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We Are The Crystal Gems | Corrupted Baby AU

//Here it is! The finale for Kiddo phase! I will be going on a mini break to catch Tapas up to the story too and upload the first few pages of Gem Glow that I have. I also want to draw more of Gem Glow since I was drawing more for the animatic. I also want to draw for the other AU’s I have. I hope you all have a good day/night! Stay safe!

Asks that inspired this:

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Shattered Dad AU- Dear Theodosia [OPEN Multi-Animator Project] PARTS (2/24) AND BACK-UPS OPEN!

Hello fellow humans! Ax and I have decided to create a MAP for all of us to participate in! Just head over onto the video and read the rules in the description before commenting ^^

We hope you all enjoy participating in the MAP!

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Even if im here for like…i dunno 2 days

I already love your AU soo much!

Then i decided to mess around with my AU….


Yeah…i cant draw humans or anything close to it…

But its effort right….




Unintentionally trying to break the 4th wall…what do you expect from a 2 year old?

Corrupted baby Steven belongs to @corrupted-baby

DV2! Steven and Cloud belongs to me

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Good thank you! How are you?

Look at you asking the hard hitting questions! XD

I wasn’t thinking of it, but now you’ve put the idea in my head… soooo maybe? I’ll have to ask Mun if they’re okay with it first (I don’t think they’ll say no), and I have to finish a different one-shot I got an okay for yesterday but if all that works out then yes I will.

That would be super cute actually! It will probably be a one-shot or two-shot but I think it’ll work!

Edit: It’s been greenlit! ;)

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