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I just want to respond to this by belting out his lyrics but like all of his stuff is so explicit or depressing I- ahfhchshdhch but yeah it honestly really is!! agoraphobic and miss YOU! are my two faves right now they’re so good <3 and ikr I was crying when she told me😭 like I think they’re permanently scarred HAHAHCH

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brin!!! ahdhcjsbfjgj that’s so funny omg 😭 the same thing happened to my roommate today too LOL she was with two of her hometown friends and ok here’s the thing; we actually had it planned that she was gonna tell them like “hey guys this is erica’s favorite artist rn what do u think” and just see their reactions 😭 but she forgot about it and so e-girls played out and both of her friends started SCREAMING! ahdhchshd like keep in mind my roommate was very sheltered growing up and has like a soft indie vibe to her and her friends are pretty sheltered themselves so them hearing e-girls on full blast in her car left them in a literal state of shock💀 I think they’re scared of her now LMFAOO like one of them literally had to step out of the car for a minute 😂😭

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Corpse Husband x fem!reader

Summary: Y/N is sad and Corpse cheers her up

Warnings: sad stuff but mostly fluffy 

Word Count: 1,261

Author’s Note: it is most definitely way to late for me to post this but oh well, also this idea has been stuck in my head since I saw someone on Tumblr post that clip of him talking about it and I love it teheh.. also this was very rushed, so I’m sorry if its not my best I tried lol.. I hope you guys enjoy it!


She normally never gets upset, or shows her emotions. She was really good at hiding her feelings, but today something took over her. Tonight, her stream she was really excited about kept glitching and her chat kept blaming her for it. Except her Internet these past couple of days hasn’t been working correctly and it was completely breaking her. She had to stop a few times to compost herself, muting herself she would take long deep breaths but nothing was working.

It wasn’t just the stream acting up that had been bothering her, she had been having a stressful last couple weeks in general.

She was only playing for an hour, much shorter than she normally would be playing, “I’m going to head out guys,” she said, her voice was shaking as she spoke. Glancing towards her chat, most of the comments were annoyed with her for cutting it short. Everything was completely overwhelming her.

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