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#corrupted steven

What If…?

“Ford, ya have to see this.”

“If this is like the prank from 1 week ago, then forget it, Stanley. I won’t fall into it again.”

“There is a gigantic pink lizard in front of the boat.”

“Oh sure. And what is it doing? Drinking tea with Godzilla?”


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(Looks at being monsters ref for this dog thing) (can’t repost)

Oo I’ll make fanart! ( notices it’s an actual character from FNAF I think lol)

Welp I already made the drawing sooooooooo



It’s fanart (probably) isbsidjeie look bro I didn’t know it was an actual character ksbdjehfjdbjdbdb I swear it’s fanart I just thought this dog thing was cute 👉👈

Lol I’m still proud of this tho

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In this comic, I will not be hesitant to go dark. Without spoiling too much, here are a few topics I will be touching on, and a few things that others can find upsetting and even triggering.

Content warnings will be places on parts with sensitive things, but as a whole this comic will include the following:

▪︎Dark topics


▪︎Mentions of self harm and s**cide

▪︎Images of self harm (art/drawn out only)

▪︎Vivid representation of Panic Attacks

▪︎Body horror

▪︎Cussing from time to time, and maybe a bit of adult humor that isn’t super obvious-

Unlike the show I dont have censorship issues so uh, yeah, Im gonna have fun with this and represent how dark the topic of trauma and mental illness can go without making it look evil like every other media seems to do nowadays.

I myself struggle with Ptsd, Anxiety, Depression, and the works. I know this comic may personally be based on my experiences as well as Steven’s, and it may even be a vent for me, but please note not everyone has the same experiences with mental illnesses and trauma.

This all being said. Please read my dumb little story with caution. ♡

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Trying a few styles with corrupted man,, I want to keep him looking like Steven, having him similar to Lion in style, but also trying to make him look less cutesy..

Its hard to explain- but my style for animals is way more detailed and I noticed how differently I draw Lion in my SU Mimic style and Corrupted Steven in my own Style haha,,

I just hope he can stay consistent, there will be shots where I make him cuter or more scary depending in the mood/tone.. but for the most part this is how im gonna try and make him look,,

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