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#cottonwood trees

The Onset of the Storm

© gif by riverwindphotography, February 2021

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Branching Over

© riverwindphotography, February 2021

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The Guardians: © riverwindphotography, February 2021

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A Glowing Snowfall : © gif by riverwindphotography, February 2021

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Snowstorm: © gif by riverwindphotography, February 2021

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Cottonwood Winds: © gif by riverwindphotography

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Cottonwood and Vines: © riverwindphotography, January 2021

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Cottonwood trees, New Mexico

Photographer: T. Harmon Parkhurst  

Date: 1925 - 1945?

Negative Number: 069218

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Autumn officially starts at 9:54 tonight, but our cottonwood trees have been in the fall spirit since late August.

Exhausted, I assume, by the lack of rain this summer, they’ve been jettisoning their leaves in great gobs, giving us an early glimpse of things to come.

So here we are, in a state of equilibrium - equal parts day and night, with only one way to go.

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Cottonwood trees create such a strange, fairytale atmosphere—like you’ve walked out of June and into a world of fluffy, warm snow.

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Guy 1: so hey there’s this tree that a lot of people seem to be really allergic to, and the white fluff it gives up is clogging a lot of our air ducts, what should we do?

Guy 2, the city planner: Lets just fuckin line the streets with them

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Afternoon sun in trees

© 2017 Leland Dirks

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