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#could be both
ltwilliammowett · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A gold mourning or love token ring, with a man o' war (warship), made of hair on vellum under glass, ca. 1770-80
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ravenhilarious · a year ago
Guys, guys
Roman shows his love for something by making fun of it
He did make a lot of fun of Virgil in season 1, mainly because hated him back then
Then in season 2, he hasn’t really made that much fun of him, because they were in that awkward stage of “I do like you but our past as hating each other has not truly faded yet so making fun of you would be weird”
But in this episode, Roman did make a little fun of Virgil, but in an obviously affectionate way, and Virgil clearly found it funny and endearing rather than uncomfortable (like he seemed to do at the end of AA and the beginning of s2)
They have reached the point where Roman can make fun of Virgil and thus show his love without it being awkward
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oh-i-ship-that · 7 days ago
“Those seconds, half seconds, that the line of our gaze connected,
Tumblr media
were the only moment in my day that I felt anything at all.”
- The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
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ms-starflower · 16 days ago
Spook-tober Maribat — Day 4 — Ghost
So, work was a bitch today so I'm a bit late for today. Plus, this prompt was surprinsgly difficult, so it's really short. It's a Jasonette and could be romantic or platonic, take it as you wish.
Also, I ended up taking the angsty way and, I have to warn you, this is my first time writing angst.
Tikki was the one to wake her up. There wasn’t any weird feeling or sudden realisation, like some people would say happened to them. She had been sleeping, not knowing that something was happening.
She couldn’t have stopped it, anyway, but she didn’t even feel something.
She didn’t even realise something was wrong until Tikki pointed to the foot of her bed.
“Hey, Mari,” he said with a sad smile, looking at her with so much love and sadness, Marinette felt her chest hurt.
“Jason,” she whispered softly with surprise when she saw her soulmate, sitting up to face him. “Why— How are you here? It’s not our dream zone?”
“Yeah, apparently there is a part of our bond we didn’t know about,” he told her, his smile wavering.
“What do you mean,” she asked, feeling a lump obstructing her throat.
“I’m—” He paused with a frown, his hands fisting and relaxing a couple of times at his side. “I’m not here anymore, Pix.”
“What? Of course you are here,” she told him, refusing to understand him, her heartbeat still picking up in apprehension. “I can see you.”
“I’m not—” he started, closing his eyes. “I’m sorry, Marinette.”
"Non. No, no,” she whimpered, trying to grab him only for her hand to go through him. “You can’t— You can’t—”
“I’m sorry,” he repeated, putting the ghost of his hand on her cheek. “I’m so sorry.”
“No,” she whined with despair. “You are here, you are not—”
“I’m not here, Pixie,” he told her sadly. “It’s not really me, just a ghost. Just the time to tell you adieu and how much I’m sorry.”
“Jay, please, don’t go,” she begged, trying again, without success, to grab him.
“I can’t stay, I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave you, but I’m no longer here, Pix.”
“What— What happened?” She asked, looking at him seriously. “How did you die, Jason?”
“It was Joker,” he said with a humourless smile. “Sheila was working with him.”
“Sheila?! Your—” She stopped herself then, if the woman led Jason to his death, she wasn’t his mother.
“Don’t worry,” he started, not looking her in the eyes, and Marinette knew he was going to lie. “It was quick.”
“Don’t— Don’t do that, Jason. Don’t try to protect me by lying to me.”
“You were always too smart for my own good, Pix,” he said with a sad smile, and Marinette noticed that he was looking more and more translucid.
"Non!" She exclaimed, outstretching her hands. “Stay, please.”
“I’m so sorry, I can’t control it. I would love to stay forever with you.”
“Hey, Pix, promise me something, would ya?”
“Anything, Jason,” she said, tears staining her cheeks.
“Take as long as possible to join me, alright?” He asked with a crooked smile, his ghost disappearing before she could respond.
Marinette broke down completely after that, screaming her throat hoarse in despair.
Her parents ran up to her room, entering only to find her hugging her knee, swaying back and forth, and muttering broken Jason is dead’ again, and again, and again.
Understanding quickly the situation,Tom and Sabine shared a grim look, before walking to their daughter to hug her.
There was nothing they could do but be here for her.
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trashheapofideas · 5 months ago
Here’s something I ask myself often: Did Five make a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich because it was his first meal home and he wanted it to be nostalgic, or because he actually just likes them a lot?
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mossycorvidae · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
i doodled my beloved trash man and then decided to screw around with coloring techniques
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gallavictorious · 2 months ago
Why does Mickey go for the bunk bed in the boys' room rather than the bigger bed in what used to be his and Ian's (Frank free) room when he sneaks off to catch some South Side shut-eye in 11x11? I mean, I assume that Lip's claimed that room now that our boys have moved out, but he's up painting and would Mickey actually give a damn about that anyway if he needed a place to crash (especially given that he's to some degree blaming Lip for the whole flitting to the West Side thing: I wouldn't have a hard time seeing him take the bed out of spite)?
It's hardly a matter of not wanting to sleep in Lip's old sheets – Mickey ain't precious about that sort of thing, I don't think, and he doesn't hesitate to sleep in someone's used bedding when he climbs into that already made-up bunk bed, so yeah, no, not feeling that theory.
Could be he's desperate enough for some sleep that he doesn't want to risk being woken up by Lip demanding to have his bed back. Even Mickey get's too tired at times. I can see it.
Or maybe he just doesn't feel like sleeping in the bed he used to share with Ian and which used to feel like home and like safety, not when he knows that Ian is deep in peaceful slumber somewhere else, happy and content in a place that doesn't feel safe and sure as hell doesn't feel like home to Mickey. Yes, he goes for their old room when he runs off to watch the cinnamon challenge, but that's later; when he's done trying to fit in and trying to pretend. For now, he just wants to rest and not be reminded of how doing it next to Ian no longer feels right.
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steampoweredwerehog · a month ago
Me, shoving a microphone in your face, sweating and out of breath: Is the Tablet of Ahkmenrah, from Night at the Museum, a construct of the Stranger or the End?
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alteanroyals · a month ago
i got the vaccine today, will i feel bad tomorrow?
place your bets fellas
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recycledcactus · 7 months ago
okay wait techno hc time
@emo-and-confused @phantom-clock @strawberiitea
Alright alright, let’s do this.
So you know how there’s this whole ‘Techno is the middle sibling’ but also ‘Wilbur said he’s two minutes older than Techno’ debate thing in the fandom?
Well my brain has created a headcanon to solve this problem. I know a way both things can be correct.
Technoblade is the Blood God.
Now that’s not new or anything because there are lots of headcanons with Technoblade actually being the Blood God. But my take on it is that, just like Phil, he’s also immortal. He’s not as old as Phil, but he’s still much, much older than Wilbur and Tommy.
Which, you know, seems like it would make sense that he’s the older brother. He’s a couple centuries or so old.
However, he’s of course not physically old. Phil is only 32 yet has lived for at least a few centuries. So that means Techno could also be only 21 yet live at least a few centuries. He may have the experience of many centuries, but his body is only 21 when it comes to mortal years.
And since I (along with many others, I’m sure) also headcanon that Techno was just found in the Nether by Phil, maybe they aren’t sure of his age. Like, do you think Techno knew how old he was when he was found? Time in the Nether works very differently, so even if he knew, that number would probably be skewed when he got to the Overworld. And that’s adding onto the whole ‘immortal years work differently than mortal years’.
Wilbur just met someone who looked the same age as him, and as far as they know, is around the same age as him. And he was like ‘twin brother :]’ without really considering/caring that Techno was also technically older than him.
In conclusion, Techno is simultaneously the eldest sibling and middle child.
TL;DR: Headcanon Techno is immortal so he’s technically older but he’s physically around the same age as Wilbur so Wilbur decided that he was older by a few minutes.
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tenshindon · 4 months ago
I'm rereading dragonball cause this story mixes me up sometimes and god. Tien and Shen really do act like they're the hottest shit in their literal first appearance. And the fact that they did after they heard rumors of the kame students doing well last tournament is just so dramatic. How is tien not more popular his arc is probably the finest example of redemption and learning individuality in this series.
tien during the 22nd is literally my favorite ESPECIALLY in the anime like he’s such an asshole And For What it’s a fucking tournament you big-tittied fuck get help
but no you’re right it’s a real shame that tien isn’t praised more like??? his redemption arc is phenomenal like there’s a clear start and end to it- he’s shown consequences for his actions and he does his best to atone and apologize for them. you even see that the lessons he’s learned as a martial artist- that martial arts is about growing as a person and is not just a tool meant for violence or being better than someone- persists even throughout Z as he strives to be better than goku not to Be Better Than Goku but just to improve himself as a person: goku just happens to be a forever-moving finish line and inspiration. tien’s story really is wonderful and as much as i joke and poke fun at the guy he really is just one of my favorite characters not only for the little things about him but just for his backstory and growth
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starlightely · 2 months ago
see, now i can't even feel stuff about iris being alive, and part of it is because i kinda saw it coming, but mostly because im upset we didn't get more out of tk getting shot.. like, owen said michelle saved tk's life, but why we didn't see that??? i feel like in the og series we would have gotten the full scene of michelle shoving owen out of the way to save tk while judd and paul held carlos back.. idk i feel like emotionally they could have charged the entire thing way more? maybe because im used to being destroyed by the og so this felt.. a bit underwhelming
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mestruazioni · 3 months ago
everyone looked at that tire hanging from the ceiling in the venom trailer for 0.5 seconds and decided "it's for kinky shit" but now we find its basically just venom's chew toy. I am living
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cloverandstuff · 3 months ago
I saw a post that went-
Ah fuck = "lol whoops"
Oh fuck= "I've made an irreversible, fatal error"
So my first thought was-
Person A: Since B lost my car keys, I'll have to walk home
Person B (laughing): Ah fuck
Person C (who knows more than they let on): oh fuck.
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skeletore · 7 months ago
Does Robby, like, exclusively read books off of high school reading lists for fun, or is it because -- even though he’s been kicked out of school and been a recurrent truant -- he doesn’t want to fall too behind his peers.
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Kidnapper, writing: We’ve got one of your greatest assets, Your Majesty.
Louis XVI, writing back: Oh no, don’t kill them!
Kidnapper: What makes you think we won’t?
Louis XVI: I wasn’t talking about you.
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welcometotheocverse · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
OC October Halloween Challenge Day 6: Godly Parent AU  ⍚ Amelia Gilmore-Danes ⍚ As a Daughter Of Apollo.
And she is made of sunshine
Everything Tag: @ocfairygodmother @thecaillic  @eddysocs  @witchofinterest @ocmerunning  @jewelswrites-ish @thecaptainsgingersnap @felicitys-smoaking @thecaillic @ocappreciationtag
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