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Saga of Tanya the Evil Kurt von Rudersdorf Cosplay Costume - CosplayClass

Saga of Tanya the Evil Kurt von Rudersdorf Cosplay Costume – CosplayClass

Saga of Tanya the Evil Kurt von Rudersdorf Cosplay Costume #SagaofTanyatheEvil #KurtvonRudersdorf #costume #cosplay


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The Japanese Goverment Could Change Cosplay Forever — Kotaku

As writer and translator Matt Alt points out, the Japanese government is currently considering changing the country’s copyright laws, so that professional cosplayers would pay for use of characters.

Cosplay can be big business. Japan’s most successful professional cosplay Enako (pictured) has made over $90,000 a month from public appearances, merchandise, photobooks, chat sessions, and endorsements. Other cosplayers also earn cash for selling photos or clips of them dressed as famous characters. Creators don’t currently get a cut, and the amendment would change this. Moreover, it’s suggested that a standardized set of rules would help avoid any trouble with creators.

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Li outro dia, o texto que vai abaixo. Gostei. Por isso, compartilho, sobretudo porque expressa um pouco – muito pouco, na verdade – da minha impaciência com a enxurrada de imbecilidades que vêm sendo “vendidas” como “mudernidadi” da/com/para a Língua Portuguesa. Vale a pena ler. Não é preciso concordar.

“— Desde que os americanos se lembraram de começar a chamar aos pretos “afro-americanos”, com…


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The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactures, Etc.
The Third Series

Composite of individual fashion plates

Left: Volume 9, Number 52, April, 1827; Carriage Costume

Center: Volume 12, Number 68, August, 1828; Carriage Costume

Right: Volume 10, Number 60, December, 1827; Carriage Dress

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ABBA at a Hamburg photo session in 1975. Fun fact: ABBA was initially considered to do the soundtrack for The Lion King in 1994, since the film’s composer, Tim Rice, had previously worked with Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus on the hit Broadway musical, Chess. But alas, ABBA was unavailable.

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I guess I always do that think with my skirts huh 😂

Happy 101 Dalmatians release day! One of my favorite movies growing up and a huge artistic inspiration. We were walking around the park and Cruella found us! She was supposed to be heading “back stage” but she spent like 15 minutes talking to us and trying to “take” our “Dalmatian pup” 😂 “Come to Auntie Cruella” she say with open arms and B would just giggle and shake her head no 😂😂😂

A note: please notice the heigh difference. People never think I’m as tall as I am until they see me with my family and then they admit that I’m a monster 😂

2018: my first MNSSHP! Annnnd my first ever handmade costume! It was awful. The fabric was bad, the seams were falling out, under the apron almost my entire dress is unbuttoned because I didn’t size it properly.

Probably the most fun night I’ve ever had though. To quote every Disney adult ever…”it was just …magical!”

I realized while laughing at how bad this costume is that with consistency, Over the past 3 years, I’ve grown my sewing skill exponentially. I never thought I’d be able to make the things I do now. It makes me realize that im just at the beginning of this health journey and I shouldnt get so discouraged. I need to keep at it and I will see changes. I will learn how to make healthier choices and how to balance my life with exercise. I just have to keep at it and big changes will come. 

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