to him, instead talking to sykkuno about his dog. Like sure he could understand not wanting to reveal they were soulmates but shouldn’t she at least wanna talk to him? At this point he wouldn’t even mind if she talked about his voice like everyone else.
He groaned when the word "Imposter" came across his screen, his and Toasts character standing together. He was not in the right mindset right now to be able to be a good imposter. Breathing in deeply he continued in the game, with the first round passing by quick. The second round, he saw Y/N and stood with her for a bit wondering if he should kill her. Her red character moved to weapons and he sighed moving the mouse over the kill button. Just as he was thinking of clicking a body was found. Corpse swore as Toast flew off the ship. Deciding he needed to speed it up he killed four people in the round, hissing when the meeting was called. The moment Y/N accused him, he knew it was over. He didn't even bother defending himself much, just hoping the game would end soon.
When they were in the lobby, he quickly told everyone that he was going to leave because his internet was acting up. Turning off the stream after saying a quick thank you to everyone, he leaned back in his seat breathing through his nose.
What the fuck was his life.
Even his soulmate didnt want him. Honestly, he should have expected this. Abandoned at 12 with no one around him, why did his expect his soulmate to even give a fuck about him. Tears pricked his eyes and he blinked trying to get rid of them. He breathed in deeply, grabbing the water on the table and taking a big gulp. He had never hated himself more than he did right now. Why couldnt he have an easier life.
“Why cant I just fucking be NORMAL” he yelled throwing the empty bottle of water at the wall.
Throwing himself into bed, he scrunched up his eyes, hoping that sleep would come today, not noticing as his phone lit up with a single message.
Your POV
You stayed for another game and then ducked out apologizing and making an excuse up.
"Sorry it was such a short stream, everyone," you said pouting at the camera. "It was fun though so hopefully I get to do it again." Waving goodbye, you turned off the camera and leaned your head back staring at the ceiling.
What the actual fuck.
Grabbing your phone, you stared at it for a bit. Everything that you had pushed to the back of your mind in the game, was suddenly in the forefront.
The only thing you knew about Corpse was that he had a really deep voice, he narrated horror movies, and he maybe did music?
'Rae mentioned that once right?' you thought to yourself.
You unlocked the phone and then locked it again, too scared to actually do anything.
"Oh get a grip," you muttered to yourself, opening the phone and sending a text to Rae.
‘Hey Rae, do you have corpses number? Do you mind sending it to me, I need to tell him something.’
A reply came in a minute,
‘umm, why. he's pretty private so idk i don't rlly wanna give his number if he doesn't want someone to have it’
You sighed, and decided you might as well tell her. You knew Rae wouldn't betray your trust.
‘He's my soulmate’
Immediately a ‘AHDJHAKJKAGDAK’ came as a reply and you giggled at the string of emojis after it.
‘Don't tell anyone,’ you sent quickly, trying to calm her down.
Biting your lip you added Corpse into your contacts hesitating before putting a small black heart next to his name.
"Already simping," you mumbled under your breath, hands hovering over the keyboard as you struggled to think of what to write.
You finally decided on 'Hey, its Y/N, can I call?' thinking that something short would be the best way to go. Hand hovering over the send button, you sucked in a breath and pressed it, waiting with bated breath.
A minute passed.
And then five.
And then, without you even you realising, it'd been half an hour of you just looking at your phone.
An hour later, you were slumped on your desk, eyes closed and snoring lightly, the phone still open, the message you sent lighting up the screen.
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struggling-with-time · 8 months ago
I wanna ruin our friendship [Corpse x reader]
Paring: Corpse husband x Gender Neutral!reader
Summary: “That one sound on tiktok where it’s like “I wanna ruin our friendship, we should be lovers Instead” w corpse and rder? Reader is a streamer and good friend of corpse and he actually films a tiktok but he’s out of frame and only reader is shown and then she realizes what he’s about to do and they kiss outside of the frame and the vid j shows his hands grabbing her face and hair. And the fans go crazy ofc! Thank you so much I love your writing!!” requested by anon
Warnings: fluff, because too much angst isn’t good for anyone but me
Words: 0.6k words
A/N:  Will I ignore the fact that I have been radio silent for nearly a month? Yes. Yes I will. Not to mention this is a mess, a mess.
You had just come back from your break on stream, having shared a meal with Corpse, talking about what the two of you had been doing that day. His was currently staying at your apartment. Well, it was more like he was meant to stay for a weekend, but that was last weekend and he was still there. You had been a relationship for a mere 3 months but been friend for far longer. Having helped each other grow your own platforms. Meaning your friendship was extremely public. It wasn’t, but everyone knew about it, not to mention the ever-growing amount of video clips with either one of you yelling in the background.
You greet your stream as you sit down in your chair and turn your camera back on. You play a total of 3 games of League of Legends before you hear a knock on your door to your bedroom. You head snaps to the direction, alerting your viewers of Corpse presence.
You put down your headset, and notice him carrying some stuff, you can’t make out what it is completely.
“Should I mute?”
Corpse shakes his head and holds up his phone as a songs starts playing, you can’t help but laugh the second you recognize the song.
Jenny, darling, you’re my best friend
Corpse throws a handful of pictures of you at you, for your viewers to see and for his phone to record.
But there’s a few things that you don’t know of
He comes closer to you, and you can’t stop smiling at him.
Why I borrow your lipstick so often
He throws a lipstick at you, and you actually manage to catch it, much to the surprise of yourself.
I’m using your shirt as a pillowcase
A short look of terror comes on your face, as your viewers can see a t-shirt get absolutely hurled straight at your face.
I wanna ruin our friendship
You tangle yourself out of the t-shirt.
We should be lovers instead
Corpse takes your hand out of frame.
I don’t know how to say this
Corpse pulls you out of your webcam and leans in close.
‘Cause you’re really my dearest friend
The TikTok close off with him holding your face, and guiding it out of frame. Behind the phone he kisses you deeply, and the two of you can’t help but both smile in the kiss.
Your viewers can hear you laugh as you stop kissing.
“What was that for?”
“I thought us becoming official, might as well benefit me.”
“Corpse!” the sound of a slap can be heard, and the low laugh of Corpse can be heard after.
Your viewers can see your chair being pushed back into camera view. Showing you with now swollen lips. A quick handwave from Corpse and he’s on his way leaving you with all the questions to answer.
“Quick tip, if you get a partner. Don’t get a sly one.”
“Y/N! I heard that!”
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mxqicshxp · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅
summary: corpse and y/n meet in an among us game and they start simping for each other,,
(yes ik its lame but bls bear with me this is my first smau idek how to do this😭)
warnings: there will be a lot of curse words!!
❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅
y/n’s squad
corpse’s squad
1. metal band font
2. choke me
3. y/n is high
4. my god these bitches gay
5. inciting chaos
6. domestic shit
7. drunk among us
8. maid dress
9. corpsesimp2021
10. the wild west
memes ive used 1
memes ive used 2
memes ive used 3
memes ive used 4
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prettytoxicrevolver · 5 days ago
Angel | Corpse Husband
Requested? Guess, just guess
Warnings? It's painfully fluffy and way too short
Summary: Corpse is convinced you're an angel
Word Count: 812
You wake up, your eyes fluttering open to be greeted by the soft light flowing through the curtains. You turn to see Corpse passed out, his lips barely parted as soft air passes in and out of his lungs.
Your eyes cast over his features, a soft smile turning upwards onto your lips. He was breathtaking, the boy before you finally resting and getting the sleep he deserved. You reach a hand up and push away a strand of hair before placing a kiss on his forehead where you just touched.
You carefully roll out of bed, throwing on one of Corpse’s t-shirts, and heading downstairs. It was Sunday, the best day of the week according to you and Corpse. Neither of you did anything for the day, deeming it a non-work day. A once a week occurrence where you do absolutely nothing.
You slip down the stairs into the quiet morning air. The house is dim and somewhat cold. You cross your arms trying to keep warmth as you head outside. You slip out into the damp morning air, grabbing the paper tossed haphazardly onto the pavement.
You turn and head back inside, beelining for the bench in the kitchen. You curl up on it, one leg tucked underneath while the other is bent, your head dropped on top of it. You flip open the first page and start to read.
Corpse’s heart seizes for a moment when he wakes up and you’re not there. His brain panics until he sees your phone on the nightstand and his shirt missing. He knows you’re somewhere in the house. He listens for a moment, the stillness only reminding him of his heartbeat and that you were naturally quiet.
He climbs out of bed and heads downstairs, knowing your tendency to get up early and do some morning reading. He carefully descends the stairs, rounding the corner to find you. Cradled into the nook in the kitchen, Sunday morning paper resting in front of you.
He leans against the banister, crossing his arms, and simply watches for a moment. The early morning sunlight hits you just right, the shadows cascading around your face and hair make you look like you’re glowing.
Your face is contorted into one of concentration, your teeth coming out to bite your bottom lip. His t-shirt falls low over your hips, riding up barely where your knee meets your chest.
You’re simply angelic. Corpse wasn’t even sure you were real most of the time. He was convinced that you descended from the heavens, blessing him and that one day when you realized you were too good you’d leave him.
He heads over to you, sitting in front of you on the bench, and waits until you notice. Your eyes finally peek over the newspaper and a smile lightens onto your face. Corpse reaches a hand up, rubbing at his eye as his hair falls over his forehead. He looks up to see you staring, and a blush covers his cheeks.
“Morning,” he whispers in a huskier voice than usual.
“Morning darling,” you respond and take his hand in yours.
His hands are warm and calloused, cascading over yours. You’re mesmerized by the bumps and veins littering his body and hands. Corpse still feels his breath hitch whenever you touch him.
“Can we go back to bed?” He murmurs and you smile and nod.
Corpse stands and before you can even move, Corpse is slipping his arms around your knees and waist. You grin, pressing your face into his chest as he starts to move.
Corpse always makes you feel like the only person in the world. That you’re easily the most important person ever and nothing else exists. You swear he treats you like the world revolves around you. You have never been worthy of such praise from the most gentle, kind, and loving man.
When he reaches your room, he sets you on the bed and you curl up into a comfortable sleeping position, Corpse crawls in behind you, instantly wrapping your smaller figure into him, two puzzle pieces fitting together at last.
You fall asleep quickly, and when Corpse notices the heaviness of your breath he turns you towards him. His hand comes up to trail down your cheek, and he smiles. He leans up, pressing kisses to both your eyelids and then again on both your cheeks. He watches as you flush under his touch, still blushing even while asleep.
He leans back, thinking that he has bought a house for the two of you, and yet you’re the angel that was home to him. He never knew he needed someone like this until he met you, felt your love, and let him trust and care for you.
“I love you, angel,” he whispers pressing a kiss to the shell of your ear before falling asleep again.
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thefanficmonster · 13 hours ago
Bumpy Road
Corpse Husband x Reader (Gender Neutral)
Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Depression and Relationship struggles as well as Health Problems
Genre: Mild Angst, Romance, RPF (Real Person Fic)
Summary: On a live podcast discussing his rise to fame and how its affected his personal life, Corpse stumbles over the topic of his romantic relationships, more specifically his relationship with Y/N.
Requested by Anon. Hello dear! Thank you so much for your wonderful request and so sorry you’ve had to wait for it to be posted so long. However, here it finally is and I hope you come across it and read it an if you do I hope you enjoy it! Love, Vy ❤
“Right, ok we’re officially live!“ Exclaims Anthony as he waves to one of the cameras - the one turned to him - and leans closer to the mic placed on the table in front of him. “Hello everyone, thanks for tuning in today. I’m here with the internet sensation and mystery known as Corpse Husband.“ He turns away from the camera to look across the table at his guest, “Corpse, I hope you know how much effort is being put into editing that sticker over your face for the duration of this whole podcast.“
Corpse, whose face is hidden by a sticker of his avatar, chuckles, “So you’re insinuating that I should probably not move so much.”
“Exactly.“ Anthony laughs, “My guy would be very grateful for that curtesy. Yeah, I have an actual person who I assigned to move around the sticker so there goes an extra paycheck.“
“In that case I promise to give you worthy content. A lot of never previously heard scoop.“ Corpse says, mocking the very words he uses, laughing about them afterwards, “Ask away, man.“
Anthony briefly looks down at a printed sheet of paper before pushing it to the side with a slight furrow of his brows, “You know, these are all cookie-cutter questions you’ve probably been asked many times before. So, I think it’s for the best I ask you something no one has had you talk about. Or something I hope no one has had you talk about yet. If you feel uncomfortable with any question just say so and we’ll skip it right away.“
The sticker moves up and down to mask Corpse’s face as he nods, “Got it.”
“Ok um...“ Anthony falls in thought for a moment, thinking of a question, “The first thing off the top of my head, um, what part of the dark side of fame have you had the displeasure of experiencing?“
Corpse lets out a laugh dangerously close to a scoff, “Almost all if not totally all of it really. There’s such a big chunk of privacy being taken away from you on social media. I got to that point where I felt so naked and seen I felt I was losing myself as my fandom grew. I know it’s many YouTubers’ dream to blow up and have a ton of fans and followers but I never wanted that. Don’t get me wrong, I love each and every one of my fans, I just never expected to accumulate so many of them. I’m such a private person, it was so anxiety inducing in the beginning but I sort of learned how to cope with it, you know? Sometimes, in order to stop people from reaching into my real privacy, I created a fake one that I’d feed into and let them enjoy.”
Anthony’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise, “Wow, how do we know what’s real about you anymore, huh?” It was said more as a joke but he truly meant it. If a person can fake a whole reality for people not to touch into their real one, Lord knows what else they can do.
Corpse huffs, “I’ll give you a hint: If it seems pretty, pink, peach and perfect it’s fake.“ The sticker may be hiding his face from the viewers but it’s most definitely not doing anything to shield the change in expression that occurs on his face from Anthony who’s sitting right across from him and notices the shift right away but before he could question it, Corpse prods on, “Y/N, my partner, can tell you just as much. They know better than anyone what’s the difference between what people know and what the reality is. They know that our relationship isn’t the sunny skies we put on display for our fans. I have my mental and physical health issues, my trust issues and paranoia play a big role in the ‘rains’ in our day-to-day life but they understand it’s all a part of me and a part I can’t control. It actually controls me sometimes and it’s so fucking annoying. But they understand. And while we pretend it’s perfect even though it isn’t, we find our happiness wherever and whenever we can. When it rains so often, you might as well look for a little hint of sunlight. That sunlight can create a rainbow after all. Believe me when I say, that rainbow is the most beautiful thing, makes you forget about the storm that just took place or might even be still raging all around.“ He sighs, preparing to bring his outpour of honesty to a close, “It may be a bumpy road 98% of the time even though on social media we pretend it’s the complete opposite, but that 2% of honest happiness we get from the tiniest of things are more meaningful than I could describe to you with words.“
And he’s more than right, words are often not enough. But the ones he used to describe what he just did were perfectly enough to bring one particular viewer to tears. That particular viewer who knows exactly what he was talking about. Because they are his other half and they’re going through it the same as he is. They’ve gone down that bumpy road side by side with him, ignoring the pain and turmoil while focusing their gaze on the rainbow above. That analogy was theirs from the very start after all. They both knew Y/N is the better one at finding the deeper meaning in everything even when there was nothing to be found.
They always found something. And Corpse will always cherish that trait as one of their best - always finding something to keep them both afloat.
@maat-the-prescriptive  @simonsbluee  @save-the-sky  @itsminniekat  @hacker-ghost  @bi-andready-tocry  @imtiredaffff  @jazzkaurtheglorious  @hereforbeebo  @fandomgirl17  @chrysanthykios  @maehemscorpyus  @loraleiix  @letsloveimagines  @annshit  @i-cant-choose-a-username-help  @enigmaticmaze  @divine-artemis  @waterlilypat  @idontknowwhatthisisfam  @evi-ka  @classyandfabulous00  @redperson58  @lilysdaydreams @solowheein  @mythicalamphitrite  @axen-gers  @luckygirl144  @nj01  @buddyemily   @the-albino-lioness  @stardream14  @gdhdkfnn  @nomadicgypsyy  @preciousskye  @fluffysuicideunicornsworld  @o-kaelin  @manacharlotte  @awkward-youtube-trash  @lolalee24  @bonky-beerns  @meme-lord-and-savior-sebastian  @strawbrinkofdeath  @teenloves  @tams0527  @browneyespinkhair  @starstruckllamapuppy  @daisychains012  @y0ulooked  @tinytacosuitcaseflap @supernatural-is-my-only-life  @jula-pauline  @melodykitty  @just-that-bi-girl  @crazybutconfidentaf  @lowellshade @alphakees  @bellero  @weallneednamjesus  @starryhanji  @boiled-onionrings  @husherstan  @fockingwhore  @melaningoddessthings  @prettypastelpetals  @haleypearce  @godwhyamiawkward  @y-napotat  @daisychainyoonmin  @little-miss-rebel3  @free-wheelin-bi-sexual  @redmoon261 @darkacademic2  @wiseflamingoqueen  @into-the-end  @namikhai-i  @nastiablr  @thelittleplantlover  @mirktuan  @dont-hyuck @jjk-bunny  @vintagegothlover  @easygoingtheatre  @itsrandombooklover  @miiaivi  @emmybaybee  @befourgolden  @jjk-is-my-shit  @eternalteaaars  @spacebadgerx  @princesslunalight  @acequinn14  @samm48  @misselsbells06 @simp-lykawa  @fo-love  @marishimomura-blog  @therealglenncoco  @cinnamonbun332  @killtherandomness  @sanshinexxxsan  @fee-btheweeb  @press-lay  @cathleenpotgieter16  @jazzydoesstuff  @moonlxghtbay  @forestrain2000  @hyunjinhugs  @blood-of-fandoms  @lovellylies  @ukiyolixx  @simpforhpcharacters  @chrisdylan17  @parkerjisung  @pedernille  @theodonyous  @wineandionysus  @malfoystilinskii05  @morbid-x  @coryisagee  @jessewa26  @scoobydooluver97 @mindintheskies365  @raeanneinwonderland  @indecisive-empanada  @gluttonypalace  @loriane2503  @btsiguess-kpop  @khaoticbunny  @lucidlycactus  @smiithys  @rottenroyalebooks  @kpopgirlbtssvt  @fangirl-tc27  @fr0z3n-1  @notmesimpingfortechno  @shotarosleftpinky  @kunoi-chan  @idk-whats-wrong-with-me  @yikeroonie  @goldenstarofthunderclan  @poetry-and-tea  @ama-do-writing-stuff  @wishbonewolf  @emeraldxhope  @t0xick1tty  @kusuinko  @speakyourselfloveyourself  @sophia902103  @lo-manburg  @classsykittykat  @dmgama  @depressedpuppythatneedscoffee  @btsiguess-kpop  @akaashi-baby  @gun-jong-simp  @geschichtenfee  @yerapotato-wp  @browneyedgirl365  @thysagclub  @sparklycloudnight  @helloatomicshadow  @queentorresstuff @vtte @val-gal  @lucy-bunny17  @aaliyahh0  @katluckybear  @boyleanti  @straybids  @franchesca-791  @cosmicstorm19  @averyisbackinthetrashcan  @aomi-nabi  @xlanawriter  @allensimpsforcorpse  @sunnyrae-cessh  @ladykxxx08  @meowiemari  @renupf  @booklover76  @sra-verissimo  @beatrhizn  @blueberrystigma  @beatrhizn  @chicken-taco-burrito  @scorpios-echos
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marvelfreakbrynnlee · 24 days ago
Corpse x MGK!sister reader
Tumblr media
(Found this image on Pinterest so all credit goes to artist, if you know who it is please comment below so I can credit them)
A/N: this was requested by @heyitssab
Tree is tall of sex in this, but it’s more in a joking matter, plus corpse has stated he doesn’t mind as long as you are not a minor or send or tag him. I’m literally 2 years younger than him, and have no intentions of ever tagging him or sending him any of my work XD
Summary: how many idiots does it take to tell the brother and friend they’re dating? Apparently takes 2 very forgetful people, who kept their relationship secret without knowing it.
It had just been by chance, a small chance that he had been scrolling through his tags. liking and reposting art, when he saw a tag from someone he followed. He wrecked his brain for when he had followed her, coming up empty. She was cute, no denying the beauty she had as she laughed in the video. It was a clip from a stream that he didn’t know she had, as he couldn’t even remember her name, wearing his merch as it fit her snug. It fit her perfectly in fact, the large hood covering her face, hiding the flush to her face from her rather large chuckles that left her body. He couldn’t help but like the photo, and he couldn’t help but to press message either.
It was first only small likes to posts, an Occasional message, and a view on their livestreams, but that all changed when he spoke of the song he was working on with her older brother.
It all started that night, when both lay in their beds as they talked, laughed, and felt their hearts flutter each time they heard one another speak.
Her phone rang violently in her bag, nearly making her drop the to go bag all over the ground as she walked. “Hello?” She asked, as she held both bags with her hands as her shoulder gripped the phone as if it’d fall down a cliff. “Hey bug!” He exclaimed, making her chuckle as she heard the booming sound of his voice. She had always detested the nickname, as he gave it to her as kids due to her horrendous fear of the creatures. But, it brought more joy to her, as it reminded her of their youth. Having been adults for years, it was fun to hear such a childish name that’s stuck.
“Hey mopey.” She chuckled, as that was the name she gave him when he was in his emo phase that he never outgrew.
Both talked as she walked towards the elevator, mainly about how his day had gone as she silently listened.
She had always been this way, always the shyer of the two, the one to listen to others first before she said a word. He had teased her for it most of their childhood and teen life, but he had grown to love it, as he could let loose or rant to her about anything, and he knew she’d be there just to listen to him.
“So what’re you doing right now?” He asked, as she got into the elevator. “Just grabbed some dinner a few minutes before you called and nearly made me shit.” A smile painted on her face at his boisterous laughter.
“Are you at home?” He asked, as he heard the sound of the elevator beeping in the background. “No, I’m spending the night with my boyfriend.”
She had mentioned about a month prior that she was seeing someone, the joy it brought him to hear the excitement and joy in her tone as she gushed about their first date.
If this was 7 or 8 years prior, he would be bombarding her with questions about the man, who he was, where he lived, where he could meet him to find his intentions with his baby sister. But, in the last few years, he found himself feeling calmer whenever she’d mentioned her love life. He knew she was smart, and would never date a man who treated her poorly. The few breakups she had, they always ended amicably, her head still high as she told him. So, he never asked her any questions about the man, as he could tell from the few times she mentioned him, he could feel the love this man had for her, and Vice versa.
The strong barreling of her phone alerted them awake, both groaning out as she reached for her phone without lifting her head from his shoulder. “Hello?” She mumbled, voice slurred as the saliva was thick in her mouth, barely awake as she fought to listen in on who dares to wake them up.
“Hey!” He exclaimed, making her equally exhausted lover groan. She shifted off of him, laying on her back as he turned away from her, as to hopefully shut his eyes and fall back asleep. She was used to her brother's large voice, as it hardly phased her after growing up with him. “Colson, why are you calling me this ungodly hour?” “Oh come on, it’s not that early.” “Col its-“ She pulled her phone from her ear, eyes shutting violently as the bright light blinded her “5 o’clock in the morning. So again, I’m going to ask you, why did you call me at the asscrack of dawn?” “You don’t remember?” He asked, making her irritation grow. “No, that’s why I’m asking.” She says, as she rubbed her sleep crusted eyes. “You were coming up today to hang out with casie, remember?” Her hand stopped rubbing her face, as she felt her heart stop momentarily. “Wait, you mean today? I thought I was coming Friday?” “No, both of you settled on today, remember I told you that’s perfect because I have a day off?” She felt her heart pain as she heard the sadness in his tone, knowing he’s expecting her to bail. “Yeah sorry, I thought you meant Friday so I mixed it up, let me get ready and I’ll be out the door okay? Love you” she said, as she hung up the line.
Before she could even move, she felt his arm wrap around her body. A tired groan leaving his lips. “Nooo stayyyy.” He groaned, pulling her body to his. She smiled as she looked down at him, wrapping her arm on his chest and the other behind his neck. “I wish I could live, but I can’t.” Planting a soft kiss against his lips. “Stay in bed for a few more hours, please?” Her heart pulled at his tone, hearing just how tired he was. “I can’t, casies wanted me to come up for weeks now. And it takes a good 3 hours to get there. I wanna spend as much time as I can with them before it gets dark so I can get back safely.” He groaned at this, wrapping his arms around her. “Yeah but it’s only 5, it wouldn’t be safe to drive since we went to bed like, 2 hours ago.” “Yeah, and whos fault was that mister?” She teased, “hmm, sorry but I just couldn’t keep my hands to myself after not seeing you for a few days.” He mused, pulling her body closer to his, planting his lips against hers. A small hum left her lips as he pulled her thigh over his, grabbing the flesh harshly as their lips cascaded together. “Mm, no no no, you’re not gonna convince me to stay here just to go another round.” She said, as she got off from his warm body, throwing his large hoodie over her bare body. “Oh come on babe, are you sure about that?” He said, making her turn around to him. A small gasp left her lips as her eyes took in his milky white complexion. His honey brown eyes looking back at her with a small smile etched onto his face. His hair a tousled mess that resembled a bird's nest, some pieces falling onto his face. “Honey, I’ve been wanting to see my family for weeks now, I see you almost everyday and practically live here. I’ll be back tomorrow so I can grab more clothes from my place okay?” She placed a kiss to his lips, both holding one another in their arms. “I don’t know why you don’t just say fuck that place and just move in.” He mumbled, making her chuckle and heart warm. “Don't you think it’s a little soon though? I mean we’ve only been together a few months love.” “Yeah, but you’ve practically lived here since we got together, you literally just go there to get more clothes that you end up leaving here.” She looked into his eyes as she thought about his words. “Hm, I’ll think about it today okay?” She mused, planting a kiss to his lips. A soft okay leaving him as she got up.
“And babe, remember if you live here, we can have all the sex we want and not have to worry about driving to get one another.” He exclaimed, laughing at the loud honey she screamed from the bathroom.
She couldn’t help but laugh out as she watched, as her niece tried her hardest to braid her fathers grown out hair. It was near impossible not to, as pieces would fall out, resulting in her pulling them harsher, nearly pulling his eyelids back due to the tension from his temples. “Okay okay you’re gonna fuckin scalp me.” He chuckled , as all three bursted out in large laughter.
“So how’s school going this year?” She asked her, as she delicately painted her nails. Both of the girls had found themselves on the floor in front of the nice coffee table, as colson sat and chatted with them. “It’s going really well.” “Oh yeah? Make any new friends?” She teased. “I mean, kinda.” She couldn’t help but hear the wavering in her tone, spotting the faint blush dusting her skin. “Ohh, so there’s a someone eh?” She teased to her, making the preteen hide her face as to conceal the flush. “His names Garrett, and we both take social studies together. He always sits next to me at lunch, and we’ll draw on my notebook.” She gushed, making her smile. “Soo, do you think he likes you?” “I mean, that’s what everyone keeps saying.” “Yeah well don’t worry about it to much cas, you’re not dating anyone for many more years. You’re still a kid.” Her das said, making the young girls face fall.
Y/N knew he was only saying this to protect her, as he said the same thing to her growing up. “Hey, don’t be bummed out about it. He is right, you both are only 12 and should focus on school. But don’t worry, he’ll come around. He was just like that with me up until my current boyfriend.” She whispered, making the young girl chuckle.
“Speaking of which, how are you guys doing?” He asked, as she hadn’t mentioned hun to her in a while. He didn’t think it’d hurt to ask. “Great actually, we’re thinking of moving in together actually.” “That’s great! I’m really happy that y’all met.” “Yeah, I am too.” She hummed, a flush dusting her cheeks.
Both men laughed as they chatted on the phone, talking about anything that would come to mind. What was once only a collaboration for a song, turned into an amazing friendship that caused both of them to call at late hours just to shoot the shit.
A yawn left his lips, as he listened to colson ramble on about another song he was making. “Woah, you tired man?” Colson asked, shocked to hear the sound. “Yeah sorry, was up most of the night last night.” He mumbled, rubbing his eyes. “Were you feeling alright?” He asked, worry laced in his tone. He knew all about his friends illnesses, even once being on the other end of the phone during a bad spell one day.” “Oh yeah yeah yeah, was just, up with the misses last night.” He chuckled, a flush blooming on his cheeks. “Ohhh yeah? And how was it?” This shocked him, nearly feeling his heart stop. Like, does he usually know about his sisters sex life? He didn’t think much of it, as he knew just how close both were. “It was absolutely fucking amazing. Like I thought we’d be done for the night, fully tapped out but after like 5 minutes she’d be right back on me for another round.” He chuckled, his flush even worse than before. “Ayyyeee good for you corpse, glad to hear that puss is bussin.” He laughed at this, throwing his head back. “Yeah, it’s bussin bussin.”
Both men talk as they read from their phones, eyes wide in absolute awe of the love they received from the song. They had just dropped it a few days prior, not expecting the cry of joy from both fan bases.
He didn’t even look up from it when she walked in, until she bent down to plant a kiss to his forehead. “Sorry I had completely forgot about the tea I made you an hour ago, but I put it back on the stove to heat it up so if it’s twisting funky just tell me okay?” Before he could even thank her, both their heads whipped towards the loudness from the other line. “Y/N? Is that you? What in the hell are you doing there with corpse!” He didn’t sound angry, more shocked than anything, both of them looking at the phone in confusion. “I, I love here? Remember I told you like a month ago I was moving in with him?” “WHAT!” Both jumped at the loud scream. “Wait so you guys are dating!?” Both we’re even more perplexed, until it dawned on both of them. Their eyes wide as they turned their heads to one another slowly. “Wait you didn’t tell him?” “No? He’s one of your best friends so I thought you did!” “He’s your brother! So I thought you did!” Both whisper, until all three lay silent. That was until, the large cry of laughter that leaves the two, leaving colson even more confused. He wasn’t mad, not at all actually. More shocked and confused than anything. Until he started thinking, it does make sense, all the times they spoke about one another without him knowing, all the times they mentioned-“OH GOD!” He yelled, gagging violently, making them stop their laughing fit. “What's wrong? Why are you yelling?” She asks “like a month ago corpse was talking about how he was tired cause he was up all night having sex AND I HAD NO IDEA HE WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU! OH GOD WAS THAT WHY YOU WERE LIMPING THAT DAY WITH CAS AND I!” Both laugh even harder, as they listen to his ever growing gags.
“So yeah,. That’s literally how we had no idea we were keeping the relationship secret from her brother.” He laughed, as he red the comments and listened to his friends' laughter. She sat beside him, head laying on his shoulder as he told the story. She couldn’t help but to look back up into his eyes, as he glanced down at her, planting a soft kiss to her lips. “Keep it pg guys.” Colson said from the other line, making them chuckle.
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cathedreal · 6 months ago
it’s rotten work (not to me, not if it’s you) [Corpse x Reader]
Corpse Husband x Gen!Reader (all genders apply)
Warnings: A lot of fluff.
Word Count: 1.3K
Summary: Prompt written for @scarletserena based on:
Tumblr media
Thank you so much Serena for trusting me with this prompt! I hope I did it justice! Also: small note but the Discord server is still open for those who like to write and/or read Corpse Husband RPFs! You can join by clicking this link.
-------- “Corpse?” you ask softly when you heard a frustrated yell coming from the bathroom. Sharing an apartment with Corpse has proven to be a very interesting arrangement, one that you don’t mind too much, it keeps life interesting. You often laugh at Corpse’s antics; you have not forgotten about the tin foil incident, there had been tiny pieces everywhere after Corpse had thrown it to the other side of the kitchen.
“In here,” Corpse says needlessly and opens the door to the bathroom, eyeliner in one hand and one eyelid covered in the black ink. “It’s not looking good.”
“I mean…” you say with a helpless smile and Corpse groans again. “Hey, it could be worse. At least the liner is on your eyelid,” you try to joke but Corpse just looks defeated.
“My arm doesn’t work today,” he says and he sounds sad enough for you to immediately step forward to engulf him in your arms, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.
You brush your fingers through his curls and he relaxes a little. “It hurts again?” you ask, keeping your voice gentle and sweet, knowing that is what Corpse needs right now.
Corpse nods and threatens to throw the eyeliner in the bathtub but you hold his arm and take it from him, gently unclenching his fist, finger by finger.
“Let me do your eyeliner,” you say and wait for Corpse to nod again before taking his hand in your own, the red splotches from when he had clenched it still visible on his pale skin.
Corpse shakes himself out of his sadness, at least partly and sits down on his desk chair, one eyebrow raised as he pulls you closer.
“I’ll let you do it if you sit on my lap,” he says and the boyish grin he wears on his face as he says it tells you that everything will be okay. You laugh fondly, feeling like you can breathe easier again, and move forward, sitting down in his lap carefully so you don’t hurt him more than he was already hurting.
“Sit still,” you order and Corpse playfully bites your fingers when you come closer to his face with your hand, a makeup wipe you had swiped from the bathroom in your hand. “You’re the worst!”
“You love me,” Corpse replies with wiggling eyebrows but finally sits still. You move your hand to his chin to move his head a bit as you wipe the eyeliner he had on away and press a kiss to his nose when you are done, rewarding him for not moving.
“I can’t believe you trust me enough to let me near your face,” you mumble as you uncap the eyeliner, giggling a bit at Corpse’s incredulous expression. “What?”
“We made out.”
“We have done more but yes, so?”
“Why would I not trust you with my face?” Corpse asked with exasperation and you couldn’t help but kiss him for real this time. 
“I don’t know, maybe because I have the power to draw something on it,” you shrug faux casually with a small glint of mischief in your eyes.
Corpse takes your arms in his hands so you can’t move and you fake struggle. “You’re a menace.”
“I’m your menace and chill, Corpse. It was gonna be a heart.”
Corpse stares at you for a moment before releasing your arms with a quiet huff. “That’s not too bad.”
You lean forward again and place your hand on his cheek. 
“Good,” you whisper before sticking your tongue out a little in concentration as you try to get Corpse’s eyeliner right, his breath puffing against your face a little. 
Corpse is warm and trusting underneath you and you can’t help but melt a little that Corpse just lets you this close. You have been together for a while now but the little things like these keep surprising you and you doubt it will ever stop surprising you.
“Almost done,” you say after a little while and draw a little heart underneath Corpse’s right eye before moving away, guiding Corpse to a mirror. “And?”
“It looks good,” Corpse says, inspecting himself before turning and taking you in his arms. “Thank you, Y/N.”
“My pleasure,” you say with a grin before standing on your tiptoes to press a kiss to Corpse’s lips, staying in his warm embrace for as long as you can.
“You know…” you say as you watch Corpse getting ready to stream from the bed you share, already tangled in the sheets and ready to fall asleep to Corpse’s voice. It’s a midnight stream for the Europeans and as much as you want to support Corpse, you can’t manage to stay up until four am. “You can just ask next time.”
Corpse sighs a little before turning with a complicated expression on his face. “I know, I just… I wish I could do it myself.
”You untangle yourself from the sheets and immediately step into Corpse’s arm, pressing your nose into his curly hair. 
“I know,” you repeat softly. “But eyeliner is precision work. A lot of people who don’t have fibro can’t even do it.”
You take Corpse’s face in your hands then and make him look at you. “Eyeliner makes you feel more confident while streaming right?”
Corpse nods. “It makes me feel more ready, I guess.”
“Exactly! So why not ask for help? I don’t mind sitting in your lap and doing your makeup,” you say with a grin, making Corpse laugh softly too. 
“I hate asking for help,” Corpse confesses, not for the first time. He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, his fingertips gliding softly against the skin. “Even from you.”
“I understand but I want you to feel confident and if you need someone to do your eyeliner for you one time then it’s not that big of a deal right?”
Corpse lets out a bitter laugh. “It won’t just be one time, you know that.”
You nod because you did indeed know that it won’t just remain one time but you would do Corpse’s eyeliner every single day for the rest of your lives together and you tell him as such.
“That’s a big promise to make,” Corpse says and you shrug, knowing it was true despite the greatness of the statement.
“I’m not taking it back,” you reply simply and kiss Corpse’s lips again. “Asking for help doesn’t make you weak and your body acting up doesn’t make you weak either. I believe that people who ask for help are stronger than those who don’t.”
“Wise words, Y/N.”You both turn when a mention comes in on Discord, asking Corpse where he was. “It’s time to stream,” you state unnecessarily.
“Don’t go,” Corpse whispers and pulls you into his lap easily, your arms wrapping around his neck. “Stay with me for the beginning?”
“Okay,” you whisper back and trace the heart you had drawn under his eye. 
You check if Corpse’s mic was off before speaking up again. “I’ll draw a star next time. Because you’re my-”
“Don’t make it cheesy,” Corpse interrupts and you laugh softly, watching as Corpse visibly relaxed. 
You probably doze off a couple of times before Corpse ushers you to bed during a bathroom break. You protest but immediately curl up and fall asleep again when your head hits your pillow. 
“Hey, baby,” Corpse whispers as he slides into bed behind you a couple of hours later. He presses a kiss against your shoulder and you make a happy sound. 
“Thank you for today, I love you.”
You want to tell him that he doesn’t have to thank you for anything. That you are his partner and hopefully will remain his partner for the rest of your lives but you can only mumble an “I love you too” back before you fall asleep again.
You’ll tell him in the morning.
@katyasrussianaccent @headcannonsforlife​ @boiled-onionrings​
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bunnnotfound · 2 months ago
𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐅𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡︎P!Corpse Husband x fem!Reader♡︎
♡︎Warnings : Fluff, Two Friends flirting, people thinking you two are dating♡︎
♡︎Summary: You and Corpse have a very "Affectionate" friendship and everyone thinks you two are dating♡︎
Tumblr media
Everyone wasn't a stranger when it came to You and Corpses relationship. You two had known each other for 7 years. Somehow within those 7 years of pushing and pulling each other away. You two had a stable relationship.
Only throughout the years it started to get more handsy. When you and Corpse started doing YouTube you lived in different areas. You concord twitch and he was one YouTube.
After you two met Sean(jack) and Felix you two decided to move in together. Coming into each other's room was a little ways cations. Corpse was a faceless streamer while you weren't. People knew you two lived together so it wasn't a shock with a tall figure dressed in black appeared behind you. Or a hand moved its way into the frame.
Tumblr media
The Among us crew thought it was adorable. But when Corpse would start throwing slick shots playfully flirting with you. You threw some back. The rising of Shipping had come. All your friends were down for it and thought you two were already dating. Especially since you, two admitted to already kissing more than one time. Of course, it was a drunk game of among us when they caught you two slipping.
You, Corpse, Rae, and Sean we all in the cafeteria doing tasks. "So Y/n how long have you known Corpse?" Rae asked her word slightly slurring. "7 years of hell with this big baby." You giggled. "Hey...I'm not s'big basby!" Corpse protested. "Oh out of the 7 years you've been friends I just KNOW something has happened between you two," Sean said taking a sip of his drink. You let out a hum. "I don't think so?" You can a confused look trying to dig something up from your brain.
"No, not true we kissed when we were like 18 and some other time after that. I missed you yester-" Corpse stopped himself realizing what he had just said.
Rae and Sean shouted at the same. "Wait who kissed?" Sykkuno came out of nowhere. "Y/n and Corpse kissed before!" Rae said still in shock. "Oh...I have been known that." Sykkuno laughed. "I've seen Corpse randomly walk in Y/n's room and kiss her for no reason. I mean the live together plus flirt what'd you expect?" Kuno shrugged.
"I'm still offended you know before me." Sean pouted.
The one stream was clipped all over Twitter and YouTube. You two had to explain that your guys were just friends and nothing more. No believed it not even your own friend's XD.
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corpseglider · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing .. corpse x girlfriend!reader (fem)
summary .. the time in which corpse really does propose
part one .. read here
Tumblr media
the first sign.
“Now why exactly did you want to go to the farmer’s market?” You asked, eyebrows raised at your boyfriend’s beaming face. 
Corpse ran to the rose bushes, daisies, and baby’s breath—looking through each and every vendor’s selection. His eyes were sparkling with excitement at the sight of the various colors, his body shaking profusely.
You followed behind at a distance, giving Corpse the freedom to explore on his own. The market was overflowing with life. That life not necessarily being human life, but fresh plants and fruit.
Your pockets were drained quickly, all of the hard cash on you had disappeared into the hands of the kind vendors. Bags of homemade goods filled your arms, nearly falling over from how unbalanced you’d become.
“Oh, shit.” Corpse said, running up to you and taking a few packages into his own hands, giving you a little breath of relief. “You seem to be right at home here!”
He chuckled, his heart glowing in your company. The overall aura you gave off brought his life immense joy. You were the light in his darkness, the stability to his chaos.
The two of you now walked together, strolling between vendors and awing at the vast array of flowers. It was a peaceful moment, just the two of you together in a place that made you happy.
“Oh these are just beautiful!” You exclaimed, your eyes settling on a bouquet of small lilac alliums. The little blossoms were undeniably gorgeous, standing out amongst the others like stars in the vast night sky.
The little bouquet fit perfectly in your hands, complimenting your features nicely. Corpse took a mental picture in his brain, wanting to remember this moment showcasing the natural beauty that you possessed forever.
He studied the flowers, noticing the little petals and yellow bobs along with your beaming face. Without hesitation, Corpse pulled out his wallet, giving the vendor whatever price they were asking for.
“You’re the best, you know that right?” You pressed a soft kiss to Corpse’s cheek, loving how your boyfriend spoiled you. Gratitude was evident in your voice, the tone soft and thankful. “I love them.”
Corpse wrapped his arm around shoulder, hugging you to his side as you made your way towards your car. He kissed the top of your head gently before whispering in your ear.
“I love you.”
the second sign.
The house was silent, Corpse’s footsteps echoing slightly as he quietly shut the door to his gaming room. It was around four in the morning, he’d just finished a live stream, having stayed up all night to do so.
Exhaustion was all that was on his mind. He was itching to crawl into bed beside you and refill his energy. Just the thought of holding you in his arms was more meaningful than any dream he could possibly have.
Corpse tiptoed down the hallway, cringing as his phone began to ring. He frantically reached into his pockets, attempting to decline the call before realizing that it was Sean who’d been dialing him.
“Hey man.” He spoke in a low tone, doing his best to make as little noise as possible. It’d been a long week for you, and he didn’t want to disturb your sleep. “What’s up?”
Sean responded energetically, the time zone difference being evident between the two men’s attitudes. “Just calling to say what an amazing stream that was!” He exclaimed, his accent strong. “You really tricked us tonight!”
Corpse laughed, running a hand through his already unruly hair. “Yeah that was all luck.” He admitted, having no strategic meaning in any of his moves. “My lucky charm is home right now, that’s probably why I won.”
He could envision Sean nodding to his words, his friends being fully aware of how close his relationship with you was. “Y/N, yeah.” Sean answered, a little bit of a smirk on his voice. “How’re you guys doing?”
A smile rose on Corpse’s face, just the thought of you brought out his soft side. “We’re doing really really well, man.” Your boyfriend said, walking into your shared bedroom. “Thanks for asking.”
Sean sighed, most likely sitting back in his chair to get in a more comfortable position. “Of course, you guys seem really happy.” He paused for a moment, considering what he was going to say next.
“I was tagged under that comment you made on Instagram.” Corpse stopped breathing at his words, knowing exactly what he was referring to—but Sean continued on. “Was there any truth in that?”
The call was vacant, neither man speaking on the other’s behalf. Corpse took a deep breath, gazing at the girl who was fast asleep in their bed. “Definitely.” He breathed out, processing his words as he spoke.
“She makes me so happy, man. I just love her so much.” His voice was even quieter than before, Sean barely being able to comprehend what he was saying. “I don’t know what to do.”
Sean’s grin was so large it could be heard on the phone. He was so happy to hear that his close friend had found someone so perfect for him. “I think you know exactly what to do.”
With that, they bid their goodbyes, promising to talk again in a few hours. Corpse slipped into bed, finally realizing the steps he had to take in order to end up with the outcome you and him deserved. 
He pressed a kiss to your temple, wrapping his arms around you and closing his eyes. As sleep took over his senses, your’s were wide awake. Your face was flushed red, tears brimming your eyes.
You hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but the sound of Corpse openly talking about his love for you was too much to ignore. It was one thing to know that there was someone there for you—but to have him speak so highly about you to others?
That was love.
the third and final sign.
Corpse had been bouncing off the walls all day, his body overflowing with nerves. He’d been doing his best to act inconspicuous for the entire day, wanting to surprise you with his notion of a proposal.
The weight of the ring box felt like tons in his pocket, weighing him down as he walked with you towards the view point. His heart was racing unevenly, thumping in his chest like a metronome.
Constellations sparkled above you, the sky filled with stars and little specks of dust. It was a moment under the perfect view with the perfect man. Your perfect man.
You stood beside him, holding his hand in yours as you pointed out all of the constellations that you knew by memory. Corpse was silent, humming along to your words and listening intently.
Before you knew it, you felt his grip loosen, your arm dropping completely. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, wondering why he would leave you absent of his touch.
A gasp escaped your lips as you turned, facing him underneath the light of the moon. Corpse was down on one knee, holding up nothing but the ring box that had formerly been stashed in his pocket.
He pursed his lips into a smile, opening the box to you. “It’s no ring made of fresh flowers,” he admitted, watching your facial expressions like a hawk, “but I hope it’ll do.”
Your eyes settled on the ring, noticing the beautiful and intricate design. The band resembled stems, wrapping around like vines—while the jewel itself looked as if it was blooming out of a flower.
That flower being identical to the flowers he had bought you at the market, weeks before. 
Tears were now tripping down your face, your hands on his shoulders as you nodded enthusiastically, accepting his proposal with all of your heart. “Of course it’ll do!” You grabbed his cheeks, kissing him over and over again.
“You are perfect for me.” You rested your forehead against his, shivering as he slipped the ring onto your finger. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”
Corpse laughed, thanking everything for the fact that he was lucky enough to have someone such as yourself in his life. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darkmoonfics · 7 months ago
“Can I slap her for you?” -  Corpse Husband | Part Two
Title: “Can I slap her for you?” – Part Two
Pairing: Corpse Husband x Reader
Summary: Being stuck living with the queen of YouTube drama and partying during the pandemic has seriously worn down your patience. Meeting Pokimane has changed your life for the better, making Among Us a pivotal part of your life.
Word Count: 5.2k
Unedited for now. I was eager to post. I will edit it later.
Corpse Masterlist
Tumblr media
After you left the apartment, you sat in the parking lot of some random store, trying to decide what to do now. Sighing, you opened your phone and went to Instagram. Corpse was probably wondering if it went okay.
Corpse: She left the stream, thank you!
Corpse: What exactly did you do?
Corpse: She’s sending Sean angry DM’s now.
Corpse: Hey, are you okay?
Y/n: Hey sorry, I had to pack. I’m fine, happy to help get her out of the stream. I switched off the power to her office.
Honestly, you wished you could have stood up against her more often than you did. She was four years younger, so you should have been able to have the say in things. But no, Olivia was a control freak and a spoiled brat too. She would no doubt tell your parents you started a fight with her, and she felt unsafe.
Corpse: Wow, you’re badass. Packing for what?
Y/n: Um, she may have kicked me out of the apartment, and I may have left without a fight because I’m tired of her shit. 🤷‍♀️
Corpse: Do you have a place to stay?
Of course you didn’t and you really should have thought about that before just leaving the way you did.
Y/n: Not really but I will find somewhere.
Well you hoped you could. There weren’t many people who were keen in taking in a friend during a pandemic.
Corpse: Poki’s going to call you.
At that message, your phone started to wring and sure enough, it was Poki.
“Hello?” You asked hesitantly.
“So someone let it slip that your sister kicked you out?” Poki said calmly.
“Is that someone, Corpse?”
“Yes, he said it out of shock but I’m glad he did. Knowing you, you would have kept it a secret from me.” She was right. You hated inconveniencing your friends.
“Damn you, Corpse.” You muttered making her laugh. “Yeah so I ruined Olivia’s stream and she started screaming at me before kicking me out. I didn’t fight it because I am tired of her.”
“Understandable. Well do you need somewhere to stay?”
“Yes but I will find some place.”
“Nope, you’re staying with me. Come over now or I am coming out to drag you back to my place.” Her protectiveness made you smile.
“Sure, I’ll be there in a few.” You hung up.
Y/n: Thank you for looking out for my stubborn ass, Corpse. I would have never told her.
Corpse: Stubborn is one word to describe you. Cute is another.
That comment made your face heat up from the sheer adorableness of it. Corpse seriously just called you cute.
Y/n: Can I say you have a genuinely nice hand. It’s marvelous.
Corpse: Hey, don’t make fun of my hand. It takes all the heat for me. That hand is very anxious every time I post him.
Y/n: Awe I bet. Give him hugs from me. Also tell him I’m a big fan!
The easy flow of conversation between the two of you was nice. You got along extremely well and talking outside of the game was nice, since you could focus on what you really wanted to say to him.
Corpse: He’s flattered!
This was great and took your mind off Olivia and the fact she just kicked you to the curb with nowhere to go. But Poki was there for you. You appreciated her more than she knew.
You pulled up in front of her apartment building, parking the car, you got out and grabbed your stuff. Typing in the code Poki had given you a while ago, you were let into the building. Entering the elevator, you made your way to her apartment.
Barely knocking, the door flew open to reveal Poki. She looked mad but also worried. She pulled you into the apartment and hugged you tightly.
“Can I slap her for you?” She asked calmly.
This made you giggle. “I mean I would like to slap her as well.”
“We should make a plan. Hey, the group is still on, come say hi.” She started to lead you to her office.
“Are they still streaming?” You didn’t want to reveal your face to the world, not like this.
“Oh no. We ended our streams when Olivia started talking about you. She completely wasn’t respecting your privacy and we weren’t about to let her spill it to our viewers.” That was so sweet of them to do.
You had left your bags in the other room while you followed her. An idle conversation was going on when you entered.
“Hey guys, I’m back.” Poki took a seat in front of the computer, she pulled up a second chair. “I have someone special here.”
Sitting down, you saw her nod for you to say something. “Hey, did you miss me?”
They went wild.
“Y/n! Oh we missed you!”
“Don’t leave us again.”
“I’m sorry I invited your sister to stream.”
“Hey Y/n.”
The mix of voices was overwhelming in a good way. Sykkuno, Rae, Sean, and Corpse pretty much spoke over each other which made you laugh.
“One at a time, guys. You can’t overload her.” Leslie told them.
“Sorry Y/n. We just really missed having you here. You’ve become one of our favorite friends to play with.” Sykkuno said sounding as sweet as ever. That man was just the best.
“Yes, I can say we agree.” Rae added.
It was nice to hear they missed you. It really helped to lift your mood as well.
“Did your sister really kick you out?” Toast asked
“Yes she did. But it’s not surprising at this point. She’s probably been gunning to kick me out as soon as she could.” Sad truth
“Well she’s the worst player ever. She can’t keep a secret at all. I really should have never agreed to get her into the group.” Sean said sounding sad.
“Hey Sean, please don’t worry about it. She’s always weaseling her way into things. It’s completely not your fault.” One of the things she loved to do was incessantly DM other youtubers for collabs or for free stuff. She really had no morals.
“Well thank you, Y/n. You’re literally the sweetest.” Sean said earning a bunch of ‘I Agrees’ from everyone else. That really was helping make the night better.
“Who’s up for some more Among Us to relax after that shitshow?” Lud asked making everyone laugh hard. It was agreed the group would do it. Luckily, you had your laptop and joined the call and game and stayed in Poki’s living room to play. Honestly, it was so good for you.
At the end if gaming, you said goodbye to the group. Then Poki showed you to the extra room that used to be her roommates before she moved out last month.
“Hey, are you looking for a roommate?” You asked as you put the bags on the bed.
Poki sent you a smile. “I am. Are you interested?”
This was good. “Yes, I mean I still have to find another job since my main is still furloughing me until this pandemic gets better but I have some money saved up.”
“Hey, please don’t sweat it. Besides, I know a friend who’s in need of an editor, I may have mentioned your name and she really wants to talk to you about it. Is that okay?”
“Wow, that’s perfect. Thank you, Poki. You’re such a great friend.” It felt good to have someone there for you.
She pulled you into a hug. “Always. I am so glad I met you. You’re one of my best friends.”
This was an honor. “Don’t make me cry.”
“I can’t promise anything. Anyway, I will leave you to rest. It’s been a long night. Tomorrow I will give you my friends details.”
“Sounds good, night Poki.”
“Goodnight, Y/n.” She waved goodbye and closed the door behind herself.
Smiling, you sat on the bed. It was such a good thing that she was here got you. But also Corpse was the catalyst that got you to actually tell Poki was what happening. He was sweet and it seemed he was looking out for you.
After changing into comfy pj’s, you brushed your teeth before climbing into the freshly made bed. Opening Instagram, you saw that Corpse has messaged you.
Corpse: I don’t like being too forward but hey here we go. Can I please have your number so we can talk more easily?
A smile made its way to your face. For a tough man, he surely had a sweet way of getting to you
Y/n: Yes you can. xxx-xxx-xxxx.
The nerves jumped when you sent that message. Less than a minute later, you received a text from an unknown number.
Hey Y/n, it’s Corpse. Would you mind if I called you so we could talk for a little?
You liked this idea truthfully. It only helped to show how genuine Corpse was being.
Not at all. Please go ahead and call me.
Your phone rang, displaying Corpse’s name.
“Hello?” You answered the phone while pushing away the anxiety.
A soft deep laugh filled your ear. “Hey sweet girl. How are you feeling?”
His words made you want to sigh in the most lovesick way. That never happened these days.
“I’m good. Poki had an extra room I could crash in and well I might just be her new roommate.”
“I love that. She’s so much better than your sister I assume.”
“She is. Here I won’t have to deal with the incessant pandemic partying Olivia likes to do.” That selfish bitch.
“Shit, is she stupid? She does know she’s risking a lot of lives, right?” You loved that Corpse had the logic you craved.
“So she is stupid, and her response was always that it’s not her problem and that the vulnerable people should stay home.”
“She sounds like the typical beauty youtuber these days.”
“Yes, she is. She has no morals.”
“Well that’s not good. I guess that’s why her name keeps popping up all over social media. She really needs to be careful, before she becomes the next Tana.” He was right but you personally thought she was past that point already.
“It’s too late. She’s already passed the point of return with all of this.”
“Yikes. It’s good you got out of there when you did.” A soft but deep laugh was heard through the phone. The sound made you giggle. Hearing such a tough guy laugh the way Corpse laughs, made you feel giddy. “So about what I said earlier, I meant it.”
“Huh, what are you talking about?” You truly were a little lost by this.
Corpse laughed again. “When I called you cute earlier. I meant it.”
Heat filled your face and a small smile made its way to your lips. “Thank you, Corpse. That’s really sweet of you. I don’t like to show many people who I am because they will immediately connect me to Olivia, and I don’t want that.”
“I get that. I don’t show my face for fear they won’t like me when I do. All my fans have built up this expectation of what they want me to look like and now I just don’t want to let them down. Plus it’s nice being able to stay anonymous if I go into public, but of course people will hear my voice and know. Shit, it’s hard.”
“Awe, I’m sorry. I saw what the attention has done to some people, but I think not everyone goes into that headspace. Also, I think you should stay faceless if it makes you feel better. There is no rule that says you ever have to show your face. People who push you to do it have no boundaries.”
Corpse was quiet for a while and you thought you had offended him. “I’m sorry if I said the wrong thing, Corpse.” You squeaked.
“No, you said the right thing. I was just thinking. You’re right. A lot of people have been on me to reveal my face, but I never intend to. I want to be able to live my life without being swarmed by fans, or god forbid, them judging me by my appearance.”
“Which is really fucked. When I first appeared in my sister video, the comments were awful. They couldn’t understand how she was related to me, but I never thought I looked bad. But I guess they expected Olivia to be surrounded by people in her genre. It was so hard to see those comments.” Thinking back to it, Olivia had even added to it. Telling you that you should have tried to look more like her for the video. You should have worn something more colorful and put-on way more make up then you liked. But you hated that. That wasn’t you.
“I can’t imagine the things they said. Is that why you deactivated your twitter?” How did he know about that?
“Oh, yeah. How did you know about it?”
“I remembered seeing a story about it on YouTube last year. They didn’t show your face, so of course I didn’t know it was you. But I figured it out when Olivia joined the game tonight and she blabbered on about being your sister. I’m sorry you received that hate. No one deserves that ever.” His voice was calming you now.
“Thank you. Olivia seemed to add to it, as well. Fuck, she’s just the worst person.” Family definitely had the ability to be shitty. “Meeting Poki last year really was the best thing. But also joining this Among Us group has been so good for me. Thank you for accepting me.”
“Of course. You’re a natural in the game but you also fit very well with the group.” Corpse really hoped you believed him because this was true. The group had a whole conversation about it when Olivia finally left
“I’m flattered. The Corpse Husband is telling me I fit in with him and his streamer friends. Wake me up, I must be dreaming.” You knew his words were genuine because it was just easy to tell.
“You better believe it, baby, because it’s true.”
You stopped short when you heard him call you baby. Of course Corpse had used that word before but right now it felt more intimate.
Letting out a yawn you realized it was nearing 4 am. “I appreciate it.” You mumbled, feeling the events from the day seep in.
“You’re tired, aren’t you?” His deep voice was lulling you closer to sleep.
“No.” Another yawn broke through.
“You can’t lie to me, Y/n. Get some sleep and we will talk tomorrow.”
The words made you smile. “That sounds good, Corpsie. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, sweet girl.” Despite wanting to stay on the phone, you hung up. Sleep was quickly coming in to claim you. You can happily say you fell asleep with a huge smile on your face.
Waking up was easier than it had been in a long time. Normally you woke up to Olivia screaming at you or someone else. So it was nice to wake up to silence. It allowed you to relax and wake up properly.
Your phone buzzed from beside you. A text from Corpse is what you first saw, so you opened it.
Good morning, sweet girl. I hope the night treated you well.
Sweet and to the point. His messages made you think he had a thing for you. Well you hoped he did but he also could just be treating you the way he treats friends.
Yes, I slept well and for once I wasn’t awoken by my obnoxious sister.
It would he good not to live with her.
I bet. Hey I hate to be the one to show you this, but your sister posted this on her instagram.
He then sent a link to the post. It made your blood boil.
There was a picture of her, she was holding up a ripped picture of you. A huge frown was on her face.
oliviaxoxo It’s a shame when family starts to treat you like you weren’t the one to give them money when they needed it. This is my sister and she’s a bitch. For the last few years, she’s been the one editing my videos. Well I found out she was trying to sabotage me, so I had to fire her and kick her out. What a shame it is when family stabs you in the back. 🙃🙃
1,454,787 people like this
oliviafan23 Is this true? Damn, f*ck fake people.
queenolivia Sueeee herrrrr!
lovinliv Family ain’t shit. Spill her info so we can drag her.
sykkuwu Whoa, why are you spreading lies about your own family?
queenolivia Why would you defend someone like that?
valkyrea You’re such a sad human for doing this. Stop lying.
pokimanelol Let’s see, none of this is true. Your sister has done so much for you and you’ve never appreciated it. Get some help for this.
corpse_husband This is sick. No wonder your name is always blasted everywhere. Do your sister a favor and stop talking about her.
oliviaxoxo I don’t know why you’re defending my stupid sister, but that totally makes you not hot to me anymore. Ugh.
valkyrea Uh, that’s what you got from this. Wow, you’re not worth this.
corpse_husband What can you expect? The covid must have gone to her brain.    |
corpseandlivfan Whyyyyyyy Corpse, why would you stand up for her. Do you not realize how horrible Y/n is? Please tell me this is a joke!?!?
 corpse_husband Well, she’s a good friend of mine and I won’t let people make up lies. So it’s not a joke.
You were mad that she’d even say this shit publicly, but you should have known she would. She was nothing without her group of misguided followers.
Can’t say I’m not surprised. This is so on brand for her. Thank you for sticking up for me. It means a lot.
I would do it any day. She shouldn’t be able to get away with doing that to you.
Sadly, growing up, she did get away with doing the absolute worst shit and you always received the brunt of it.
With any luck, she draws negative attention.
You clicked the link to view it again but instead were lead to a page that said the content was unavailable.
I believe she just deleted the post.
Oh, she did. That’s awesome.
It was. Olivia was never one to swallow her pride and admit any wrongdoings. That means she would never delete a problematic post, but she finally did
I didn’t really read any other comments besides you and your friends and the top comments. I can’t imagine what her fans are really saying.
Olivia was completely okay with letting her fans attack people. It was seriously a huge mess. She fell into the category of YouTuber with the worst most entitled attitude.
It’s good you didn’t read them, because they were horrible. I can’t believe she would let her fans do that.
She’s done a lot of shady stuff. This is even before she blew up on YouTube. There is a lot of issues between us.
There was a lot that could be said about your relationship with Olivia and none of them were good. Forever it seemed, you had tried to make it work and hoped your sister would grow up and change but it never happened.
I think she’s a vile human. From what I have seen and her complete lack of human decency, I just can’t help but feel she’s just not a good person and she never will be.
He was right. She would never change.
You’re right. Hey, I have to go thank Poki for letting me stay but I also need to go back to that apartment to get the rest of my stuff. Can I call you when I get back?
Yes, of course. Good luck heading over there.
Talking to him was pretty natural feeling. It was clear now that you were getting a massive crush on him. You had a crush on a man who’s face you’ve never seen. You couldn’t help it though, his personality just meshed so well with yours. He’d made you feel safe and wanted.
After getting dressed, you found Poki in the kitchen making breakfast. She sent you a sweet smile when you entered the room.
“Thank you for standing up for me against my sister on Instagram.” You were truly honored this group of friends liked you enough to do something like this.
“You’re welcome. I couldn’t just let her say that and get away with it. She’s done a lot to you, that you don’t deserve. Corpse messaged all of us the minute he found it and we all jumped into action. Sean and Felix were getting ready to comment when she deleted it.” She explained as she set a plate in front of you.
“I’m so honored. Thank you!”
“Of course, you’re one of us now and we will never let her get away with this stuff anymore.”
You could just cry with how loved they were making you feel. This is what had been missing in your life. Friends who genuinely cared about you and wanted to protect you from the nasty stuff Olivia was capable of doing.
“Would you come with me to the apartment to get the rest of my stuff?” You asked once the two of you finished eating.
Poki nodded. “Of course I will. You shouldn’t have to go alone.”
An hour later, you exited the elevator on the floor where you once resided. Your sister wasn’t home, which would be good but there was a chance she could return while you were packing. But you would deal with that when it came down to it. The two of you quickly got to work, packing your life up into the boxes you’d brought with you. Luckily, you weren’t one to collect a ton of stuff. You mainly just had to make sure your clothes and makeup were packed up.          
You and Poki would fill boxes and pile them by there door, then you would take them down to the car when you acquired a good amount. In the end, you figured you would fill maybe 10 boxes which is actually not too many considering you’ve lived in that apartment for five years.
Poki had left to go take two more boxes to the car while you finished up packing up your last few items. The front door closed, and you assumed it was Poki, but it wasn’t.
“Oh look who’s here? My lovely sister.” Olivia’s voice was flat and emotionless.
You rolled your eyes and turned to find her standing in the doorway, glaring at you. “Hello, Olivia. I’m just packing my stuff and then I’m leaving.”
“Who said you were allowed to come back here?” She grumbled, eyeing the boxes.
“Well, this is my stuff and I have every right to come pick it up.”
“If it’s in my apartment, it clearly belongs to me.” She snarled.
You snapped. “Cut it out, Olivia. This was my apartment too, until you kicked me out last night. You can’t just claim my stuff as your because you’re salty about me having friends.” She was a spoiled brat, and you were done letting her get away with it.
“I’m not the salty one. Everyone can see it’s you.” God she was so annoying. You taped up the last box and turned to her. She held her phone in her hand. “Everyone say hi to my sister. You know, the one I posted about earlier before someone reported my post.”
“Are you live?” You asked, keeping your face expressionless. Olivia would do this.
“I bet some of you remember the few videos I did with her. Well of course that was before she turned against me and decided she was going to try and ruin me. Say hi, Y/n.” A sick smile played on her face.
“I never consented to being in your live, Olivia. Please stop.” You tried to keep your voice calm so that she wouldn’t have any way to make you look like the bad person. But regardless, she was already doing it.
Olivia cackled. “Well I think I’m free to do as I please in my apartment.” You could only imagine what her fans were saying. “You’re right, Andrea, she is an idiot, and I should have her arrested.” She spoke aloud making your blood boil.
“You’re so immature, Olivia.” You grumbled before grabbing the last couple boxes and moving towards the door. Olivia decided to swat the boxes out of your hand, and they fell tumbling to the ground. “What the hell, Olivia. I could have fragile stuff in there.” You growled at her.
Olivia was just laughing. “This is funny. What else should I do, guys?” She asked as she panned the phone around the room.
Her immaturity was giving you a headache. Poki walked in and saw Olivia.
“Oh hey guys, look who’s here. Pokimane.” She panned the camera to Poki who frowned. Olivia just laughed and started talking shit until she was cut off by the stream just ending. “What the hell.”
You gathered the last few boxes, and Poki came to help while Olivia attempted to start another live.
“What the fuck, it won’t let me go live.” She growled while stomping her foot like a child.
“That’s what happens when an influx of people report your live.” Poki spoke as you both had gathered the boxes.
Olivia was frowning. “What did you do, Y/n.” She wanted to pounce at her, but Y/n and Poki were already at the door.
“Y/n did nothing, but I got word of your little livestream and contacted some friends for help. It will be at least 24 hours before you can have another live. But with the amount of people who reported you, well you may be banned for a while.” With that, you and Poki left Olivia standing there is absolute shock.
You and Poki put the last boxes in the car. “Thank you, Poki. How did you get so many people to report it?”
“Well it was actually Corpse. He texted me and informed me that she was doing a live and bothering you. He had his fans go report it, but apparently Sykkuno and Rae also sent their fans. I was going to send mine, but they had it handled. So this was all Corpse.” She explained.
Hearing this made you feel so soft for Corpse. “Awe wow. That’s so sweet of him.”
The two of you entered the car. “Y/n, can I tell you something without you telling him I told you?”
You looked over at her. “Yes, sure.” Your heart rate kind of picked up.
“Well the other day, Corpse admitted he has feelings for you, but he wasn’t completely sure if you felt the same way for him. But I mean I can clearly see you do. Your whole face just lit up when I mentioned him. So do you?”
Heat filled your face and you suddenly felt shy. “I do, yes. Which is ridiculous because I just met the guy, and I don’t even know what he looks like. But gosh, I like him so much. When I talk to him, I feel happy. He’s been so good to me through this crap with Olivia.” You admitted, knowing she already knew.
Poki smiled and squealed in complete happiness. “You two are just the most adorable people! It’s not ridiculous. We pretty much knew from the first time you joined us, that Corpse was into you. But oh my god, you’re into him. You need to tell him!!!!”
You agreed, Corpse deserved to know. “I do. But how? It’s been a really long time since I’ve told someone I liked them. Shit, I feel like I’m in high school again!”
This made Poki giggle. “Calm down, Y/n. I have a plan. Let’s get back to the apartment and we will talk about this. Rae also wants to be involved in this.”
Back at her apartment, you had jumped onto a call with Rae and the three of you talked about what your plan was for you to tell Corpse what you felt for him. Rae and Poki decided to organize an Among Us game strictly for fun and no one would stream, they would also use Proximity chat.
“So we will get him to follow you around until one of us is imposter, then we will lock you into wherever you end up. Do it then” Rae explained sounding so excited.
“Okay, that can work. Let’s do this!” You were nervous but also excited to finally do something good for yourself.
You and Poki set up for the gane and Corpse sent you a text.
Are you joining the game tonight?
Seeing a text from him, made you feel giddy.
Yep I am. So I will see you in game?
Yes you will, angel.
Cue the insane butterflies.
The lobby loaded and it was you, Corpse, Poki, Rae, Sykkuno, Karl, Tina, Sean, Toast, and Leslie. All streamers you had grown to like a lot in the time you have been playing with them.
“Y/n, I am so happy you’re playing with us!” Tina gushed as her little character ran around yours.
“I’m happy to be here.” You really were.
“You’re sister is a piece of work, Y/n.” Sykkuno said.
You giggled. “Don’t I know it.”
“What did she do this time?” Sean asked.
“Decided to film a live when we went to get Y/n’s stuff from the apartment.” Poki explained.
“Oh, that’s gross.” Karl commented.
“I have to thank Corpse for helping.” You stated to the group.
“Yeah Corpse was quick to text us.” Sykkuno added.
“You’re welcome, Y/n. I wasn’t going to let her get away with what she was doing. Truth is, I got a bunch of fan DMs that were telling me what Olivia was doing. So a lot of my fans were already reporting it, but the tweet helped.” Corpse’s deep voice soothed you.
“I appreciate it so much. She was just being an immature brat as always.”
The group laughed before deciding to start the game. Poki and Rae agreed to text you when either of them were imposter. Now it was a matter of getting Corpse to follow you.
The group was on the Polus map, which seemed to be a favorite for everyone.
We should lock them in weapons.
Rae had texted you and Poki through the group text.
That’s the best place for them.
Okay but I still have to get him to follow me.
He will. Just wait, I have a plan.
You trusted Rae and Poki to help you. Now it was time to admit it all to Corpse and hope he genuinely liked you back.
Let’s do this!
PART THREE  >>                                         
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katyasrussianaccent · a month ago
you're so golden (corpse x reader)
Summary: You're a faceless youtuber that sings cover songs. What happens when a certain faceless streamer slides into your DMs after you cover one of his songs?
Authors note: Next part! Im debating whether to make the next part the last part or not but we'll see cos I want to write the 2nd meeting and idk I have ideas!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taglist (CLOSED) @genshinglitter @fanworrior@cherry-piee @mirahg @clara-bee @clubfairy @more-like-reyna @boiled-onionrings @moneybagmarvel @brendalopez99 @delicateavenuenacho @hydrate-tion @oi-itsemily @letsloveimagines @softforqiankun @evilunicorns4minions @captain-willowwitch @afuckingunicornn @theroyalbrownbarbie @buttersnitzle @officiallyunofficialperson @frostbitelokii @butterfly-skinnylegend @sofianunes10 @ghostfacefricker6969 @alienvarmint @helena-way07 @woah2pointo @jasmine2042003 @youhyakuya @adore-holland @hyunjinhugs @finahja @lupinpetersclearwaterodairparker @only-corpse-hands @crystal-bear @open-minded-chip-101 @daveedfanfics @justakpopstans @majasophieanna @meowtella @lizzylynch1 @chesca-791 @anescapefromtheworld @lost--in--the--moon @golden-ghost @captnrogers @backseat-serenade-dizzyhurricane @xoxohannahlee @strobe-edge
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cherios · 9 months ago
hii i had an idea for a corpse fic (: how about reader and corpse are together and they’re playing an among us game with the gang but Xqc is also playing and being really toxic and he starts yelling at Y/n so corpse because defensive and defends her ( protective corpse asf ) “don’t talk to my girl like that” and the rest of the lobby agrees with corpse. ? (:
My Girl
Pairing: Protective!Corose x Fem!Reader
Trigger warnings: use of profanities, and mentions of mental illnesses, AS requested the actions of xQc were exaggerated a bit but if you’d like to know more search it up on YouTube
Word count: 0.5k
a/n: hehe! Hi nonnie! Thank you for being my first request <3 I absolutely loved writing it and I hope you enjoy reading. Don’t be shy! Feel free to request they make me so happy and I enjoy writing them very very much <3 I’m not to good at writing for among so if this is trash you know why-
Tumblr media
“Y/n and corpse are cheaters.” Rae stated when everyone’s characters were spawned back to the lobby. You laughed shaking your head. Corpse chuckled. “Hey. It’s not our fault you guys believe us every time.” You told the call.
“Your alibis are always just so damn believable.” Toast responded. You smiled looking over at your streaming chat. All the comments saying if they weren’t watching you they’d believe your alibi too. “Hey guys I’m gonna add xQc since we have a spot to fill.”
Everyone agreed before an orange character spawned and someone also joined the call. “Yo yo yo.” A mans voice sounded through your headphones. You cringed at the choice of words before saying a hello deciding to be polite.
“Let’s get this starteddddd!” The same voice yelled. Poki mumbled something no one in the call could hear before staring the game.
The big blue screen appeared on your screen signaling you were a crewmate. You sighed. You weren’t a good crewmate mostly because you stayed on cams the whole time causing everyone to call you sus. After you were loaded in you took the hallway to go do your electric task hoping you didn’t die.
“Stopp guys that not funny if I die, I’ll literally cry.” You joked after reading the chat comments everyone saying electrical was cursed and you were bound to die choosing to go there first. After going into electrical and doing you did your wiring task you left to go finish the task off before a body was reported.
“Where was it?” Sykkuno asked.
“Navigation.” Jack responded. “I saw Pewds coming from Nav.” Poki told everyone.
Felix gasped and started listing off all the reasons why he isn’t the impostor. After everyone said who was were, no one believed Felix and he was ejected.
Once you had completed most of your task a meeting was called by xQc. “What’s up?” Rae asked. “Y/n what was the last task you did?” he questioned. You raised an eyebrow. “Um upper engine about to do lower engine.. why?”
The boy hummed clearly not buying your innocence. “Funny because I’m pretty sure I just saw you kill Pink in security.” You titled your head wondering why he was accusing you of being the impostor when you did more than one visual task. 
“I never went into cams...” . He scoffed and you could hear the murmurs of the others on the call. “That’s what any impostor would say, but your just so damn dumb everyone will believe you.”
Everyone's voice started overlapping telling him that, that was out of line and he should never say something like that to someone. xQcs’ voice started getting louder trying to talk over everyone as if they would side with him.
“Bro don’t fucking talk to my girlfriend like that.” Corpses voice stated sternly causing everyone but the one who started the argument to pipe down. 
“I’ll talk to anyone the way I’d like.” You bit your lip not knowing what to say. You were a seemingly shy person around others except your friends and your boyfriend and sticking up for yourself wasn’t your strong suit. 
“No you will not. And especially not to a woman.” Everyone in the call agreed with corpse causing xQc to scoff once again. “I think it’s time for you to go.” Rae told him before kicking him from the call and from the game as well. 
Tumblr media
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allensimpsforcorpse · 4 months ago
𝙴𝚖𝚘𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚕 | c.h
Pairing :: Corpse Husband x GN! Reader
Requested :: Nope
Summary :: You were in the middle of a Death note marathon when Corpse called you because he got scared and too anxious while playing RE Village
Warning/s :: Corpse being anxious
A/N :: I hope you guys like this! This isn't requested but just a dream that I had last week and I have been itching to write it! Taglist (for all my future Corpse fics and my one multi-chaptered fic) Requests are open
Tumblr media
You sighed contently as you finish another episode of Death note, one of your favorite animes.
Today was one of your day off of streaming and you deemed it as the day you will finally finish re-watching the anime as your plans to watch it had always been foiled by surprise streams and other plans.
Normally you'll spend the day with one of your friends or with your boyfriend, Corpse, either hanging out or having one of your midnight dates. But everyone seems to have plans for today so you were left alone to watch Death note in peace. Though, no doubt you will always choose your friends over a mere show, it was nice to be able to finish watching the anime.
Just as you were about to play the next episode, a familiar relaxing tune came from your cellphone. Reaching out to your nightstand where your phone was charging, you took it off it's plug and checked who was calling you.
🖤 Corpsiee 🖤 is calling...
Well, that's unexpected. Isn't he supposed to be streaming right now? And he's just on the other end of the hallway, what could he be calling about for?
You answered it and before you can even utter a single word, he greeted you. Shaky, and he sounds out of breath. Uh oh.
"Hey, love, are you okay?" you immediately asked, moving to clean up the mess you have made on your bed. Did something happen in his stream? Granted, he always gets nervous and anxious whenever he streams but that was always in the beginning and when they're playing among us. If your memory serves you right, it's been hours since he started and he's not playing Among Us today- Oh wait, he's playing Resident Evil with Tina!
Yeah, that's a good reason to be anxious.
"Just... Just needed to hear your voice. I got, uh, spooked while playing." he explained, making you nod despite knowing he will not see it. You put the call on speaker and gently placed it on your desk so you can easily fix your hair.
"Want me to join you while you continue your stream? I can hold your hand" your tone of voice suggested that you were just teasing but internally you were serious. You'll gladly hold his hand while he plays, similar to what you do when he plays Among Us in a clutch moment
"Yes, please" with that, you got out your room and walked over to his streaming room. Gently knocking on the door to avoid further making the man inside with the sudden noise, you opened the door as quiet as you can.
Corpse looked up from his phone when he heard you walk in. As soon as you got close enough, he pulled you on his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist to tightly hug you. You could feel him lightly shaking as he did so and you hugged him back with no hesitation. From his earphones, you can hear Tina talking to his chat in his stead.
"Sorry that I had to pull you away from yout marathon" he quietly mumbled, you were certain you wouldn't be able to hear it if you weren't so pressed up against him at theta moment, not that you were complaining about the closeness. "I'll make it up to you after the stream"
You let out a soft giggle, shaking your head as you pull away from him to look at his face. You placed your hands on each side of his face and kissed him on the forehead. "It's okay, silly. It's just anime, you're more important than watching Light. Plus, I'm only, like, 3 episodes away 'till the end so I can just watch it later" you kissed him on the nose this time, lightly laughing at the redness visible on his cheeks.
You helped him regulate his breathing and he eventually went back to his stream, apologizing for his long silence.
It's okay, corpse!
I hope you're okay, C!
Is (Y/N) with you right now?
He read the last comment out loud before answering. "Yeah, they're with me right now. Them and Tina are my emotional support animal" he jested, making both you and Tina laugh as he finally continues to play the game, more calm now that you were here with him.
Tumblr media
Tags: @apple-slice-of-your-laifu-blog
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