foxssrecovery · 2 days ago
I want to create and informational post about achievement and pleasurable activities. They are extremely beneficial for those with mental illness, but I'm having such a hard time thinking of and finding examples of activities that give you a sense of achievement, activities that make you feel good etc.
So please share what sort of activities give you a sense of achievement and what make you feel good.
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carefulcounseling · 9 months ago
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Yet can be a powerful statement. When we include "yet" in our mindset, we make room for the future. We make room for growth. And we make room for self development.
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gentilenonconformist · 6 months ago
I'm gonna start working on getting out of the field. I can't say certainly, but I think I'm out of the counseling game for good. I'm not mad. I'm not burnt out. I'm just done. It's a bad diet for me.
I've been telling friends lately. Nicely enough, they seem understanding and supportive. I'm just really happy no one's really challenged the conclusion.
Being a counselor made me a far better person, but I'm not enough of a humanitarian to do this consistently. On the private practice end, I think I'd become one of those predatory counselors who is essentially a yes man for wealthy cash clients. I can't enjoy being community based because I feel owed one. If I stepped up into private, I'd try and get every dollar I felt deprived of and a lot more. I'd rather just have a job where I don't have to do any actual psychotherapy. That way, I could just be a normal joe and be good at a title that had no serious emotional work.
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asking-jude · a year ago
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Create a safe space.
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simple-sheep · a month ago
Do you live in the USA? Do you need assistance with utilities, finding legal help, or a help with your pet bills in your area? Don't know where to start?
I'd like to introduce you to my Aunt Bertha, and your Aunt Bertha, too!
Aunt Bertha, also known as findhelp.org, is a human sourced website that compiles all community assistance programs. They organize things from who qualifies (ex: elderly, LGBTQA+, etc.)
And guess what? Aunt Bertha can even sort by low cost and no cost resources! She's got so many selection options and almost everything you can think of, and she even tells you when places are open, how to contact them, etc.
If you are struggling or need help and don't know where to turn in your community for help, ask Aunt Bertha and she'll tell you what she knows.
She'll even send you emails from herself, Aunt Bertha, in case you are in a dangerous situation and asking for help.
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twloha · 6 months ago
I’ve spent decades, literally decades praying that some of my issues would just disappear. Well, guess what? I’m staring at them as we speak. And I know in my heart that the longer I do nothing, the worse the problems will get. Dust accumulates if you don’t clean. Trash begins to smell the longer you leave it indoors. And the parts of me that are threadbare will continue to unravel until I do something about it. So, I’ve decided to accept that fact of life and see what good things can happen when I grab a needle and some thread.
Dawn Bevier
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honeyymistt · 9 months ago
there's a lot of pressure to get into the best school or get the highest paying job but behind the importance of being financially stable and well educated is the importance of genuine passion in what you do. something that really saddens me is that a lot of teenagers don't have hobbies or interests; other than scrolling through social media, there isn't any sort of recreational activity that we invest our free time in.
you don't need the highest paying job to be successful. you don't need to go to the best school to be considered smart. i hope that your perception of success can change from finding a high paying job to finding a job that pays you for doing something you love to do. work to find joy, not money.
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authorissitohbi · a year ago
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5am-raining · 6 months ago
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Tomorrow I have an internship interview. 😶 Wish me luck!! 😳 (here I am viewing images of "professional" looking scenes to try to inspire myself to feel confident going into this, 😂 I don't know if it works).
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carefulcounseling · 8 months ago
Working towards change is not a mark of weakness, it's a mark of growth. Learning how to better cope with other people and the rest of the world will always be a positive change.
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defleftist · a month ago
you are. a leftist therapist. what. what. you are the person i want to be.
You can be a leftist therapist too! I don’t know too many non-left leaning therapists to be honest. Being a therapist, you see first hand the role of poverty and inequality on mental health outcomes, it often doesn’t make you a fan of capitalism.
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asking-jude · a year ago
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You shouldn’t have to convince someone to say “yes.” 
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aroaceconfessions · a month ago
I just had a counselling session today, and the end of it is really playing on my mind.
We were discussing my sexuality. I'm normally content with this. But today, when I was saying "I don't know, maybe I don't feel romantic or sexual attraction", and the counsellor goes "What if you're labeling yourself because you've just never felt that way?"
Thankfully the session was coming to an end. I completely shut down.
The more I think about it, the worse I feel about it. I don't know if that genuienly was offensive, or if I'm just overthinking.
I asked to be counselled, not to feel invalid or question my sexuality.
Not sure how to feel right now, honestly.
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selfhelpforghosts · 4 months ago
If your therapist belittles you, it's time to get a new therapist. Full stop. Calling out unhealthy behavior does NOT have to dehumanize and mock the client, who is already in a vulnerable position.
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studying-bonnents · 4 months ago
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Found my favorite spot on campus! I’m definitely feeling a bit disappointed with my master’s program, but only 1.5 semesters left!
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askundeadbluelesbians · 2 months ago
Hey, girls! So how’s couples counseling coming along?
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Written by @segasister Art by @lallorona04
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jlstudying · 7 months ago
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I usually refer to my codal for last minute review. So I always try to summarize everything to fit in my codal (and its hard and sometimes not possible but I still try). Anyway, Oral exam at 8am! Pray for me!
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mindfulness-with-mo · a year ago
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Post 1/2
This is some good stuff!
We all have an attachment style that impacts how we are in relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and others. Exploring attachment styles and providing support to make the necessary changes is one of my first places I intervene in my practice with clients.
Our attachment style is formed in our early developmental years by our caretakers. It can be fluid throughout the years as you’re impacted by life experiences. Attachment styles aren’t fixed but they can take a lot of inner work and healthy relationships to change.
Most people tend to be a mixture of them all ☺️
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green-garden-witch · a month ago
As a therapist, something I don't see mentioned enough on social media when people are encouraging others to seek mental health help is that oftentimes the first therapist that we see isn't going to be the best therapist for us.
There are so many reasons why a therapist may not be the therapist for you. Your personalities or communication styles could just not click, or you find that their approach just isn't helpful to you. Or any other number of reasons. And that's ok.
I just want to emphasize that when you do take that big step forward to begin therapy, don't feel stuck if the first therapist you talk to isn't the right fit for you. It is completely acceptable to not schedule another appointment with them and to look for another therapist.
Therapists understand that we're not going to be the right therapist for every person on Earth, and I promise you we're not going to take it personally if you seek help elsewhere.
So please, don't be discouraged if your first experience seeking help with your mental health is not successful. I promise you there is someone out there who will be the right therapist for you and you will find them.
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