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#correct quotes
so-i-did-this-thing · a month ago
Tumblr media
I guess Twitter really needed a middle-aged trans man on the timeline today. Happy to oblige.
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incorrectgenerations · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Here's a very important quote from Neil Patrick Harrison. I thought I'd just post this in case anyone hasn't heard it before.
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gale-gentlepenguin · 4 months ago
Adrien: I am not in love with Marinette. Sure she is creative, brave, funny and sweet. Sure her smile litterally makes the world brighter. Of course she is the reason I enjoy going to class. And sure if I found out she hated me I would go curl into a ball and cry my eyes out because life isnt worth living. But none of that means I am in love with her.
Cashier: Sir, this is a McDonalds.
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ostropest · 3 months ago
William: Hi Kara! How’s the prettiest person in the world doing?
Kara *barely gives him a glance*: I don’t know.
Kara *casually turns to Lena*: How are you?
Lena: I’m fine.
Kara *turns back to William*: She's fine.
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techno: send wilbur positive vibes!
grian: and a fire engine
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gale-gentlepenguin · 3 months ago
Truth: (Hits Chat noir) Now I got you.
Ladybug: Oh No!
Truth: Alright Chat noir, What is your secret identity?
Chat noir: I am actually Spotfanatic321 on the ladyblog.
Ladybug: WAIT! You're the one that wrote that Ladybug x Adrien Agreste Fanfic, 'Spotlight'!?
Chat noir: Yes.
Truth: No cap, I LOVED that fic.
Ladybug: It was so good! THAT ENDING OMG!
Chat noir: You did? Wow I am so relieved.
Shadowmoth: I am more for Ladynoir, but I had to admit it was a solid fic.
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ostropest · 4 months ago
Bad guy: We have her
Lena: Who?
Bad guy: Your girlfriend, Kara Danvers
Lena: Oh
Bad guy: ...oh?
Lena: You don't have her. She has you. Good luck *hangs up*
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k347 · 9 months ago
Excerpts from the new ScreenRant Article on Seb-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Never forget this same man also said-
And here are some throwback interviews proving that we stan two gentlemen in this fandom!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is what the world is rewarded with when Mamas raise their boys right 💙
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happyminecraftanimedream · 5 months ago
some of my favourite quotes from TFTSMP
"I would never murder a rich person"
"who in this room hates woman?"
"he did medbay scan"
"there's no milk only gold!"
"maybe if we weren't so rich we'd know cpr" (whispered) "I know cpr" "SHUT UP!"
"the property value!"
"butler what did i say about eye contact!
"it wasn't glug-glug lord sebastian"
"he raises a good point even for being poor"
"i hear he streams fortnite"
"h-he had a heartattack"
"quick throw gold, he has to stop for it!"
"the egg demands poor people"
"i lied the people i invited were only upper middle class, they were barely people!"
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Dick: Look at that idiot trying to start a bar fight.
Dick: *sees that it's Jason*
Dick: Wait. That's my idiot.
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painand-orsuffering · 6 months ago
ranboo: yeah tubbo remember that 5 pound bag of gummy worms i had?
eret: why do you have a 5 pound bag of gummy worms??
ranboo, real close to the mic: i have TWO 5 pound bags of gummy worms.
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thevaldeztardis456 · 2 years ago
Shazam Incorrect Quotes
Freddy: If you work on a farm and your job is to take care of chickens, then that means you’re a chicken tender
Billy: Freddy, it’s three in the morning
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