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    I said something homophobic to my ex girl friend. I wasn’t trying to ne homophobic and i feel awful about it. I also gave a second chance to an awful person and then told them they shouldn’t do the same with a different person. For context, she came out as aro and wanted to break up with me. A friend told me for her, Because she didn’t know how to say it. I took it personally, because I’m a little bitch and said some very rude and disrespectful things to her because I hadn’t educated myself on aro. I was very emotional and said “were to young to understand romance, but if that’s how you feel now, that’s what matters.” I should have kept my mouth shut, because it wasn’t my place to question her sexuality. The more pissed I got, the more disrespectful I got. I have admitted that what i did was wrong, and apologized. I don’t expect her to forgive me, but I do want to know how to help her the best I can, and how to help myself with my issues with getting too emotional, and angry. Please don’t just chew me out, because I’ve already admitted to my mistakes and knew I didn’t mean anything i said to her.  Please DM me for more context if you feel like its needed. I’ll share screen shots, but nothing personal, because I don’t have her consent. 

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