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This is actually a super fun request, thank you! I wanted to look up more aesthetics but oh boy there are so many, so I might stick to the ones you mentioned 

1. Soft

Pretty is probably the best word to describe this aesthetic. Thank God I am over my I’m-not-like-the-other-girls phase and I don’t hate pink anymore! I think it’s really nice but somewhat bland a bit. I really enjoy it’s feminine energy. It’s an aesthetic that I like but couldn’t pull off. A soft girlfriend would be very appreciated though 7/10

2. Grunge

Grunge visuals and fashion seem quite messy on purpose. I don’t feel negatively towards it but neither positively. It seems a bit too dramatic to me and I feel a tendency for the people to pretend they’re better than anyone else. I love to see this aesthetic on kind and loving people. It creates interesting character! I have unintentionally very close to the aesthetic 5/10

3. Vintage

I enjoy vintage interior design and clothes, mostly because these things were made to last. I hate today’s practices of making things that break with burning passion. Music is also lovely. Feels a little naive though. 7/10

4. Emo

Grunge but you’re a child 6/10

5. Academia

I love this aesthetic, mostly because it reignites my passion for learning. It has a little pretentious energy to it and I don’t like that. It also feels like it requires you to be rich, which isn’t appreciated. Just sit in the library and learn and it’s all good! 8/10

6. Cottagecore

This is the aesthetic I strive for myself! I love everything about it. The hard work, connection to nature and promise of sustainabilty. It is my dream to wake up early in the morning, work hard and make things with my hands all day and fall asleep exhausted. 10/10

This concludes my review. Please don’t come for me :D

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I went down a path in the meadow, and ended up in a clearing with old crabapple trees in it. My mum says it used to be an orchard. “This whole area used to be farmland, but it’s getting back to the way nature wants it to be”. It’s very still there, and full of magic.

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i sometimes want to find a little cottage, spend a summer or two living there.

a dozen or more of wildflowers, clear fresh air, escaping the urban nature of it all.

feel like a fairy or a mc in a story book once in a while. i daydream too much but i really like the things i ponder about.

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The apple has long been the West’s interpretation of the forbidden fruit, and it is almost certainly due to a linguistic misunderstanding, but still. The image of Eve and the Serpent speaking, with the apple still hanging from the tree, is one of the most recognized and, quite frankly, most beautiful.

10 X 8” giclée print of Eden’s Light on fine art paper is now available. You can find this print and others on my website at

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I have found myself sitting in my favorite coffee shop again this morning. The smells awaken me again. They make me feel warm and safe. I watch the people wait in line for their local coffee. There is new art hanging on the walls, on the bookshelves, on the old broken dusty piano in the corner. The spice jars are refilled. The color of turmeric catching my eye…..I can practically taste it. I wonder when the plants that are hanging from the ceiling were watered last… Who picked the single white rose that sits delicately in a vase beside the cash register? So many questions. Something new to see, notice, and admire every time I sit in here….with my thoughts.

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