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ptsdconfessions · a year ago
Therapist Red Flags
Therapy is important and can be really helpful, but not all therapists are good at their job. Here’s a few things to look out for when you’re seeing a therapist:
Not listening to what you tell them
Ignoring confidentiality (except in emergencies)
Making you feel judged or ashamed
Ignoring or trivialising your needs
Consistently being late
Making fun of your needs / accomplishments
Being judgemental or critical of you
Not taking your feedback on sessions into account
Condescending facial expressions or body language
Ignoring what you want to do / accomplish in therapy
Talking too much about themselves
Making you feel like problems are all your fault
Being insensitive to your culture or religion
They’re making you feel bad about yourself
Using the phone or getting distracted during your sessions
Attempting to make romantic / sexual advances on you
Making you feel stupid or invalid for what you say or how you feel
Forgetting important details about you / your life
Pushing you too hard before you’re ready
You wondering if their behaviour is a red flag. If you’re looking it up then chances are you already feel uncomfortable in therapy. You should never be forced into seeing a therapist who makes you feel uneasy. There’s no shame in leaving and finding a different therapist.
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allthewritestuff · 6 months ago
WandaVision so far is telling me is that the Avengers maybe don’t have the best mental health resources set up for their employees.
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mindfulness-with-mo · a year ago
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Post 1/2
This is some good stuff!
We all have an attachment style that impacts how we are in relationships with family, friends, romantic partners, and others. Exploring attachment styles and providing support to make the necessary changes is one of my first places I intervene in my practice with clients.
Our attachment style is formed in our early developmental years by our caretakers. It can be fluid throughout the years as you’re impacted by life experiences. Attachment styles aren’t fixed but they can take a lot of inner work and healthy relationships to change.
Most people tend to be a mixture of them all ☺️
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twloha · a year ago
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carefulcounseling · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Yet can be a powerful statement. When we include "yet" in our mindset, we make room for the future. We make room for growth. And we make room for self development.
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