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#corpse mention

i мау пот shxш it but i can   kindov feel the person i oпce was’s corpse  in the back of мy  hhhead .            not actiвe but still existing.                                                                                            so close but so far far far awaт. 

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This is a newtons cradle

And Vee is terrified of them because the nightmare that made them so afraid of thunderstorms ALSO involves a Newton’s cradle

Im gonna tell about about Vee’s nightmare but im gonna do it under the cut because it is pretty dark

Trigger warning for: Death, corpses, hanging, thunderstorm, nightmare, and just dark subjects in general

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8/16/2020 - 11:30-ish

Just woke up from a dream/nightmare that I feel like I need to post about.

It started in this cabin in the woods. I was sitting in front of a vanity mirror, with an open box of expensive jewels and such in front of me. In my reflection, I could see that I was wearing a heart shaped necklace that one of the jewels in the box had been pried off of. I remember feeling regret that I’d had to damage the necklace, but thinking that selling the jewels would get me enough money to escape. Who or what I was trying to escape? No idea.

After that, I left the cabin and got in the driver’s side backseat of a car. There was also someone in the driver’s seat and passenger side front and back. I don’t remember anything coherent about the two in the front, but I do remember a strong feeling of fondness for the man in the back with me.

Before the driver got in, they handed me an oblong box that felt really warm. Like, a carryout box full of fresh food type thing. I don’t know what was actually inside it, but I had it on my lap and the box of jewels (now closed) on top of it.

As we started to drive away, something came out of the treeline. It looked like a humanoid tree, but with the top of its head missing and a blue glow where its brain would be, and bright blue glowing dots where its eyes would be. It was stiff, too, frozen in a position like it was T-posing but tilted a bit, so its right arm was pointing slightly upwards and it’s left arm was pointing slightly downwards. It was floating about a foot off the ground.

The person in the backseat with me said, “Shit, it’s a wisper. Eyes down.” (Wisper like a pun on wisp and whisper.) I accidentally made eye contact with it, but didn’t say anything.

We started driving down the road, and it was this really long, downhill, twisting and turning road through this dark forest. At one point, I turned to look through the back windshield and saw that the wisper was following us. When I looked at it again, it was abruptly closer, as though it had teleported when I looked.

I told the others in the car that it was following us, and the driver pulled over. We all got out and ran into the trees, following a path that hadn’t been there before. The path split in two, with one fork going left and forwards, and the other going right and curving back the way we’d come. The two who’d been in the front seat took the left path, and the two of us who’d been in the back seat took the right path.

I realized I’d left the jewel box in the car and stopped as if to go back for it, but decided it wasn’t worth the risk. While I hesitated, though, the other person from the backseat got way ahead of me, out of view around a curve in the path.

I started to run after him, but then bodies started dropping from above. Like, dead bodies. But they were tied to ropes like marionettes, and seemed to just fall into poses. I dinstinctly remember a man and a woman that looked like they were waltzing, and then a little ways further down, someone doing a pirouette who kicked me in the gut when they spun. There were others, too, but those are the only ones I specifically remember what they were posed like.

I got around the bodies and found the other person from the backseat, but he was hunched over on the ground like he was in pain, facing away from me. I ran up to him to try and help, but he spun around and I saw that his eyes were melting and he had been hunched over another body on the ground. I don’t know why, but I just knew that he’d killed this one while I was trying to catch up to him.

Then he attacked me. I started dodging him and trying to tell him he’d been possessed, but he wasn’t listening. Eventually, I managed to tire him out and get him to “wake up.”

I woke up myself shortly after. The whole thing was so vivid, so real. The heat of that one box, the kick in my gut from the pirouetting corpse. I even remember that what remained of the necklace felt heavy. Not, like, metaphorically, but literally, physically heavy. I don’t usually have strong senses like that in dreams.

I don’t know why this happened or what it might mean, but I’m honestly too scared to go back to sleep.

Edit: had a few typos to fix.

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[i do NOT have icons for him because skyrim makes the same 5 expressions and you can never get clear views of any of them but-]

“I do, I do! But poor, loyal Cicero can’t be away from Mother for too long- And the Listener, oh, the sweet Listener understands! Our dates are often, hm… Supervised, you could say! In front of dear, sweet Mother’s coffin, when the Listener brings sweet rolls they took from their latest target! And we talk, we talk! Oh, they describe their latest mission in such detail…”

He frowns, crossing his arms and pouting a bit.

“Isn’t that enough?”

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THANK U!!! cries a little… fenton loves u sm too he told me HIMSELF!!!

7. Do you like to cuddle with your F/O(s)?

listener VERY much likes cuddling with cicero!!! they’re very soft with their fur- and he’s a little squishy, so overall, it’s a good balance! great cuddles! they cuddle to sleep usually, especially…

9. When was your first kiss with your F/O(s)?

it was a spur of the moment thing- together they took down a high-profile target, and the listener kissed him to quiet him from giving away their cover when he was getting excited about it. it was a shock to them both- and cicero teased them to the Void and back about it when they got back to the sanctuary…

11. Do you & your F/O(s) go out a lot or tend to stay in more?

because of cicero’s duties as the keeper, he can’t leave the sanctuary long. he has to keep Mother’s corpse, keeping her well preserved- doing the rituals to keep her able to talk to the listener. so typically they stay in; only sometimes are they able to head out, and even then, it’s usually because of work…

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a grave affair

How long has my corpse lain here in the dirt?

Sand battered and dusted by pieces of the earth that I once lived upon

Belonged upon

How long have I lain here, for the creatures to feast upon?

How long before you noticed I was gone?


But did you really miss me at all?

Did the absence of my presence chew away at your soul

Munching slowly, as darkness did unto mine?

Did you tear apart our home in anger?

Did you weep?

As I wept in loneliness

Did you ever even notice I was gone?

How long has my corpse lain bare?

Under acid washed blue skies

Under navy soaked starry nights

Reflected in once shining eyes

How long have I lain here, exposed and alone?

How long before you forgot me entirely?


But did you ever really lose me?

Did I truly leave, if I merely faded away into the background

Slowly hollowed out piece by piece?

Did you notice me drifting



Did you notice that I was rotting alive?

How long did my corpse lay stained?

Before the rain cleansed my body of filth

Before the sunshine reheated my numbed flesh

Before the winds breathed new life into long vacant lungs?

How long did you hold me hostage?

Before I clawed my way out of the grave.

- M.T.

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if i had the time i would get into corpse party but alas i pretend not to and have to rely on my friend infodumping every night, which is basically the same thing honestly.

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