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//Aw, babes

//Pink asks are still closed, I’m just answering what I can

-Mod Connor

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Mini Heads Up

School will be starting up for me tomorrow, so the comic will be a bit delayed from my normal time, but I’ll still update them on either Wednesday or Sunday whichever is closer. Stay safe and I hope you all have a good day or night!

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Tooie and Coren were sitting together on the living room floor. It wasn’t a very busy day, which meant Tooie could just enjoy spending time with his little brother. They were playing with Coren’s favorite plushie when Tooie felt his phone vibrate. He paused in their game so he could look at the notification on his phone.

@weloudfollower said How are the two of you doing?

Tooie smiled and looked over at Coren. “I’m doing fine. How are you doing, Steven?” At the sound of his name, Coren looked over at his older brother. Tooie held in a snort as Coren was still holding Raccoon in his mouth. “Guub!” Coren shouted, although it was muffled by the toy. Tooie couldn’t hold it back any longer, laughing loudly at how cute his little brother was. Coren tilted his head questiongly for a moment before giggling at his brother.

We’re both doing well. Thank you for asking! :)

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Snow Race!

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY ART (Reblogging is fine!)

A drawing I sketched a while ago and slowly made it a finished drawing. This is from @shattered-dad-au​ run by me and @krispi-oop​! Go check it out of you haven’t already.

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People asked so people received! @corrupted-baby​ and I have made an entire blog specifically for the Shattered Dad au, which we run together!

Go to @shattered-dad-au​ or click here!  to see the blog! 

This blog will contain content related to the Shattered Dad AU. This is a crossover au based on @shatteredsuau​ and @corrupted-baby​ where Coren (baby corrupted steven) is adopted by Shattered Steven (A murerer teen boy).

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