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#cottagecore lifestyle
wlw-cottagecore · 8 months ago
oh to be out of the city in a small village with a wife and a small garden with flowers, mushrooms and plants around the house and animals inside and outside of the house
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cottagecoreguide · 6 months ago
Low cost hobbies
While cottagecore is very good at helping people escape, one thing you can’t escape is money. And for those who can’t be spending £2.50 on a single tomato or obscure herbs, it can be hard to get into certain joys of the lifestyle. These things are relatively cheap, however!
One way you can avoid the more pricey options s by foraging stuff. Not only is foraging fun and normally free, you can make some really fun things out of what you find as well. You can use your finds to:
create natural art or materials for projects
bake stuff (as long as you wash everything you find and only eat what you are sure is safe)
decorate your room with in-season plants
dry out or press flowers, which I found is very eaily done as long as you have a heavy book in your home
Granted, a stroll around a city center is not ging to do wonders for you or immerse you in nature, however, if you live withing walking or bus distance of a suitably picturesque place, you can have a lot of fun. It doesn’t just have to be about the view, either. Go to a public park and feed the ducks, bring a book along with you and read under a tree or invite some friends and have lunch outside.
Speaking of books, there are a whole lot of them that you can probably find for cheap in second hand stores!
Anne of Green Gables - a classic cottagecore novel about the life of a young girl called Anne who is adopted by an old woman
The secret garden - what it says on the tin. A girl finds a key to a garden that’s been locked away for years.
Heidi - the advenutures of Heidi living with her Grandfather in a beautiful area and caring for goats
Howl’s moving castle - Sophie has the misfortune to find herself up against the Wicked witch of the waste, who turns her into an old woman! Sophie sets out to the perpetually moving castle to break her curse.
The Hobbit - you almost definitely know the basic gist of the hobbit.
Prick - a non-fiction book all about caring for different succulents and cacti
Tree climbing
You have to be careful with this one as if you climb a little too high and lose your footing, you’ll be in a bit of a sticky situation to say the very least. However, if you ARE careful and find a tree with lots of thick, sturdy branches that don’t bow underneath your weight, you’ll find it can be quite fun and on the adventurous side. Once you’re up there, you could watch the sun set, listen to music or have a drink to relax.
Normally, gardening means you have to spend money on soil, pots, tools and seeds/cuttings. There is a way around this and this is to find an organisation or volunteer service that does gardening. This could be volunteering to help out at a park, church or cemetery.
That’s just a few cheap hobbies you can take up 
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stargargoyle · a year ago
Tumblr media
This is something that annoys me so much about cottagecore criticism. It's so american centric. The people who argue that cottagecore is colonialist seem to forget that not every white person is living in America and therefore living on stolen land. I live in the UK and can't see how wanting to live in a cottage and bake bread is in anyway a 'pioneer' aesthetic, as we've lived here for thousands of years.
Please just stop revolving everything around America and just let people enjoy something for once
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booklocked · 6 months ago
Old books and running barefoot on grass and a foggy morning and ink stained fingers and hidden passages and longing stares and easy laughter and sun-warmed skin and birdsong when you wake up and gentle touches is my favorite aesthetic
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let-me-be-your-wings · 15 days ago
🌿I felt rather cute today🌿
Tumblr media
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roswyn · 11 months ago
Making leek and potato soup following the recipe from the vintage recipe book handed down from my mum and grandma, and while it's cooking I'm going to do a spot of embroidery!
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