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defne-m13 hours ago
Benim o yoku艧u 莽谋kmay谋艧谋m korkumdan de臒il ,
Benim de sevdi臒im 艧ark谋lar var, ben de ba臒谋rabilirim en g眉zel yerinde ,suskunlu臒umun bir sebebi var...
眉rkekli臒im s枚zden de臒il..
Yorgunum ben,
benim yorgunlu臒um etten kemikten...
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thefoxisawitch18 hours ago
馃惛 What a goblin should carry 馃惛
Tumblr media
I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of items you should carry in a backpack/bag as a goblin! (for those into goblincore of course)
A Mason Jar (use it as a water bottle. Plus it's more eco friendly.)
A Little wooden box/treasure chest (for little trinkets you find, especially if you don't want it to break.)
A drawstring bag (for things you don't think will break)
Little glass bottles (you can put specimens in them like flowers or dead things.)
A Journal (i would suggest looking into junk journals) or a book if you wish to read.
A Hanky (just in case!)
A big square scarf (I say this because you can use this to place on the ground if your wanting to have a picnic or simply relax. Plus it's less bulky then a blanket.)
A pendulum (you can use a pendulum as a dowsing item and to help find things in the forest like a metal detector.)
Snacks (always bring snacks)
Scissors or a pocket knife
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moss-cola3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some cute patterns I made for class! I'm selling these on redbubble here, so go give it a look!! :) reblogs are greatly appreciated!
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