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Anyone having withdrawals like me? 😔

I know one thing, I won’t be taking sssshhiiittt for granted when this is all said and done! #ForeverGrateful for the big and little things in life! #CountItAllJoy #ShowAppreciation #NewBeginnings #Humble #Blessed #HotAndCoolCafe #AfroZenSunday #Her #SingAlong #RnB #ImKijafa 🌞

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It was at least 100 degrees outside. I was hit with the temperature upon exiting the car instantly. My eyes cringed with disbelief of the temperature. As I glanced around, I could have sworn there was a magnifying glass in the sky with a bully behind it laughing cruelly. Louisiana summers are harsh at their inception. Vigorously, I search for my shades because there was no shade and between the light bouncing off the sidewalk, asphalt, and vibrant decorations on the buildings I couldn’t see shit. Just as I adjusted to the shades, I saw someone who is Accounted 4. I was meeting up with The Vibe Tribe at the Bearcat Café. It is a boutique-styled café with hipster sophistication that caters to crowds that enjoy artisanal food with health-conscious vegan options.

I won an entry to partake in a brunch with a few dynamic women from the City of New Orleans. It was a big deal for me. Branching out, stepping out on faith, leaving my comfort zone, and mingle with new people. It is one of my goals for the year. Despite being a pretty social soul, since we have moved to the crescent city I found myself developing into a hermit crab. Before I knew what happened, most weekends were spent relaxing in a ‘moomoo’ with flap jacks hanging loose and free. Rocking the dopest free form hair styles that come from nights of wild sleeping. I felt the wince of a judgey reader. For those of you thinking it, you are correct. Hubby is the real MVP.  All humor aside I have been living in New Orleans for three years now. I am ready to get out and explore the allure of the city. What would it be with out it’s natives? I am not sure because I have always said that its atmosphere comes from the people and their heritage.

No matter the temperature outside, I was met with smiles, warmth personalities, and positive energy. Topics of conversations didn’t disappoint. I was intrigued to hear their outlook on higher education, elitism, and personal wellness. The diverse group of women offered ideas on time management and accountability partnership between girlfriends in terms of goal setting. There was a since of purpose to each woman, which was an interesting friendship quartette.  Purely powerful and posh with positivity and purpose, the four women are self-aware and active motivators to those around them and each other. We discussed current events, things they’re reading and what helped them join a journey of positivity. Most of all, my takeaway was the question they asked. How can we help? I saw the eagerness to be of service to other women. That was nostalgic for me for so many reasons. I have always admired the strength and wisdom of other women. My favorite friends and/or associates are women who lovingly shared their wisdom with me. It has always been women like that in my life who caught me when I needed it. Unbeknownst to me, they have spoken affirmations over my life.  Strong women who gave me encouragement no matter how dramatic ones may get, is not only relatable, but a stage for you to evolve in both attitude and outlook. Gems right.

 There seems to be an art or delicate balance to caring for family, pursing careers and finding a way to aid your community in a meaningful way that only other women can offer support with at times.  I actively surround myself with organizations of women who uplift one another and desire to spread the type of energy necessary to change lives. Flower arrangements come to mind when I think of how women should be united on many things. Bouquets associated with positivity can make a lasting impact on our life. Individually we bloom beautifully. Women well organized and supporting one another is nothing short of breath taking. I am here for The Accounted Four women because motivation can only elevate us all. A group of NOLA darlings to keep your eyes on. I only anticipate great things to continue for them all.

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We are told to count it all joy when going through life’s challenges. How Many of us can actually do that?  How many of us question God during the storm? We were not promised sunny days always, but he will be there with us during the storm. We all go through trails and tribulations, but it is how we handle it that matter. I know it’s hard while in the midst to understand why something is happening to you, but pray for His guidance, Pray that He reveal the lesson and that you learn the lesson so this is not repeated. Pray for His peace. Thank Him for the trial and tribulation. Thank Him for being there. Thank Him as it is He that will get you through. Lean on Him and not on your own understanding.  Count it all joy!!

2 Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, 3 for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. 4 And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. - James 1:2-4

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. 6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  - Proverbs 3:5-6

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“All is Joy.” 

I have very recently (30 minutes ago, recently) rediscovered this blog. I remember how much of a solace this place was a couple of years ago. Well, a place that the Lord has provided. 

Now, though I am just as flawed as that girl a year back, and yet to be unfilled of lament. I am very patiently waiting till my Lord comes, and I am resting in the Joy of knowing Him. In the Joy of Him, and hence,

Lahat ay Kagalakan.

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SistaTV’s Daily Gratitude List #SDGL
1. But God.
2. Exceedingly and abundantly above.
3. Hope and a future.
4. A mustard seed.
5. Goodness and mercy.
6. Count it all joy
7. More than a conqueror.
SistaTV loves you, miracles of pure faith, and finally having video evidence that my niece’s #naenae > everything. SHE WON. #goddidtoo #goodmorning #butgod #comethroughjesus #aintgodgood #wouldnttakenothingformyjourneynow #countitalljoy #watchmewhip #silento #youalreadyknow #blessedest #ratchetandrighteous

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