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Will you love me when there’s nothing left to love

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Meanwhile in a parallel universe


Brick and his creator, Carolina.

Brick is an illusion with the appearance of a classic cartoon ghost, such as in “SpongeBob SquarePants”. Any color on Brick is muted to a key-lime. He was created by Toxic Carolina. Carolina has the appearance of Charlotte’s “Thorne” form.  according to Charlotte, Carolina inspired this form.

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I think so, yes. With the Guardians being able to travel to different dimensions, I think the two Sams meeting wouldn’t be so shocking. 

Then again, with 12041!Nova not having a family, I think he’d be jealous of his counterpart having a family. But only for a short while.

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No puedo correr, no quiero creerlo 🎩

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Additional Thoughts: On Moran, Watson, and Not-Quite-Mirror-Images

Professor Moriarty was written by ACD with the express purpose of doing away with Sherlock Holmes. It wouldn’t do for the Great Detective to meet his end facing off against an ordinary criminal in a run-of-the-mill case, so in “The Final Problem” he’s pitted against a worthy opponent, a criminal mastermind, a threat to society so severe that Holmes believed if he “could beat that man…I should feel that my own career had reached its summit.” And what better man to take down Holmes than a dark reflection of himself, a genius who has directed his considerable intellect toward nefarious rather than honorable purposes? Throughout “The Final Problem,” ACD emphasizes how the two men operate on a wavelength all their own, as Holmes and Moriarty repeatedly anticipate each other’s actions, the tension between them never letting up, neither quite managing to fully escape the other, and each ultimately bringing about the other’s demise (until ACD was forced to bring Holmes back to life a few years later).

With such a conflict for the ages, it’s no surprise that despite the fact that Moriarty only appears in one story (two if you count The Valley of Fear, but he has a minor part and as I said in a previous post, that story has some weird circumstances), he is consistently made a major villain—the major villain—in Sherlock Holmes adaptations.

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Jeeps, Nikes, and hardcore band hoodies.

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Emma and Virginia gaped at the fire outside. “Did he really-?!” The former managed to sputter out. The latter held her hand out. Emma let out a groan before pulling out thirty nine pounds and stuffing it in her hand.

“Thank you.” Virginia said as she stuffed the money in her pocket before smoothing her shirt out. “Right, I’m going to go change and then call the lawyers who are still speaking to us.”

“You do that.”

Outside, Hyde gaped at the fire. Finally, he managed to grin. “This is fine. This is fine! I wanted this to happen! I AM A GOD OF CHAOS!” He burst into laughter, jumping down into the street. “Look at that inferno! And to think, all by myself! I mean, I know I’m clever but I even surprise myself-”


Hyde turned.

Several coppers, most of the scientists handcuffed, were staring at him. He grinned harder, doing a little bow. “Evening gentlemen!”

“Get out of there. Now!”

“Way ahead of you.”


Professor Venom was loudly cackling in the center of the accidental inferno. Sure, it was an accident, but to smell the smoke and watch as everything fell apart was so exciting! He always presented a cool and collected facade, but sometimes it was good to let loose.

Until he got sprayed in the face.

He looked down to see Marinette, holding a garden hose. “What was that-” He was cut off by her spraying him again. “What was that for?!”

“We can hear you cackling down the street.” she said. She pulled out an unopened water bottle and handed it to him. “Mr. Boss told me to go calm you down and try and stop the flames.”

The professor eyed the garden hose as he sipped the water. He hadn’t realized how dry his throat was from the cackling. “Is the fire the reason you have the hose?”


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A re-telling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde where, sixty-eight years after the hanging of Doctor Frankenstein for creating a monster that ended up killing ten people, scientists studying the magical and arcane forces of our universe live in fear of the same fate. There is only one safe place in England for them: the Arcane Research Facility, run by one Doctor Henry Jekyll, his wife Emma, and their American ward Virginia Otis-Canterville.

But Jekyll secretly struggles with keeping the facility running against the people who want to shut it down, and the results of his own dark experiments.


Years after the events of Arcane, Jekyll’s descendant Marinette Capelle is a teenager growing up in a world of superheroes, the seeds sown by the Steam Era and the people of the ARF. She’s excited to begin her own hero training, especially when she starts working under Mr. Boss- a famous former hero- and makes friends in Adam and Estelle. But managing this new stage is hard, especially when she looses her temper at the lack of her own power.

This leads her to meet Shadow.

And then…she meets Marin.

Genre:  Horror, science fiction, superheroes, action

Themes: Darkness, good vs evil, family, inner demons, science, nerds geeking out, manipulation, twins, are you the hero or the villain?

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