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#corrupted theory

S1 EP1: Gem Glow (Pages 1-4)

Season 1 has officially started! Steven found out that Cookie Cats have been discontinued!

-Backgrounds are both drawn by me and edited/used by the official ones

after this post I will be going back to my normal schedule of Wednesday and Sunday @ 10am-

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People who post this nonsensical 5G conspiracy theories. It is an insult to the families of those who’ve lost their lives to COVID-19 and an insult to the millions of medical professionals working at the frontline to care for the ill and fight the virus.

Go watch “Pandemic” on Netflix and gain some knowledge about novel viruses.

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Steven Universe Future

After watching ‘Homeworld Bound’, a thought came to mind. As Steven is running down the stairs to get back to the warp pad he loses a sandal.

Similar to how Cinderalla lost her glass slipper as she was running out of the palace. Just after that Cinderellas dress and everything else that the fairy godmother had changed, reverted back to normal. Could this mean that Steven is gonna change too? As in get corrupted into the big wormy boy we see in the intro to Steven Universe future.

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So I think this is a fusion thing, personally

I am not usually one for fandom speculation, but whatever.

I kinda have a feeling that part of how Steven’s trauma is manifesting, specifically the body changes, will result in his fusion breaking. Like, it’s canon that Steven is a fusion of his human and gem selves, and the way his body warps in size disproportionately kinda looks like Malachite.

On that note, if Corruption!Steven happens, it’s only gonna be on his gem half, so Steven will actually, for realsies, be able to talk to himself/process his trauma from an outside perspective, like how Mega Pearl was at peace after Pearl and Volleyball talked to each other and recognized each other’s experiences.

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People are saying that worm monster from the opening is a corrupted Steven but after the newest episodes I don’t think that’s the case. I think the worm might actually be the cluster.

Reasons (SPOILERS):

- we see the episode “Fragments” we see that a shattered gem (Jasper) CAN be healed, similar to how corrupted gens were healed

- WHAT IF after Steven figures this out, he tries to heal the cluster the same way he healed Jasper?

- And it doesn’t go well and it becomes that worm monster

-We’ve already seen that the broken gems can form together to make a arm, so maybe if they were healed together they would form one organism (similar to fusion)

I may be wrong but it’s just a theory…..

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