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Une Présentation


J’ai un problème. Ceci mon troisième tumblr pour l’étudier, mais je continuais à faire de supprimer mes tumblrs. Car? Je ne sais pas. Mon français est terrible (plus de parler, moins d’écrire) et j’ai besoin de pratiquer. Mais,,,, j’peux pas continuer. ALORS!

Les personnes de Studyblr, Langblr, Université Foncé (ca c’est une traduction terrible de « Dark Academia »), et les étudiants! Aidez-moi à apprendre. Et aussi, aidez moi à pratiquer le français, l’hindi, le japonais, et les autres trucs.

Now in English.

I’m new to the scene of Tumblr Studyblrs so please follow me if you study languages, history, anthropology, or just any subject you love! I also love the cottagecore aesthetic and the Dark Academia aesthetic!

À bientôt! जल्दी मिलेंगे । ❤️💖

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i really just want to be in a quaint cottage in the woods with a fluffy cow, some goats, and a big black cat. i could sit in my library all day and read old, forgotten books, or bake something with the fruits and vegetables i would grow out back… but apparently that’s too much to ask for 

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-Bringing a quilt to put over your lap during a lecture in a cold room

-Doing your homework by the hearth of your fireplace

-Reading classical literature to your herd of sheep

-Braided hairstyles

-Corduroy and twill clothing

-Oversized button-down shirts

-Drinking tea in the library (if it’s allowed!)

-Having a collection of buttons

-Outdoor plays

-Sewing bags to carry your schoolbooks in

-Tote bags

-Embroidery gifts for your professors or teachers

-Sweaters that are giant on you

-The season of fall

-Poetry about nature

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“Every culture is first and foremost a particular experience of time, and no new culture is possible without an alteration in this experience. The original task of a genuine revolution, therefore, is never merely to ‘change the world’, but also - and above all - to 'change time’.”

-Giorgio Agamben, Infancy and History: On the Destruction of Experience


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Cottagecore: You watched Snufkin as a kid, you watched Over The Garden Wall when it came out. Ah…yes…vintage photos of people you don’t know, standing in open feilds that are now filled with construction. What a fast moving world. “I wanna churn butter. Just once.” “I should pick up knitting.” “I should put knitting down, its too addicting.” “Why would they make Cabin In The Woods a horror movie???”

Dark Academia: You read Percy Jackson and started reading books about greek mythology to understand it better and now here you are. Gay and bad at math, but good at Literature. You named your cat after a Greek God. “Do you wanna see my notes?” “I like cursive though :(” “Rules were meant to be broke-No, sir. Im sorry for talking during the lesson. 😳”

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People who just like the aesthetic are just as cool as people who live that aesthetic.

You dont have to start reading ancient greek mythology of it doesnt interest you.

The aesthetic is pretty! That’s reason enough. It’s just an aesthetic. If you would like to “practice” the aesthetic and make certain aspects part of your life whether it’s studying, the fashion, reading… go ahead. Don’t do it FOR the aesthetic though, do it because it’s something that genuinely interests you.

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|23-04-2020 // 08:57 p.m|

i felt very sad all day today and yesterday but i managed to write over half my hamlet essay! the problem of knowledge in the play is actually quite interesting. all going well, i’ll get it finished early tomorrow. for now though, i’m reading and drinking tea ☕️

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