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Whenever I have a dream about Ghosts, I always get super excited. So excited that I feel whatever I dream is new footage to look at, except when I wake up I realize it’s not real. But I had a cool dream that had a young Maestro in a snazzy outfit other than his white outfit.

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SCREAM Mask (2020)


I haven’t seen any scream movie, ever.  Although I really enjoy the design of the character, since it’s so simplistic and kind of easy to get behind. I do not know anything about the character, and I kinda wonder what they’re like in the movies (especially the old ones). 

The mask has always kind of reminded me of the painting called the The Scream.(Which is probably how the mask was made to be honest…), but I think they’re neat. 

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guess what I just did

I dressed myself up in an entire Halloween costume idea for the fun of it

I actually really like it though- I think it would need a different outfit but the vibes are right


anyways here is me as a freaky doll

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°•°My jesters •°•°

~Digital portraits by me , inspired by the designs of @slocotion


2 items for my halloween series :)

Honey-glazed Jester and Devil Jester

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More work on the feetsies. Skin details are done using puffy paint; this is glow in the dark which dries clear as you can see from the sections I did first. The bottle says dries in 24 hours, but some of these blobs are super thick and I’m guessing will need at least a week to dry before I’m able to prime.

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A linguagem é uma essência fluida que muda a partir do tempo, mas forçar a mudança de algumas vogais, só porque um grupo de pessoas quer, não vai fazer as pessoas começarem a usar pronomes neutros, até porque as mudanças na linguagem surgem com o tempo, através dos anos, e até décadas de conversa entre pessoas. Então não é mudando a escrita que você muda a fala, até porque é a fala que muda a escrita, então mesmo que haja uma lei obrigando as pessoas a usarem pronomes neutros é praticamente impossível transformar um costume de fala em outro, tipo seria mais fácil criar o costume de perguntar pra pessoa como ela quer ser tratada do que simplesmente obrigar uma mudança do vocabulário de toda sociedade.

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