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#corpse husband x reader
iwritexreaderfics · a day ago
part seven
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Brooke had gone to bed by the time Corpse arrived. She said he probably wouldn’t want to see her until morning anyways, you had hugged her extra tight. Murmuring quiet good nights and telling her how much she meant to you. You had been dozing off slightly, your head leaning to one side when his car pulling into the parking lot. Brooke had left the door unlocked in case you fell asleep and he still needed in, but still your heart leapt to your throat when he knocked gently before creeping inside.
“Corpse.” You said sleepily as he slinked onto the balcony.
“Hey baby.” He greeted with a small smile as he knelt before the chair you sat in. “It’s cold out here, why don’t we go inside and go to bed.” He soothed.
“Corpse, I don’t think I can sleep.” You frowned as him, running a hand through his dark curls before cupping his cheek. “Thank you, for saving me again.”
“I’ll always be there, you just gotta put out the Corpse-Signal and I’ll come to the rescue.” He joked. His weary smile made your heart clench. You nodded to him, not wanting to stand but wanting to maintain the connection you didn’t let go of his warm hands.
“How are you Corpse? I’m sure it can’t be easy, also your other hand won’t stop tapping so don’t you dare tell me you’re okay.” You asked, worry edging your voice. Corpse swallowed thickly.
“I’m just worried about you.” He confessed you couldn’t stop the smile from curling at your lips. You stood up, and then allowed Corpse to tuck you into his chest. His warmth, his smell, it calmed the nerves racking around your skull.
“Thank you.” You whispered again as he began combing his fingers through your hair lazily as you stared over the city. After a while you and Corpse did go inside, not uttering a word as you set the futon up for the both of you. Brooke had left extra blankets for the both of you on her ottoman which you were grateful for. Soon enough, Corpse had wrapped himself around you, your thoughts quieted for a small moment.
“I’m sorry that this happened to you, you deserved better.” Corpse whispered, planting a kiss into your hairline before the both of you were passed out.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Corpse had held your hand the entire time you guys were in Target. The second Brooke realized this caused an uproar in the LEGO section of the store ending in you and Corpse giggling and shuffling away towards another section. You knew being in public made him nervous and he didn’t want to be recognized at any cost. The mask helped and he squeezed your hand frequently to get the nervous energy out.
“Say the word baby and we will be outta here so fast.” You assured him, you could see the gratitude in his eye. He knew you wouldn’t hesitate to get them out of the store as soon as possible.
“I’m okay, my feet are starting to hurt though.” He complained lightly. As you wandered back to where Brooke, Sykkuno, and Rae were you found that they had an empty cart.
“Get in.” You ordered. “I’ll push, I don’t trust any of you not to break someone’s ankles.” They all laughed at that. You all held the cart still so the tall man could sit down in it.
“Why are you pushing Corpse around?” Rae managed between her giggles.
“My feet hurt.” He whined again. You gave him a soft pat on the head and let Brooke and Rae lead you around Target.
“How ya been YN?” Sykkuno asked quietly while Brooke and Rae were busy in a hushed conversation about something you couldn’t hear.
“Not great, but better now I’m out of Brooke’s apartment feeling sorry for myself.” You joked lightly. Corpse twisted in the cart to stare at you for a minute, his eye narrowing at you. “Don’t give me that look.” You warned.
“Don’t blame yourself for something that wasn’t your fault.” He quipped back at you. You scoffed out a laugh.
“It’s great that you can be out in public even after that. People on Twitter absolutely lost it, if you don’t mind my asking who were you on the phone with?” Sykkuno asked. Oh. He isn’t talking about your psycho ex boyfriend. He was worried about you since the face cam incident.
“Him. He had called me to bribe me into playing Minecraft instead of painting.” You laughed, running a hand through Corpse’s dark curls again.
“You guys are close then? That’s good. You both could use someone in your corner like that.” Sykkuno smiled at you, your own lips curled into a grin back at him. Brooke and Rae had disappeared into an aisle.
“Don’t tell Brooke, but I am rather fond of him.” You hummed contentedly.
“SIMP!!” Brooke yelled as she leapt around the corner of the aisle she and Rae had been hiding in. You had rolled your eyes at them, huffing out a small laugh of embarrassment. Thankful for masks since they were hiding your flushed cheeks.
“Leave her alone Brooke, let the woman simp.” Corpse shrugged. You bit back that laugh at his casual remark. Your lips curled into a grin.
“I don’t like sharing Corpse.” Brooke crossed her arms. Rae mimicked her pose quickly.
“Except with me, no offense Corpse but I don’t think you could fend us both of.” Rae raised an eyebrow. You looked over at Sykkuno who was smiling so much you could see his eyes crinkle above the fabric.
“What if I got to choose?” You interjected yourself into their staring contest. Brooke raised her eyebrows at you quizzically.
“YN I genuinely cannot think of one good choice you’ve made any time you’ve ever been in LA.” Brooke sighed. You gasped in feigned offense.
“Probably your influence Brooke.” Sykkuno spoke up. You let the laugh fall from you mouth.
“But also, who is YN pushing around in cart right now?” Corpse reasoned. You shook your head and began walking again. You all wandered the store for a whole, Corpse buried slightly in goods that had been tossed into the cart. Anything he want you had gently placed in his lap. Once you had all checked out, you began moving towards your SUV, you were the only one with room for this many people as well as the most cautious driver due to your anxiety of being hit. The sun had begun its descent and you couldn’t keep the grin off your face as you decided instead of heading back to Brooke’s place you would go through a drive thru somewhere and have dinner on a small private beach you knew.
“YN… are you kidnapping us?” Sykkuno spoke up from the back seat where Brooke and Rae were all squished together.
“I wasn’t ready for today to end. Want to get dinner and have dinner on the beach? It’s cool enough that it won’t be busy but also, it’s technically my parents beach so I can kick anyone out too.” You explained as you pulled into the restaurant. Rae cheered loudly for the choice.
The wind was cold on your face as you all sat side by side on the cement wall between you and the currently thrashing ocean. Nobody had said anything in a while, nobody wanted to disturb the peace. Your whole life you never thought you’d have anyone other than Brooke. Now, it felt like you had an actual family here in California. Your parents lived in the Midwest and rarely spoke with you, you had a sister though who always invited you back to Ohio to spend Christmas with her. You leaned your head delicately on Corpse’s shoulder, closing your eyes as you inhaled the salt filled air. The silence stretched for an hour.
“I love you guys.” You broke the silence. You all huddled together delicately, the air was slightly warm from the October sun, but the wind had sent a slight chill through you so you had all huddled together to conserve warmth. 
“We love you too baby.” Corpse hummed in agreement rubbing circles on your back softy.
“Even if you like Corpse more than me.” Brooke sighed in agreement. A smile broke across your face as you shoved her slightly. “It’s getting fucking cold, let’s go.” She sighed. Brooke, Rae, and Sykkuno started towards your car but you had no intentions of stepping out of Corpse’s warmth yet. It seemed he had no intentions of letting you go yet either since he still gripped your hand tightly. With a small yawn and kiss pressed in Corpse’s knuckles you stood, balancing on the cement block for a moment to help Corpse up. The sun was gone, the sky painted grey, bathing you in a pale blue glow before nighttime swept it away. Today was a good day.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @crushe-s
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plumybcky · a day ago
I A I N ' T G O T N O T I M E I F Y O U A I N ' T B E S I D E M E
S U M M A R Y:
You are a faceless youtuber who does Sims 4 and ranty vlogs, but somehow you end up playing a game with your friend Rae and then things get 💕💕💕
chapter one
chapter two
chapter three (pt. i)
chapter three (p. ii)
chapter four
chapter five
chapter six
chapter seven
chapter eight
chapter nine
chapter ten (due fri 17th)
follow the "#if you aint beside me" for all the updates or join the taglist (if it's open)!
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faceless-mockingbird · 2 days ago
also, i love your writing, please continue!! <3
Corpse Meeting Readers Older Brother
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: corpse x gn!reader
Requested: yes
Prompt: no
Type: fluff
Warnings: none
Author's Note: thank you, that means a lot!! i hope you enjoy this! -Faceless
Tumblr media
Corpse wasn't expecting to meet Y/N's brother so soon in the two's relationship
It was another day after he was streaming, so he decided to go over to their house and hang out
When the door was opened, he came face to face with an unknown male
His mind immediately went to the worst, fearing that the person he loved was cheating on him
Though luckily when they came around the corner looking for they're brother, they immediately got to explaining to the faceless youtuber who the unknown male was
Corpse immediately felt embarrassed for assuming that the guy was another dude Y/N was dating
Though after their brother reassured it was okay- saying he'd assume the same thing- Corpse was relieved
After the explaining, Corpse came inside the home, and the two lovers were immediately met with eyes that wanted explanation.
"So... when and how long have you both been dating?" Y/N brother asked, raising an eyebrow at the two.
"Oh um... for a few months now.." Y/N stated before quickly trying to explain. "I was going to tell you as soon as I could, but Corpse is a pretty private person, and we were taking thing slo-"
"Y/N, it's fine, I don't care if you've been dating a year. Privacy is very important, I respect it." Their brother reassured, before his eyes looked at the other male. "So Corpse... want to go have a chat?"
Corpse agreed to chat with him, so after looking at Y/N one final time who smiled reassuringly at him, he followed their brother into another room
He wasn't prepared to meet their brother- or any family- yet, but there's no time like the present
It was the normal brother 'you hurt my sibling I hurt you' conversation
Corpse was actually quite intimidated by him and what he said- but how was he not supposed to, this was Y/N older brother
So after the basically threatening conversation the two had, they headed back Y/N, who immediately questioned their brother at what he said to Corpse
"What did you say to him? He looks like he saw a ghost?" Y/N asked, staring their brother down who only shrugged nonchalantly
"Oh you know, just the you hurt them i kill you conversation." He answered, smiling at them like it was no big deal.
He quickly was kicked out of their house
No one threatens Corpse- brother or not- no matter what the situation is
Corpse admitting to them how they're brother scares him a bit
Y/N replying to not be considering he's a *cough* scardy cat *cough*
Even though it wasn't entirely the way Corpse expected to meet Y/N brother, he had to admit it went better than he thought
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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subdreamsmp · a day ago
I love how all of the corpse simps have just decided that he has a couch next to his streaming set up
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punzobee · a month ago
engagement photos hc’s
cc! dreamwastaken, punz, sapnap, corpse husband, wilbur soot, quackity, karl jacobs, georgenotfound x gn!reader
warning: like… one swear word ?
Tumblr media
posts two, one on twitter & one on instagram
the photo on twitter is you and dream facing one another, but you’re holding his mask, covering the side of his face
while your face is shown, and the hand holding the mask has a beautiful engagement ring on it
the one on instagram is you standing in front of the camera showing your ring, while he’s in the back with his mask on, posing randomly
the caption for both is corny
“ achievement made… engaged ! ”
he took a few
1 - you’re resting your head in your hands, the ring visible
2 - you’re holding his jaw gently with the ringed hand, he’s smirking
3 - and then a cute / normal one of you two while you’re holding up you’re hand
it goes to both platforms
meanwhile he’s freaking out in the caption
“ i’m engaged to the loml holy shit ”
it would be a selfie of you both right after he proposed, you both cried
“ we both cried but at least they said yes ”
and a photo of you and the ring would be next
turns off comments for it all, just wants to keep it happy, because this is the happiest he’s been
tweets on his private about you wearing the ring, and him re-realizing he’s engaged
he will walk into your guys’ room, seeing the ring, and he’ll freeze for a moment before smiling wide
he zoomed into the side of his neck, easy to see what it was but his face was still hidden
your hand is around his neck, gently, but the ring is shown
it barely makes sense but everyone gets the memo- and are freaking out
then he posts a photo of just you, smiling at the ring
“ life is getting good, thanks to my FIANCÉ ”
he’s happier, everyone can hear it on streams and see it through posts
cute af
he took a photo of you reading, without you knowing, and your ring was visible
he posted it, feeling happy to share the news
“ my life is complete ”
he could go on and on with photos of you and the ring, feels so happy about it and wants to scream or show how much he loves you
he’ll fidget with your hand and ring when he’s nervous, it keeps him calm, makes him know you’re always there
the photo is chaotic,, to say the least
it’s blurry, and it looks like your smacking him with the ringed hand
it fits his content well, but he also posts a calmer photo with it
you’re smiling with him while holding your hand up
he’s so happy and eventually talks about it on stream
it’s a photo of your guys’ hands
he’s painting your nails on the hand that has the ring, a pretty pink that matches his nails
it’s a pretty smart photo
he gets so excited to post it everywhere
“ y/n said yes AHHHH ”
makes a tik tok with you too, you’re both dancing to the music he used in the tik tok, with the caption “ post proposal ”
happy is an understatement
he posts about you, but doesn’t say too much about your guys’ relationship
but he posts a selfie with you to show off the ring
you both act shocked, eyebrows raised and eyes wide as you point to your hand
“ engaged?! but seriously they said yes this is amazing ”
dnf stans call it fake bc they’re bitches
he’s really excited and happy, and for him to post it on social media, everyone knows how much this means to him
he freaks out about it on stream
dream jokingly argued with you on stream, when in all seriousness he congratulated you two and is so happy for you guys
Tumblr media
tags: @midknightmemories @acidtabletz @brainvomitqueen @sticksdoesart @dreamzluvrr @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @meatonfork
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shelswrites · 10 months ago
Your fans knew you were in a relationship with corpse, it was damn near impossible to hide. The original plan was to wait at least a couple months before telling anyone.
The only issue with that was that three months into your relationship, corpse was at your apartment more than he was at yours. Which you loved. However, since you were primarily a streamer and corpse was not exactly good at being quiet... people were naturally gonna notice.
The following is a list of things that happened on your livestreams before you finally gave in and announced that you were dating corpse:
1. A loud crash followed by a deep voice mumbling in Spanish
2. A mysterious hand that kept on appearing out of nowhere and giving you tea
3. Said hand would also direct your head out of frame and they knew whosever that was was kissing you
4. You would often say you were cold and then suddenly a hoodie would be chucked at you out of no where
5. Someone in the background regularly had problems cooking and caused the fire alarm to go off
6. Then of course there was the stream where you seemed to do the whole thing sitting on someone’s lap who’s head was conveniently out of frame
7. Every time you left to go to the bathroom the chat would be entertained by someone who seemed to find moving their hands in and out of the frame hilarious
8. No but really, it’s like you constantly have someone making you tea
Your fans were certain it was Corpse. The voice they heard was way too deep to be anyone else and Corpse had been hinting at dating someone.
So they knew you were together. They just needed you to actually announce it.
However you and corpse were not gonna be that easy on them. This was the perfect opportunity to mess with both your fans and you were gonna take full advantage of it.
Corpse would randomly put his hand into the frame while you were streaming. It would be out of nowhere and you would pretend like you didn’t even see it.
(Except for the one time where you actaully took his hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles).
You would often speak in his livestreams as well. Giving him advice or asking if he wanted anything. He would ignore all of chat’s questions and act like it was totally normal.
Corpse loved live-streaming when you were around because he got to cuddle while doing it. Since he didn’t have his camera on, no one ever knew that he was streaming while sitting between your legs or with you on his lap. Quite a few times some whispers were heard and his fans were convinced (rightly so) that you were there somewhere.
When you eventually decide to go public, you do so by corpse announcing that he would he revealing something very important to him. He then proceeded to post a picture of you.
From then on it was actaully a little ridiculous how often he would do something on your livestream. Including one occasion where he was trying to make muffins in the kitchen and kept on yelling at you for help.
He would also ask you to come out of frame so that he could get a kiss all the time. He didn’t even try to come up with excuse, he would literally say “come kiss me” which you always obeyed because how could you not?
Overall, your fans were pretty sure you little shits would be together for life.
(Please feel free to send in requests!!!!)
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cynochilde · 11 months ago
idk if my request went through cuz my internet went weird just now-- but anyways, could I perhaps get a soft corpse x reader in which they're all playing among us and Rae or Sean invites (y/n), who none of them have every heard of, and she's just very shy but has an adorable childlike voice, and is an incredible imposter? Like she's just super convincing just like corpse, and can tug at the heartstrings with her voice? thank you!
spell. | corpse husband
part two ; part three
-> Pairing: Corpse Husband x Fem!Reader
-> Fandom: uhh youtubers? idk
-> Genre: Fluff, Crack
-> Warnings: Cursing
-> A/N: hi it’s a long overdue corpse fic :) it’s not the absolute best and for that i’m super sorry i’ve just got to get in the groove of writing for him!
corpse husband taglist is closed!
Tumblr media
You were never one to enjoy the spotlight. Instead, you were often found in the background of things, just observing the extroverts who managed to get themselves in the middle of everything.
You had a nerve to admire them- their ability to just get out there and show their true selves, despite so many people watching their every move. Just the thought of it made you shudder. Yet you couldn’t help but also be rather envious of them.
Them, in question, being Sean McLoughlin.
You weren’t quite sure how you became associated with Jacksepticeye himself, choosing to focus on the present and future with your friend rather than dwelling on your past. He was just Sean, your internet friend. And also Jacksepticeye- a famous youtuber with millions of followers.
Sean was who you aspired to be in life. Outgoing, happy, out there, everything positive in life that Sean had, you wanted.
He’d confided in you often about how nervous he’d get before streams or videos, fearing that he’d say the wrong thing or upset his fans, but he still put on a brave face and went out into the chaos. That’s what you admired. His ability to conquer those anxieties.
You wished you could do that. You were simply too nervous.
Which is why when Sean facetimed you one night- morning, actually, seeing as it was 3am in California, where you were- asking you to join a game of Among Us for one of his videos, you adamantly refused.
“Why? Please, Y/N, we need one more person.” Sean begged, “It’ll be me, you, Felix, Ethan, Corpse, Julien, PJ, and Dave. Not everyone’s playing today, it’s a smaller crowd.”
“But it’s still a lot.” You groaned, “I don’t even know them. I just know you.”
“They’re nice! You literally watch their videos.” He argued back.
“That’s the point, Sean! They’re famous, I’d just be some random chick in the game that everyone asks where the fuck she came from.”
“No, you’ll be the girl that everyone adores. Now get on, we’re playing in ten.”
You sighed as the phone hung up and turned on your computer. A Discord invite was waiting for you- Sean must have invited you for you to talk to everyone as you played. You accepted with shaky fingers and put your headphones on, pulling up Among Us and typing in the game code.
“Hello everyone- wait, who’s pink?”
“She’s a good friend of mine,” Sean explained to Felix, “Say hi Y/N. We’re streaming live right now.”
“Hello,” You couldn’t help the meek tone in your voice, smiling shyly as if you were actually on camera. “Wait, you’re streaming? Sean, I thought you said it was a recording for a video.”
“I, well. It’s a video all right.”
The group laughed, but you stayed silent, fixating your attention on a lower voice that chimed in at the end.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Corpse.”
“The King of Imposters.” PJ joked, making Corpse laugh.
You giggled a bit, “Hi…”
Felix gasped. “Corpse, her voice is like, the total opposite from yours. Her’s is so cute.”
Corpse laughed as well. “Agreed. I like it.”
As the game loaded, your heart practically dropped.
As if your nerves weren’t bad enough as they were. But, on the bright side, you were with Sean as the other imposter. At least it was someone you knew.
You both split up, you heading towards Electrical. Corpse and Felix were close behind you, Felix following you into the room while Corpse left. You pretended to do your task for a minute before moving to your left a minute and killing Felix.
You rushed out of the room and then headed to Navigations, making sure to avoid anybody who could have seen you leave Electrical. A few moments later, a body was reported.
“Where was it?” Sean asked Julien, the reporter.
“I saw Y/N go in there with him at the beginning of the game.” Corpse joined in, “I saw them as I was going to the Reactor.”
“I was in Electrical with him,” You admitted, still acting a bit shy. What could you say, deep voices and new people made you nervous. “But after that I left and went to do my task in Navigation. Felix was still alive and there when I left.”
“Did you pass anyone sus on the way there?” Sean asked.
“No, if they came in after I did it must’ve either been from the other way or after I was already in Electrical.” You started picking at your nail polish- a habit of yours when things got a little overwhelming.
“So you’re saying that it could’ve been from the direction Corpse was in?” You could hear the smirk in Sean’s voice.
“Whoa, whoa, hold up. Why are you so quick to throw me under the bus? I’m just a crewmate.” Corpse questioned, “You’re pretty sus if you ask me.”
Sean scoffed, “I’m just inferring that the culprit came from your direction. Never in my words did I say it was you. Sounds like you’re getting a little too defensive for someone who’s ‘just a crew mate’.”
“Uh, guys,” You quietly spoke up. You didn’t expect anyone to hear you, but Corpse and Sean immediately quieted down at your voice. “I hate to interrupt, but we’ve got to vote. I don’t want us to argue…”
Sean laughed. “Oh little Y/N, you’re too sweet. I’m skipping this round.”
As you voted to skip as well, your stomach clenched when you heard Corpse quietly repeat “Little Y/N”.
“It’s Y/N, I’m fucking telling you! Y/N!” Julien was practically screaming at this point. You tried to stay calm, focusing on keeping your voice steady.
The group had been calling you cute and adorable practically all night, so you were seriously about to put that to use.
“I was in Medbay with Corpse, isn’t that right, Corpse?” Your tone was sweet and slightly flirty- hopefully he’d get the hint.
Corpse hesitated for a millisecond- long enough for your breath to catch, but short enough for nobody else to notice. “Yeah, she was with me.”
“She was with you after she vented there!” Julien cried, “I can’t believe this- she killed Ethan and vented away right as I went into the room! You all are fucking nuts if you don’t believe me.”
“I don’t even know how to vent…” You murmured innocently, but in reality you were smirking. Julien was definitely telling the truth, and you were internally beating yourself up for letting yourself be so reckless after a kill, but nobody was seemingly buying his story.
There was only you, Corpse, Julien, Dave, and PJ left. Sean was voted off after fucking up his alibi, leaving you alone with the rest of the group.
Corpse sighed. “You all heard the girl. She doesn’t even know how to vent.”
“Wh- she just fucking vented!” Julien exclaimed, “Corpse, man, she’s got you under some fucking magic spell if you can’t see all the evidence. Guys, back me up here.”
“She’s sus.” Dave admitted, “And Corpse defending her makes it even more sus.”
“The spell she tried on him obviously got the best of him. I say we vote Y/N.” PJ agreed.
“There’s no spell, guys, oh my God.” Corpse laughed, “I just don’t think it’s her. I’m skipping.”
“I can’t believe you guys don’t believe me!” You whined, deciding to go further with your emotional tactics, “I’m literally about to cry. It’s not me!”
And yet, despite your protests, Dave, PJ, and Julien all voted you out. Crewmates had won the game and you were giggling nearly like a maniac as everyone gushed about how you did as an Imposter.
A bit later, you had to say goodbye to your new friends and face the reality that their fans would definitely find who you were by tomorrow. Or like, in a few hours, because it was already 4am. Corpse was in California as well, wasn’t he? He should be getting some sleep too, you thought. But maybe sleep schedules were different for Youtubers. You didn’t know.
You pondered the thought for a moment before the notification sound for Discord alerted you of a new message on your phone.
Just letting you know, your voice definitely had me under a spell. I’d like to hear it more often
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dreamcatcherrs · 7 months ago
Hey! I just had a random idea I think would work good; a first date preference seems really cool :) (I hope you haven't done this already and I've just missed it) I love your writing <3
+ it seems very very cool indeed :)) hope you like it! <3
++ if you squint, a couple of nsfw references
first dates; mcyt x reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when it’s your first date, he won't go all out with a very fancy place
but generally likes spoiling you
a lot
but he’ll save that for later
as long as you feel comfortable, he’s happy
maybe you’d go to his place afterwards👀
to play video games of course🙄
he’s not shy at all on your frst date
and is pretty confident in himself that the date’s gonna go great
smooth pick-up lines
maybe a couple of touches here and there
compliments you the whole night
and really just wants a laugh with you
overall, he’s great at first dates
Tumblr media
ice skating, his place
he likes for a first date to be pretty simple
just chilling
enjoying each other’s company like you usually would
but with some romantic undertones of course ;)
so going to an ice rink or hanging out at his place;
it would be perfect
I feel like george is definitely more nervous on a first date
just because the whole “first date” concept is very intimidating in his head
even though it isn't a lot different from when you hang out usually
… it’s just with a bit more feelings involved
he’d probably ask dream for advice before going on the date with you
he eases up once he gets comfortable with your presence
realising that it’s just you and he can always be comfortable with you :)
cute first date
Tumblr media
nick would definitely want to go to a concert with you
I’m sure anyone can vibe with his music taste
and even then, I don't think he cares which concert you go to
the experience is what matters to him
he’d slip in some pickup-lines every now and then
but his cheeks would be so red after every line he spoke
the whole night he just wants to kiss you
but resists, just because he is a little scared of rejection
puts his jacket around your shoulders when it gets colder
and maybe wraps an arm around your waist
as you just vibe to the songs
would kiss you when he walked you home if the date was good
and then text you the second he left
very nice first date
Tumblr media
would bring rat along :D
you’d find a bench or similar to rest by after walking around for a while
and just sit there together
and eat some fresh foods you’d made before going there
and just chat for hours on end
playing around with rat every now and then
and also trying out the swing set nearby
where you’d push each other
you wouldn't have noticed how much time had passed before you both realised it was super dark
it’s a really comfortable and fun date
cause he’s just so easy to talk to
he’d definitely go for some hand-holding
and aim for a little peck on the cheek
Tumblr media
escape room
this would literally be the perfect opportunity to get to know each other
and to see if you were worthy of the blood god
you’d help each other find the clues
he’d definitely tease you if he managed to find the key before you did
but then would gently pat your head
cause he couldn’t deny how cute you looked when you were all pouty
a great date
with lots and lots of fun
he’s very nervous to start off with
but manages to hide it behind his monotone voice
though he likes teasing you, he’s also very sweet
sometimes let’s you find the clues “first” even though he’d already spotted them
just to see the smile on your face
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
museum, café
of course wilbur would take you to one of these places
or even both
the museum first, then the café
why not get a learning experience out of the date?
and then get to know each other afterwards
on a more romantic level than usual
he would be really smooth with his movements
even if he was nervous
sneakily puts a hand on your waist
or goes to grab your hand
with no hesitation or shakiness
he’d sooo be the type to say “you’ve got something right here” pointing to your lip
and when you’d searched for the whipped cream on your lip to no avail, he’d lean over and wipe the non-existing cream away
very slowly
and then have a smirk on his face when he pulled away again
honestly, a big tease even for a first date
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
dinner and movie
pretty classy, but very nice
he’d want a first date to not be too much
but still be enough to impress
he’d be pretty anxious of what you thought of him tbh
but those were mostly just the nerves talking
would spend a long time putting effort into making the dinner
after asking you what your favourite dish was
you’d eat it together, a candle lit in the middle of the table with some wine (all on my white tee)
and you’d just start up a conversation very naturally
getting to know each other on another level
and when you’d get to watching the movie, he’d definitely attempt to get closer to you
like by throwing an arm around your shoulders
pulling you closer to him
maybe a hand on your thigh
and a small make-out session
a very successful date to say the least
Tumblr media
theme park
would want to do something really fun for a first date
so I feel like a theme park would be perfect for that
like, you’d just spend the whole say together
having the time of your life in the craziest rides
or the more chill ones
whatever you like
and in between you’d just take a break
and buy some waffles or churros to eat together
zak is veeery talkative
like, there would not be any worry about awkward silences
cause he would always have something to talk about with you
as for affection
he would probably go for holding your hand
and that’s probably his farthest goal for the day
he likes taking things slow
and just having a fun time with you
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
like skeppy, he would also wanna go someplace fun
yet not as crazy you know?
like, just hanging out and playing a range of different games with you
you bet he’d just be like “oh, I just wanna get this one prize.”
and when he finally won it, he’d hand it over to you
because he’d planned to give it to you from the start :]
he’s mostly just himself on your first date
giggly, cute, funny
he’s a little more nervous around you than ususal
but that's only natural
would leave a lot of affection on you
like, a supporting hand on your back when you're trying to win at a game
or hugging you tightly whenever either of you won
really just finds any excuse to give you affection
maybe you’ll end off the day with a little smooch😙
or spending the rest of the night playing video games at his or your place
Tumblr media
he’d take you to so many buildings, statues, viewpoints etc.
he wants to explore the city with you
even if you both know it very well already
he’d want the memories of the sights to be with you
you’d take cute pre-couple photos by the sights
and grab some delicious lunch while sat right by one of the nicest sights
he’d be subtle with showing affection
like grabbing your hand when you’re about to go the wrong way
and then not let go of it for a while
or he’d let you borrow his sunglasses
to block out the sun in your face
he wouldn't lay heavy on showing affection on the first date
he’ll leave that for the second one ;)
Tumblr media
cooking together
chaotic but cute combo
I feel like he would really want to impress you
yet still be able to make you laugh
and this is just the perfect way to do just that
he’s surprisingly good at cooking when he tries
and remains his usual quackity alex funny self
he’d show you how to do different stuff
especially if you didn't know how to already
and would overall be very playful with you
throwing flour at you, splashing with water etc.
and then afterwards you would just chill on the couch and eat the dinner you’d just made
talking about the most random shit
and without realising it, the two of you would be cuddling
and you’d wake up in the morning to find you’d fallen asleep on each other🥺
Tumblr media
laser tag
mans loves competition
and would definitely want to be a show-off to you
you'd have an room just for yourself
hiding behind walls and obstacles until you stumbled into each other
and he wouldn't hesitate to raise his laser gun at you
and shoot you right in the chest with a menacing laugh
after a while it’d just be a battle between two
tackling each other all the time
and at some point he’d have you up against the wall
and as you were about to kiss
you’d lift you gun at him and shoot him right in the chest
which won you the game
afterwards, he’d follow you home
and maybe give you that kiss he tried to give you before
he’d be very down to stay with you for the night if you wanted him to
Tumblr media
the beach
you’d bring a bunch of fun activities with you
like card games, a beach volley game, etc.
and maybe even join in on a game of mini golf near you
you could also just be chilling on your towels
under the sun or under the shade
whatever your preference is
and then go into the water eventually
playing around together and just having fun
splashing water at each other
he’d sneak his way over to you
and just lift you up from under the water and onto his shoudlers
just laughing at the way you were screaming for him to let you down
when you got on the shore again, it felt easier to be affectionate with each other
you’d definitely go for ice cream on the way home
holding hands👉👈
Tumblr media
karaoke bar
it would literally be the funniest time with him
you’d gotten one of those private rooms
so it would just be the two of you in the room
and you’d have so much fun choosing your favourite songs
and sometimes you'd just sit there and chat
while karaoke music played in the background with none of you singing
he’d want to duet with you at some point
bringing you close to him just to see you get all flustered
I could definitely imagine a first kiss right then
if it had all gone right throughout the night
when you were on your way back home
he’d lend you his jacket
and just tell you to keep it
“I’ll just pick it up tomorrow.”
Tumblr media
the zoo
tommy would be walking around commenting on literally every animal
“y/n look. hey, y/n. look at this ones’ face.”
takes a lot of pictures of the animals
and of you with the animals
and when you suspiciously asked if he was taking pictures of you after you’d spotted him
he’d just brush it off, immediately hiding his phone away
“of you? obviously, it was of the giraffe behind you.”
“tommy, there is no giraffe behind me.”
doesn't show any affection
he’s super nervous about the whole “touch” thing
so he just stays away from it
but if you were to grab his hand
he wouldn't pull away
he’d just stand there with red ass fucking cheeks
and would be praying for the animals to save him from any awkward situations
Tumblr media
you’d be picking flowers together
flowers for the flower boy :)
and even make flower crowns if you felt really creative
enjoying the delicious foods you'd brought with you
he’d also be quite intimidated by affection, like tommy
but would very very subtly show it
only a little bit though
like, it would be pretty obvious whenever he got caught up staring at you
just looking at you as you picked at the grass outside of the blanket you were sat on
and sometimes he’d place a hand on you without really realising that that was something more unusual than you were used to
you’d bring a bracelet kit
and make cute little matching bracelets for each other
a really enjoyable date overall
with lots of laughter and chatter
Tumblr media
an aquarium
even though c!ranboo is clearly not the biggest fan of water
this ranboo finds it quite fascinating
a pretty chill and easy-going first date
exactly what he wants
you’d walk around the whole aquarium
and make fun of the fishes with funny-looking faces
and then proceed to take pictures of each other by the fishes with the funny-looking faces
he would find it so adorable whenever you would point at one of the sea-creatures
and just look so amazed by it
he would literally almost melt right beside you
the closest thing to affection he would do, is putting a hand on your waist
it doesn't really progress further than that unless you initiate it
a proud moment of his was when he almost fell into the penguin inclosure
and you couldn’t stop laughing at it
a successful date to his eyes
Tumblr media
tag list✰
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honeyloverogers · 8 months ago
We all know that corpse is like, really fucking flirty, literally anytime he says something even remotely flirty, I’m blushing. Maybe corpse flirting with reader and she just flustered the entire time??
𝐊𝐞𝐞𝐩 𝐎𝐧
Corpse Husband x Reader
Summary: Corpse teasingly flirting with the reader only to realize he’s the one falling in love.
Tumblr media
Corpse has what seems to be a sixth sense when it comes to sensing the people who are most effected by him.
He can quite literally sniff out a simp and will deliberately go out of his way to fluster them.
Exhibit A; JasonSulli.
And now? You.
The two of you first meet during a game of Among Us in which your first reaction to hearing Corpse’s voice for the first time was, “Jesus Christ, he speaks in bolded Times New Roman”
Your comment had sent the entire lobby and their chats into complete chaos, and sealed your fate.
You were now on Corpse’s radar.
Throughout the game, Corpse’s little black jelly bean character would come up to yours, boop eyeballs with you, then runaway.
While you did your scan, he entered the room with a suave, “Hey, you uh, come here often?” which resulted in the two of you giggling profusely.
If you’re imposter one round, Corpse will literally follow you around watching you kill and make cute little comments.
“Look at her go. Amazing.”
“Y/N slit my throat challenge.”
“Y/N, Y/NNN. Do you really wanna do that again in front of me?” He’d teasingly singsong.
Whenever you post selfies, Corpse is most definitely in the comments doing the absolute most.
“Oh look at that it’s loving you hours 😌” “I am looking respectfully” “hey bb are you wifi bc i’m feeling the connection” “CHOKE ME LIKE YOU CHOKE ME LIKE YOU CHOKE ME LIKE YOU—“
Flirty!! Tweets!!
“‘Y/N IS RUINING MY LIFE!’ should be dropping pretty soon”
The next day “Y/N IS RUINING MY LIFE!’ is trending
Best believe he’s gonna send you a shit ton of cute, flirty memes in true gen z fashion.
Of course you think it’s all a joke, but Corpse is pretty much crushing on you heavy and cannot help himself.
What started off as a little game to get your flustered turned into him thinking of you at all hours of the day.
And boy did he love it.
This was a game that he did not mind being beat at.
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bastillewolf · 11 months ago
Shinigami Eyes (I)
Pairing: Corpse Husband / Reader
Summary: When you’re paired up with Corpse as imposters in a game of Among Us, you seem to somehow apprehend each others strategies even though it’s the first time you’ve ever played together. He appreciates a good impostor.
Notes: I know I still have many fics I need to finish, but I just wanted to throw out a quick Corpse one because sad to say I’ve been simping for him too. By the way, this is my interpretation of him and this is just for fun. Also, I haven’t written for second person in a while, so I’m sorry if this sucks.
Tumblr media
Shinigami Eyes - Oneshot
“Hey, I wanted to invite Corpse,” Sean said right as the Among Us theme started playing on your computer.
“Great vooooice,” Grease called out.
“Oh, I haven’t played with him before,” you said. It was true, but you’d heard of his legendary voice before and your viewers had been asking for him. You’d only allow it because No Simp September was over. Chat was already going mad.
“You’ll love him. Unless he murders you, because he’s a great imposter,” Sean replies. “He’s too good,” Felix adds.
After a moment, you heard the familiar noise of someone joining the Discord. “Hello everyone,” a deep rumble greeted. The group all said their welcomes, while you introduced yourself. “Very nice to meet you, Corpse,” you added. You didn’t want to comment on the obvious. He must hear it all the time. But you couldn’t deny it was like silk to your ears.
“Nice to meet you to. You make great vids.” A blush spread across your cheeks, “You shouldn’t say things like that, chat is already jealous.” He chuckled.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
Great, you’re instantly sweating. Thankfully, though, it seems you were lucky enough to have been teamed up with the king of lying himself. Corpse’s name is as bloodred as yours.
You decide to follow him after Toast and Sean, and think about how it was Sean who ironically invited the person who was going to murder him in just a few moments. All four of you were being decontaminated below lab, when Corpse made stepped a tad closer to him. You almost synchronically chopped their heads off, and you squealed in excitement. 2 down, 4 to go. As long as no one would find their bodies for a while, you still had time.
Next thing, you’re out of the South entrance and you’ve split up. You join Sykkuno in electric and just wait on him to do his task. Felix joins you afterwards in the next room. That’s when Toast’s body, and ultimately Sean’s, is reported.
Corpse had run back and self-reported.
“Corpse and I just ran into decontamination and found Sean and Toast,” Rae announced.
You were still muted. “Oh god, he’s playing a dangerous game.”
Sykkuno decided it would be the perfect time to call you out. “You and Felix only joined me a while later and decided to stay. Kinda sus of you.”
“No, she was with me at the beginning. I watched her do a task in office,” your fellow impostor vouched. They’d been right, he’s a damn good liar. He manages to hide any sliver of emotion in that deep baritone.
“I don’t trust Corpse anymore, he does stuff like this all the time when he’s impostor,” Lily noted.
“Stuff like what?” He huffed in amusement.
The group agreed the accusation made was a bit vague, and it had affectively directed the attention away from you and onto Felix. After another round of some serious investigating and threatening you all decided to skip.
“Corpse makes me feel less nervous about being an impostor,” you tell chat, “He seems so chill about it.” You ran down to Weapons, but decided against killing anyone when you found three people doing tasks there. You shoved yourself into the clump of bodies and waited until everyone had finished. Running back up to centre with both Lily and Rae, you felt restless that you would eventually have to kill one of them. You just hoped they wouldn’t take it personally.
Corpse ran past, alone. Your characters didn’t have eyes, but somehow they showed a mutual understanding. He killed Lily, you killed Rae. You sputtered and chortled and followed right on after him down into the venthole. He met you in the bathroom stall. “Cosy,” you joked. Until Grease walked in. “Oh, that’s awkward.” You realized you were still standing suspiciously over the venthole. “Shit.”
You didn’t know where Grease had gone, but your first instinct was to hit the red emergency meeting button in the Office. “Grease was in the bathroom stall hovering over a vent.” You may not have your fellow impostors emotionless tone, but you knew laughing through your accusation usually worked.
“Are you kidding me?! I just saw you and Corpse standing in there doing I don’t know what!” Grease yelled.
“That’s a bold statement. You know I’d never cheat on Sykkuno,” Corpse said. “Wait, what?” the man in question replied. Corpse ignored him.
“Corpse was with me when I found you there. On another note I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people vent at the same time before.” Two truths, technically.
“Alright, I’m voting Grease,” Felix said, “I’m sensing liar voice.”
Sykkuno suspected Grease and you, but promised he’d vote you out after if he was wrong. “We have to vote now,” you reminded them.
Grease was ejected.
You met Corpse again in laboratory, where only Felix was doing a task. No one moved. “Oh no, you may have the honours,” you gracefully called out to an unsuspecting impostor. He seemed to get the message through however, and swiftly killed Felix when the Kill button was set to press again.
 “Oh my god, that was so stressful,” you cried out. Corpse chuckled, “Don’t worry, you did great.”
“Hey, don’t you dare steal him,” Sean threatened, “He’s my impostor mate!” You laughed.
“You murdered me and Lily almost synchronically,” Rae sputtered, to which Sean added, “Oh my god, same here. It was some nasty psychic shit.” “Corpse and I just have the Shinigami eyes,” you explained. You saw Corpse’s name flash in the top left corner, but only heard him exhale in amusement. It was cute.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
“Oh… my… god.” Has this ever happened before in this game? Either way, no one will suspect both of you to be it again. You imagine he was feeling similarly, as he hadn’t moved from the spawn point yet. “How in the fuck…?” Chat was confused, but seemed to enjoy the spectacle.
You and corpse split up this time. Don’t use the same tactics twice.
You followed Felix and Sykkuno into Office and faked a task. They decided to wait for you, and you kept your eyes on the green bar until it moved. You travelled trough Admin and Decontamination until you met up with Lily in Labs. “Shit,” you murmured, “There’s too many people. I’m gonna look suspicious.”
Corpse showed up. Lily and Sykkuno left. You killed Felix. Toast walked in, and unfortunately at the hands of your teammate, he did become toast.
You ran in a circle around him and hoped it was enough of a hint for him to follow you. He picked up on it and followed you into the bathroom stall. But neither of you vented. You let a smile slip, almost forgetting you had a face cam. Awkwardly clearing your throat, you explained to your viewers in a very non-convincing way this was just a good impostor strategy. They’d do well to learn from it.
The bodies were reported instantly, and you cursed under your breath. Lily was the one who reported it. “So, I found Felix in Labs and there were only two other people in there before me and Sykkuno left.”
“I went down through Decontamination,” you explained, “I lost Corpse back at Labs.”
“I went back North, I passed you on the way there, Lily.”
Lily was sus of you. “What? Why?!” You asked. “Because I didn’t see anyone in Decontamination and there’s no way you could’ve gone through there that quickly. I wasn’t gone that long,” she said.
Well, shit. “Weren’t the lights off? You couldn’t possibly see me in Decontamination. I’m wondering why you walked back into Labs anyway, Lily.”
A series of ‘ooh’s were heard through the Discord call.
“But I was running up that hallway, I didn’t see you come out,” Grease suddenly spoke up.
“Why were you in there, Grease?” Corpse asked, but you knew it was already too late.
“I was running up to do my task in Labs. I didn’t see her come through the doors before the body was reported.”
“I wasn’t out of Decontamination yet,” you ground out. It was of no use, however. More than half of the people left voted you out, including Lily, Grease, Sean and Corpse, since he had an image to maintain as fake crewmember.
HeartEyes was ejected.
You decided, both out of your own interest and for content’s sake, to follow Corpse as a ghost. He seemed to be having the same trouble as you, suddenly being surrounded by a group of people. “That’s rough. He’s gonna have to kill five more people.”
That was when he bravely decided to take action. Sabotage the reactor, follow everyone there, jump into the lump of people trying to fix the problem and kill so no one would know who did it. He self-reported it in the blink of an eye.
The group was indeed confused, to say the least. Grease had died. “Wait, who was the last to come in?” Sean asked. “It was me,” Corpse admitted, “But I did the handprint scan because no one else was doing it. Weren’t you standing there doing that with Lily?” “Yeah, I had to wait because it wasn’t working.”
“What?!” Lily exclaimed, in only a way she could, “I was doing the scan! It was Sean, then!” The two suspects were starting a heavy discussion, whilst your eyes were trained on the red of Corpse’s name.
The group decided to vote out Lily, as she was the one to report the last murder.
“Is he just… Killing the people who voted for me?” you muttered. Shaking your head, you continued, “Nah, it has to be coincidence.”
But then a body was found, and Corpse said he suspected Sean again. Was he actually working down the list? “Is he avenging me? That’s so sweet, no one has ever done that for me before…” Just a video game, you had to remind yourself. It was just a video game you were playing with friends. And a man with a very nice voice who’d just murdered everyone who did you wrong. Just a game, yes.
Turns out, Corpse really knew how to put his voice to use, as Sean was ejected. He managed to kill Sykkuno and Dave after that, and the game was won by the imposters.
“AGAIN?!” Felix yelled, “How did you two get teamed up again?!” “That’s bullshit,” Sean laughed.
You smiled, as Corpse said, “Us Shinigami’s have to stick together.” It made you blush. “Thanks for avenging me, Corpse. That was very sweet of you.” He chuckled, “Any time. I don’t mind killing people when I have a good teammate.”
“Hey! I’m still here too, you know!” Sean yelled upset.
“It was really fun playing with you guys,” you said, stretching your arms. You’d already been streaming for three hours, it was time to go. Everyone said goodbye, but you didn’t hear Corpse. And you wished it hadn’t twisted your stomach in the way it did.
You wished your viewers a nice day, and promised to update them on Twitter when you’d be streaming next. You were done for the day.
Yet, as you’d closed all tabs and were about to close Discord, you got a call. It was private, and it was from Corpse.
“Hey, miss me already?” you jokingly said.
He chuckled quietly. He suddenly seemed a lot shyer now, being extracted from the group. “Nice game.”
“Yeah, you really know how to keep your emotions hidden. I was impressed, to say the least.”
“You were really good, too. I can appreciate a good imposter.”
You bit your lip. “Hm, I hope to see some more of that appreciation in the future. It was rather nice having someone avenge me.”
“I’d do it again any time. Hiding in the toilet was a good strategy, by the way.”
You snorted at that, “Not good enough, it seems. They voted me out.”
“Big mistake. Nobody kills my teammate.”
“Aww, did the Shinigami catch feelings for the human?”
He rumbled, “I thought you weren’t human?”
You didn’t comment on the fact that he’d failed to answer the original suggestion you’d made. “Touché.”
It was quiet for a moment, and you wondered if you’d crossed a line there and made the wrong assumptions about where the conversation was going. You quickly added, “Are you playing again this week?”
“Yeah, Sean said they’d stream again this Thursday.”
“I suppose I’ll see you there, then.”
He hummed. You sensed there was more to it, though. He hadn’t made any indication he wanted to end the call yet. But then he finally said, “I hope we get teamed up again. So you can get your own revenge.”
“I hope so too.”
Might do a follow up to this oneshot, if anyone asks for it. Will definitely create more for Corpse, he’s a lot of fun to write.
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corpsedaydream · 11 months ago
Hi! Thank you for writing for Corpse!
Anyway, how about scenario when after some stressing things (like going for groceries or medical treatment etc) corpse came home just to see s/o in his hoodie that just too big for her?? Fluff and all??
Thank you again and sorry for bad eng :D
thank u for reading them cutie!! 🖤
oof this is a cute idea, here we go
update: this turned out longer than i planned, but i’m not mad about it! hope u enjoy
word count: 1.3k
cold hands, warm neck
You had no idea what time it was when you awoke. You’d been spending your time off at your boyfriends house and after four days of trying your best to match his sleep schedule - not wanting to miss out on any moments with him - it finally caught up to you and you had crashed hard.
The night before, Corpse told his friends he was taking a quick bathroom break from streaming, except it wasn’t a bathroom break, you hadn’t replied to any of his messages he’d sent you while he was in there and he was getting a little worried. He was surprised to hear no noise around the house. Usually when he opened his office door for the past few days, he’d hear you watching something quietly from the couch, or facetiming one of your friends, or laughing at something on your phone. He’d gotten so used to it that when it was dead silent, the anxiety started to build ever so slightly.
The living room and kitchen showed up empty, and as he turned around, he caught that his bedroom door was opened.
“(Y/N),” Corpse called your name as he began walking closer, but you didn’t respond and his anxiety grew. 
“Baby?” He tried again, reaching the doorway and looking in and that’s when he saw you and relief flooded through him.
He had gotten used to you staying awake with him these past couple of days, but he knew himself you couldn’t keep that up the whole time you were there. In reality, he was expecting a moment like this to happen.
You were deep asleep, not moving an inch and chest moving so slowly but rhythmically to signal how peaceful you were. There were telltale signs that you unintentionally fell asleep. You were still atop his covers, and he’d come to learn you loved to be curled up under a duvet. Your hair was still up in it’s scrunchie and he’d come to learn you slept with it out or you woke up a little grumpy because of the headache it caused. Your water bottle was leaning against your arm and he’d come to learn you always placed it on the floor before sleeping, you’d told him about the few times when you woke up freezing after they’d leak. Your phone was still half in your hand, but it was dead, signalling that you were probably scrolling through Tiktok or Twitter and fell asleep doing so.
He took a moment to look over you, he wanted to remember this picture in his mind, before he went into action to make sure you were sleeping how he knew you preferred.
First he removed your water bottle, second he grabbed your phone and plugged it on charge for you before placing it on his bedside table. Next came the actions he was worried would wake you.
With gentle hands, he pulled the scrunchie from your hair, allowing your hair to sprawl over his pillow and next he went to work with trying to get the covers out from under you and over you, instead.
It seemed Corpse really underestimated just how deep asleep you were, because you didn’t stir once through this process. If he was honest with himself, there was a part of him that had selfishly wished you had woken up, just so he could kiss you and hold you for a moment to tell you good night and hear your sleepy voice. But he knew you needed this, he couldn’t expect you to keep up with his sleeping pattern. So he settled with leaving a gentle peck against your forehead and whispering a quiet “sweet dreams, baby,” before going back to his stream.
You were somewhat delirious when you did finally wake up. After a few nights of barely sleeping to catching up on all those missed hours in one night, you couldn’t even be sure what day it was.
“Corpse?” Even your voice was a little croaky, laced with sleep. You rubbed your hands over your eyes before spotting your phone on charge. Slow hands grabbed it, unplugging the charger seeing that it was now on 100% before looking to see if Corpse had messaged you anything. And sure enough, you discovered he had gone out, but he promised to be home soon. Something you didn’t doubt, knowing he didn’t enjoy being out of his place.
Whilst waiting, you took a shower but when you got out, it was seemingly a lot colder today.
Did I even pack anything warm? You wondered to yourself, Corpse lived somewhere it rarely became cold and you were left empty handed when looking through your own belongings for a hoodie. Then you spotted a hoodie of Corpses sitting on the end of his bed and without thinking twice, you slipped the black article of clothing over your body. It made you miss him, it felt right to be wearing his clothes, but it made you want his arms around you, too.
You decided on waiting for him on the couch, it was close to the front door and you had just spent well enough hours in his bed.
It wasn’t long before you heard the locks of his front door being switched opened and instantly the smile grew on your face as your heart fluttered with excitement. You’d spent almost every minute with him since being here, so the time spent sleeping and him going out felt long.
You watched him as he walked in the front door. He hadn’t noticed you at first. And you could see why in his face, he was distracted, stressed from the task that really took a toll on him and you wished he’d woken you up so you could’ve gone with him or even for him.
“Hi.” You greeted your boyfriend.
“Fuck,” You caught him off guard, and you couldn’t help but to laugh as he made a little a stumble and dropped the bag that was in his hand. “You’re awak- is that mine?” He quickly cut himself off, his eyes landing on you and dropping down to look over the familiar black hoodie that completely engulfed you in the most heart warming way.
“Oh, yeah, I didn’t bring anything warm.” You spoke, lifting your arms as you spoke and looking at the material that was so baggy all over you, but so comfortable. “I should’ve asked, sorry.” You apologised but all he could focus on was how perfect you looked. So cozy but also fresh and well rested after the deep sleep you had.
“No, no. It’s okay. I love it.” He assured you and you began blushing, placing your hands that were completely covered by the sleeves over your face.
“Corpse, stop.”
“I’m serious, you don’t know how much better this has made me feel.” He told you honestly, and that’s when you brought your hands down from your face and instead opened your arms to him.
“Come here.” You told him simply and he didn’t waste a second before he accepted the invitation and embraced you fully.
Your body automatically moved back to lay against the arm of the couch as he joined you by resting on top of you. You jumped slightly as his arms rounded you and his cool hands slid under the hoodie, his touch wanting to feel your bare skin.
“Sorry baby, you’re just so warm.” Corpse told you before leaving a kiss against your neck and resting his head there. “Every part of you, too.” Even his nose felt cold as he nuzzled it against where he’d just left the kiss.
“Why are you so cold?” You asked between laughs, bringing your own arms around him, too, wanting to be as close as possible.
“I had to go outside.” He sighed and his reply took the humour out of your words.
“Are you okay?” You didn’t hesitate to ask him, brushing your fingers through his hair.
He nodded his head against you. “Don’t wanna talk about it right now. Just want to be with you.”
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storiesforallfandoms · 5 months ago
hand delivered ~ corpse husband
word count: 1498
request?: no
description: in which he surprises her with a visit, and she surprises him with something else
pairing: corpse x female!reader
warnings: swearing
masterlist (one, two)
i was inspired by corpse hand delivering sykkuno’s hoodie so i had to write a hella fluffy imagine on it
Tumblr media
“I swear to God Rae!” you exclaimed as Rae giggled at her actions.
The two of you were streaming GTA V together at Rae had taken an amusement to stealing cars and driving them towards you, narrowly avoiding killing you every time. For obvious reasons, this wasn’t exactly keeping you under the radar of the cops. Quite the opposite, actually. You were spending most of your time running from both Rae and the cops.
“We’re never gonna make any money at this rate,” you told her. “We’re gonna spend it all on bail fees.”
“Don’t be so dramatic!” Rae argued. “Just jump in, we’ll go to the next job.”
“I can’t jump in when you’re trying to run me over!”
Rae giggled again as your chat joked about what she was doing to you. You rolled your eyes at everyone, but you couldn’t stop the smile that was on your face.
Before you could jump into the car that Rae had recently stolen, you heard a knock at your door. You paused a moment, confused. You weren’t expecting anyone, and you hadn’t ordered any take out or anything. You decided to ignore it, figuring maybe it was a wrong place or something and if no one answered they’d leave. But the knock came again, this time a bit louder and faster.
“Hey, don’t get us killed, I gotta go AFK for a second,” you told Rae. You heard just a piece of her response as you set your headphone aside and made your way to your front door.
You were looking down when you opened the door, prepared to tell whoever was there that they were at the wrong house, but instead your gaze landed on a pair of familiar hands holding a black and red hoodie, folded in a way that all you could see was the familiar fanart of Corpse Husband.
Against your better judgement, you let your eyes trail up to the face of your visitor, the real life version of the face on the hoodie, smiling down at you. Your eyes widened. It was the first time you had ever seen Corpse’s face, and it felt illegal to be standing here looking at him. You quickly covered your eyes, willing yourself to forget what you had saw.
“(Y/N),” Corpse laughed. “You don’t have to cover your eyes.”
“I saw your face!” you said. “I-I saw your actual face! I have to gouge my eyes out or something!”
You felt his cold hands taking hold of your own, lowering them from your eyes so you could look up at him again. Although you tried to stop yourself, you let your eyes wander over his face, taking in every detail. It occurred to you in that moment that this was the first time you were seeing the face of a man you had been crushing on for the past six months.
“Come in,” you said, realizing that he was still just standing outside. “Come, get comfortable. I’m-I’m streaming, I’ll be right back.”
“You don’t have to end your stream early because of me.”
That voice! It comes from an actual person! A real, living person!
“You really think I’ll be able to return to my stream for another few hours while you’re here?” you questioned. “It’s fine, it’s just GTA with Rae. She’ll probably play with Sykkuno instead when I get off.”
You felt like you were in a daze as you returned to your room. You quickly told Rae you were hopping off stream and you’d explain to her - and to your viewers - why later on. Your chat started asking what was wrong, but you ended the stream before responding.
When you returned to your living room, you saw the back of Corpse’s curly, brown haired head sitting on your couch. Your heart was racing with so many different emotions. You couldn’t believe he was actually here, that the voice you had befriended nearly half a year ago was actually sat in your house.
“Wait a second,” you said, realizing something. “Don’t you live like...five hours away? Corpse, did you drive five hours to come visit me?”
He looked up at you and shrugged. “Yeah, so?”
“So?! Corpse, you have nerve issues! You can’t even sit straight for ten minutes!” You were suddenly starting to feel guilty, although obviously you hadn’t asked Corpse to come visit you.
“I’m fine!” he assured you. “Do I look like I’m in pain? I wanted to come give you your merch, and I figured this would be a nice surprise too!”
You went to sit next to him, your heart beating faster the closer you got to him. You were sure this was just a dream and you’d wake up in bed at any moment. To test your theory, you slowly inched your finger forward to softly poke Corpse’s cheek. He chuckled as you jumped back, shocked by the success of your touch.
“You’re real!” you blurted, causing more laughter.
“I am real. Are you surprised?”
“Just a little,” you admitted.
You both sat in silence, just looking at one another. You weren’t really sure what to say. It was like every possible topic you could bring up, or every joke you could make, was suddenly gone. It was obvious Corpse was feeling the same as he was usually the one who could keep a conversation going.
“Try on your hoodie,” he finally said, passing you the hoodie he was still holding to you. You took it excitedly and slipped it on over your head. The warm material engulfed you immediately. It was definitely a few sizes too big, but that was your favorite part - the bagginess of it.
“It’s perfect,” you told him. “Thank you so much for bringing it to me.”
“I told you I would. I really wanted you to have at least one article of my merch. You were so excited for it when I released it.”
You held the hoodie close to your nose, taking in the scent of Corpse that still lingered on it. There was so much happiness bubbling up inside of you that you felt like you were going to burst at any moment. You really did not think things could get any better.
“Can I hug you?” you asked.
Corpse smiled and opened his arms as a response. You immediately lunged into them, wrapping your arms around him and hugging him tightly. It was the last confirmation you needed that this was all real, that Corpse was really there.
The hug was prolonged and eventually Corpse was pulling you into his lap, squeezing you back as if afraid that you would disappear too. You rested your head against his shoulder, feeling his curly locks brush against your face. You never wanted to let go, and you could tell that Corpse felt the same way.
When you finally pulled away from the hug, you looked down into Corpse’s eyes. His hands were still resting on your hips, and yours were on his shoulders. Before you could stop yourself, you were leaning forward to kiss him. The minute your lips collided, it was like someone had set off fireworks inside your small apartment.
You pulled away almost immediately, realizing what you had done. “I-I’m sorry. That-that wasn’t right of me. I’m sorry.”
There was a small smile on Corpse’s face as his hands came up to cup your face and pulled you to him, attaching his lips to yours again.
Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better.
Forgetting the world around you, you became lost in one another. Your arms were back around Corpse’s neck, holding on to him as if you were afraid he’d disappear if you let go. One of his hands was still on your cheek as the other slipped behind your head, your hair tangling around his fingers. There was so much passion in the kiss that it made your head spin, and when the two of you finally pulled away it felt like your head was spinning.
“You don’t have to apologize,” Corpse told you. “I may have been hoping something like this would happen when I got here.”
“What?” you questioned. “Why did you never tell me how you were feeling?”
“I could ask you the same thing,” Corpse teased. “I was always flirting with you, I had hoped you’d get the message.”
“Corpse, you flirt with everyone!”
The two of you laughed. You couldn’t help but dip your head to kiss him once more. His lips were intoxicating, and you just wanted to kiss them all the time.
“How long were you planning on staying?” you asked.
“I don’t know. I was going to see how well this visit went and go from there.”
You giggled and cuddled into Corpse’s arms. “Well, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. I think I’ll have a hard time letting you go now, though.”
“I think I’ll have a hard time leaving.”
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letsloveimagines · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: A friend that is a girl
Pairing: Corpse Husband x female!reader
Requested by: @melmachh
Request: Request about Corpse and fem!reader where they are just chilling on a call and reader is like, kinda being flirted by idk dream or felix (can be anyone) but they are clearly friends and then corpse gets like suuuper jealous and protective and starts calling reader pet names and then something like "y'know she's my girl, as in my girlfriend, right?" and everyone is just "😀what" and reader is "are we doing this rn 😌?"
Word Count: 1903
Warnings: a little swearing but mostly fluff
Note: The images doesn’t belong to me, all the credits go to the respective creators. I only made the collage. Also, I will not make anything to make Corpse uncomfortable, if he ends saying he doesn’t like fanfiction about him, I will delete this.
"We need another player." Exclaimed Rae while texting all her contacts to see if anyone was available. "Nobody is answering me, however."
"I don't have anyone either." Felix said.
"Same here."
"My friends are all busy."
Corpse cleared his throat, trying to clear his voice and make himself heard among so many people. "I think I can see if Y/N wants to join us..."
"Oh yeah! It’s been a while since we played with her. ”
"Isn't she busy?" Sykkuno asked.
Corpse hummed thoughtfully, drumming his fingers on the wood of the desk, and grabbing his phone checking the time, and checking to see if he had any messages from Y/N, which he didn't. “The last time I saw her she was in the living room watching Stranger Things again, but I will try to convince her. Wait a little.”
He silenced the microphone, took off his headphones still being able to listen to the background noise of his friends talking at the same time, got up from his gaming chair and left his recording room, crossing the hall.
When he got to the living room, Y/N was half lying and half sitting on the couch, with a soft blanket over her legs and hugging a pillow on the verge of tears.
"Why do I do this to myself?" She questioned sadly when she saw him approaching. "I thought Billy's death wasn't going to affect me again! He was an idiot but he grew on me! It's the last time I rewatch this show, I won't go through this again."
Corpse couldn't control himself, dissolving into deep laughter when he gave her a long and tender kiss on the lips, which she sighed contentedly. He played with her hair, watching her close her eyes in appreciation and smiling softly at him.
"We need another player, Lily had to leave… come and play with me."
"Baby…" Y/N whined trying to look at the TV when she moved away from him, leaning back on the couch again. Corpse placed himself in front of the screen preventing her from seeing the screen, and as much as she tried to push him away, he did not move. "I was going to watch Vikings next."
"Please, babe…" Corpse pleaded with the saddest expression he could, giving her kisses on the right cheek. "I miss playing with you, come on. I promise that I will make a pause, and we can watch what you want when  we're done."
"Even if it's Game of Thrones again?" She asked with a malicious gleam in her eyes.
Corpse paused, pressing his lips together and frowning in confusion: “Again? How many times have you watched that fucking show?”
"One or two times." Y/N responded vaguely, trying to finish watching the episode. Seeing Corpse's incredulous look, however, she gave up. "Well... five times, maybe."
"Every season?"
"All seven of them." She exclaimed, making her boyfriend laugh knowing how much she hated the eighth season of Game of Thrones, preferring to pretend that it didn't even exist.
Corpse sat beside her, playing with the knuckles of her right hand, pulling her hair away and giving her sweet little kisses on the skin of her neck making her laugh.
She knew this was just one of his many attempts to get her to agree. "Are you streaming?"
"No, but most of the others are."
"You know I'm awful in Among Us." She complained.
"It doesn't matter." Corpse said, pulling her closer to him.
"I'm going to have to play on my phone, I don't feel like going to get my laptop from our bedroom." She spoke at last, but at the same time trying to make him change his mind.
"No problem." Corpse guaranteed.
Y/N sighed affectionately, paused the episode and kissed Corpse once more, looking him in his brown eyes and admiring his mess of curls. "Let's go then."
Corpse gave her a bright smile and pulled her into the recording room. He gave her the cat-ear headphones he had kept in a desk drawer (the headphones had been a gift from him when Y/N started playing with them sometimes, even though she wasn't a gamer), and watched her sit on the small black pouf nearby.
"She is going to play." Corpse warned when he sat down again and activated the microphone.
There was a small characteristic sound of someone joining the call, the circle with the picture of Emily from the movie Corpse Bride appeared and Y/N exclaimed, "Hi guys!"
"Y/N, I missed you." Rae said excitedly.
"Oh, so did I." The girl replied as she went to the laptop on the left counter, and placed the small crown on the head of her white avatar.
Felix interrupted, apologizing: "I pressed start unintentionally guys, get ready."
"We will talk more later, Y/N." Poki ensured at the very moment the game started, everyone silenced the microphone and went on their way.
Corpse's desk was in a corner of the room, near a window that was almost always closed. Corpse leaned slightly to the right, craning his neck as far as he could while looking at his girlfriend's cell phone, trying to decipher whether she was the imposter or not. When she saw him, she gave an indignant cry hiding the object from his sight, while the young man tried to look as innocent as he could.
"Don't try to look, you cheater." She said laughing as Corpse offered her a smirk, and put on the eye patch he had forgotten. "You are lucky that I can’t see your screen from here, or else I would do the same to you."
Corpse's little black avatar approached Y/N’s, giving her a kiss and quickly running away while he winked at the girl who was looking at him lovingly. "My queen."
The lights were turned off, Y/N being quick to get out of the reactor and enter the electrical accompanied by Sykkuno who turned the lights on again. The girl searched the room, and fortunately she did not find any bodies cut in half waiting for her in the dark.
Sykkuno's little avatar danced around her, and Y/N accompanied him to the medbay where she saw him stand for a few seconds on top of the scan machine. Thinking he was safe, she danced too and left him to go complete her tasks.
She was now in the administration swiping the card at the central table when a distinctive sound was heard, and the huge red signal appeared on the screen with a green avatar pressing the emergency button.
Surprisingly, no one had died yet.
"Uh, Y/N?" Sykkuno spoke sheepishly.
The woman's eyebrows shot up in confusion when she unmuted the microphone, and exchanged a look with Corpse who was already looking at her.
"Yes? I didn't do anything! I went to turn on the lights with you, I saw you doing a scan so I went to the admin to do the card task."
"I know, I'm not doubting you."
"Oh, so why did you call the meeting?" She asked, unsure.
"How are you?" He asked in an extremely youthful and innocent voice.
"I'm fine and you?" 
"I’m good as well."
 The other people got together quickly without understanding anything.
"Did you call a meeting just to ask her how she's doing?" Rae exclaimed, confused.
"Oh my god, skip guys!"
One by one they were skipping while Sykkuno said: "Hey! I understand that it may seem suspicious, but she doesn't play with us often and we didn't even ask her how she was because Felix started the game immediately as soon as she entered."
"That’s sweet." Y/N commented touched by having such good friends.
Sykkuno laughed. "I will be your bodyguard in this round, wherever you go I will go and nobody will kill you."
Corpse who was the one who still had to skip, stopped and said quietly: "Sykkuno?"
"You understand that she already has me to protect her, right?"
"Well Corpse, the last time that I saw you, you were alone on the other side of the map and left her unprotected."
"She is my girl, I am the one who has to protect her." The amusement was in the deep voice of the curly-haired boy.
"WHAT?" Everyone shouted at the same time, but the count dropped quickly and the meeting ended.
Laughing, Y/N went down from the cafeteria to the administration quickly accompanied by Sykkuno and Corpse, one on each side of her white character. She went to the table to try to do her task once and for all, when again a meeting was called, this time by Pewds.
"Can you let me finish swiping the card, please?" Y/N questioned indignantly.
"Did anyone else hear what I heard?!" Felix practically shouted.
"What just happened?" Sean joined screaming.
"She's your what?" Rae sounded shocked.
"She’s my girl?" Corpse repeated extremely confusedly, moving away from the desk hitting his knee with his hand and indicating Y/N to approach, which she was quick to do. With the cell phone in hand and the cute cat-ear headphones, Y/N kissed him on the lips and sat on his lap (Corpse peeking at her phone and being able to see that she was not really an imposter).
"You little cheater." She laughed, pinching one of his cheeks and kissing the other.
"She’s your girl?" Poki spoke slowly.
"Guys, what's the problem?" Y/N couldn't understand it, and Corpse didn't understand it either.
"The problem is that I don't understand what he meant here."
"That she is my girlfriend, what else should it mean?" Corpse exclaimed loudly, placing one hand on her waist and the other tickling her belly.
"I think I'm dreaming. I entered the Twilight zone by mistake and didn't notice?" Sean wondered.
Felix commented, "I'm literally pinching myself right now."
Y/N's facial expression showed confusion and bewilderment. "You didn’t know?"
"I told you before." Corpse was quick to assert.
"You said she was your roommate." Toast refuted.
"I said that she was my girlfriend who lives with me."
"No…" Sykkuno interrupted innocently. "You said she was your girl friend."
"Yes… like a friend that is a girl." Rae continued.
Y/N and Corpse exchanged a stunned look, with strange expressions on their faces for a long and silent moment... Until they dissolved into so much laughter that it was even difficult to breathe. Corpse slammed a hand on the desk, while Y/N laughed so hard that her phone slipped out of her hand and would have fallen to the floor if her boyfriend wasn't quick to pick it up.
"Are we really doing this right now? I can't believe you!" She exclaimed through their laughter.
The couple took a deep and calming breath, Y/N leaning completely against Corpse's chest as he laughed calmly through her hair, kissing her ear affectionately.
"I am outraged!" Poki said.
"I've never been more shocked in my life!" Rae was quick to scream.
"Well… Uh, I'm so happy for you guys. I think I want you both to protect me then, I guess." Sykkuno commented, and they could almost visualize the sincere smile on his face.
And with another exchange of glances the couple had another attack of laughter, amid the angry screams of their friends.
Tag List: @breathygasps​ @unicornblood4ever  @mintchip17  @jay-jay-love
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corpseglider · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing .. corpse x youtuber!reader (gn)
summary .. two faceless youtubers betting the looks of their appearance
Tumblr media
"What if I just..” Your voice trailed on, the volume being monotone from the boredom you were facing. You’d been streaming for hours now, trying your best in countless games, winning and losing some.
The time seemed to move at snail speed, the energy having died down in the last hour or two. All you wanted was a little pick-me-up to get the gang going again.
“What if I sent a picture of my face to one of you guys?”
You surprised yourself with your suggestion, wondering if this was a good idea or not, before deciding that you could trust these people. After all, they were your friends and they knew how important a face reveal was to a faceless youtuber.
“Are you sure, Y/N?” Rae asked, worried for your privacy. “That seems like kind of a big deal, we don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
You spoke into the mic, reassuring them of your decision. “It’s alright, guys.” You ran your little character in circles around the three crates. “I trust you.”
As you finished responding to Rae, an idea popped into your head. A genius idea that would for sure get the group excited. “What if we all played hide and seek, and I was the seeker?”
“And whoever I find last gets a selfie from your’s truly?”
Everyone laughed, gaining interest in your little bet. They all thrived on competition no matter what the prize was, the idea of your face was nothing in comparison to the idea of victory.
“You’re positive about this, Y/N?” You hear Corpse ask right as the timer began to count down from ten. A blush formed on your cheeks, hearing his concern for you.
You unmuted your mic, having turned it off in preparation for the round. “Thanks for worrying, but yeah I am.” 
With that, the round began, you luckily gaining the role of Imposter on the first try. You vented in front of everyone in the cafeteria, turned lights off, and waited as they all ran in opposite directions.
You took a minute to recite the sixty seconds in your head, giving them plenty of time to find a good hiding spot or a strategic position. You looped around the cafeteria in a large circle, immediately finding Felix in the corner.
“I don’t understand him sometimes.” You laughed, expressing your complete and utter confusion to your viewers. “You know what, that’s kind of funny. We’ll let him live for now.”
You ran around Felix twice, letting him know that you were sparing his life and exited the cafeteria, running into an empty admin room.
Sighing, you then made your way to storage, seeing little leftovers of a white game tag underneath the pile of boxes. Clicking your kill button, you ended them, not even knowing who it was.
The game continued on, you sparsely finding your friends here and there, killing them as you ventured throughout the dark spaceship.
At this point, you assumed that there were about two or three people left alive. Sean, Charlie, and Corpse were your best guesses. The three of them were absolutely amazing at the game.
However, you soon spotted Charlie in shields, hiding behind the large wall. His death was quick, surprising you as the Victory screen arose.
It was Corpse who had won your little game of hide and seek, the faceless man being proud of his little victory. “Guys, I was just standing in electrical the entire time and somehow no one went in there?”
“Are you serious?” You facepalmed, realizing your mistake. You hadn’t gone into electrical for the sole reason that that was where lights were. You’d completely forgotten about it.
Corpse laughed, most likely nodding his head in amusement at how bewildered you sounded. “Y/N!” Felix cooed, “I believe Corpse has a prize that he needs to collect!”
You rolled your eyes, pulling your phone out of the conjoined pocket of your sweatshirt. The camera flashed before your eyes as you took a quick selfie, sticking up your middle finger in the process.
You studied the photo for a second, deciding if it was worthy of your standards. Brushing away all of your doubts, you quickly found Corpse’s contact in your phone and sent him the photo.
The chat was blowing up in excitement for Corpse’s reaction, your friends clapping and cheering to see what would come next, while you sat in anxiety—worried if he wouldn’t like the way you looked.
“Oh wow.” You heard Corpse mumble into his mic. He went silent for a few more seconds before following up with a question. “Y/N is this really you?”
You frowned, thinking that your appearance wasn’t good enough in his eyes. “Yeah,” you shrugged, screaming at yourself internally. “That’s me, I know it’s not much.”
Corpse scoffed, pulling his mic closer to his mouth. “Are you kidding me?” He asked, directing his words to you and only you.
“You’re absolutely beautiful.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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punzobee · a month ago
aaa it says your open for requests on the pinned post and i've never done an ask before but,,, hcs with a reader who's sensitive to loud noises?
FUCK LOUD NOISES — cc! corpse, georgenotfound, dreamwastaken, sapnap
warning — mentions of anxiety, swearing
Tumblr media
he’s so sweet about it
it’s also hard when he records, if he’s gonna scream
your sensitivity got him to stop breaking cups and shit, he hated seeing you jump and stand still to calm yourself
when he is going to scream, he covers your ears when he records, makes him feel better about it
he knows how loud you like the music, the tv, his voice
he claims you two are destined for each other, him with a quiet voice, and you who prefers the quiet
but you will listen to his music for him, it worries him a bit but loves the smile on your face
he loves when you get a little brave, pressing the headphones closer to your ears, listening to his music
“i can feel the bass in my head.”
you love his quiet giggles, his humming- just the way he’s soft and caring
it’s the small moments you both love, he never loved quiet until he met you, it feels so calming when you’re around
but he loves your voice, it’s louder than his, and so beautiful
he could listen to you go on and on, breaking the silence you two had for a moment
you both prefer quiet
when you two talk it’s soft & loving
he makes sure to scream less when filming or screaming
he’s scared you before, and it freaked him out a bit because you freaked out
so beforehand he’ll inform you about filming or streaming, just so you can worry less
when he streams with you, he’s quieter and calmer, which you’re so appreciative of
whenever someone visits, there’s always music playing quietly
he isn’t too vocal or physical when it comes to love, but when he cares and shows that he cares by being quieter around you, it makes you so happy
if there is a crowd, and people get loud, he knows ways to calm you down
he’ll let you borrow his earbuds and he’ll play music for you
or let’s you fidget with his hands
whatever calms you in the loud moment when you guys aren’t able to get away, he does
he screams sometimes and then will go silent immediately
one time, you were reading and he screamed because he fucked up his manhunt practice
it scared you and he felt so bad, helped you get out of a slight anxiety attack
he makes sure to be more quieter when you’re around
he does yell sometimes, but doesn’t do it a lot
he tries his hardest to be quiet, he loves to see how peaceful you look when it’s quiet enough
he likes the quiet too, he just can’t control his volume
one time he did a stream with you, he talked so soft and quiet, the game noises weren’t so high, it was calming for you two- while chat demanded for everything to be louder
he would get defensive, or protective, if someone bashed you or how quiet a stream of his was- he’d get pretty hot headed
“chat imagine being with someone who doesn’t like or react well to loud noises- would you make them suffer and make everything loud? no. respect Y/n.”
he loves you, his love for you speaks volumes
KNEE SLAP- jk jk
when he’s not hyped or pissed Sapnap is so fucking quiet in stream
you two work so well together
he’s usually quiet when unbothered- which is most of the time when you’re together
he’ll play music and let you change the volume
and then you two will lay there in silence, he likes the quiet, he prefers it
he screamed once loud and then immediately turned around in regret, seeing you shift in the bed, pulling the blanket up to your head
all of a sudden the stream is silent and he muted himself, immediately going to you to apologize
you’d look at him from the den of covers and give him a weak smile- making him feel more guilty
“i’m sorry for the harsh wake up.” then he plants kisses all over your face and neck until there is laughter from you
whenever you panic a bit, he’ll pull you close and make you listen to his soft humming, it’s comforting
best boi
he knows how to calm you so well and knows what your environment is like
he doesn’t care if he’s pulling himself away from something cool- you matter more to him
Tumblr media
taglist — @brainvomitqueen @sticksdoesart @sbi-is-my-onlysanity @dreamzluvrr @meatonfork @aviiothic
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shelswrites · 9 months ago
hi can i ask for something where rae and corpse are constantly fighting over y/n like "no she's my baby" and "no she's corpse wife" and the gang finds it hilarious but y/n thinks it's the most entertaining thing because jealous corpse is her weakness, ty :)
Alright this is adorable
It starts off as a joke because you’ve actually known Rae for longer than you’ve known Corpse. It comes up in a meeting one time where you’re trying to decide whether to vote Corpse or Rae off and Rae brings up that you’ve known her longer and so should trust her more.
Corpse, of course, is highly offended by this line of argument and makes that very clear. He also gets very petty and says shit like “I will only make my side of the bed for the next month if you continue with this I swear to god”
From then on, it becomes a huge joke with the whole group and everyone is trying to make corpse jealous of the relationship you have with Rae. You also find it hilarious and even flirt with Rae a little just to get on his nerves.
One time, you and Rae were together at the snowmen and Corpse literally called a meeting. His only justification was “Rae was a little too close to my wife and it made me uncomfortable.”
Rae then calls Corpse sus which makes him shout “YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH MY WIFE YET I’M SUS?”
He just completely overacts for the joke and the chat finds it hilarious. He also threatens you with ridiculously domestic things like “I’m cooking dinner and I will add too much pepper” or “I’ll only buy that one brand of tissues that you don’t like”.
Naturally, Jack is the one that antagonises this the most because obviously.
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cynochilde · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
spell [3]. | corpse husband
part one ; part two
-> Pairing: Corpse Husband x Fem!Reader
-> Genre: Fluff
-> Warnings: Anxiety, Self Doubt, Cursing, Hate Comments
-> A/N: here’s the long awaited part three! it’s definitely longer than the last chapters, but genuinely thank you all for 300 followers in literally 4 days lol. also, i wrote this under the small assumption that corpse’s main love language is physical touch!
corpse husband taglist is closed!
Tumblr media
You didn’t realize that it was possible to shake so much. You were practically panicking- just from standing in front of an apartment door, ready to knock and meet the man who changed your life.
You’d woken up this morning bright and early. The Facetime call was still on with Corpse and small snores could be heard from his line. You had prayed that he’d gotten at least more than an hour, but doubted it as you hung up and sent a message about when you’d be leaving.
Corpse soon messaged back saying that he was awake as you finally finished packing- you’d stopped last night when he called- so you got in your car and drove the two hours it took to get to San Diego.
So now you stood in front of his apartment, practically trembling. Why you were so anxious, you didn’t know. You’d been talking to him for how long now? And it was never awkward.
But things could easily change when you met him in real life, couldn’t they?
You shook those thoughts out of your head and mustered up enough courage to knock on Corpse’s door, already becoming out of breath from such a simple gesture.
A crash sounded from in the apartment, followed by a small ‘fuck’ that made your heart flip. Soon after, the door opened and you looked up, finally coming eye to eye with him. You couldn’t help the grin that stretched across your face, mirroring his own as he smiled at you as well.
“Hi.” You internally smacked yourself for not saying more, but that’s truly all that could come out of your mouth at the moment.
“Hey. You’re uh- you’re so much prettier in real life.” Corpse responded, looking nearly everywhere but you.
You flushed. “And you’re super attractive, but I already suspected that.”
You could tell he was taken aback by your compliment because he suddenly became even more shy, silently moving out of the doorway and gesturing for you to enter.
“I’m going to film again with everyone in a few minutes, but first I can show you my bedroom so you can make yourself comfortable.” Corpse said after he closed the door. “You can sleep in there and I’ll stay on the couch-“
“Absolutely not.” You interjected, “I’m not kicking you out of your bed.”
“But you’re the guest and I’m not about to let you sleep on my couch.”
“And you’re the owner of this apartment and I’m not going to take over your space like that. I’m sleeping on the couch.”
Corpse groaned and reached his arm out towards you. You thought he was going to just shove your shoulder away for being stubborn, but instead he wrapped his arm completely around your shoulders, pulling you into his side as a hug. You grinned and turned, giving him a full hug and resting your cheek against his chest as his chin laid on your head.
“I’m for real glad you came to visit.” He murmured into your hair, squeezing you a bit tighter before letting go. “Do you wanna stream with me tonight or just chill and watch?”
“Corpse is streaming Among Us again with Sean, Felix, Rae, Sykkuno, Dave, and Leslie!”
“Where’s Y/N? I miss #CorpseY/N !!”
Twitter was truly your go-to platform when you were bored. You’d been scrolling on it for about thirty minutes now, laying on a small couch that Corpse had in his gaming room.
The man himself was sitting across the room at his desk, talking loudly as he defended himself from being accused as Imposter.
You continued to scroll, feeling a little anxious that somehow Corpse just magically knew that you were looking through your ship tag with him. These were your only worried thoughts until you went past your first… unsavory comment of the day.
“Y/N isn’t playing with them again today. Maybe she finally got the hint that they don’t want her around.”
You rolled your eyes and ignored it, but couldn’t help the rather loud sigh that escaped your lips.
“Hey, guys, I’m going to mute the mic for a second. Everything’s good, don’t worry.” Corpse said into his mic before turning around and facing you. “Is everything okay?”
Turning the phone off and laying it on your chest, you contemplated telling Corpse the truth. He’d just worry about you and you didn’t want that. But he already was worried about you- he’d muted Among Us just to check on you.
“Why are people so mean to others?”
Corpse studied you for a minute before patting his lap. “Come here.”
You quirked an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”
“You're excused. Now come here.”
You stood up and cautiously walked towards the man, who sat before you expectantly. He playfully rolled his eyes and grabbed your wrist, pulling you into his lap sideways. Your back rested against one arm of his gaming chair while your legs draped across the other.
Corpse had one arm reaching around your back, placing his fingers on the keyboard while the other rested on top of your knees, grabbing the computer mouse. You laid your head on Corpse’s shoulder, resting in the crook of his neck.
“It’s in that shipping hashtag, isn’t it? I swear- whoever says that shit about you is dead wrong. Tell me if it gets worse, I’ll put them back in their fucking place. Nobody gets to decide who I’m with or who’s worthy of me.”
You only nodded and closed your eyes, breathing in Corpse’s cologne as he unmuted his mic once more to defend his honor, much like he was ready to defend you.
Your body ached.
As you had argued your first day with Corpse, you’d been sleeping on his couch for four days now. The first night was okay- his couch was rather comfortable, but it didn’t compare to a bed. Now, your back, shoulders, and neck were killing you.
Every day, 7am would roll around and you would wake up, the soreness preventing you from sleeping in longer.
Usually, you would go into Corpse’s room and talk to him as he messed around on his laptop while sitting in his bed, but today when you entered, he was finally sleeping. It was the first time you’d seen him rest since you’d arrived and you quietly left, not wanting to disturb his much-needed sleep.
You made your way to his small kitchen, pulling out the few groceries that he had in his refrigerator to make breakfast.
Corpse often ate fast foods and takeout, and apologized earlier in the week for not having much to eat. You reassured him that it was okay- that him just letting you visit was enough- and now, you were determined to make it up to him with the best breakfast in bed ever.
You were halfway through making breakfast when the soft thump of feet echoed in the doorway before a chin planted itself on your shoulder.
“Whatcha cookin?” You practically shuddered at Corpse’s morning voice before suddenly gasping and shoving him out of the kitchen.
“No! No!” You pushed him back to his room, “Stay! Go back to bed, now!”
Right as you turned to go back to the kitchen, Corpse caught your wrist and pulled you down onto the bed with him. You practically squealed as you fell, making him laugh.
“Why? What’s going on?” He turned to face you with a teasing smile.
“I was making you breakfast in bed! I was gonna surprise you when you woke up, but you ruined it.” You pouted.
“Aw, poor baby.” His hand reached up and brushed a stray hair out of your face before he traced down your jawline, reaching your chin and using his finger to tilt it up. “I think I’ve got a better surprise, though.”
You quirked an eyebrow, but before you could say anything his lips were on yours. Your heart stopped, but you almost immediately melted into his kiss, bringing your own hand up to cup his cheek while his moved to rest on your waist.
Corpse soon propped himself up on his elbow, never once leaving your lips- just deepening the kiss. He smiled and gave you a few more pecks before finally pulling away and looking at you in adoration.
“Those little hate comments? They’re wrong. If anything, I don’t deserve you. You’ve still got me under a little spell and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Corpse, you deserve the world and I’d be honored to be the one to give it to you.”
“God, you’re perfect for me.”
You couldn’t say anything else. You could only lay beneath him, admiring the man who was now yours. Corpse leaned down again to capture you in another kiss, but you suddenly jerked away before you could lose yourself again.
“Shit, the pancakes!”
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bakubabes-hatake · 11 months ago
Muted Infatuation || Corpse x Reader
Warnings: fluff, fluff, and more fluff
Word Count: 1.2k
Find part two here if you’re ready for a continuation. 👏
As you watched the small characters running around your screen you couldn’t help but smile. There were already ten of you in the lobby, but that’s when you heard one of them speak up. “I think I’m done for the night. I really need to get something to eat and go to bed at a decent time.”
You laughed a little and readjusted your mic in front of your mouth. “Oh come on, don’t be a party pooper. It’s only 10 pm. We won't have a full lobby that way!”
You heard the familiar voice of Jack ring out above the rest. “I think I might have a tenth player, just give me a minute to get in touch with them.”
Everyone stayed silent for a moment, waiting to hear exactly who Jack was talking about, but that’s when you heard the familiar sound of a discord notification. When you looked down at your phone and saw that it was a private message the butterflies in your stomach intensified. You should have known that this was who Jack would get. A majority of the lobby hadn’t known him yet, but it was now time for them to meet one of the best players you knew.
Corpse 10:06pm
Are you playing Among Us with Jack and his lobby?
You stared at the message for a long time before you finally answered. You had felt the familiar knot that filled your throat whenever you knew you were talking to him growing. The two of you had been speaking outside of the streams, but no one else in the chat had known that. The feelings you got just from him speaking your name made you melt where you sat.
Y/n 10:06pm
Yea. I am. Why? What’s up?
You were almost impatient as you watched the bottom of your screen pop up with Corpse is typing…
Corpse 10:07pm
Cool, I’m about to join in. He just hit me up. I look forward to killing you… or teaming up if the chance comes.
You hadn’t even had time to speak again when you heard Jack announcing him in. “There’s very few of you in the lobby that knows him, I think there’s only two or three of us that do. But here’s our tenth. Corpse, everybody… everybody, Corpse.”
A round of greetings spread through the Discord chat as you patiently waited for the people who hadn’t known him to be surprised. And when they were all quiet and the booming sound of his deep voice rang through the speakers it was exactly what you expected. “Hello.”
Shocked sounds came from everyone and laughter erupted from Jack, a couple of others, and yourself. Corpse wasted no time in speaking to you. “Y/n… it’s good to hear you again.”
Everyone around stopped and waited for your reply. Your thoughts turned to mush as you were singled out. Of course, he would choose now… in a group of friends… to show that you had been more friendly than you had intended to be when you first met. After your first stream with him he had added you to his friend’s list and the next morning he had reached out to you. The rest was history.
You cleared your throat, trying your hardest not to sound as nervous as you were. The butterflies in your stomach once again threaten to make you walk to your bathroom. “Hey, Corpsie.”
His angelic laugh flustered you, you knew that he was laughing because he knew just what he was doing to you. “Don’t worry, if things get too rough I got your back, Corpse will protect you.” That laugh sent shivers down your spine as you melted in your seat. As his character color turned to black and the suit and horns came out you knew it was time to party.
Round after round you admired this man's ability to keep his tone as straight as you had ever heard someone when under pressure. His ability to make his way out of nearly every situation, even when all the suspicion was on him. But as the game finally ended and everyone slowly left the chat only Jack, Corpse, and yourself remained. You had nearly forgotten to exit the discord chat when you hear your name brought up. “Jack… can I tell you something? It’s about y/n.”
Jack sounded a little surprised but continued. “Yea. Of course, you can.”
Corpse cleared his throat and you heard him lean back in his chair, pulling at his headphones a little. “So we’ve been talking a lot outside of the streams if you didn’t already know that.” His nervous laughter filled the silence that was there. “To the point where I send her a good morning text every day.”
Jack sounded surprised, but there was happiness to his voice. “You guys exchanged numbers?”
“Yea. We did that the first night. We’ve been talking on the phone a lot. She’s one of the very few people who know what I actually look like.”
You had to cover your mouth as you listened so that you didn’t let any happy sounds out. Your finger hit the mute button as you let out a squeal. You had a feeling that you knew where this conversation was going.
Jack had looked down at his discord and had noticed your bubble still being in the chat, but as he tried to catch his attention he was ignored. “Corpse… uh... “
Corpse continued to talk over to him. “I really like her man. I think that I might ask her to dinner sometime soon.” Jack cleared his throat and Corpse continued. “She makes me so happy and I’ve never actually met her man. Videos and pictures probably don’t even do her justice.”
Finally, he stopped talking and Jack sighed and laughed. “You do sound like you like her Corpse. Maybe you should ask her out. I think it would be good for both of you.” You paid more attention as he spoke to you in a sense. “I know that she could use a night out with a nice guy.”
Corpse chuckled nervously again. “Are you sure that she’d say yes?”
Jack’s laughter grew louder as he replied. “Why don’t you just answer him Y/n?” Corpse’s laughter stopped as he looked down at his phone to see your bubble in the chat still.
You slowly cleared your throat and unmuted yourself. “I’m sorry. I should have told you that I was still in here, but I wanted to hear what you had to say.”
Jack hated that he had to interrupt, but he replied quickly and saw his way out. “I tried to tell you before you even started talking, but you didn’t hear me. Have fun, you crazy kids.”
Corpse was nervous, it was all over his voice. “Uhhh, so, dinner sometime?”
You smiled and tried to keep your voice from sounding to giddy. “I’d love that. But we don’t have to go anywhere. Takeout at my place?”
The deep, raspy voice that filled the space around you told you exactly what you wanted to hear. “I’ll be over with dinner tomorrow night. I can’t wait.”
You giggled to yourself and hung up the chat, holding the phone to your chest, a happy noise coming from you that you hadn’t heard in a while. Little did you know, on the other end he leaned back in his chair with a smile spread from ear to ear, laughing happily in the office space that he sat in.
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©bakubabes-hatake’s original content, please do not repost/modify without my permission
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delicrieux · 8 months ago
☆ミ 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚜𝚊𝚢 “𝚘𝚑”
PART 13: ...O-OH?
it’s the night of the big stream. y/n uncovers a strange, albeit deep, bond with charlie. corpse interrupts her garden date with sykkuno quite unceremoniously. tensions are high as ever; proximity chat reveals internal monologues and stray thoughts. y/n’s “batshit insane” energy affects everyone. this is, quite literally, the best game of among us bretman has ever played.
─── corpse husband x reader, sykkuno x reader (if you squint, it’s very one sided)  ─── soc. media + written fiction! ─── word count: 6.1k oops ─── ❥ reqs: sum people requested some interaction w bretman + jealous corpse + flirty sykkuno
author’s note: guys....GUYS WE’RE ON THE 3RD “OH” hope ur excited cus i am!!! this was rly fun to write, but then again, everything is better than writing an essay lmao! this is extremely chaotic and a bit seggsy but like a minuscule bit u wont even notice it i swear xx there’s not much social media in this one, mostly written lol. as always lmk wat u think n thank u for all ur kind words n sooo manyyyy ideassss!!! love u lots
ultimate masterlist.  ҉  myso masterlist   ҉   previous. ҉   next.
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
It’s happening, you think, picking the discreet, angelic white color for your astronaut - with a halo and all, truly, you are a seraph that stepped through the gates of heaven and descended onto earth to grace these morals with your presence...quite literally, you’re not only donning white in game, but also in real life, cute as a button or more like as a bunny. Cat girls are overrated - cat boys, on the other hand, you’ll ardently defend till your last breath - but bunny girls...Safe to say, your chat had been going feral. Your endless ego is fed well. You even swore on your heart that no devilish trickery would follow in this game - you had left your snake ways behind you.
No one believed you. The Roaches know you too fucking well.
The influx of new subs, however, do not. Look at this cute girl! She wouldn’t hurt a fly! You chuckle at the compliments. At the exact same moment, Rae pipes up on the discord call, “Y/n is leering and cackling evilly. No one trust her.”
Demon woman herself must be watching your stream before starting her own. You pout, all adorable and innocent, but your eyes gleam slyly. Truly, a mastermind of manipulation! Look at you go! The chat is swooning. The viewer number steadily climbs past 16K and you hum happily, welcoming all that decided to join your little clan, “Don’t listen to Rae. Wifey is mad because I said I’m not bringing her back a souvenir. Well guess what, bitch, I’m the gift.”
Your perfect image does not quite align with your tone, nor the affectionate nickname you call your roommate (bitch, not wifey). The new viewers are none the wiser though, just like your new stream mates.
There is laughter from people you don’t quite know. The lobby is almost full, but not everyone has trickled in yet.
“Filing divorce papers right now.” Rae mumbles, but you hear the smile in her voice. It makes you crack a grin, too. 
More hello’s and shy introductions to the people in the lobby. Sykkuno’s green astronaut pops in with a upbeat, “Hey, everyone! Hi, Y/n!” as his character circles around yours. A collective awww echoes in your stream chat as you, quite breathless at the wholesomeness, reply with a “Hi! Hi hi!” as well.
Corpse is next to join, mysteriously ominous. The discord call is pure chaos, everyone screaming over the other variations of his name while stressing different syllables. Silent as a grave, he just stands there, his black astronaut seemingly eyeing everyone in the lobby. 
Alas, when the noise dies down, he utters, “Whaddup, baby.” and it’s pandemonium all over again. You are screeching/laughing along with the rest. His astronaut swiftly glides to Sykkuno, still circling around you, “Hey, Sykkuno.” He says. The latter abruptly stops. The game hasn’t even started, and already - betrayal! Sykkuno starts circling around Corpse now, leaving you in the dust.
“Hey, dude!”
“Yo,” You interrupt, “I’m like here too, yeah?”
“Fight, fight, fight!” Pokimane jeers. You can’t see her, but you’re certain she’s pumping her fists in the air. 
“Let’s leave the bloodshed for the game, yeah?” Dream offers past her laugh ridden urging.
“No, fuck that, let’s start this shit right now,” Charlie declares - his monotone is strangely pleasant to the ear, and you lean back in your chair with a thoughtful hum. Something about his energy just clicks with yours instantly, but perhaps you’re judging too quickly- “Got my fucking knife ready to slit some throats. You can all pretend you aren’t ready to kill on sight, but that’s not me. I’ll teabag your dead fucking body.”
-yeah, no, your initial estimate had been correct! What a pleasant surprise, you feel like you and he will get along beautifully. 
“Way to be subtle, Charles.” Rae snorts.
“Subtle doesn’t make an interesting game, Rae,” He’s quick to bite back, “and if I’m Impostor, you bet your fucking ass I’m going after you first.”
“Noooooo!” She shrieks, rushing to your astronaut, which is still just standing there, abandoned, like the equivalent of that one emoji, “Y/n, protect me.”
“Of course, baby.” You purr. 
There’s mumbling in the discord call, though it’s barely audible. Corpse seems to be repeating the word to himself: Baby...Baby?...Baby...
“You’re gonna stab me in the back the first chance you get, won’t you?” She questions, already painfully aware of the answer.
“You know it!”
“Finally, someone that’s not fucking cowering in their boots and flaunting their real nature.” Charlie says, “Y/n, form a Big Dick Alliance with me.”
“Oh for sure, man.” You agree immediately, trailing to his in game figure, “Let’s show these virgins how it’s done.”
“This is going to be a mess, isn’t it?” Sean’s voice rings with a cheerful laugh, making you flustered. Yes, you’re actually playing with THE JacksepticeyeTM. You still haven’t fully wrapped your head around that part, “I’m very excited to see where this will go.”
“Nowhere good.” You say with unparalleled sincerity - every word you speak to him, the icon, the legend, the one of the few youtubers you actually actively follow, must be genuine. You doubt you can lie to him. He’s too good of a person. You admire him too much. Stuck between wanting to be a shady bitch and an absolute saint, you refrain from addressing him more - you are simply not worthy.
its the y/n trying to act like a normal person in front of jack for me
ikr she looks ready to join the monastery
each day we stray closer to gods light???
Your viewers are snide as always. Gosh, you love them.
The last player pops in, fashionably late, “Hey, y’all.”
“Hey, Bretman!” The call choruses somewhat harmoniously.
“Hi, daddy.” He’s speaking to Corpse now, a smile in his voice - you can hear it even past the static of his atrocious mic. Your eyes widen, eyebrows shooting up. Your friends are cackling, but confusion refrains you from doing the same - were you not the only one Corpse offered, seemingly so long ago!, to be his sugar baby? 
One betrayal after the other. You’re glad for the Big Dick Alliance. The name has a nice right to it, too. 
Corpse laughs, “...Hey, Bretman. How are you today?”
Damn, two sentences for him, but not even a word spoken to you!? You’re already scripting a very melodramatic paragraph you will text him after the stream. With poorly masked discontent, you mutter, “Wow, thanks for such a warm welcome, Corpse, my day’s going great, yeah, loving the company.”
“Now now miss girl,” Bretman chimes, “we can’t be all daddy’s favorite.”
“Careful,” Charlie drones, “I think you just got yourself onto Y/n’s shit list.”
“Right next to Corpse Husband and Valkyrae.” You agree, “Sykkuno!” You suddenly call him.
“Uhm-Uh-Yes?” Is his nervous reply.
“You’re safe.” You state coldly, “For now.”
“You are not going after Sykkuno on my watch.” It must be a belated holiday miracle because Corpse finally decides to address you. His words seem to awake something in him, “Hey-Hey-Hey-” He swiftly glides to you, standing right next to your minute virtuous angel, “When are you coming back to Cali?”
corpse stop acting weird challenge
literally omg lmao
he does bring up a good point y/n y u not in cali yet?!
^pack it up corpse simp he disrespected the queen when he didnt say hi
“Back off, buddy,” Charlie interjects, “this spot is for Big Dick Alliance members only.”
“I’m never returning.” You inform him, your voice cold like the Arctic snow, and the look in your eyes is no kinder. You feel like you’re having a stare down through screen. 
Silence stretches. Is this an intimidation tactic? Because if it is, it’s a paltry one. Your conviction to be petty is stronger than any vulnerability you might feel.
“Then I have nothing to say to you.” He admits and fucks right off with that. Fine, go join Sykkuno and Rae in their little corner of betrayal! Friendship ended with Corpse, now Charlie is your best friend.
“Okay, guys, guys, guys-” Toast, noting this is going to spiral any minute now, tries to catch their attention, “Let’s start?!”
You look into your camera, and the roaches know what you’re thinking. You’re twins like that, communicating telepathically. You are taking back your tender promise of not being a conniving bastard. It’s fucking on. You will destroy everyone in your path, starting with the guy you have a stupid crush on - maybe?! Feelings are confusing, you’d rather just not think point blank period.
With no objections from the cast, the counter ticks away seconds and, for the first round, you’re stuck as CREW MATE.
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Charlie is a gift. Truly, you had not expected such a sudden, wonderful relationship to bloom. How have you not known of him sooner?! It’s a crime that you hadn’t spoken to him earlier. You are a 100% certain if you had found him before you started streaming, he would’ve been a big inspiration. 
The two of you do your silly little tasks and curse like sailors, commenting about this and that thanks to proximity chat. You wouldn’t have been able to stand the claustrophobic silence if it was just a normal Among Us game - to think, missing out on all his foully worded quips! It almost springs a tear into your eye. He’s just as unhinged as you.
worried about this dynamic 
its a trainwreck lol i love it plz collab more plz
Caught in a headed discussion in Electrical - TikTok trends, or audios specifically - you defend the app the best you can. Charlie thinks it’s super cringe, and you insist it’s part of the charm as you connect wires.
“I mean, have...-do you know that one audio, the one that goes, like,” You’re spilling your words, heated, frustrated that he’s so dismissive of the app that literally saved 2020, “it goes like, uhm,” You clear your throat, prep your voice - even take a sip of your favorite drink. Drawing the syllables, you try your best to make it drop an octave - it must sound like you’re doing an atrociously bad and nauseatingly scratchy Corpse impression with an extra dramatic flair, “My assssssss, your cockkk, you do the mathhh.”
“Did-Did I just-” You freeze hearing Corpse’s voice, finally done with your task. Charlie is muffling his laughter behind his palm; Corpse’s astronaut stands in the doorway, “What the fuck did I just walk into?” He seems genuinely confused, though a strangely winded. You’re mortified. Your shoulders are shaking. You look at the stream chat but it’s going too fast for you to follow. Manic laughter bubbles in your chest and you squeeze your eyes shut, mouth split into a toothy grin, lowering your head and trying to hide the blush dusting your cheeks.
“Hey? Guys? What the fuck are you talking about?” He questions again.
“Honestly?” Charlie chimes, “No fucking clue. TikTok, I think. Ask Y/n.”
You can’t reply. You’re crying. You cover your face with your palms, muttering a soft oh my god before bursting into a full blow laugh, throwing your head back, the motion accidentally knocking your headphones off.
“Y/n.” Corpse calls you, “Fuck was that?”
You’re howling. Your stomach hurts. There are literal tears in your eyes. You think Charlie might be laughing too, but you can’t really tell over your loud screeching. Hastily fixing your headphones, you wipe away the tears stuck to your lower lashes, heaving, “S-Sorry, I-” You stutter, breaking into another fit of giggles. Corpse patiently waits you to calm down. Catching your breath, you start again with a sniffle, “TikTok, yeah.” You idly fix your hair, trying to bite down a smile, “It’s an audio.”
“What- What kind of videos are you watching?”
“The good kind.” Your reply is instant, merciless, “Also, why are you here? We’re having a BDA meeting, you know.”
“I-I...” He trails off, “I...I heard people talking and...I just came here to check it out, but...I’m regretting it.” There’s a lilt in his voice, and you know he doesn’t regret jack shit. You bet he’s smiling. You wish you could see it.
“Bitch, then leave!” You huff. You aren’t sure what is with him today, and you don’t want to stick around and find out - his playfulness makes your stomach flip at the most inappropriate times! Like when you’re trying to sound threatening. You must retreat posthaste, “No, wait, I’ll do it for you.” You say, brushing past his character. Charlie follows after you.
“Dude, you’re so fucking lucky neither of us are the Impostor because you’d be deader than I’ve been feeling since I was 10.” Your favorite companion comments. Charlie is truly a modern wordsmith. You’re pretty sure you adore him, because you’re nodding your head, so quick to agree with him that even you’re surprised. 
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
A meeting is called. You spare a glance at your fallen crew mates. They will be missed. Sean most of all, God, why does heaven always take the good ones?! The game feels emptier without him, even if you really only passed him once on your trek to Cafeteria with Charlie.
You may or may not have been avoiding him, afraid you’d accidentally say something horrible and he would hate you. It’s a silly fear, though a deep one. And with Charlie keeping you company, you had not uttered a single objectively  good, or even coherent, sentence. Your parents can’t watch this stream once it’s uploaded onto your Youtube channel. They know you’re barely keeping it together in most of your videos, but here, now? Yeah, no. Charlie is already hard to listen to on his own for sensitive viewers, and hearing you agree with literally everything he says with your own chaotic ideas? Your dad would stumble into an early grave.
Mom probably wouldn’t mind too much, but you’d have to explain your relationship status again. She is under the assumption that everyone you collab with is your significant other. You’d say it began with Sykkuno, though the exclamation of “Finally! My daughter isn’t pathetically single! We need to celebrate.” had started with Rae. Truly, a scandal.
Speaking of which, Sykkuno is gone, too, but you had time to mourn him already. You found his body roughly ten minutes ago; so torn with the fresh agony of heartbreak, you could not do anything else but cry. It was Charlie, bless his heart, that reported it.
“Someone killed Jack,” You say, voice dripping with venom, “court is now in session. I’m ready to vote the fucker out.”
People speak all at once. Toast roars over them, “ORDER! ODER IN COURT!” as he slams his hand onto his desk repeatedly. That seems to work, though briefly.
“I think it’s Y/n.” Corpse says. You stare at him, hand gripping your heart, mouth falling open in surprise.
flame him
corpse boutta be a corpse fr
beat his ass queen!!!!!
“Pardon my french,” You grumble, “but nani the fuck?!”
“It’s definitely Y/n, I found her and Charlie conspiring in Electrical. Surrealist experience of my fucking life, but it’s definitely her.”
“Dude, we’ve been over this,” Charlie sighs, shushing Rae who was about to comment something - knowing your luck, it was probably in favor of the man throwing you under the bus, “we would’ve snapped your fucking neck the moment you walked in. But we didn’t.”
“Yeah, we didn’t.” Corpse notes, “I said nothing about you, I’m just saying it’s definitely her. She probably didn’t kill in front of you because of your stupid alliance-”
“Someone sounds salty because he wasn’t invited.” Pokimane snickers.
“-or possibly she did tell you and you won’t betray her for the exact same reason.”
“That’s some big brain logic you pulled there, genius,” Charlie says, absolutely unimpressed, “sure you didn’t have an aneurysm trying to connect all of that together?”
“Well,” Rae pipes up, “Y/n and Charlie did say they will kill right before the game started. If you ask me, it’s not unbelievable. And Sykkuno was sorta on the shit list.”
“I’m writing down your name twice, Rachell.” You spit.
“Not helping your case at all, Y/n...” Dream worries, “And Rae makes a good point. Charlie and you have professed desire for murder. I’m just saying! It’s a bit suspicious, you know?”
The next words to leave Corpse’s lips sound incredibly smug, “See?” He drawls.  The pressure is getting to you - you don’t understand where this beguiling talent of his to convince literally everyone comes from, but it doesn’t inspire any confidence. Your fist suddenly feels incredibly lonely, so useless - oh, how you long to swing at him, “It’s definitely Y/n.”
“I dunno...” Toast mumbles.
“It’s Y/n.”
“Corpse-” You try, but he's ignoring you - shocker, as if he hadn’t been doing that from the very start of this stupid game - and chanting your name like it’s a fucking mantra or something, a smile in his voice, knowing, relishing in the fact that he’s grating on your nerves, “FIRST OF ALL,” You scream into the mic, successfully cutting him off; catching your breath, you exhale, and continue, calmly, lowly,  “get my pretty name out of your mouth.” 
There’s a pause full of tense silence. 
Then, there’s a sound, seemingly stuck in the back of his throat, “...O-Oh...?”
“Second of all,” You continue, words like honey dipped in arsenic, “This is the clearest smear campaign I have ever witnessed. By how hard you’re trying to frame me for fuck knows what reason, I’m led to believe it’s you that killed them. You’re the Impostor.”
“Corpse wouldn’t kill Sykkuno, though.” Rae comments, skeptical.
“Then the other Impostor did it.” You counter.
“Maybe you’re both Impostors.” Pokimane chirps.
“Y/n would never betray the Big Dick Alliance like that.” Charlie states.
You grin, “Charlie, I literally love you.” 
“Wait hold up now,” Corpse seems to get his bearings together, “what’s this about love I’m hearing?”
“I have none for you, dick.” You snap, flipping him off. Your chat cheers. While he can’t see it, you hope he senses it through the screen, “I officially hate you.”
“No, wait-”
“Boo, Corpse, you suck.” Toast laughs.
“Y/n, please-”
“Let’s all vote for Corpse Husband, okay?” You say it like it’s his full official name with an encouraging smile and multiple soft nods. Sykkuno can’t be here to nod, so you’ll do it for him. You eye the rapidly decreasing timer before clicking on Corpse’s figure and voting for him. The VOTED icon instantly pops up beside your adorable astronaut.
“Baby, I-” It slips past his lips so easily, as if he’s not even thinking about it, like it’s only natural to call you that and a spike of anxiety shoots up, making you glare. It’s only halfhearted. You try your best to ignore the rapid and uncoordinated pulses of your heart. Replace unwanted feelings with anger and hate - works like a charm, every time.
“You are not allowed to call me that.” You hiss. The chat spams snake emojis. 
“Wait-” Bretman chimes, “Hold up, y’all, slow down a minute. Why does Corpse never call me baby?”
“Yeah!” Pokimane agrees, “I want to be baby, too!”
Pokimane may not have been called baby, but you just single-handedly decided her nickname for her - Target 4. Welcome to the shit list, she is officially your public enemy number 1. You aren’t sure why the thought of Corpse ever referring to anyone else as baby makes you sick to your stomach (you actually do know why, but brain no think at the moment), but you wish this whole conversation never happened. You don’t like it.
20 seconds left. More VOTED icons appear by your friends. Corpse is the last one to cast his ballot at, you assume, you, as the rest wait for his quick explanation before everyone (or not) returns to the game, “...Because she’s my baby.”
Goodbye. Life had been sweet, and there was sorrow, though the amount of embarrassment you feel now is worse than when the internet found your cringe worthy high school pictures on your mom’s Facebook. It’s a mixture of dread and excitement - the pleasure of being noticed, cherished even, though anxious from vulnerability. Someone is screaming a very prolonged “WHAAAAT?!”, or maybe multiple people are, you aren’t sure, your ears start to hurt from the loud, conflicting cacophony of voices as you stare blankly at the screen. You received two votes, just like Corpse, Charlie got one, the rest skipped. With no one flung out, you all find yourself back in Cafeteria again.
Baby. My baby? My baby. My baby. The sentence is playing ping-pong in your mind, reverberating louder each time. You’re actually speechless for the first time in your life; your chest hurts, your heart beating so fast your hands start shaking. Had he meant it? Or was this a some joke? Was he trying to get a rise out of you again? You might just go insane from so many questions. My baby. Holy shit, this is a heart attack, this is what a heart attack feels like, dear God, you figured you at least had ten years before you get one!
  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
First round ends with IMPOSTORS raining victorious. Your sixth sense had been working wonders since, true to you previous estimate, it had been Corpse. His companion was Pokimane. For absolutely no reason what’s so ever, you change her name once more from Target 4 to Target 1. Normally, you’re all for girls supporting girls. Men don’t deserve anything, really, but now you’re so flustered and still reeling from what you are 80% sure was cardiac arrest that you genuinely don’t care about your established morals.
Round two starts without much deliberation. You get CREW MATE again; the game must sense your growing bloodlust, making sure that once you do get IMPOSTOR, you will not hold back. True power is granted to those who are ready and strong enough to wield it. You wait for your moment with bated breath.
Charlie is taken from you too early. The two of you were once again caught in a discussion - God knows about what, Minecraft, hentai, oh! your server! - as you tried to card swipe for the umpteenth time. The lights blew out and you just knew one of you was getting murdered there and then. Charlie’s voice abruptly cut off, and you think a part of you died with him.
It’s a cold meeting; with your new best friend being the first to go, everyone decides to skip. You proclaim you seek vengeance. When the meeting comes to an end, Sykkuno is the first to offer his condolences.
“I’m sorry, Y/n.” He says, and while he’s not in Brooklyn, you somehow feel him patting your back. You feign a sniffle.
“There’s nothing to apologize for...” You murmur sadly, “Unless...” Your voice turns sharp as the knife that was surely twisted into Charlie’s back, “It was you?”
“NO!” He exclaims, “I would never-you gotta believe me! I would never kill him. I know he’s important to you. I wouldn’t do that, I swear.”
“He was like a brother to me.” You admit, solemn, “Charlie, if you’re haunting me right now, know I will avenge you. I will not let this go.”
Sykkuno hums, circling around you, “Hey, I have a task in Greenhouse. Would you, uh--Would like to, uhm, join me?” Despite the shaky start, he finishes on a firm, pleasant note. He’s trying to cheer you up. Having lost your closest friend, he’s offering you his company. You accept with a soft smile and a cute “Yes, please!” and he releases an airy little laugh. The two of you make your way to your favorite place in map MIRA.
It’s difficult to stay sad for long when Sykkuno’s so sweet; the atmosphere of the Greenhouse is strangely calming; your problems seem to be left behind the shut doors. If you tried hard enough, you could imagine being in an actual Greenhouse - the warm, damp air clinging to your skin, the unmistakable smell of earth and vegetation, the pleasant silence broken only by yours and his hushed voices and clumsy footsteps.
The two of you are talking. Mainly about your choice of attire. Cat first, Sykkuno ponders aloud, doing his task as you watch the plants grow, now bunny, what’s next? You affirm that you will most likely dress up in cow-print next, or as an adorable sheep. He laughs, admitting you’ll look good in anything before he trails off. His awkwardness is really endearing. 
“Or!” You chirp happily, content with being locked away with him for the whole game. The idea must be playing in his mind, too, because he seems in no rush to leave, “I could, like, dress as someone from My Hero Academia. I watched the stream you did with Stella, the one where she made you look like Todoroki. It was really cute. You were really cute.”
“Oh, uhm-well, uh, thank you, thanks, I, uhm-” He clears his throat, and despite his stutter, you hear the smile in his voice, “I-I think you’d look better, though. Not as Todoroki. Or, probably as Todoroki, too. But, uhm, what character are you thinking about?”
“Maybe Momo?”
“Momo!” He yeps, “Momo is good. Yeah, she’s great. You’ll-uhm-you’ll look amazing. Really. Momo is awesome. Very pretty. Just like you.”
You are blushing. A stupid, toothy grin makes your cheeks hurt. Your eyes flicker to the chat, but again, it’s going wild. Giggling, you thank him for his sweet words, so giddy it’s honestly embarrassing. Why can’t you stop smiling? This is incriminating. You hide your lips behind your palm.
“...What’s this?” Corpse question. You had failed to note his sudden appearance, too busy gushing. “Am I interrupting?”
“Hey, Corpse!” Sykkuno greets. For someone so awkward and shy, he sure is good at hiding it when he wants to. Perhaps it’s all an act and you had been deviously tricked! Probably not, but you can’t help but narrow your eyes suspiciously, finally able to calm down. You definitely underestimated him, you just haven’t figured out how yet, “Not really! Y/n was sad Charlie died so I took her here.”
“You interrupted our date, dipshit.” You deadpan. 
“...Fuck you say?” Corpse dares, his voice low and somewhat menacing - for someone who exclusively portrays his emotions through only his voice, he’s incredibly hard to read. This is payback. Your love for wreaking havoc resurfaces suddenly. Serves him right for pulling all this ignoring shit at the start. Maybe you’ll make him say oh again.
Your sly smirk is promptly wiped. Fuck. He said oh, he literally said oh out loud. The Teruhashi fangirl in you is screaming. You had been so caught up in defending yourself you didn’t even register it at first. Alarmed, you look at the camera, then at the chat. First oh, then my baby. There’s no way he had been teasing you, and this proves it. Holy shit. You mouth the words “HE SAID OH!” for your audience only.
now she notices
snail pace baby we’ve been loosing our shit for the past hour 
corpse x y/n saikik au enemies to lovers 500k words slow burn im here for it
opening wattpad rn^
Your heart races in your chest - it might be considered an Olympic medalist at this point; flustered yet again, you wish you could cave into yourself. You should’ve brought your bright blue wig with you to Brooklyn. Turns out it would have been perfect for this stream. Yes, yes thinking about unnecessary details always works in distracting you from the butterflies throwing a fucking rave in your stomach. 
“I guess it is a date!” Sykkuno admits, “Kinda after a funeral, but still.”
Corpse hums. You’re still too stunned to say anything. The black astronaut with adorable cat ears approaches Sykkuno. 
“It’s not.” He states. Your mouth falls open in shock as your date, your companion, the Shoto to your Momo is murdered in cold blood right in front of you. His lifeless body, cut in half, lays on the tiles by the growing flowers, right beside you, “You didn’t see shit.”
“...I didn’t see shit.” Is all you can utter, breathless and terrified.
“Thaaaat’s fucking right, baby.” Corpse coos, “Now I’m gonna report it, and I’ll say we found Sykkuno together. Better stick close to me after the meeting, got it?”
If Sykkuno is Shoto, then Corpse is definitely Dabi. 
why is that kinda hot tho omg
didn’t know i needed dom corpse since now but i do
y/n looks like shes boutta throw up lmao 
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
You follow him around like a lost puppy - because what else is left for you to do!? You’re helpless in this situation. He’s got you in the palm of his hand, successfully eliminating everyone you had previously interacted with. First it was Charlie, then Sykkuno, even Sean, who said hello in passing, was shot instantly. Real Sangwoo behavior. You almost want to scream warnings at everyone to not approach you. You cannot mourn another lost crew mate, you don’t think your conscience can take it. But words fail to form. You’re too weak. You fake cry to your audience. They’re quick to remind you to stop acting like a little bitch.
“Mean.” Is all you say, eyeing the comments.
“Was talking to the roaches.”
“What are they saying?”
“That I should betray you.”
“...Better not.”
A shiver shoots up your spine and you half believe he will bust down your door and drag you into his basement for real. A nervous laugh slips past your lips, “I won’t, I won’t.” You reassure him, “Don’t worry, I’m sticking with you. I haven’t seen shit.”
“I like that you listen to me. You always this agreeable?”
“You’re kinda not giving me a choice right now.” You grumble, vending yourself a drink while he looms behind you, protecting you. From who?! Himself?!
“Oh my fucking God, finally,” Bretman exclaims, “girl, I’ve been running around the whole map trynna find someone, is everyone like, dead?”
You’re scared to reply. Corpse does it for you, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe? Not sure. Where have you been?”
“Oh you know,” Bretman grins, “doing tasks, talking shit, the usual. You two are not, like, Impostors right?”
You shoot a look at Corpse, but he obviously can’t see it. Biting your lip, you murmur, “Nope.”
“Just your regular crew mates doing regular crew mate things.” Corpse says, no, purrs. Because that’s not suspicious at all. You’d recommend Bretman to run, and not only because that sounded shady as fuck. But he seems to enjoy danger, or he just doesn’t care.
“Hmmmm, crew mates, sure. Miss girl Y/n,” He’s addressing you now; you smile anxiously, “How come every time I see you, you’re with a different man?! Like damn, leave some for the rest of us, for real!”
You like Bretman. You like his high-pitched whine and drawl. You would like him even more if not for the complex situation at hand. You fear for his life. Chewing at your bottom lip, you snicker, “Sorry, Bret. I can leave you Corpse if you want?”
He laughs, “Girl, I’d say yes so fucking quick, but I know he wouldn’t want that. Normally I wouldn’t care, but y’all are such a cute couple it’s making me not want to be a shady motherfucking bitch. Changing my ways, embracing the lord. Love it.”
 Corpse doesn’t correct him that you are, in fact, not dating. His lack of reaction unnerves you slightly. Does he...? No! No think! Only exist! You catch that train of thought and steer it away from forbidden territory. Looks like it’s up to you to clear the air, and that is exactly what you do after trying to swallow down the lump in your throat, “Uh, we’re not together, actually. We’re just really good friends.”
“Bitch, then move over,” Bretman says snappily,”go like, back to your other boyfriends. Or find another one. I think I saw Dream near Navigation.”
“Near Navigation, huh?” Corpse hums thoughtfully. It’s a subtle warning, but you catch it. Yeah, even if you try running, Dream’s going to join your other ‘boyfriends’ in the afterlife. Granted, killing someone by just talking with them is kind of cool. Or maybe Stockholm Syndrome is finally kicking in, “Bret, the thing is, Y/n’s scared of dying, so she asked me to stay with her.”
It’s disturbing how good at lying he is. It is also really really attractive, as bizarre as that is.
y/n stop being in a toxic relationship with corpse challenge
making fanart of this omg her face
its the blushing for me girl get your head outta the gutter!
^she cant, it lives there
“Baby, you’re gonna fucking die if you stick with her,” Bretman points out, “have you noticed the mortality rate of her partners? Rest in peace, daddy.”
“He’s right, you know.” You mutter, dramatically looking to the side, “I’m no good, Corpse.”
“Not leaving you, end of discussion. Bretman, join us?” Corpse offers, catching you by surprise. He might still be lying, though. Creating a false sense of security before eliminating Bretman. Probably would laugh while doing it, too. Wow, he truly is evil.
Turns out he doesn’t have to do any of that, because when Dream strolls into Cafeteria, he kills Bretman instead. The two Impostors are finally revealed. You promised not to snitch on Corpse, but you didn’t say shit about not exposing Dream. You press the REPORT button and say just that: “Dream just murdered Bret right in front of me and Corpse.”
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
The last meeting is called. Dream had been voted out with the help of Corpse, and now only you, he, and Rae remain.
“Baby, you know what to do.”
The VOTED icon pops up beside Corpse’s astronaut. Rae wheezes, “No! Y/n, it’s not me, you gotta believe me, I swear it’s not me!”
“...I really don’t know,” You murmur, “I’ve been with Corpse a lot, and...Rae, I’m not sure...”
“Please! I swear it on my Kagayama cardboard cut out, I’m not the Impostor, please! You know me, I’d never lie to you like this.”
“She’s definitely lying.” Corpse says, sounding pleased.
“Don’t listen to him! Remember, during the first round, when he tried to convince us that you were the Impostor? He’s doing the same shit to me!”
“I also remember you agreeing with him.” You remind her.
“I was stupid! Small dumb brain moment! He was using us to win! He’s using you right now!” She votes, “Please, Y/n, make the right choice.”
You’re silent for a moment.
“I’m gonna...I’m gonna vote for who I think it is.” You lastly say.
A slow, lazy grin makes it’s way onto your lips, eyes gleaming mischievously. You had not forgotten your promise to your brother from another mother, you had not forgotten the pride of the BDA, you had not forgotten your beautiful friendship. Two miniature astronauts pop up by Corpse’s at the exact moment Rae screeches “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!”
“Fuck.” Is all Corpse says with a laugh.
The screen changes, informing of the first CREW MATE victory.
Your ears are assaulted with different voices as you appear in the lobby.
“Now that’s what I’m fucking talking about.” Charlie raves, “I swear to fucking God, Y/n, you even got me going for a second. Pulled some 1000 IQ shit right there. It was fucking amazing. Best back stabbing I’ve seen in a while, and I’ve seen a lot.”
“That was absolutely fantastic, Y/n.” Sean applauds, “I really thought you joined Corpse like some crew mate accomplice or something. Can’t believe you switched on him at the last second.”
“That’s my wifey!” Rae cheers, strolling to you, “Love you, mwah.”
“Hey, Corpse,” Charlie calls him, “How does it feel to be a fucking loser?”
“I’m surprisingly fine with it.”
yeah he would be lmao
mom is the best snake ever i love you sm y/n
rae and y/n’s friendship....the feeeeeels
As the rest sing your praises for another solid minute or two, the third round begins. CREW MATE again. Though, just because you’re stuck as an underpaid worker in a dying spaceship, it doesn’t mean you’re innocent. Your last round proved that quite well. You can’t help but silently snicker.
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
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struggling-with-time · 10 months ago
Can I have my sweater back? [Corpse x reader]
Paring: Corpse husband x Female!reader
Summary: “corpse and reader are like roommates (and are dating, but no one knows yet) and while they’re both streaming with the usual among us gang, they accidentally let it slip *insert tik tok audio* and everyone is like “wait what?” Requested by @julimelodi
Warnings: Soft!reader, meantion of virginity?
Words: 1k
A/N: Open for requests
“Y/N! HI!” Seans voice blasts through your headset as you join the discord call.
“Hey Sean.” Your soft voice replies. You quickly get your stream started and greets the early birds to your stream. Your favourite parts of streaming is always in the beginning and the end. You like interacting with your chat, and they enjoy listening to you answer their questions. As more people join you take a step back in the discord call. You’re not too much of a people person around loud noises, and they can be loud.
A couple of more minutes passes as you answer chat questions before some directs you in the discord call. “Y/N, where’s Corpse?” It was Felix.
You pull up the long sleeves from Corpses hoodie you stole. “He should be here soon, I can go check up on him. Be right back chat, I’ll just see if Corpse is getting ready too.”
You mute your microphone as you get up from your setup in your old room, and walks into your shared bedroom with Corpse. You’ve been roommates and stream partners for years. But this relationship is fairly new. Or fairly new in both of your standards, it’s been a good 5 months since Corpse officially asked you to be his girlfriend. It was over a bottle of wine in the middle of a movie. You kinda didn’t believe him until he asked you again over breakfast the next morning.
You softly knock on the bedroom door, and open it to step in. Corpse is in the middle of adjusting his microphone as you step in. “Hey…” Your soft voice greets him. The two of you opposites like day and night. Corpse is rough, edgy and scary. You’re everything cute, soft, and loveable.
He looks over at you. “The others are asking after you, I just wanted to check up everything was going okay in here.” You smile at him, as you cross the room and wrap your arms around him from behind.
“All good here babe, you can go back to your own, I’m joining now-“ Corpse turns around as you let go of him,”-Is that my sweater?”
You giggle as you bop his nose, “Just join we’re only waiting for you.” Corpse grins at you, before stealing a kiss, and joining the discord call.
“I heard you were missing me.” He says into the microphone. You stifle a laugh, as you walk out the door, making sure to close it after you, as to not create echo. You quickly get in your chair and back onto the call. Nobody seeing how you nearly tripped over the headset wire. There were pecks to being faceless.
“And I’m back again.” Your soft voice nearly drowns in the sea of voices greeting Corpse.
“Let’s get started!” Felix exclaims and a few seconds goes by as Crewmate shows up on your screen. You sigh in relief, not having the nerves to start out as impostor.
The game consists of you, Rae, Corpse, Sean, Felix, Sykkuno, Toast, Lily, GreaseBall and Michael Reeves.
You team up with Rae to do shields, and you watch over her as she does too. You’re on your way to Nav when a report comes up.
Felix is dead.
“I found the body in medbay. Sean was with me.” Sykkuno says.
“That’s true.” Sean says
“Did you see anyone nearby?” Corpse asks.
“No, they could’ve vented to cams or electrical.” Sean sighs.
“I can clear Corpse, we were over in admin.” Toast says.
“Me and Rae did shields.” You tell the rest, Rae hums
“I was with Michael and Grease.” Lily says.
“So no one sus?” Rae concludes.
“Let’s just skip.” Sean confirms.
Two more rounds pass by each with one kill and nobody being suspicious. You’re doing your last task in electrical with Rae, as Corpse and Toast went into the room, doing a quick double kill taking you and Rae down. You sigh as you become a ghost, you follow Corpse around now that all your tasks are done.
“I’m gonna haunt him for the rest of the game.” You murmur to your chat, as you float in circles around Corpse. The two of them went into Cams, right before Raes body gets reported by Grease.
“Y/N and Rae was dead in electrical.” Grease tells the rest of them. “Where were you?”
“I was in Nav.” Sykkuno says.
“I was on cams with Toast.” Corpse calmly answers.
“LIAR! I just walked out of cams and there was nobody nearby.” Sean yells into his mic. “You couldn’t possible come into cams without having passed me. You’ve had to vent in.”
“So Corpse and Toast?” Sykkuno asks.
“Definitely.” Sean replies as he votes, all their voting icons goes up. The only one not having votes being Corpse.
“I didn’t even get a chance to defend myself.” He grumbles, as the timer runs out and his astronaut floats across the screen. CORPSE was an Impostor.
“I didn’t get to live.” You poke back at him.
“Well for that comment I want my sweater.” Corpse jokes back.
“Then I want my virginity back.” It flies out your mouth before you realise what you just said.
“WOAH WOAH, keep it pg in here.” Felix jokes.
Both of your chats are blowing up with questions abouts what just happened, and if you’re a couple now.
“So um… We might have been together for a few months now.” Corpse tries to clear things up.
“This was not how I ever imagined this going.” You laugh at the situation.
Your chat racing to fast to be read by any human, as you rest your blushing head in your hands.
“Well now that the cat is out of the bag. Watch out simps, she’s mine.” Corpse warns his own stream.
You groan in response.
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