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#cottage core

“ Maybe I’ll carry the guilt to my grave,

Of all the songs I skip

And places I try to leave,

Don’t you do the same?

Refusing the possibility of forever,

Hibiscus’ crimson in my garden

ChapSticks that taste of raspberry,

And music that ring in my ears,

Don’t they haunt you

(Just the same?)

Your toxicity runs wild in my veins

Driving myself at the speed of rage

For I scratch my skin,

The stars burn on my chest,

Trying to rub you off of me,

I drew blood in the pattern of your lucky stars,

Not anymore. "  – Disha Nair

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Aesthetics AU where you’re classified based on what your aesthetic, which also means your area of residence is based on that, and you’re given a wide range of career options within that aesthetic with no restrictions and an equal pay for all. So you get to stay where you like and also do a job that you love with absolutely no limitations.

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I’m very confused about what aesthetic I fit into- because with my sense of fashion…. I’m leaning towards e-girl-

But on the other hand I want to live in a forest, away from human interaction- and it would be just me and my pets-

So I guess that would be considered cottagecore-……….?

But I also like to dress girly Sometimes-

Because I could imagine myself in a pink frilly dress-

But most of the time, I like to wear clothes that don’t stand out to people-

Not to mention, I like baking and cooking and art-

So I don’t know-

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let’s go crazy.

how we soar through the skies with wind nipping our ears, our eyes taking in the entirety of our galaxy.

to feel the caress of gentle petals cascading from the branches, and feel the adrenaline pumping as you climb up the tree.

to tower and lord over the world, grasping control in your palm.

let’s go crazy, to find out how insanity and madness can drive you to do all sorts of things.

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Anyone have any stories about their experiences with the fae


Originally posted by m0gwaii

My first experience ( or atleast what im pretty sure was an experience with the fae ) was just after the lockdown in wales, my mother thought this would be a good time to take my sisters for a walk and i would go with them because i needed photos for my coursework. We would go to this place called ‘the line’ its basically a long path thats close to a very long river. We would all go down close to the river and on one occasion, we all went down a different path to the river, there we found shiney rocks,( i dont know if they were crystals or not), my sisters then wanted to collect a couple and take them home, which is something kids do mind you our plan was to just to take them. So after walking around for half an hour we were heading back when i noticed.. my phone was gone. I was looking everywhere for it, until i remember that taking things from the fae without asking is BAD and so i just said out loud that if i get my phone back, ill give back the stones we took without asking. And what happened, i found my phone in a spot that i looked at 3 times, I definitelythink they were listening. So when I got my phone, i didn’t want to lie and make the fae pissed so I threw the stones back into the river and thats my experience. Please share yours, im really interested.

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