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academiquewilde · a month ago
I wish there was more attention, more reblogs, more likes, more actions towards the issues countries like Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, India, Russia and so many other countries have to deal with that are not considered ‘western’
They are humans too.
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cottagecoregrandma · 3 months ago
hello!! 🍅💐🌽🌼💐 my name is sherine 🐄🌱🌸 and i am welcoming you to my cottagecore blog!! 🐸🍄☺
i hope my blog could be a safe space and warm home for you all, where your beautiful minds could escape to rolling green hills, plush, watered meadows of infinite flowers, and fluffy sheep and cows dozing by frogs sitting on mushrooms 🐑🌻🍒🥐
i would love for all of you cuties out there to know that everyone that isn't disrespectful is wholly welcome!! 🦋🌿💐 in my eyes and heart, you are all wonderful souls and i love and support you entirely and openly 🕊🌸
if anyone ever needs to a gentle shoulder to lean on, my dms are always open!! 🌼💕 i wish you all a rosy day ahead, and if you don't like roses, that's okay!! 💗 i would then wish a day that is as precious as you ahead 💐 and don't think that you aren't precious!! because you ARE!! 🍰🍓🍬
remember you are loved. 🌸 and you are worthy. 🏵
and fairies and goblins and hobbits and cats and frogs and bears and cows and sheep and flowers and suns and moons and nature and me love you.
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cottagecoregrandma · 4 months ago
what to do... what to do...
i’m thinking... 
...wear a silk headscarf, put on my fabulous cat-eye sunglasses, and travel to the mountains where i can bake in my cinnamon roll apron and dance in my little cottage and have a picnic in the meadow with my darling while sharing fresh peaches and apricots
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plague-rat · 11 months ago
So, one of my friends took us out for a walk claiming she had found a sewer we could walk through (dark gross walks let's go!)
Turns out, wasnt a sewer, just a lil river running under a bridge - where she got sewer from I'll never know
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