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コスメブランド AMPLEUR 新年号会報誌 表紙・中面 挿絵

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I will FOREVER be an advocate for proper recognition and professionalism. I will FOREVER make it be known that if you call yourself a beauty professional you ABSOLUTELY need to be able to accommodate all talents regardless of their skin tone or hair type.


Stop hyping up these influencers and enthusiasts. We are not the same and I don’t give a damn how many followers they have on social media I do this FOR REAL it is not play time!

Stop telling talent to bring their own haircare products or foundation shades. If you call yourself a Pro, it is your responsibility to educate yourself so that you can be confident while assuring your talent that you’re taking care of them.

Now that I’ve said my peace, let me grace you with the presence of this young lady who is ripping the industry wide open since arriving to the Valley of the Sun: Nyajouk


Image by WestEal Photography

Wardrobe by Yoki

Makeup by Me 😊

Products Used:

AJ Crimson Beauty Foundation

RCMA Makeup Colorless Powder

@mentedcosmetics-blog Shadow & Lipcolor

@inglotusa EyeLiner

@survivoreyes Brow Pomade

Skindinavia Prep and Set Spray

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Girl Boss Q&A #1: Ask a Cosmetic Nurse

Girl Boss Q&A #1: Ask a Cosmetic Nurse

Nurses make a difference in people’s lives in many different ways. They’re the eyes, ears, and voice of healthcare, especially in a hospital setting, identifying and alerting doctors of critical situations and the holistic perspective to advocate for their patients. And cosmetic nurses are no different. Through the use of non-invasive, in-office treatments such as injectables and skin treatments,…


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